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Wherein we get a Cosima episode and find out what Neolution wants from Kira.

Thank you, Siobhan, pointing out there's no guarantee the P.T. Westmoreland who disappeared into the jungle in 1897 is the same guy currently ruling over Dr. Moreau's island and that he might be some other guy whom Susan Duncan and Dr. Coady met as young students. Cosima later seems to indicate the same suspicion after she's figured out that both the experiments on the unfortunate BearMan and the planned use of Kira are about prolonging life for P.T. specifically (while pretending it's about general immortality), which would indicate he hasn't been able to do that already. I suppose there's still the possibility that the serum failed after repeated use, a la Dr. Jekyll, but still. Because it's been bugging me: if you as a scientist have a living, breathing example of someone who managed to make himself immortal in front of you, wouldn't you want to investigate that person (steal samples, if necessary)? Well, not if you think he's faking it, and that's entirely possible. By the time Neolution resurged in the 1950s, there would hardly have been any contemporaries of P.T. Westmoreland's left alive to judge whether or not he was the same guy. (With exceptions, see prominent Victorians Winston Churchill and George Bernard Shaw).

I am as unfond of the Cosima/Delphine relationship and Delphine's wide-eyed Bambi look combined with endless "I'm doing this to protect you" assurances as ever. That the show lampshades its awareness of a central problem in the relationship - "You do things without my consent" - does not, in fact, make it more palpable to me. And I've been known to root for epically dysfunctional relationships. (Saul Tigh/Ellen Tigh OTP!)

So, the evil plan revealed: is suitably evil and harks back to the s1 concept of the taking away of bodily autonomy/people as property horror. I'm not quite clear on the technicalities (leaving morals aside: does Kira, a prepubescent girl, have any eggs which can be used scientifically to begin with?), but I suppose I can employ handwavium.

Meanwhile in another subplot: satisfyingly, Sarah has switched tactics and now tries to use Kira's connection to all the Leda Clones and sessions with Rachel. Note that we're cutting away after the "so, what does Rachel really want?" question. I'd have been fascinated to hear Kira's reply, and I suspect we still might, since dividing Camp Neolution is one promising strategy for Sarah & Co. to try. Incidentally, I don't think it would be that difficult to turn Rachel against P.T. Westmoreland. Yes, he's the first parent figure with the smarts to tell her she's the most special of the bunch (which is definitely a big part of What Rachel Really Wants) instead of telling her she's unworthy (which both Duncans, Ethan and Susan did). But once she finds out that he's after the immmortality gene to prolong his own life? Especially if that comes with, say, a reveal that what he's injected her with isn't a cure but another experiment because in the end, Rachel is just as much property and object of experimentation as the other Leda clones to him? She'd be at his throat in no time.
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