In some of the Jessica Jones reviews and comments that I've spotted, I've seen the complaint re: our main villain's lack of ambition. Which to me was one of the refreshing elements of the show. And in this particular case, it made so much sense. After all, why should Kilgrave want to take over the city/country/planet? What could he possibly gain that he doesn't already have?

We're so used to supervillains wanting to rule that we've stopped questioning why they should want to. Jessica Jones has a villain with an ability that already ensures his every whim is catered to. He's not lacking in any material thing he could want, he can use people in any way he wants to, and seriously, governing the city/country/world is work, even if you're doing it badly.

Villains who want to take over usually want to change something. No matter whether they're Evil McEvil villains who want to create a wasteland or Utopians gone wrong who want to create a new, better society with casualties, they're not content with the world as it is. Whereas Kilgrave is fine with the world as it is, minus the part where spoiler for second half of the season ) which isn't something domination of a territory would change.

Part of what makes this series so good to me is that this doesn't make Kilgrave any less damaging than villains who sic superweapons on people. Throughout the season, we see the lives he's harmed or taken, and that's what's at stake in Jessica's quest to defeat him. It's not solely a matter of Jessica's own life, or that of her immediate circle; we've seen both in cameos and supporting characters taking up more narrative space the wreckage Kilgrave leaves after him. And to me, this meant the emotional stakes as a viewer were higher, not lower, than if the show had presented a conventionally ambitious villain intent on becoming Lord Mcoverlord the Third.
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( Nov. 25th, 2015 10:28 am)
In which various characters have to face where they draw the line. I continue to love this show when it explores moral dilemmas.

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( Nov. 25th, 2015 09:41 am)
Aaand we have another Marvel trailer, this for for Captain America: Civil War.

Thoughts, based on the trailer but no MCU spoilers (other than what is in the trailer), since I'm actively trying to avoid those, though I will discuss the comics Civil War storyline (which by necessity was different anyway): we used to be friends. )

In another fandom entirely: while I no longer watch Once upon a Time, I still care about the characters, so I was delighted to find this "life and times" story for Milah, fleshing her out and giving us her pov: Ship in a Bottle.
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( Nov. 23rd, 2015 10:57 am)
Reader, I binge watched. Of course I did.

Non-spoilery summation for comic book readers familiar with Alias: matches the noir detective tone perfectly (they even kept the first person narration, which in this case I think is crucial for said tone), uses elements from the comics but remixes them plus adds new elements, so even if you've read Alias, you won't know how it all goes down (other than Jessica's backstory with the main villain). The credits sequence echoes the covers from the comics, and there's the occasional panel recreation (like in the second scene, which is the opening panel from the first Alias comics recreated), but not often. The comic books characters making it into the tv series directly are Jessica herself, Luke Cage, Kilgrave, and with a gender twist Jeryn/Jeri Hogarth. Everyone else is either unique to to the tv series or while roughly fulfilling similar narrative roles to comic book characters so different individuals that I wouldn't call them analogues, i.e. in the trailer and pilot you think that Carol Danvers' role as initially estranged best friend for Jessica in the comics seems to be taken by Trish Walker, but in fact Trish and Jessica have a very different backstory and a different type of relationship as the result of it, so I wouldn't call Trish the equivalent of Carol, she's too different. (But awesome!)

Non-spoilery (except for the premise already shown in the trailers) summation for people who never read a single line of the comics and may or may not be roughly familiar with the MCU: excellent female centric (and not just because of a female main character) series using hard boiled/film noir tropes - the cynical, hard drinking private eye with a backstory trauma and bad attitude but drive to help people beneath it, most of all - more often than not in a genderflipped way. The connections to the rest of the MCU mostly happen through the very occasional dialogue reference, and one crossover character from the Daredevil series whose role, however, can be understood without having watched either Daredevil or anything else. Which means you can watch this whether or not you're into other areas of the MCU. The physical violence level is a bit less Tarantino-esque than Daredevil, though there are some nasty deaths; it's the emotional violence that makes for the true horror element. In connection with that: the only on screen sex we see is consensual, and there's no female nudity at all. (Even during said sex scenes, the female characters remains clothed.) However, because one major theme is mind control, the backstory most definitely includes rape on every imaginable level, and the series explores the consequences of this to several characters (both female and male), including our heroine. It's very much a survivors story. It has a seasonal arc with a main storyline that concludes in the finale and some ongoing subplot threads setting up a second season, which I definitely hope the show will get.

On to spoilery talk beneath the cut. )
Above cut unspoilery comment: a new scriptwriter, a new female scriptwriter, and one whom as opposed to Catherine Tregenna I don't recall writing for either DW or Torchwood before, though I may have missed something: welcome, Sarah Dollard! And an excellent episode, too, which was good not just because it needed to be, given one point of the content, but because of the Mark Gatiss penned rubbish last week having followed the "loved some parts, hated others" Zygon two parter. I was more than ready for an episode I could value completely again.

All other emotional reactions would be spoilerly, and hence they go beneath a cut. )
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( Nov. 20th, 2015 11:14 am)
In which doppelgangers abound. Sadly, Walter Bishop is not among them.

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And thus it ends. Faithful to the book as far as the general storyline goes, though as in the previous films with some stepping outside of Katniss' pov and some slight changes. Overall, I think they were justified to split the last novel in two, though as a movie I prefer Mockingjay I (which I also like better than Catching Fire and which is definitely my second favourite of the movies).

The revolution will still be televised )
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( Nov. 18th, 2015 01:52 pm)
In which, after last week's bizarre interlude, quality and good storytelling is back.

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( Nov. 18th, 2015 12:03 pm)
If, like me, you need cheering up in a dark week, and are fond of Marvel's Peggy Carter, look no further:

Bring on Peggy in Los Angeles, I say. I note with satisfaction that Edwin Jarvis is in California as well. Peggy & Jarvis fighting crime being a big reason why I loved the first season. And hey, ALL the movie history crossover possibilities are just delicious.
I was very RL busy these last view days, which included travelling and limited internet access. And then Paris happened, about which no adequate thing can be said. For all these reasons as well as the actual content, the following two reviews are a bit on the terse side.

Elementary 4.02.: Meh. Read more... )

Doctor Who 9.06: The first standalone episode this season. Penned by Mark Gatiss, feeling very much like Gattis trying to write a Moffat type standalone ep and failing, and it makes me mumble what I nearly always do with Gatiss written episodes (there are two or so exceptions): please, please, please, stick to acting. I really like you as an actor. As a writer... sigh. Read more... )
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( Nov. 12th, 2015 09:28 am)
Now that was the first Manhattan episode which really dissappointed me.

Did you have to, show? )
Unspoilery review of the earliest Jessica Jones episodes. That is, unless you consider the stuff the trailer already gave away as spoilery. Curse it, I want to watch this show NOW!


In other news, I brushed up on more recent Rome fanfiction (more recent meaning: younger than a year or two), and lo, there's this bit of goodness:

Simple as Falling: Mark Antony/Lucius Vorenus, perfect voices for both men. Also, it's hot. Because in recent years I went "eh, can't see it" about a few juggernaut slash pairings in a few fandoms, I was starting to worry that my slashdar might be broke, which makes me check out a few older m/m pairings that I totally could (and still can) see, and yes, works every time.
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( Nov. 10th, 2015 07:19 pm)
Helmut Schmidt has died, and [personal profile] jo_lasalle wrote a fantastic post saying very much what I feel, which you can read here. That sense of public duty, yes.

It wasn't unexpected at all, but it's the type of death that makes you feel a big part of your life has just become history.
The first one written by Peter Harness, the second by Peter Harness and Stephen Moffat. Now that the two parter is complete, I think....

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So basically: this was the two parter of very mixed feelings for me, and by this I don't mean a case of "hm" but a case of "I hate this" and "I love this" both.
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( Nov. 7th, 2015 08:41 am)
Babylon 5:

A Good Death: G'Kar and Londo, after. It reminds me how much I love the two of them in the best way. (Time shall not wither, etc.; just because I don't talk much about B5 these days doesn't mean I adore it and its characters any less.)


Wolf Like Me: Natasha character vid using all her appearances in the MCU to draw a fantastic portrait.

And to finish this round of links with something hilarious:

The Hunger Games:

The Hunger Games Trilogy if Percy Jackson had named the chapters: you don't have to be familiar with the Percy Jackson series (I wasn't) to find this a riot. (Hunger Games movie only people, otoh, should probably stay away from the last third of chapter titles, since even in their parodied form, they contain spoilers.)
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( Nov. 6th, 2015 07:03 pm)
My favourite Holmes and Watson are back, and I would have missed it hadn't I spotted a review elsewhere!

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( Nov. 6th, 2015 11:49 am)
In which Mr. and Mrs. Isaacs find out the price of meddling in the affairs of historical physicists.

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Which feels like Daniel Craig's (fond) farewell to the franchise, and at the same time the most optimistic Bond movie (in regards to the title character) of his era.

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( Nov. 4th, 2015 09:31 am)
Due to Darth Real Life, in all brevity, some fannish news:

1.) New Star Trek tv series: a cautious yay! ST always works better on tv, that's the format it was invented for, and a tv series won't have to come up with a save the world/universe - defea the supervillain plot every time. Plus it can develop an ensemble of characters. Also, Alex Kurtzmann has plenty of tv experience between Alias, Lost and Fringe. On the downside: if the cinema rebootverse is any indication, Kurtzmann (and not writing the tv series ex pal Orci) aren't good with alien races, which is an absolut must for any ST. (One word: Romulans. Oh, the indignity!) Then again, that could be because of the cinema format.

2.) BBC series based on His Dark Materias: also looking forward to it. I'm not in love with the Pullmann novels, but they, too, are far more suited for a tv adaption than for a cinematic one, hence failure of Golden Compass movie some years back.

3.) Yuletide: haven't started canon review for my assignment yet, but I've been possessed by the urge to write one particular prompt ever since spotting it, and this morning I got up early and finished a rough draft for a Yuletide treat.

And now: back to work.


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