I've seen a review of this movie titled "Putting the 'suffer' back in 'suffrage', and there's truth in this, though I wouldn't necessarily see this as a negative, not least because what visual depictions of the fight for the female right to vote I've seen tended to consist of the occasional upper class suffragette in someone else's family narrative, and both scriptwriter Abi Morgan's focus on working class women and just how badly their situation was feels fresh and very welcome. Otoh I do have some criticism of my own, but it's about other issues.

Spoilers hadn't realised before the British were way behind in getting the vote for all women )
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( Feb. 10th, 2016 09:01 am)
Minus one sequence, loved this one.

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A few months ago I did some Voyager rewatching on Amazon Prime (selected episodes more than seasons), and was reminded of something I'd almost forgotten, i.e. of how many of those had been written by one Bryan Fuller. He also wrote for DS9, but just two episodes, Empok Nor and The Darkness and the Light. It may amuse fans of his later work that both can be said to feature a serial killer (into mind games) on the lose plot, though it's more complicated than that in both cases.

Anyway, this makes me thrilled about the news he'll be in charge of the new ST tv series. Someone who actually loves Star Trek and wants to do Star Trek, not Star Wars, with working experience in the post TOS tv verse (i.e. not a "only Kirk/Spock/Bones were ever good about ST" fanboy): excellllllent. And of course, in the decades since, he's honed his quirky, morbid craft to an art.

Of course, I also thought "but aren't you supposed to run American Gods as well? But maybe the later will have more of a miniseries format? Anyway, he has to know whether he can do both.
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( Feb. 9th, 2016 10:36 am)
So The Good Wife is finally coming to an end? Two seasons too late for me to care, but it was once an amazing show.

New Civil War trailer: so I was hoping that movie would resolve my Bucky problem, to whit, that I'm indifferent to the character beyond a mild "gosh, what an awful brainwashed life", and indeed I'm starting to have Bucky feelings, but unfortunately, they're all negative ones. I'm completely invested in the wrong sidekick in this movie, because when I watched the trailer and spoilers ensued )

(It helps that I do think superheroes should be accountable to someone who aren't other superheroes. Not insane military generals, obviously, but definitely some institution.)

Black Sails not having much of a fandom on lj or dw, I'm driven to check out the dark side tumblr now and then, and predictably, this irritates me into the need to vent:

which I shall do in a spoilery fashion )

Lastly, trying to find good Clone Wars inspired stories reminds me how many badly spelled and/or badly written fanfiction is out there. Good lord. Thankfully, there are a few bright lights.
[personal profile] diotimah reminded me of this from Beppo:

'Tis known, at least it should be, that throughout
All countries of the Catholic persuasion,
Some weeks before Shrove Tuesday comes about,
The people take their fill of recreation,
And buy repentance, ere they grow devout,
However high their rank, or low their station,
With fiddling, feasting, dancing, drinking, masking,
And other things which may be had for asking.;)“

(See: I told you Byron can be terrific fun to read and is anything but a "Byronic" writer in the usual sense.) Now I tend to avoid Carnival, or Fasching, as it's called in Southern Germany, but there were two exceptions. You might say I've had the two perfect Carnival experiences already: Venice and Rio de Janeiro. Afterwards, anything else can be only an anticlimax.


For further proof, I'll link you to my old pic spams and descriptions.

Venice I

Venice II

Dancing through the Sambadrome in Rio
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( Feb. 8th, 2016 10:08 am)
In which it turns out that what I thought was a once off subplot in 5.01. will be an arc plot!

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( Feb. 7th, 2016 03:26 pm)
In which Billy ships Flint/Silver, and the British fleet arrives at Nassau.
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I finished marathoning Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix (five full seasons and an incomplete sixth one – because by the time of the sixth season, Disney was buying LucasFilm and promptly cancelled the show) and am consequently in a curious mood, somewhere between narratively satisfied (Ashoka’s arc!) and despondent - no more Clone Wars, and yes, I know Ashoka is also an occasional guest star on Rebels, but this is as good a place as any to explain why as opposed to Disney, Abrams and most of the fandom I’m not interested in more of the set up that makes the OT, and now the new movie, i.e. brave rebels versus evil Empire.

Because, you see: one of the things I dig about the Prequels is that they don’t do that and go for a far more interesting (to me) and difficult emotional scenario. The Evil Empire in the OT is, well, evil. Unrelentingly so. The rebels are good, fighting for freedom, their cause is completely right, no question about it, and everyone on their side is good. The Empire is also OTHER, consisting of faceless stormtroopers, some bureaucrafts played by British actors, a faceless cyborg in black whose human face (in both senses) we don’t see until the trilogy is nearly over, and an evil witch king who looks like a grotesque walking corpse. What the Empire, Vader/Anakin revelation notwithstanding, most definitely is not is something related to the audience, or what the audience reality could turn into.

Meanwhile, the Republic of the Prequel era? Is not conquered by the Empire, as fans pre- prequels probably assumed. Instead, it over the course of three movies becomes the Empire. And not just because Anakin Skywalker turns in the third movie. (If he had died instead, it still would have happened.) Because of inherent flaws of its leaders, skilled manipulation that ensures that because of an ongoing (self produced) war, more and more rights are abandoned and the militarized state becomes the status quo. I don’t know about you, but that sounds awfully familiar to me.

Ramblings about the Prequel premise, relevance and implications ensues )

After this lengthy preamble: of course, The Clone Wars provides its share of boo-hiss, uniformly bad Separatist villains which can easily compete in one dimensionality with the Imperials (or for that matter the First Order). It’s not until the third season that we meet well intentioned Separatist leaders (political, not military). However, Chancellor Palpatine is a regular and an ongoing reminder that the Republic is led by the most evil overlord of them all who keeps orchestrating a galactic wide war. And the question of how the Jedi can in any sense still claim to be Peacekeepers when they are part of one of the armies conducting said war is raised by more and more characters through the show.

Not to give you the wrong impression: this isn’t Battlestar Galactica. But for a show aimed at a younger/family audience, it tackles amazingly dark themes at times. And not just by the implication of the premise: since it’s set between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, most of the cast is doomed by movie plot. Most, but not all.

While I appreciate the fleshing out /giving personality to the Jedi we see otherwise in mostly silent roles through the prequels (Luminara Unduli, Plo Koon, Adi Gallia, etc., almost all, as I mentioned in an earlier post, non-humans, which pleases the alien lover in me), the standout narrative arcs to me were those given to the Clones on the one hand and Ashoka Tano on the other.

Spoilers for the show beneath the cut )
In conclusion: this show, you must watch. There is no try.
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( Feb. 5th, 2016 04:50 pm)
So Manhattan got cancelled. Which doesn't suprise me: the s2 finale very much felt like a show finale, they raced the show to get there, including time jumps, so the writing staff must have been strongly aware of the likelihood they wouldn't get a third season, and the ratings were terrible. Otoh, my problems with some of the s2 creative decisions not withstanding, this was an intriguing, well acted and often well written show, and I am glad we got at least two seasons out of it.
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( Feb. 5th, 2016 04:17 pm)
In which Detective Cortez turns out to be a Batman character.

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( Feb. 4th, 2016 09:06 am)
In which Peter Noakes shows up, sadly without Chummy, and so does typhoid.

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( Feb. 3rd, 2016 09:56 am)
It's flashback time!

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( Feb. 1st, 2016 02:25 pm)
In which Blackbeard is a Shadow, Eleanor Guthrie is a Vorlon, and Flint sees dead people when he's not quoting Jean Luc Picard.

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Last meme entry! It has been fun (again). Will do it next year, too.

So, let's see. For the purposes of a reply, I shall have to indulge in some over the top generalizations, for which I apologize in Advance, US Americans.

A North American origin is easy to spot if:

- a tv show or movie employs only thin, beautiful actresses who are made up to look like they could be on a magazine page (not just kidding: I remember the (welcome) shock when I started to watch more British origin tv shows and movies, and while many of the women there were at least pretty, it wasn't usually of the glossy magazine type, and there could be female main characters who looked over forty, or fifty, with imperfect figures and non ideal faces)

- people lying in bed who have to get up suddenly for some reason do so while wrapping the sheet of their bed around themselves (may be an out of date criteria in the age of HBO, but I suspect it still applies for cable network); I noticed this sheet wrapping weirdness first in ye olde 1980s when Dallas was airing)

- characters in books or in movies and tv employ baseball metaphors (whether or not there is also baseball on screen) and love baseball, even if they happen to be in a sci fi work and their planet of origin never heard of the wretched game

- DADDY ISSUES are rampant (which isn't to say that European works don't use daddy issues as a trope, but not as much, and they use them somewhat differently; [personal profile] londonkds once joked that if Blake's 7 had been an American show instead of a British one, Avon wouldn't have met the brother of his supposedly dead girlfriend in s2 but his previously unknown son. You could add that if Doctor Who was an American show, the Doctor's issue with Gallifrey and the reason why he left the planet would be because his father didn't give him enough attention. And if the German movie The Lives of Others ever had been given an US remake treatment as was intended for a while, you can bet that one of the three main characters (or several) would have clashed with their dear or not so dear old dad, and that was really at the heart of their issues with the state

- the special effects are generally better (there are exceptions, like Sanctuary, which could have been made in Europe in that regard) than they are in contemporary European productions

- not true for pay tv: the episodes are structured in a way that has the emotional beats match with advertisement breaks (this was v.v. odd to notice back in the 80s when we didn't have ad breaks on German tv, and then later when we did get them, we still didn't have that many compared with US tv, plus our broadcasters placed them at different points, so you had the scenes with dramatic close ups and swelling music sometimes followed by a repeat close up because the ad break didn't happen)

- sympathetic characters are fighting "for freedom" no matter which era their narrative is placed in, and even if they're busy invading someone else's country/planet

- there is an evil German or Brit around somewhere, and if there can't be due to the setting of the story, and it's a movie/tv series, said person is at least played by a British or German language actor

- characters get congratulated for their command of German/French/Spanish/Japanese/Whatever foreign language by "native" characters after the US actors mangled the language in question

- non US geography is somewhat questionable (golden example: Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves with Robin landing on the beaches after returning from a crusade and being in Sherwood Forest a short walk later; though I'm also fond of Hamburg, sea harbor city right next to the Atlantic, in An American Tail).

There are more, but these are the ones which come most immediately to my mind. :)

The other days
The Midwives are back!

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Still hounded by Darth Real Life, still determined to post the prompt inspired entries on the day they were promised. :)

Rambling about female relationships ensues )

The other days
Return of the January Meme, as best I can in a very rl exhausted state. A canon knowledge preamble: I stopped watching Once upon a Time in the later third of season 4, and am inclined to count solely seasons 1 - 3 as "my" canon, though I'm not iron set on this. Anyway, I don't have knowledge about Emma in season 5, and thus my comparisons can't be based on later canon.

Spoilers about two stoics in two canons )

The other days
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( Jan. 29th, 2016 06:00 pm)
ETA: just spotted that Paul Cornell has written an episode of Elementary this season which will broadcast in April (see article here). Yay! says the Doctor Who fan in me.

On to this week's episode, in which the scriptwriters introduce me to a new scam which I fear might be all too grounded in reality.

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