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([personal profile] cadenzamuse Oct. 22nd, 2014 05:48 pm)
I started sociology yesterday. I'm dropping it today. My experience with my first class yesterday was that the professor was a gaslighty, controlling asshole. Well, my experience was that I was uncomfortable and wrong-footed and not quite sure why, and when I came home and described my class to T. he went, " that's incredibly manipulative and gaslighty." Content Notes: Cissexism, gaslighty fuckery )

Advice accepted only from people I know well who are yourselves QUILTBAG, mental health professionals, and/or experienced at doing the spoon-balancing act of this kind of activism.

I will totally accept cheerful things, recs for happy queer fanfiction, or other forms of gentle distraction from everyone else.


In totally other news, my C-bus people--[personal profile] forests_of_fire, [personal profile] textileowl, [ profile] finding_helena--I will be in the area next Wednesday morning the 29th for an orthodontist appointment and am happy to hang around for lunch/afternoon if any of you are free!
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([personal profile] settiai Oct. 22nd, 2014 06:16 pm)
The following action figures are still available, if anyone is interested/knows anyone who might be interested. I'm asking $12 each for the main characters, $5 each for the Axon and Cyberman, and $2 for the Toclafane, but I'm definitely willing to haggle.

First Doctor (with cane)
Second Doctor (with recorder)
Fifth Doctor (version with hat)
Sixth Doctor (in multicolor outfit)
Seventh Doctor (with umbrella)
Rose Tyler (in purple shirt with ice extinguisher)
Astrid Peth
The Master (Ainley)
Axon (monster)
Cyberman (classic)
Toclafane (open)
Toshiko Sato

Shipping costs will depend on how many action figures you're interested in.
The season finale of Manhattan got me thinking about the end game of their project. I went looking for a film I remember from years ago--a dramatized version of the events of Hiroshima from the POV of both survivors and the Enola Gay crew--but found only a BBC historical documentary on same. I watched it, and it really hit deep, no pun intended. Truly, just horrifying. For some reason, after I got done watching that, I was still on a WWII history kick re: US vs Japan, and started watching Tora, Tora, Tora. Pretty even-handed, so far, for an American film made only twenty-nine years after the events (Japanese nationals may disagree; just my observation).

What's next? Maybe something on Manzanar, or one of those Japanese prisoner-of-war camp films? Eesh. Perhaps those will get me over this weird tangent. War is all fear, blame-shifting, and lashing out; death and tears.
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([personal profile] watervole Oct. 22nd, 2014 08:01 pm)
 Lindsey uploaded the video to You Tube so that it would be visible to those of you who couldn't see the previous link.

It's worth the wait, even though the picture quality from the mobile phone isn't brilliant.

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi, and thank you in advance for writing a story for me! I'm pretty easy to please -- unless you write a context-free sex scene, I'll be thrilled just to get a fic in one of the fandoms I asked for. *grin* But I realize that's not terribly helpful, so here's the (very!) long version. I am sorry for the tl;dr, but I like to talk about things I love and I figure more details are better than fewer.


General Information )

Okay. On to specific fandoms.


The Dispossessed )

Lucifer )

The Lions of Al-Rassan )

Black Jewels )

And that is that. :-)
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([personal profile] muccamukk Oct. 22nd, 2014 09:24 am)
Good thoughts and prayers appreciated, especially regarding a reasoned response from those with guns and those in charge of those with guns.
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([personal profile] kerrypolka Oct. 22nd, 2014 04:06 pm)
Seriously, I like AO3 fine but can anyone explain exactly what the money from the Organization for Transformative Works (fanfiction non-profit) fundraising drive is actually going to be used for? What projects will be funded? What concrete goals does the organisation have? What isn't being funded that needs to be?

The 2013 statement cites US$250k in assets, $110k in net income and $55k in expenses. I may be misreading it, and the answer to this may be somewhere I can't easily find it, but what specifically are they fundraising for right now?

All I can see in the drive publicity is 'we're nice, give us money', and again I think it's an organisation filling a good role, but I need a little more to go on before I pull out the internet chequebook.
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([personal profile] jae Oct. 22nd, 2014 08:06 am)
The other day, I used Facebook to ask a question of my various friends and acquaintances, to see if they could help me figure something out that had been puzzling me. It's the sort of thing I used to ask here all the time, as a question of the day, but I decided to ask it over there this time because there are so many more people over there these days.

I got lots of thoughtful comments that took stabs at figuring out my puzzling issue, but chatty people being chatty people, I also got all sorts of comments that branched off from the subject I'd brought up and talked about things that my question had made them think of. And words do not describe how irritated I was by this! Each ensuing comment came across as someone jumping in and saying "let me derail the conversation you want to have and get everybody to talk about the thing I find more interesting instead!", and this made me glare very intensely at the screen.

Then it struck me that this isn't just a Facebook thing--people have always done this here, too. My journal is full of tangential conversations, and I have always found them nothing but delightful. The difference, of course, is that here those conversations take place in separate threads, so even if three or four people skip merrily off behind a tangent, that doesn't necessarily imply a derailing of the original point. And here, any subsequent commenter uninterested in the tangent can just start a new thread branching off from the original post.

Which just makes me miss the days that all of the great internet discussion was happening on a threaded platform, of course (cue heavy sighing).
There was a lot to take in this episode, a lot happened, and god this show is just so good!

There were forty-three iterations of the Machine and only one didn't try to kill Harold. And of all that forty three iterations tried to kill each other (Sarah Connor would raze Harold's lab to the ground if she existed in this 'verse, that room is Sarah's worst nightmare come to life).

I'm with Harold, I'm terrified of the Machine's capabilities now but I'm even more terrified of Samaritan, I don't think Arthur Claypool ever had the foresight to make Samaritan care, or test out what would happen if Samaritan was ever in sight of other AIs.

It frightens me that an AIs response to another AI (in POI at least) is to kill the other one, and the next, is to be let free into the internet.

(It's a level of trust for Harold that he built a failsafe to free the Machine itself.)

Samaritan has fifty-eight top officials in power, and I don't think its just limited to the USA. I'm pretty sure its now global, and now the mandate of Samaritan is to find The Machine!

Another terrifying thing to consider? According to Samaritan's interface Martine is Asset No. 29.

And all of them have capabilities to go god mode.

Its not where we begin, its where we end up )
To A Most Impressive, and Lovely, Thinker of Thinky Thoughts

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] elisi ! I hope you have been having an impressively happy birthday with loved ones and friends! My day is always improved when I read something from you, and I am so very glad we have made each other's acquaintance, so I raise my glass to a woman of great substance, kindness, quality and creative talent!

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([personal profile] chaila Oct. 21st, 2014 10:04 pm)
Dearest Festividder,

Yay! Vids! I don't really have much general to say, for I love vids and these fandoms, and you are already making a vid for one of these fandoms! I am open to any kind of music so go with your heart. (Also don't be afraid of well-vidded songs or artists on my account, I totally love vids to oft-vidded songs). I am a very gen fan and a fan of awesome ladies and character studies, so you can never go wrong with that. I have requested some shows with a decent amount of canon, but am totally happy to get a vid limited to one season, etc.

Specific requests, in alphabetical order: Luther, Nashville, Nurse Jackie, RPF - Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Scott & Bailey, Twister, The Wire, Wonder Woman (2009) )
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([personal profile] kerravonsen Oct. 22nd, 2014 01:59 pm)
I did bad things to my wrist/arm/shoulder with all that scale-mailleing yesterday, so today I have to stay away from temptation and not do craft.

So I'm watching Elementary on DVD.

I liked it. The setup enables Holmes to wander around poking his nose in things, and Watson to come with him. I liked how Holmes is brilliant, easily bored, manipulative and a jerk. I liked how Watson eventually cuts past Holmes' bullshit with observations of her own.
I like it.

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([personal profile] eemilyvr1 Oct. 22nd, 2014 10:19 pm)
White Collar  |  5 characters [4/5]     → Artist!Neal

Posted in full at:
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([personal profile] settiai Oct. 21st, 2014 10:00 pm)
[insert high-pitched noises that can probably be heard all the way in the District here]
My cat Skylar passed away today.

Well, she was my cat when I lived at home. She became my mom's cat after I moved out. And she was nearly 22 years old, which is a very long life for a cat, so I knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later. Just yesterday, in fact, I was in Kokomo for play rehearsal and stopped at my mom's house for a few minutes, where my mom wanted to talk to me about having Skylar put to sleep--she had stopped eating and drinking, was having trouble walking, and just wasn't herself anymore--but then she died naturally the very next morning.

I'm glad I got to see her one last time yesterday, to pet and hold her for awhile. I wish now I'd stayed a little longer, but at least I got that.

She was doing very well for a cat of her age, but after my dad passed away she went downhill really fast. I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but she would always sleep with my dad in his chair, and after he was gone she just seemed kind of lost.

Anyway, I wrote something about her on her 21st birthday last year, which you can find here. I'm really going to miss her.
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([personal profile] masqthephlsphr Oct. 21st, 2014 03:09 pm)
I have arthritis. In my knees and my back, and now my neck. For years, I've watched both my parents become increasingly disabled, and I know I am d00med. D00med. Last week, I went to my orthopedic specialist who could instantly whip me into an X-ray machine and have pictures of my skeleton popped up on the back-lit board fifteen minutes later. But diagnosis is easy. Intervention, that's harder.

Physical therapy is always their first line. Last year, I learned a series of exercises to strengthen my back. The clinic offered me a nerve-numbing procedure, but it was too expensive and painful for something that might only last six months, so I nixed that. This week, I'm returning to PT for my neck.

I'm doing what I can to change my environment. I recently got a new, ergonomic chair for work, and one of those neck-supporting pillows for my bed at home. But the chair I lounge and write in at home has GOT to be replaced. I've jury-rigged pillows to fit under my knees and under my neck and under my lumbar, all in an attempt to compensate for the chair being arthritis-unfriendly, but what I need, since I use that chair constantly and for long stretches, is something genuinely ergonomic.

Only problem is, ergonomic recliners are also mega-expensive. I am perfectly willing to spend the money on a chair that will work for me, but I have had bad experiences walking into stores, trying out chairs that seem all right on the show room floor, and then are killing me two weeks later and can't be returned (usually, because they're customized in some way).

I will ask the physical therapist for recommendations about how to buy a good ergonomic recliner, but really, I'm not optimistic.

To top that off, somehow I also managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder, and that's making sitting and turning my head even more of a pain. Will mention it to the PT.


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