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Season finale, and time for hankerchiefs.

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In which the pill is finally there, and so's a hurricane.

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Which felt like it had a bit too many subplots to juggle, to be honest.

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In which Delia becomes everyone's heroine, Timothy puts Freud to good use, and the fact that Fred's wife owns a haddashery post watching The Hateful 8 has become unappropriately sinister to me.

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In which it turns out that what I thought was a once off subplot in 5.01. will be an arc plot!

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In which Peter Noakes shows up, sadly without Chummy, and so does typhoid.

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The Midwives are back!

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First, a definition of terms. „Heroine“ doesn‘ t mean „favourite character“, i.e. I won’t list my favourite female villains here, or those highly ambiguous ladies like Skyler White. However, I don’t just use “heroine” as equivalent of “main protagonist”, either, but as “female character prone to heroic actions” (which allows me to draft the occasional supporting character *g*). And all the characters I list are fictional. So. This being said. In no particular order:

- Jo Grant (Doctor Who): let’s be honest, I could give a Companions only reply post, and then it would be still incredibly hard to choose just five. But I have an incredibly soft spot for Jo, possibly because she was badmouthed to me so much before I got to “meet” her – she was presented as the epitome of the “bad” Companion, “useless screamer”, “brainless bimbo” and what not. Whereas I found her to be brave, with a talent to escape (Jo’s joke about being an escapologist is fact-founded), funny, kind, very loyal and loving but able to make up her own mind if she disagrees with the Doctor on something, and committed to making the world a better place beyond her time with the Doctor; when Russell T. Davies brought her back after decades for the Sarah Jane Adventures two parter “Death of the Doctor”, I was thrilled to learn Jo has spent those last decades travelling the world as a hippie activist and matriarch of a large family of hippie activists. In a word she likes to use, Jo is groovy. And I love her to bits.

- Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): Buffy wasn’t originally my favourite on BTVS, that was Cordelia, but she became my favourite heroine and BTVS character in the later seasons and has remained so in the years since. Quips, penchant for shoes, inferiority and superiority complex all wrapped up into each other, strong capacity for friendship and uneven love life, the entire package.

- C.J. Cregg (The West Wing): because C.J. is who I along with a lot of other people want to be when I grow up, even though I’m nearer to fifty than to forty now. First she made being the press secretary of the White House heroic (nobody managed this one before or since), and then she moved on to saving the world on a daily basis as chief of staff. Also she’s tall and never made an attempt to hide it. And nobody sings The Jackal the way she does.

- Jadzia Dax (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): because Jadzia is a scientist, a good fighter and knows how to party; because she really enjoys hanging out with other species, and not just the “cool” ones (Dax & Quark friendshipper forever!), and not with that somewhat patronizing air some Federation types have; and because she is arguably ST’s first on screen canonically bisexual regular character. Also? She has a way with words. “Pity. You’d be surprised what I can do in a pair of size 8 boots.”

- Sister Julienne (Call the Midwife): the show made the entire Midwife profession look heroic (long overdue, that), and I love all the characters in various degrees, but Sister Julienne, the head of Nonnatus House, played by Jenny Agutter, is the graceful, quietly strong anchor for everyone else. Not that she’s always serene and invulnerable to loss of confidence; we’ve seen her upset and grieving, and having a crisis, too. But then she rallies, be it alone or with the help of her colleagues whom she has supported through their crisis (this show is great on female solidarity). If I had to pick a fictional medical professional to be at my side when I’m in bad shape, I’d pick Sister Julienne no matter whether this involved a gynological problem or not. I’d have complete faith in her ability to help me through. Now that’s a heroine for you.

The other days
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Comfortable and relaxing, despite some angsty fake-outs.

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...two catching up reviews in one entry:

Once upon a Time: Spoilers. )

Call the Midwife: Spoilers. )
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This season really has a theme of changes, methinks.

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Am real life busy, so in all brevity:

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In which there is a very timely subplot, and not about housing.

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In which Sister Julienne meets the road not taken, and the series tackles grief in several ways.

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The midwives are back!

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Call the Midwife: don't have much to say other than it was lovely as usual. I'm a bit torn on Avril doing something spoilery ) This was the first episode where we see old Jenny, whose voiceover was the narrative voice throughout and apparantly is here to stay, but I'm not sure whether the framing scenes with Vanessa Redgrave had any other point than to ressure us of this, given that young Jenny has left the show and it is now later seasons Blake's 7. :) Not that it wasn't nice to see her, of course. As to the rest of the gang, everyone was as endearing as always. Cynthia doing something spoilery ) This is still my comfort show, and the way it treats not just one but a myriad of choices women make as valid is a great part of why.

Now, as to Yuletide. I'm trying not to let the usual Yuletide angst get to me (i.e. repeating the "self, the recipient and a few others liked your stories on the first day, you can't expect more with small-even-for-Yuletide fandoms and no one having recced them elsewhere so far" mantra). Here are a few more stories I loved reading:

Euripides: Bacchae

Agave in Illyria: Half poetry, half prose, gorgeously creepy and cruel in its take on two sisters who went through some of the most gruesome fates Greek myths have in store.

Benjamin January Mysteries:

Escargots: casefic! With Rose as the leading detective, co-starring Olympe and Augustus Mayerling. Set while Ben is off in Washington, and immensely enjoyable to read.

Where there's a will: lovely missing scene about Chloe and Dominique making the transition to the friends we see them be in the last few novels.

The Musketeers:

Knife to a musket fight: in which Porthos gives Constance more self defense lessons. Fantastic friendship story, and the last line packs a punch.

Hilary Mantel: A place of greater safety:

Our wars will be our own: because if Camille, Lucille and Danton didn't have a threesome, they ought to have had.


Step into Christmas (the admission is free): Steph spends Christmas with Gethin and Jonathan mid movie; the story has the great characterisation and warmth the film did, and is lovely to read.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Start with the first ten: in which John Henry becomes. John Henry, Savannah, Catherine Weaver and James Ellison were the other family in SCC, and I'm always thrilled to discover fic dealing with that. This one manages to come up with a John Henry perspective which feels plausibly A.I., and specifically an A.I. which developes as radically as John Henry does. I loved it.

Watership Down:

The Mercy of Frith: The story of Blackavar, one of the most intriguing minor characters in the novel. Intense and marvellously written.

The Wire:

Whereever you go, there you are: Randy and Carver, years post show. Heartbreaking, yet also hopeful.
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The Rare Women Ficathon went live.

I got a lovely Call the Midwife story as a present, about Shelagh/Sister Bernadette, called Arpeggio.

My own story offered me the chance to return to the Jossverse, where I hadn't written in for many years:

L.A. Confidential (3120 words) by Selena
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Angel: the Series
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harmony Kendall/Spike, Harmony Kendall & Angel
Characters: Harmony Kendall, Angel (BtVS), Spike (BtVS)
Additional Tags: Case Fic, Character Study

Harmony decides on a new career. After all, if Angel can be a detective, anyone can.

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Something only noticed upon rewatching season 2 of Call the Midwife - or maybe I did notice at the time but forgot again:

- Jacob who plays a main role in an s3 episode already shows up on in an s2 episode in the hospital St. Mungo's
- Patsy already shows up in an s2 episode as well, albeit with blonde hair; she's a nurse at the hospital Jenny works for a while and they share a cigarette and commiseration about the arrogant surgeon
- the actor who plays the chatty Reverend Appleby who ends up befriending silent Jane is none other than the actor who played Herrick (Mitchell's sire, main villain of s1) on Being Human; now spoilerly Being Human stuff ), so the completely different personality he creates in his CtM shouldn't have been a (retrospective) surprise, but it was anyway
- the early s2 episodes are careful to give Dr. Turner and Sister Bernadette at least one scene per episode where they share a conversation or glances even if both are in the background of said episodes, which in retrospect is a nicely subtle build up for the plot that kicks in mid season.

My Call the Midwife love continues to be strong. For all that I like my dark and twisted characters as much as the next fangirl (or -boy), and ditto for my shady narratives, it's really great to also have a show that gives the lie to the cliché that good equals boring and that you can't have an interesting show without villains and antiheroes. There literally isn't an unsympathetic character in the ensemble. And it's not the Downton Abbey type of period drama; Chummey is the only regular with an upper class background, and her living a life unlike her parents is part of her story. (Plus, no journeys back to the mansion, not that there is one but you know what I mean.) Nor does it romantisize poverty: living conditions in the East End are shown as appalling. Nor does it pretend that the only interesting kind of female character is the female warrior type. Instead, it treats the midwives and their work as the way other shows treat secret agents and soldiers and detectives - as vital and heroic - and offers a rich variety of women, none of whom falls under the subcategory "tomboy" or "butt-kicking chick", and who are the full age range from ancient to early twenties. (Nothing against tomboys or female warriors, but sometimes one does get the impression that unless a girl has declared her disdain for "girly" things and excels at martial arts, she's doomed to be regarded as a dull character.) Community and mutual support via friendship and comraderie are at its heart. Oh, and as for romance, it doesn't play the "couples aren't interesting anymore once they're actually together/a female character ceases to be interesting the moment she marries and/or has a child" game; the two marriages we have so far actually have had more screen time by now in their marriage phase than they did in their courtship phase.

In short, other than having same sex relationships, it has what a vocal part of many a fandom complains their canon sources lack. And maybe this is why, she says cynically, it hasn't as big a fandom.
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In which events had me googling whether this was the season or also the series finale, because zomg!

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In which Jenny returns and everyone's subplots thicken.

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