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In which there are consequences.

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Following New Who tradition of the new Companion first getting a trip to the future and then one to the past, this one offers a fuiture where Emojis survive as a major mode of communication. Which, let's face it, is likely. :)

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A Movie I Love: Sunset Boulevard

An Action Movie I Love: Mad Max: Fury Road

A Drama I Love: The Lives of Others

A Western I Love: Cat Ballou.

A Horror Movie I Love: The Haunting (1963 original, no remakes accepted). Arguably, the original Alien is a horror movie, not an action movie, in which case it is also a choice that immediately comes to mind.

A Comedy I Love: Wir Wunderkinder.

A Romance Movie I Love: Frida. Look, I'm usually the first to complain that biopics of female historical figures almost invariably put a strong focus o their love lives. But in the case of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, it felt it was justified by the result.

A Noir I Love: The Third Man. So long, Holly.

A Disney Movie I Love: Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

A Sci Fi Movie I Love: Blade Runner.

An Animated Movie I Love: Robin Hood (1973). Best Robin ever.

A Superhero Movie I Love: The Avengers.

A War Movie I Love: Empire of the Sun

An Exploitation Movie I Love: Do we count Quentin Tarantino movies? In which case, Kill Bill.

A Musical I Love: West Side Story.

An Historical Movie I Love: The Lion in Winter.

A Bad Movie I Love: I suppose by majority consent, the SW Prequels are these. And I do love them.

A Childhood Favourite: Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel. (German title of much loved Czech movie. I have no idea whether it has an English one.) Best Cinderella ever.

A Shakespeare Movie I Love: Chimes at Midnight.

A Franchise I Love: Not in the sense of loving every installment, but I suppose I could list Star Wars here as well.

A Trilogy I Love: The original three Pirates of the Carribean movies, which to me told the story of Elizabeth Swann, and had a great ending. Which is why I never felt the need to watch any sequels.

A Guilty Pleasure I Love: A Royal Night Out. Pure fluff, also glorification of British monarchy etc, but 'twas great fun to watch and relax with (for me).

A Movie Recently Seen: Moonlight.

My Favourite of This Year: The year is still young. So far, To Walk Invisible.

A Favourite of All Time: Lawrence of Arabia
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Comment with one of my fandoms, and I'll tell you:

the character I least understand
interactions I enjoyed the most
the character who scares me the most
the character who is mostly like me
hottest looks character
one thing I dislike about my fave character
one thing I like about my hated character
a quote or scene that haunts me
a death that left me indifferent
a character I wish died but didn’t
my ship that never sailed
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I've finally managed to catch up on my beloved pirates show - after intermittendly fearing I'd have to wait for the DVDs to do so -, and watch the four remaining episodes. Yay - and woe, as it is now over. Am happy to unspoilery report that it ended in great quality.

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In which there are family meetings and goodbyes.

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In which my one remaining cmplaint is beautifully dealt with. All is forgiven, show. That was awesome.

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In which Chuck's plan becomes clear.

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Back again on a more than specials basis, and much missed by yours truly. This was a classic "new Companion" introduction, and a very likeable new Companion, too. I hadn't been that keen on the last Christmas Special (not least because the one before that had been fantastic), so that was a welcome return to form.

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selenak: (Bamberg - Kathyh) all who celebrate, and greetings with pictures of beautiful wells for everyone. I'm still with the APs until the holidays are over, and then I'm off to Munich again. Yesterday we followed family tradition and drove through Franconian Switzerland to admire the Easter Wells. Generally this has been a cloudy week in my part of the world, but on Good Friday, the sun shone in Franconia. And behold:

Bieberach photo SAM_2843_zpszujgqdn7.jpg

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Not my Easter post: but I didn’t want to get even further behind with my reviews. Easter post to come this weekend. On to White Pine Bay, where it’s winter.

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In which Gene finally speaks.

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The episodes tend to blurr in my head now, but that doesn't mean they're not all excellent. This season promises to finish the show in top form, and save that I desperately miss SPOILER, which will forever prevent it from being my favourite, I continue to be impressed as hell.

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Well, I'm back. (Sorry, had to go there.) And a splendid month it has been, too, though the laundry washing and ironing alone is EPIC, and I despair of ever catching up with all my shows right now.

(Except for Bates Motel & The Americans, which were on Amazon Video in my region. Review to follow.)

If you're in the air for 24 hours in both directions, you do watch movies as well, so, briefly, impressions:

La La Land: Eh. I mean, I like movies that explore their own artifice, Hollywood on Hollywood, and musicals, but I still fell half asleep during that one, and I wasn't THAT tired. Although, the audition scene really was good.

Loving: excellent acting, refusing to go overboard with sentiment despite dire temptation, because after all, how often do you get a rl love-takes-on-institutionalised-racism-and-wins tale?

Arrival: wow. Loved the concept and the execution. Have not read the story it's based on (yet), but this finally was sci fi again with a sense of wonder and true alienness. Also: linguistics!

Moonlight: am glad it got the Oscar, for verily, it deserved it, and then some. Beautifully acted and shot. As part of its story, manages to pull off a concept which in theory should have me annoyed because when this is done in fanfic, I am prone to complain immediately, but here it works beautifully, not least due to the circumstances the central character is in. All three actors playing Chiron (aka Little, aka Black) in the three stages of his life we meet him are excellent, and I can see why both Mahershala Ali (playing Juan, nicest drug dealer on the planet) and Naomi Harris (our hero's mother and a stunning tour de force on Ms. Harris' part) were singled out for particular critical praise and attention. Not coincidentally, the scene where they confront each other is outstanding even in a movie of this quality, especially for how NOT cliché like it goes, and how it starts with one character calling out the other only for the other reversing the calling out in a devastating, undeniable way. Their scenes with Chiron are sublime, too, and no wonder the "learning to swim" scene already gets quoted visually in its poetry. I also love the last scene between Chiron and his mother, and how the emotions are, in a way, echoed in the last scene between Chiron and Kevin.

Suicide Squad: am I ever glad I did not have to pay money for it.
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Last report from the land under the white cloud, as the Maori used to call it. We're leaving for Germany tomorrow, which means another 24 hours in the air, which means you'll hear from me at the weekend at the earliest. Meanwhile, one last installment of my New Zealandian adventures, featuring the Coromandel Peninsula, the Bay of Islands and Auckland.

Von Haiha nach Whittianga photo SAM_2672_zpsx7og6j6t.jpg

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In a hole in a ground, there lived a hobbit.

Bag End photo SAM_2534_zpsvs8vigbb.jpg

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...however, if one is a German used to a lot of hiking in the Alps, one does the Torangiro Alpine Crossing. As you do.

Crater and Mount Tongariro photo SAM_2308_zps55njmeyd.jpg

Visited Erebor, too, while I was at it )

Now truly, that was a bit like visiting the beginning of the world. Next: Hobbiton!
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In which we travel from the South lIsland to the North Island and visit the capital.

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Dear writer, thank you so much for participating in this challenge and creating a story for me. I included some prompts in my requests. Know that if none of these speaks to you, you can still make me happy simply by "Peggy and Jarvis fight crime" case fic. My prompts tend to go in a gen direction, but I'm not averse to shipping, either slash or het or multi, provided you don't put down another another relationship in your story. What I am averse to is character bashing: by which I don't mean character A having a bad opinion of character B, if this is the case in canon or can be extrapolated from it, plus one of my prompts involves villains in central roles, and these people are canonically responsible for horrendous acts. However, there is a difference between that and "ugh, X is the WORST, says every other character ever" type of storytelling, and I trust you, writer, are able to see it.

Re: all the characters not named in my prompts - I'm an ensemble fan and fond of everyone, though of course I have my favourites. Still, just because they're not listed doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading about them, though if you want to work your own favourite into one of the prompts in a prominent role, go ahead, as long as my listed characters have one, too.

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