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([personal profile] lilly_the_kid posting in [community profile] vidding Apr. 27th, 2015 03:21 pm)
Title: Dear Future Husband
Fandom: Fast & Furious (clips from 1, 4, 5, 6 and some shots from trailers and promos for 7)
Music: Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor
Characters/Pairing: Dom/Brian
Summary: better love me right
Warnings: none really, just a bit of action/violence
Vidder Notes: This song grabbed me and wouldn't let go. I hadn't been sure, if I could ever make a happy fun fluffy Dom/Brian vid again, but now I'm really happy to know that I could and did. Hope you'll enjoy!

download + streaming here on lj and here on dw
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It did rain all day Saturday, so I didn't go to Mounds. Good news is, it's supposed to be dry all this week, so maybe it won't be so soggy next weekend. Bad news is that I'm already scheduled to go on a group hike at Eagle Creek Park on Saturday. I could go to Mounds on Sunday, but that is of course the only day of the week where rain is forecasted. But looking on the bright side, things might change before then. I could also maybe go to Mounds after Eagle Creek, since I'll be done there by early afternoon and Mounds is only about a thirty minute drive away. I guess I'll see how much I feel like hiking after going on one already.

Of course, I could just skip Eagle Creek. But I don't want to do that.

Other than that, I was pretty productive Saturday. Got a lot of writing done. Sunday was not so great, in that I mostly lazed around and did nothing. I did try doing some writing, but I couldn't concentrate. Did a little shopping to pick up some new workout shorts, but that was about it.

Work has been slow and dull as shit lately. But according to my schedule, mid-May I'm going to have ALL THE THINGS to do and I'll be stressed out again. So I guess I should stop feeling guilty about not doing much at work the last couple weeks. It's just that I'm in my third year here now, and I have my employee development presentation in August (a bit like a more informal committee meeting, to put it into academic terms. It'll determine if I get a promotion at the end of the year and my career trajectory for the next three years), so I kinda need to have stuff to show for it.
The Parallax Problem or Postings from a Fictitious Fandom (context here)

For [personal profile] lilliburlero


News from Nowhere.

A report from an Eastercon (British Science Fiction Association convention) in the near future, regarding an unexpected fandom development or several.

Fandom: R.R. Lanyon (all media types)
Length: 1817 words

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply. Hopelessly recursive.
Fools and Madmen (3155 words) by Ruuger
Fandom: The Mentalist/The X-Files
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Patrick Jane, Fox Mulder
Additional Tags: Crossover
Summary: Mulder crosses paths with a certain psychic.
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([personal profile] edenfalling Apr. 27th, 2015 03:23 am)
Ha! Finished editing the thing, going to bed now. Fic post Monday afternoon, probably. :-)
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([personal profile] alethia Apr. 26th, 2015 10:12 pm)
I was already full of woe and missing fandom, generally...and then came this episode.

The Good Wife 6.20 The Deconstruction )
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Remix is back!


I would need to finish something, wouldn't I.
We've all seen the devastating images out of Nepal after the Earthquake; here is The Guardian's latest article and here are some Charity!Navigator vetted charities on the ground.

Again I can't wrap my mind around the loss. But I can wrap my mind around the need to help, and to help induce it. Put up a few offers at [profile] fandomaid; this round is BUY NOW only, no auction:

1. Fanart Offer
5 icons OR 1 wallpaper

2. Fanfic Offer
Up to 5 Drabbles for MCU - Captain America, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and/or Agent Carter; The 100
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([personal profile] kaffyr Apr. 26th, 2015 07:56 pm)
A Couple of Puppy-related Things

Not me talking; I just like them.

First, the relative clarity of this explanation of the Puppy Hugo Wars over at - oh, hell, now I'm giggling; why? Just take a look at the name of the site - obviously written for folks who have little acquaintance with fandom.

Second, Jim Hines' cogent commentary on why it shouldn't, perhaps be seen as Puppy Hugo Wars - or at least, that we should remember we're disagreeing with real people, in a real world that has edges, shadows, three dimensions etc., not taking paint-ball aim at two-dee shooting gallery cardboard rectangles.
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([personal profile] onyxlynx Apr. 26th, 2015 11:36 am)
  • In the grocery store while I was standing in line, I saw a box flying through the air.  A minute or so later, I saw the shoulder of one of the workers, and then another box thumped down some distance away.  "Aha," I said, "the invisible hand of the market."
  • Then I came home, put the two bags of food down by the apartment door, and started looking for my keys.  which were not in my pocket or bag or the bags of food.  OMG.  Where had I sat down?  Church and the bus stop.  Panic approached.  I shucked the jacket, put the food under the doorknob and --  Yeah, the keys were still in the outer door,
  • I spent most of yesterday clearing most of the stuff out of my late sibling's storage locker (the facility is closing April 30), loading it into a small truck, unloading it with the aid of a neighbor (hi, Aaron!)(no, of course not.  But just in case...), and driving back (cue "Joy in Truckdriving" theme from The Fugitive).  I actually remembered all my truck-driving lessons from twenty years (aaaaaaaggggggghhh!) ago.
  • Ten years worth of dust, even inside sealed boxes, is a lot.  
  • One of the things I like about my church is the focus on Christ.  Which is weird and counterstereotypical, but we're  weird and counterstereotypical.
  • The aroma of eau de science experiment is wafting from the fridge.
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([personal profile] musesfool Apr. 26th, 2015 05:47 pm)
Dad's birthday dinner went well - we ended up having dessert at the restaurant (it was included in the prix fixe) and then a second dessert at my brother's. My sister, sister-in-law, and I discussed the awfulness of hot flashes (and I am here to tell you that they are really, truly awful) and the early stages of perimenopause when your period may or may not show up for months (mine was due 4/3, but has yet to make an appearance).

Anyway, I came home today, and I just watched last night's Orphan Black and spoilers )

In other news, Remix is back! Slightly new - hopefully less complicated? - rules. Spread the word.

and lastly, a poem:

Of Mutability

Too many of the best cells in my body
are itching, feeling jagged, turning raw
in this spring chill. It's two thousand and four
and I don't know a soul who doesn't feel small
among the numbers. Razor small.
Look down these days to see your feet
mistrust the pavement and your blood tests
turn the doctor's expression grave.

Look up to catch eclipses, gold leaf, comets,
angels, chandeliers, out of the corner of your eye,
join them if you like, learn astrophysics, or
learn folksong, human sacrifice, mortality,
flying, fishing, sex without touching much.
Don't trouble, though, to head anywhere but the sky.

~Jo Shapcott

Now it's time to go meet L. for dinner.

Yesterday, I was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, toward Marin County to the north of the Bay in the last light of dusk, and it struck me that I've come so far: sitting in my own beloved hybrid car, going from a mid-day barbecue with school friends in the Mission District of San Francisco to an evening house boat birthday of a professional pal in Sausalito before driving home to the beautiful home where I live in the East Bay. The sun is shining, as it's wont to be out here in the East Bay, and illuminating this sweet, quiet dining room.

This is not to say life is perfect. I still struggle with large-scale developments at my workplace that are not about me but affect me directly...up to and including my ability to stay in the United States. I still wish -- rather desperately too -- for more time with my closest friends, my sister. I still wish I were completely healthy; it's a constant bummer to structure every decision around my physical and mental limitations.

I also struggle with all the Facebook posts portraying others' lives as so much more beautiful and happy, but dude, don't we all. I'm totally part of the problem, not the solution on The Social Network, but I've vowed to post more here, where posts are a lot more honest, multi-faceted, and real -- real as in "meaningful," not necessarily as in "meatspace."

(Bonus Clarke/Lexa icon, because I tried to get one of my more more media-oriented queer Berkeley girls to watch The 100. Think I'll pitch the show to her again tonight; IT IS AFTER ALL ON TEH NETFLIX.)
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([personal profile] darchildre Apr. 26th, 2015 11:20 am)
We have a tree in the backyard which has branches that end only about a foot away from our house. This morning, for hours, this dumbass robin has been sitting on one of those branches and, every minute or so, fluttering up to peck at the window.

For hours.

I went out on the porch half an hour ago to yell at it and it flew away a little ways, but within 10 minutes it was back, pecking at the window again.

Man, I like birds a lot, but some of them are super weird.
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([personal profile] onyxlynx Apr. 26th, 2015 07:59 am)
 to [personal profile] bradycardia !  Who has Adventures!  Magnificent day to you!
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([personal profile] ruuger Apr. 26th, 2015 03:43 pm)
Would anyone have the time to do a beta for a 3000+ word X-Files/The Mentalist crossover? I'm trying to get over my writer's suck (caused by the fact that the last two non-challenge fics I've written received exactly zero comments) and could really use a second pair of eyes on this fic. Found a volunteer! :)

While I'm here, can I just recommend one of my favourite time-wasting websites of all time, It sounds boring, but it's really massively entertaining - just pick any slightly shorter than average male celebrity for arguments over that vital quarter of an inch with scientific analysis of heel heights and pictorial evidence.

(I just dropped by there to check how Mulder and Jane's heights would compare, and ended up getting sidetracked by people debating just how much shorter Simon Baker is than Mark Ruffalo and David Duchovny describing himself as "a bit taller than a whale's penis" :D )


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