12 March 2017

selenak: (Buffy by Kathyh)
Just a little more than 24 hours from now, I'll be sitting in an air plane en route to the South Pacific. Between packing, I noticed I haven't said anything about the big Buffversary two days ago. It was and is a dear fannish love of mine; I watched it partly in German, partly in English, as its original broadcast fell into the time when overseas fans like yours truly started to figure out how to, hm, watch episodes not yet broadcast on German tv, and something I wrote during my most recent rewatch still applies: BTVS was one fannish experience where I didn't just enjoy one character/storyline/ship, I loved and love the entirety. From the moment Darla vamps out in the pilot teaser to the moment Dawn asks Buffy what she wants to do now and Buffy, realising that for the first time in her life she actually has all the choices at the end of Chosen, from s1 line up to the s7 line up of characters, I love it all.

Me and the late, great Elizabeth Taylor, it seems, who watched the show with her great grandson. Now there's fannish company!


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