10 February 2017

selenak: (Resistance by Aweeghost)
24 hours at JFK: long detailed article about two of the Iraquis detained when the ban first struck.

Anti Trump Poems : because if humor and poetry won't save us all, they sure as hell will help us make it through these times.

Ron Rosenbaum tells the story of the Munich Post, and its long refusal to sugarcoat anything Hitler did. Ostensibly the article is Rosenbaum's take on whether or not you can make comparisons between 45 and The Guy From Braunau, but really the story of the Munich Newspaper that fought Hitler from the very start when he was just an also ran small time demagogue in Munich to the time they were closed and, to use a Steve Bannon term, "shut up" in 1933 at his command is at the heart of it.


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