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 Planted a row of rocket where the shallots have just been dug up.

The shallots didn't do very well.  Maybe they were planted at the wrong depth, or they weren't watered enough.

The onions sets did better.   We had some white skinned ones and some brown ones (think the Brown ones were 'Shakespeare').  The brown skinned ones did best of the two.  Some of the onions bolted (threw up a flowering stalk - this is not what you want as they put the energy into the flower instead of the bulb).  Probably not enough watering when it was dry - plus there was a spell when I didn't do enough weeding.

Rocket is a handy crop. It lives up to it's name and grows really fast.  It's a leaf veg with a good flavour - Richard really loves it and often puts it in sandwiches with tahini or cheese.

I cleared a row of sugar snap peas that had finished. Sugarsnap are delicious and half of them never make it home as they get picked and eaten on site!
I will write a real review later, but in brief, this is a south Indian historical fantasy that plays like a myth transferred straight to the screen. It's absolutely gorgeous to look at, is full of moments straight out of legend, has a fantastic score and amazing action sequences, and also has a number of surprising plot twists.

It's only playing in the US for about two more days, and should be seen on the big screen. I haven't enjoyed a movie this much in literally years.

Trailer. (Not subtitled, but the movie has English subs.)

One of my favorite songs.
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- This weekend, along with tea jelly, I also made an abacus bracelet. I'm always losing track of what row I'm on when I knit and now I have a bracelet that can count up to 99 and will remember for me. I'm very pleased with it. Also, it's a pretty bracelet. I might have to make another one just because. I am a little tempted to make it three strands so it will count to 1000 but I'm pretty sure that's silly.

- The thing about reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is that it has a very strong narrative voice that is very different from the way I usually speak and it gets into my brain and I start saying things like "I haven't any of those" and wanting to spell surprise with a z and I have to remind myself that I'm not an English person from 1811 and I shouldn't talk like one. I think I've kept it under wraps enough that no one around me has noticed but I feel like I'm being very obnoxious. Or possibly I just talk like a weirdo all the time and people around me don't think it's anything different.

( - This happens when I read Riddley Walker too, but that's somewhat more of a problem.)

- I started listening to the BBC radio Raffles series and it is entirely adorable. Fortunately, I am listening to them alone in my car and thus can pause the show for squeaky noises and shouting, "Oh you adorable little rabbit!" whenever it's necessary. (Spoilers: Bunny is a adorable rabbit all the time. I end up pausing a lot.)

- Yesterday was entirely too full of crying babies at the library. I am hoping very hard that is not the case today.

ETA - I knew I had another thing! I am looking for a good and singable version of Tam Lin. I like Anais Mitchell's version to sing, but it doesn't have the fairy queen in it. Fairport Convetion's is hard to sing without accompaniment, and the melody of Tricky Pixie's version gets a little monotonous without instruments. Do any of you have a favorite version?
Yesterday, I almost had a wardrobe malfunction! I mean, I did have one - one of the layers on my tank top ripped free, but luckily it was covered by the top two layers, so I didn't flash boob at anybody on the commute home. (I was wearing a cardigan over it all day at work, and hadn't noticed.) Oh well. I liked that top, too.

When I got home, I heated up the oven and took the tiny roast (1.75 lbs) I'd bought on Sunday out of the fridge to come to room temperature before cooking it. I bought it before I knew I was meeting L. for dinner on Sunday, so I needed to use it quickly. I seasoned it and put it in the oven and set the timer for 35 minutes (20 minutes per pound at 375°F) but then I forgot to start the timer. Oops. So it was a lot of checking the internal temperature after the 30 minute mark. The roast ended up being more medium than medium rare when all was said and done, but it was quite delicious, and there's enough left to make another dinner, so it turned out all right. I just didn't get to eat until almost 8 pm, which is later than I prefer on a work night.


A few weeks ago, I asked [personal profile] serrico to talk about the difference between watching a show week to week vs. marathoning (the network vs. the Netflix model), and I've been thinking a lot about it myself. I wrote something in her comments that I'm expanding on here, because it came up again – both with my own marathon of Steven Universe last week, and a discussion with my brother and sister-in-law and their kids regarding their own marathoning of Friday Night Lights.

I do think having a show drop all at once makes it harder to grow and sustain a fandom, since unlike something that airs week to week, with hiatuses for people to catch up, everybody's at a different point in viewing so having conversations becomes difficult, especially when it comes to avoiding spoilers, and that has a negative impact on attempts to build community. (In microcosm, it was difficult to talk about FNL with my brother's family, because one of them was finished with it, one had dropped it after season one, one was in season 3, and my brother and his wife were just starting season 5.) Fandoms for these shows start to feel more like summer movie fandoms, or seasonal fandoms (i.e., shows that come on in spring or summer when many of the usual fannish suspects are not airing) - they show up and everybody talks about them, and then they fade away until the next batch of episodes is released.

I think Daredevil, with its connection to the MCU, its background as a comic, and the promise of three other shows interweaving with it, might be an exception to this? But I feel like Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards had a big moment bursting on the scene, and then they fade out until the next time there's new canon. I guess we'll see what fandom does with Sense8, since it is so much more fandom-ready, I think, than most other shows (on network, cable, or any streaming service). Certainly I think the idea of a cluster of telepathically connected people will migrate out into many fandoms, much the way drift compatibility did from Pacific Rim.

Personally, I sometimes find it harder to hold onto a canon that I've marathoned, vs. one that I've watched week to week, in the sense that I can't always remember what happened in what order/in what episode, which makes writing fic more difficult than when you've got a week (or more) to absorb and rewatch each episode. And I do miss the frantic scramble to get a post-ep story posted before it got jossed by the next episode (of course, my main fandom is a movie fandom now, so it's a whole different model of canon).

I also think some shows are more suited to marathon watching than others – personally, I know if I cue up AtLA's "The Library," for example, I'm not stopping until the end of the season (though I might skip "The Serpent's Pass" or "The Drill" or both, if pressed for time). Steven Universe episodes, at 10 minutes apiece, make for perfect mini-marathons – you can watch 6 in an hour and still have time to watch a full slate of primetime shows or that night's baseball game! Otoh, I can't take more than one or two episodes of something like Friday Night Lights, because it's emotionally draining. My sister-in-law said she's gone to bed sad every night after watching two FNL episodes every evening for the past couple of weeks. (I commiserated, because I cried at nearly every episode of that show as well.)

She also mentioned the melancholy that sets in when you're done mainlining something that has 60 or 100 episodes (and even more so if it's a closed canon and there's no promise of a new season coming at some point down the line). You spend an hour or two (or three) with these characters every night for a few weeks, and then it's over. It's like the same letdown on returning to reality after finishing a great book. What am I gonna do without this show every night? I felt it after Sense8 and I'm feeling it right now with Steven Universe, and I think it's one reason I've rewatched AtLA so often (often enough that I do know what happens in what episode pretty easily). It's not necessarily the same sadness as when a show you've watched for years ends – sometimes we drift away from a show, sometimes we rage-quit, sometimes we still watch but without the passionate intensity we had for earlier seasons, and sometimes a show is canceled too soon and all we have is 12 episodes and a table-read (and some supplementary comics) to get us through.

Doling a show out two episodes a night for a few weeks is still a slower pace than watching it all in one weekend, so you do get some chance to linger and live in a particular universe, without the agita that comes from having to wait a week in between (and then months of mid-season and summer hiatuses), and also without the "wait, did that happen in the second or fifth hour I watched in the middle of the night last weekend?" feeling.

I mean, I am a total marathon reader/watcher. It's one reason I hate reading works in progress, even if the author swears the story is done – I want to read it at my own pace and my own pace is going to be a lot faster than is probably wise. So I'll just wait until it's done. (it's also why I am more of a trade-waiter with comics – I can't remember what happened in 15 pages a month ago, and I'm often disappointed by how little the story moves in one issue. [And by how much it costs for those little slices of story that are over so quickly.])

I don't know what model of television is going to win out in the long run, but I really do like the option of being able to watch shows all at once, even if I might relate differently to them than I do shows I've watched over time.

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([personal profile] masqthephlsphr Jul. 28th, 2015 06:57 am)
I am working on a short story with a main character who is Spanish (as in, from Spain). I would like to have her thinking in Spanish at some key moments in the story, but I do not trust online translators.

Anyone willing/able to translate a few English phrases into Spanish (bonus points if it sounds genuinely from Spain)?
Fifty Shades Freed--Chapter 20 (Part I)

In which, seven chapters from the end, Ana finally learns that she is pregnant; Dr. Giggles is the most do-it-yourself doctor ever; Ana is terrified of telling Grey that she’s going to have a baby; the unborn child acquires a spectacularly silly nickname; and Ana a) is convinced that another woman is responsible for her pregnancy and b) is terrified of telling Grey that she’s expecting. Really. She thinks the following line:

Well, I haven’t eaten because I know you’re going to go bat-shit crazy when I tell you I’m pregnant. (Actual line with emphasis added.)

And that’s just one line. This half of the chapter is chock-full of Ana’s fear of her husband.

#sporker: ketmakura #sporker: gehayi #fifty shades freed #fifty shades #fifty shades of grey #ana's belief #it makes sense in context #but not much #so much medical stuff #and all of it makes ket explode #no actual abuse this chapter #just lots of fear from an emotionally battered woman #who believes that her husband #will lock her up #or worse #again #i'm quoting #romance of the ages amirite
In which the show's first aliens go toe to toe with a Dr. Phil expy and Wendy's terrible ex-boyfriend in a contest for Wendy's peace of mind.

(AKA the episode where all the injokes are from Nenya's very first fandom. Twin Pines Mall!)

Link to episode on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Feel free to link this to whoever you think might be interested. OpenID and anon comments are on for anyone who doesn't have a DW.

Comments are a spoiler zone for this episode, and every episode preceding it, but please white code spoilers for up coming episodes, as not everyone's seen the whole show yet.

How to white code:

I'm going to do a post for every episodes, as I watch them, and I'll probably watch one every couple of days.
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Interesting read, "Ant-Man" Less Feminist in 2015 Than It Was In 1963, gakked from...someone on my f-list/dwircle.

Also an interesting read, gakked from [profile] kita0610, Why I Reject Autism Speaks, with lots of links down the bottom detailing this autism charity's iniquities.

In other news, my mother does not want a big party for her upcoming milestone birthday, thank the lord. It would've fallen to her kids to organize, and I have not been dealing well with crowds at ALL lately. She just wants to do a low-key family celebration, maybe at a nicer restaurant than usual. She's getting Grantchester for her birthday, BTW. She loves mysteries, she loves period pieces, she loves Robson Green. Also, I "ahemmed" the pilot episode and it was awesome. Hat tip to [personal profile] musesfool for recommending it to me (and by extension to her).
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Augh. I think the 7/28 Homestuck update broke me.

*sobs helplessly over stupid alien teenagers*

more serious thoughts -- beware of spoilers! )


I'm going to read Terezi's monologue and watch the flash and cry again now. *grabs box of tissues in preparation*
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 We're close to the end of the planting season, but several bits of allotment have just been freed up as a result of the broad beans coming to an end and the onions being harvested (we plant autumn onion sets).

I've been looking around for suitable stuff.

Several rows of beetroot have just gone in (Cylindrica and bolthardy).  I love beetroot.

Rocket should be okay, so I'll probably plant that tomorrow.  (and maybe try another sowing in a week or two if I'm organised enough)

Just across the road from the bookshop is a small, friendly garden shop. They believe I can get in a quick crop of carrots and spring onions, so I shall try those (and radishes if I  have any seed left from the last attempt).  I also bought a packet of 'perpetual spinach' (aka 'spinach beet') - very useful stuff indeed.  It doesn't have fantastic flavour, but it's very hardy and crops right through to March.

I've also placed a sign saying "This plot fertilised by urine" where it is clearly visible from the gate.

It might deter potential thieves. Besides, it happens to be true.  Urine is a great, free fertiliser and we've been using it for years with good results.  (If you want to know more about how to use it, just ask)
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 Today (Monday) was manic.  Normally, Monday is one of our quieter days, but this pattern appears to break down in tourist season.

We took nearly £360 - 169 books.  That's double what we normally take on a Monday.

A customer came in mid-afternoon and said how relaxing it must be to work in a bookshop.  I explained that it was a bit like a swan - gliding along the surface and paddling madly underneath.

I told her how many books we'd sold at that point (about  130) and explained that all 130 of those books had to be replaced by someone bringing down new stock from upstairs.  She instantly got it, so I didn't bother telling her that stock turnover (replacing old stock with new) was on top of that and doubled the workload...

We had a small mountain of incoming stock as well.  A wet weekend often brings in lots of stock on Mondays.

We're putting out all the children's books in the window and on the outside table.   It's pulling in families who then come in and buy books for the parents as well as for the kids.  People on holiday seem happy to buy lots of books.  As do grandparents looking after kids during the school holidays.

It's great sales, but we're both absolutely exhausted.  I come home and collapse in front of the TV (and I watch very little as a rule).
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([personal profile] baranduin Jul. 27th, 2015 11:52 am)
At Denver airport waiting to board my flight back to Seattle. Austin Powers has just been paged ...
A brief pictorial account of my weekend.

Not pictured: last night, L. and I tried out the new bar that replaced the tapas place that replaced our favorite neighborhood bar. It was okay? I didn't love it. We ended up going somewhere else to eat, after a couple happy hour beers. But at least we tried it? We never bothered with the tapas place (and neither did anyone else, I guess, since it closed so quickly).

[personal profile] mousapelli sent me an extended version of the Steven Universe theme song (it contains some spoilers, if you're not caught up on the show), and I can't get it out of my head. It seems like tv shows are where all my earworms come from now - first it was the theme song to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, then it was "What's Up" from Sense8, and now it's the SU theme song.

I haven't written a word since I posted the crossover for my birthday, though I have several wsip I'd like to finish, and even the occasional new idea (Ronan teaches Blue to fight; hilarity ensues), but meh. There's always something less frustrating to do than write.

Summary: Jade brings Davesprite to LOFAF on a quest to recreate her eclectic bass. Naturally they get derailed by tangents. (625 words)

Note: Three things! 1) This ficlet was inspired by the 7/5/15 [community profile] 15_minute_ficlets word #230. 2) It is also a response to the Cotton Candy Bingo prompt: music. 3) It's part of my Tales from the Yellow Yard series, set a week or two after Short Story Long. It's early enough in that journey that it works in both the Game Over and Retcon timelines, so you can imagine it whichever way you please.

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

An Elephant with Laryngitis )

Yes, I did that thing with the prompt words on purpose. :D

Also, yes, this prompt was on my first Cotton Candy Bingo card as well. Coincidences happen! The fact that I filled both prompts with female Homestuck characters attempting to alchemize stringed instruments is less coincidental, but hey, if it ain't broke... *shrug*
Michelin, David — Ant-Man: Scott Lang
Ennis, Garth — Preacher, Vol. 1

Preacher 1-7
Marvel Premiere 47-48
Iron Man 125, 131-133, 151
Avengers 181, 195-196, 223
Marvel Team-Up 103
Marvel Two -In-One 87

CGP Grey
How to Adult
Mental Floss
SciShow Space
SciShow Talk Show

Balanced Bites
Dear Hank & John
Nom Nom Paleo
Primal Blue Print
Welcome to Night Vale

Tv Shows
Defiance 3.07
Fushigi-Yuugi 1.20-1.25
Humans 1.06
Killjoys 1.05

SA Sci-Fi: Fangirl Friday
GN Book Club: Ant-Man: Scott Lang & Preacher
Adventurous Ladies: Altitude Trampoline Park

Astrology: Your Own Perusal Moon
Paper Towns: Night on the Towns
Well, the Not Prime Time reveal happened while I was away, so I'm late in posting this here. This fic ate my brain for a good number of weeks. It's wildly AU and went in a totally different direction than I thought it would when I decided I wanted to write about Shireen surviving.

TITLE: In Spite of All Terror
FANDOM: Game of Thrones
CHARACTERS: Shireen Baratheon, Brienne of Tarth, Sansa Stark, Dacey Mormont, Theon Greyjoy, Podrick Payne, Samwell Tarly, a few others make cameos, and an OC
SUMMARY: Shireen Baratheon escapes, and gathers companions, each seeking to survive and none able to continue alone, whether because of danger or duty. This is the tale of how they meet.

Written for Sumi for Not Prime Time 2015

This is long, so I'm just going to provide the link.

In Spite of All Terror (AO3)



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