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By Jove, they did it! Jodie Whittaker was excellent as Beth in Broadchurch, so I expect good things on the acting front. Incidentally, it occurs to be that both RTD and Chibnall cast their Doctors from actors they'd worked with before (Eccleston was in RTD's "Second Coming", Tennant in "Casanova", and now Whittaker, as mentioned, in Chibnall's "Broadchurch"), while Moffat went with actors he hadn't (as far as I know true for both Smith and Capaldi, who'd starred on both Doctor Who and Torchwood, but before Moffat's reign). And speaking of the incesteous British actor casting pool, given the sheer number of Torchwood and DW alumni who showed up in Broadchurch, I totally am expecting more Broadchurch people on DW now.

Also: a round of applause for Moffat who did pave the way to a female Doctor, and anyone denying it presumably stopped watching seasons ago. Especially in retrospect, the build-up is very clear: first dialogue mention of a TIme Lord changing gender when regenerating (the Corsair), then on screen regeneration of a male Time Lord into a female one (the General), and above all Missy, who must have convinced the BBC Powers That Be more than anything else that yes, fandom can be won over by a woman playing an iconic character on Doctor Who who previously had been played solely by men. And that's not counting Clara's arc of becoming the Doctor during the Capaldi years (complete with bluffing the Cybermen about being the Doctor), River taking on Doctor-like traits and in her last appearance, The Husbands of River Song, being written as the central character with the Doctor as her Companion, and all the dialogue hints this season. I have no idea when Chibnall decided he'd go with a female Doctor, but I'm willing to bet money that the BBC greenlighted it around season 9 when it was clear Missy was being embraced by the majority of fandom. (Double round of applause for Michelle Gomez, who has become my favourite regeneration of the Master other than Delgado.)

On to Orphan Black. Which was a good spy hijinks hour that moved the plot forward.

Also, Krystal. Her appearances are always gems, and this one was no exception. I'm relieved the show let her do the encounter, not Sarah impersonating her. (BTW: does Sarah have wigs fitting the appearances of all known Leda clones? Not that I can't see the use, and it's ic for Siobhan to come up with something like that.) I still wish they'd tell her the truth, even though admittedly her Big Pharma theory actually makes more sense than the myth arc.

Speaking of which: having indicated last episode that Westmoreland isn't Westmoreland but a fraud who teamed up with Susan Duncan and Virginia Coady when they were all students, the show in this episode says so in the open, complete with photographic evidence and Susan & Not!Westmoreland having a clunky "as you know, Bob" dialogue about how the patriarchy made a male figurehead necessary in the 1960s. Which, you know, I don't doubt, but what I don't get is why SD & VC kept him around in the decades after, since he doesn't seem to bring anything of his own to the table other than skills at impersonating a Victorian Mad Scientist, which surely someone else could do as well. Also, I frown at the show dispensing with Susan and likely Ira courtesy of Westmoreland & Co. and the Castor illness respectively, because I'm somewhat invested in the House of Atreus dynamic the House of Duncan has going on, and if these guys die without Rachel around, the show is robbing me of that. Not to mention Susan & Ira are way more interesting characters than Dr. Coady & Not!Westmoreland.
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