26 February 2017

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...well, you know the rest. There are some teasers for the third season of Better Call Saul out there, which inspired me to check whethere there's new fanfiction, and not long pieces, either, as I'm rl busy, and lo, there was:

To Die A Little: one possible answer to the question "what was Kim up to during Breaking Bad, and was she still in contact with Jimmy/Saul? Aside from the story being very well written, I appreciate most that it's truly a Better Call Saul story, not a Breaking Bad story in disguise. I love both shows, but it's endlessly frustrating to look for BCS fanfic and end up with BB stories that name drop one or two things about BCS. Whereas this story is truly about Kim, and her relationship with Jimmy. BB events are nodded to, but you can read this story without knowing what exactly Saul Goodman is involved in - Kim doesn't, she just has a general idea. Great, great voices for Kim and Jimmy-turned-Saul.

Two Suits: Chuck and Jimmy, growing up. McGill brothers dysfunctionality starts early, in a classic siblings way.


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