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In which there's great team work and weird ret con.

By which I mean: I loved the Sarah and Mrs. S. mission, loved that they pull it off by not entirely faking that argument. Loved the return of Adele, and that she can bring her own skills in the uncovering of Neolution/P.T. Westmoreland secrets. (Btw: him being a Victorian eugenist makes so much sense, as Siobhan says.) Also loved the Sarah and Helena reunion, and that we get an explanation as to why Helena sought refuge in this convent after having had a terrible childhood in one. Lastly, while I haven't been exactly rooting for the return of Dr. Virginia Cody, it's a good idea to connect those dots and let the season mainly dealing with Castor not have been in vain.

Otoh: "You've turned my daughter against me." No, Susan, you did that all by yourself, and I know that because I've watched last season. Now I could buy Susan reordering events in her head, because that's what people, but later Westmoreland also seems to have lived in that alternate universe Susan did because he says "I didn't mean for her (Rachel) to go that far". ???? Rachel did not get into contact with Westmoreland until the opening of this season. Her stabbing of Susan hadn't been planned, it was spontanous. Her deposing of Susan along with deposing Evie, otoh, had been planned, but it was a Rachel only scheme, for which she did had not gotten any incentive or inspiration by Westmoreland. And what's this Your corporate raised psychopath? According to last season, the whole deaths faking and letting Rachel then be raised by Leekie & Co. had been Susan's idea. Not to mention that Susan's own methods of raising are less than psychologically sound, to put it mildly, given what we see not only in her most of s4 interaction with Rachel when Rachel was helpless but also her entire relationship with Ira.

I strongly dissapprove of making Susan Duncan look better by suddenly blaming it all on Westmoreland, show. I mean, I can see he's supposed to be the Aigisthos and Agamemnon in one to her Clytemnestra to Rachel's Elektra (with the late Ethan Duncan also being other aspects of Agamemnon, of course), but still. Pray don't do that.


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