This is the discussion post for "The Colonel" and "Comrades" (episodes 1.12 and 2.01) in the group rewatch of seasons one and two. When you rewatched the episodes, was there anything you noticed that you didn't notice the first time (and any subsequent times) you saw them? What things about them did you perhaps view differently after having seen the later episodes?

You can expect spoilers for the entire first and second seasons in the comments. Feel free to join in even if you only got to rewatch one of the episodes.
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([personal profile] onyxlynx Nov. 21st, 2014 06:37 am)
to [personal profile] cereta and [personal profile] moosl ! Have wonderful days!

The far away, full shot.

The close up.

A tiny preview of the great, long post to come. This was one of the biggest epiphinaitic moments of my recent RCG retreat last weekend. Seeing this picture in my hand. It's meant so much -- both to that weekend, and the journey I have ahead with the challenges I can name and the promises I have made, because of seeing it, and realizing -- that it's become my lock screen and my main Facebook.

I may need to finally make another icon of myself. I have so much to say about it, so much I need to do and work on. But I run my finger and my mind over it silently. Pleased, and nervous.
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For people who prefer/whose browsers prefer to read online, A Stoop to a Rake is now up at AO3.
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Summary: The sleeping city is empty now, but Shadowfall cannot take that final step beyond the thorns. (350 words)

Note: Some more exploratory noodling for "Sunbright and Shadowfall." Details are, of course, subject to change as I hammer out more concrete world-building.

Penance )


Yay, I wrote a thing! (I've been feeling kind of blah and uncreative this week -- which I think is situational, due to November weather and screwed up sleep schedule -- so it's nice to get some words down on paper, as it were.) Anyway, this vignette would fall either late in chapter 5 or early in chapter 7 of my current outline, as Shadowfall slowly drifts away from any hope of breaking the curse. (Chapter 6 is where Sunbright accidentally learns how to dreamwalk.)
Perhaps this is a good time to put out a post on my current (and everchanging) fannishness, as I've just acquired several subscriptions/accesses from the good folk at [personal profile] theladyscribe 's "if you build it, they will come" friending meme:

My journal looks pretty empty, yeah. All my fannish stuff is public, but I have written a great deal of fic unattached to this username in previous years that I will never 'fess up to. I have written a gigantic quantity of meta, but alas, it is all in the form of comments on various comms and journals (especially [community profile] fandomsecrets , [community profile] fail_fandomanon , and various non-DW/LJ platforms. My profile tells me that as of tonight I have logged 5,856 comments on this profile since July 2012. My eyes sort of bugged when I saw that.

So, I'm in transition at the moment: it was only this fall that I am finally starting to post my fic, meta, fic reviews, random fannishness, etc, on my journal. I'll update fairly regularly, and have sworn to complete a certain number of fics and fic reviews in the near future. My current interest is fandom history - old, old fandoms, old, old fanfics, and the whole culture they occurred in, which I've been studying through aka the most awesome fandom-related site ever. I'm in the middle of reviewing two 1970s Star Trek TOS and Starsky & Hutch fanzines. My plans after I finish doing that will be to write fics for Guardians of the Galaxy and Harry Potter and then more fic for several other fandoms as fast as I can, and post a wide variety of shortish fannish thoughts every few days. Sample thoughts I'm planning:
  • I've been feeling incredibly nostalgic for my time when I was immersed in DC and Marvel comics fandom - my happiest fandom time by a long shot - so there will probably be long rambling meta on Gotham City and Metropolis and the DC Universe as a whole and how Crisis on Infinite Earths is so important to its character and several other ideas. And about the Marvel Universe and community and how citizens can adapt to anything, including superheroes, as business-as-usual. My love for these fictional worlds knows no bounds.
  • I need to write that long fandom manifesto about how Starsky & Hutch is glorious and still compelling and underexplored in many different ways that are simultaneously not about and all about the unparalleled central partnership because it's all interconnected and essential for creating the context in which said partnership can exist. Half of that post will probably be eaten by musings about Watergate and me telling people to just read The Ollie Report instead.
  • I really honestly do need to write that essay about the extremely enjoyable brain-bending one needs to do in order to suspend one's disbelief about a show about the future written by writers in the present. Which has been percolating in my brain since around 2009. I keep forgetting parts of it because I'm too lazy to write it down, eep!
  • I am strongly considering writing a series of fairy tale AUs/retellings for every single canonical work I have ever been fannish about. I can't figure out if this is a terrible idea or not
  • The sometimes Twlight-Zone-ish experience of being a gen fan who actually does love the hell out of slash and het and femslash, but gen just has that special place in one's heart that has nothing to do with being disinterested in romance and everything to do with that elusive vibe that's so hard to articulate in the context of shipping-heavy fandom.
  • A bunch of old classic movie reviews centering on "so I've watched this movie about 5 times but this time I noticed this other thing..."
  • It has only just occurred to me recently that I have never told a single soul anywhere, online or off, how much the character of Buffy Summers meant for me.

I'm mostly just saying this stuff so that I have at least perceived peer pressure to actually do it instead of just privately telling myself I'm totally going to do it, someday, for reals.

And while I probably can't do a specific day-by-day version of the December Talking Meme, I would be very open to suggestions for topics that I'll promise to answer sometime in December...

Thank you so much to everyone who subscribed. I am awkward about stuff like this, so I guess, Welcome!

ETA: Guess I should also pimp this friending meme from LJ:

( multi-fandom friending meme. )
I brought my laptop with my to the kid's dojo so I could work on something while I waited, but due to awkward seating issues making that impossible, wound up going through basically all the Push stuff on AO3 that catered to my needs. (I didn't manage to see the last five minutes of the movie until today, because the universe was conspiring against me, or else I'd have done this weeks ago, when I saw all but the last five minutes.)

So, err, [personal profile] musesfool will be seeing a lot of kudos on old stories when the overnight mail hits.

On the plus side, the limited amount of what I was looking means I ran out quickly, and can now move on to my scheduled reading, that particular itch as scratched as it is possible for it to be. 

ALSO, I bip bip bipped my dogs yesterday. Out of the blue. Reflex.


So I'm having some epic Dark Angel nostalgia feels, I tell you what. 

So, I live in Maryland. I'm super paranoid about listing where I live, and I should be, but it's all over my Tumblr and LJ anyway so fuck it. ANYWAY.

I just bought a new plan on the state exchange, established through ~*~*~OBAMACAAAAAARE~*~*~. My doctors are in my network. My deductible is $0. My premium, with the subsidy, is $117 a month.

Some background: After going back to school, I re-entered the job market just in time for the financial crash. I couldn't get a job, much less a job with health insurance. A lot of that was depression and anxiety, but the 20% unemployment rate in the state where I was living at the time sure wasn't great, either. No insurance plan would take me because I have asthma. I take three medications for asthma, and two for the allergies that exacerbate it, along with a medication for my crazy. I'm lucky in that I'm really privileged, financially, so my parents were able to help. If I didn't have that, well, I guess I'd be dead. What with the whole "needing medication in order to breathe" thing.

After the ACA/Obamacare went into effect, funding immediately went towards existing "temporary high risk pools" -- health insurance plans for people with pre-existing conditions. I had no idea those plans even existed until they were in the news due to the ACA becoming law. My premium was $400 a month, basically beyond my means if I wasn't getting any financial help, but much less expensive than having to pay for all of my medications out of pocket, which I couldn't afford whatsoever.

After the state exchanges went into effect, I switched to a new "Obamacare" plan. It was $100 less. No deductible. Kept all my doctors. The site was buggy as hell at first, but so was Twitter. And Tumblr. And the barren wasteland we once called Livejournal. *pours out a 40*

Now, I've got a plan just as good, but for even less. Because I live in a Stalinist hellhole, quietly yearning to be free.

eta: So, to cap it all off: My life has immeasurably improved three times due to Obama's election. First: from no insurance to insurance. Then from insurance to better insurance. Than from better insurance to even better insurance. Elections: pretty goddamn important.
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In a fandom I don't believe any of you are familiar with, alas. "The Cross-Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock" is an occasional segment in the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. It's a sort of comedy steampunk time-travel adventure, with a strong strain of affectionate Doctor Who parody, some charmingly inept fake English accents, and pretty much canonical queerness. It's very silly and occasionally poignant, a tone I hope I've captured in my fic.

Here is a list of all the Tick-Tock segments, and here is where you can download them. If you listen to everything it's about three hours worth of material. Give it time to grow on you; I didn't like the early episodes but the character and the format both get much more interesting. If you want to skip some of the dead wood, I'd recommend listening to "Electric Rivalries" (TAH #31, the best of the early Tick-Tock bits), "Hey Caesar" (TAH #100, introduces some recurring characters and helps the next, excellent episode make more sense), "Mrs. Parker and the Doctaparatorious Paradox" (TAH #120, guest starring Karen Gillan, who played Amy Pond on Doctor Who), "Horse Play" (TAH #154, in which Colonel Tick-Tock memorably meets Casanova), and most importantly, "Confederates" (TAH #174), which is the basis for my fic.

The Colonel Tick-Tock I envision looks nothing like the ridiculous Colonel Blimp figure from the Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel, which you can see at the link above to the list of episodes. Judging by other characters' reactions, he's actually dashing and attractive, so in my head he looks a lot like Captain Owen Triggers as played by Nicholas Jones in the old BBC series Wings; images at the linked post.

Title: Time Enough
Fandom: The Cross-Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock (from The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
Characters: Colonel Tick-Tock/Bob McCrumbs, some special guest stars
Rating: Teen
Word count: 2473
Summary: Colonel Tick-Tock and Bob McCrumbs make history right (sort of) and discover something that's been there all along.
Notes: This can also be read here at AO3.

click here to read )
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 This site has a list of memorial services and other events related to the Trans* Day of Remembrance.

(It is not in any sort of order.  My database-loving soul is screaming.  Perhaps there is some way I can volunteer...probably not.)

It also transpires that the local event was last week.  (The next-near event is tonight.)

Remembering and honoring...
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Because I know you were wondering, boss1 is okay - no broken bones, just bruises and aches. She's actually here today, which I have to say, I do not think I would be that hardy. Which is probably why I'm not a CEO.


Arrow: Draw Back Your Bow
Let's give it up for that episode title. spoilers are totally earwormed )

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The end of the semester is a particularly boring time to be updating, which is why I haven't been, much. Every day is more RAship work and lecture prep and lecturing and then I come home and try to keep up with chores...

Things I am excited about!

- I have been joining and organizing a lot of write-offs and boot camps. It's really helping me progress with the novel. Today I have signed up for three hours, and I'm hoping to edit one scene and finish another, and then submit another chunk to my supervisor. If I could finish the first third of the second draft by the end of the semester that would be really good.

- Next week I am going to paint an accent wall with [profile] zulu_mom. I enjoy painting and we've chosen a dramatic sort of red, just for this one corner of our living room. Should go well with our red furniture, and set off the dark wood of our shelf/cabinet thing. (And hide the places where I patched the drywall after taking down some shelves.)

- I have only three things left to mark! One reading quiz, one research essay, one final exam. Today maybe I can start putting together the rubrics that will help me mark faster.

- Soon, soon I will make & freeze all the food.

Man, even writing this list I feel like I'm just repeating myself. I need time and space to think about new/different things.'s warmer today? The cats, especially Maddy, have been very snuggly lately--maybe because it's winter. Maddy comes under the covers in the night and purrs and purrs. Chelsea's transformation into a lapcat continues apace: when she wants to sit with me, she's learned to navigate the laptop, and also to bump my hand imperiously when the scritches stop for some inexplicable reason (like that I want to scroll while I'm reading...).

Mostly I am treading water and keeping up with things. Oh, that reminds me: I want to buy some swim passes and do more movement/exercise once the semester's done, and swimming would suit nicely.

Maybe also I can start thinking about Christmas shopping. I have already bought one thing for my parents, but once I have time to stop and think, I'll be able to put together some ideas for everyone else.

Er, anyway. Hi everyone! How is your November treating you? Only one more month of increasing darkness. I'm looking forward to the light coming back.

Also, keep prompting me for the December meme if you want! list of topics so far )
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Sea Otter Pup 681 over at Shedd Aquarium continues to do well and be TOTALLY ADORABLE OMG! Here's the daily otter tag as evidence.

The Duchess War, the first novel in Courtney Milan's Brothers Sinister series is currently free (There's a novella that proceeds it, but you don't have to read it, or you can get it for $0.99). My opinion on this series is basically ♥_♥ if that helps you make a decision. Blog post with the details. The novel.

This fic:
Title: Against the dying of the light
Author: [ profile] stephantom
Fandom: Les Miserables - Victor Hugo
Characters: Cosette Fauchelevent, Jean Valjean, Javert, Marius Pontmercy, Théodule Gillenormand, Aunt Gillenormand, Original Child Character(s)
Rating: G
Word Count: 6,000
Summary: Over the course of a few years, Jean Valjean becomes a grandfather, finds a friend, and generally learns how to be a little bit less sad about everything. Also: Christmas.
Notes: So you know how at the end of the book, Valjean cut himself off from his family and basically willed himself to die? That doesn't happen in this fic. Javert doesn't die either, but the fic is mostly about Valjean and Cosette. Also, it's made of puppies and rainbows and Christmas hugs.
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I keep thinking to come back I need something amazing to write, and I do have something amazing to write (that even drastically relates to my coming back), but it will likely happen this weekend or next week on vacation, because it is longwinded and will involve pictures not yet uploaded, but for now I bring you, and myself, the innocuous.

Isn't it strange and rather like digging through a sudden treasure trove of forgotten things, when one needs to replace their refrigerator, and you have to take everything out? There were things in freezer I'd totally written off during the last two months as not existing in my house (and not being able to be replaced until January or later). Things in my fridge that I probably have not seen in months and will now fold into meals.

It feels a little magical getting to pull it all out, take order and stock of things I have, and things I don't need.

Plus, it really does not hurt that the new fridge my relator/manager bought is near 1/3rd bigger.

Well, I must dash. I have a forty minute drive to work, and I was only okayed for being about thirty minutes later for agreeing to let the fridge repair/replace-it man come at six-thirty in the morning. I have beautiful, little minds to go teach about sentence structure.

More later. All my love.
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The less said about today's full-blown inner ear infection and the total antibiotics!FAIL I got to experience, the better.

But to end on a positive note, did y'all see there is a Steve Rogers is Not a Virgin MCU tag on the AO3 these days?

(Feel free to discuss my recent poll re: Steve's virginity or lack thereof, or add to it; I often read through it and smile to myself. I rarely lack opinions on canon or fanon, but on this topic it's all good.)

Anyway, love that tag, just like my Dreamwidth interest, and like all the other tags that the world needs -- Fringe's Let's Get Astrid Laid tag, or of course in a multifandom way Partners to Lovers.
Making it to Seattle in astonishing time from Cardiff.

And now it has been read.

It is possible, just possible, that I should perhaps not GUZZLE books when I get them.

Because then they are read.

And I'm left jonesing for the next one.

(And and all spoilers and discussion here shall take place, if it takes place, at a later date. My afternoon went by in a fog of reading interrupted by occasional cooking and eating. My bearings are on the to be got list as a result.)


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