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Hi all my buddies! I'm in Starbucks, sitting on a very uncomfortable chair and drinking an overpriced frappuccino. (I fully intended to order an iced tea, the cheapest drink. Instead, somehow a frappuccino happened.)

Remember the thing from last month when I was pulled over for having one headlight out, and then got cited because I didn't have proof of insurance on me? That's resolved now, pretty painlessly and without my expired driver's license ever getting noticed. Since I spent much of the last month in a state of such anxiety over it that I was sort of emotionally paralyzed and physically unwell, this is a very very good thing. Feeling better now.

Since I remain internetless I've been reading a lot. I followed up Sarah Waters' The Little Stranger with Night Watch and The Paying Guests. I liked them both a lot, but between TLS and TPG, I started to feel about Sarah Waters' work the way I feel about Thomas Hardy's--the sinking feeling as one crushingly terrible thing after another happens to all the characters I like. Night Watch isn't exactly the most cheerful book in the world either but when it's sad, it's sad on a more normal, less cosmic scale, if that makes sense. I'll probably read more of Waters but for the moment I need a break from her.

Neil Bartlett, W. J. Burley and WWII under the cut )

Not much else to report. I'm still watching Person of Interest despite a distinct feeling, a couple of episodes ago, that the show had jumped the shark. very slight spoiler ) I wish I could quit you, POI, but I still care about the characters and want to know what's going to happen to them.

So, how are all of you?
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 It's a curious thing, but us having Oswin for a day each week is relaxing for both us and her parents.

Carrie gets a day off (which I know how much I wanted when mine were this age), but Richard and I actually get to relax as well.

The presence of Oswin means that we don't spend all our time on the computer doing things that we think are work.  We go out for a walk, stroll along the river, take her charity shop hunting and generally chill out.  Even at home, we tend to sit in the lounge and play silly games, tell her stories and watch with amusement as she finds new ways of moving around the lounge.

She's a happy baby and that's infectious.  Peek a boo can be riotously funny when you're playing it with a baby/toddler who has grasped the rules and is hiding her own face from you with a cloth and then pulling it away.

Playing with a pop up doll makes her giggle and makes me giggle in turn.

She loves babbling and chatting and I happily talk nonsense back to her.  She likes listening when I'm practicing playing morris tunes on recorder or concertina.  She smiles when I sing to her.

Richard must read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' every visit, but she still loves it and he still loves reading it to her.  She listens with interest (even though she has no idea what it's about), pokes her fingers through the holes in the fruit, turns to her favourite pages (she only likes the fruit, not the page with the chocolate cake, etc) and waits for you to start all over again when you reach the end.

Having her every day would be horrendous, but once a week is fantastic!
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This post is intended to allow discussion of the upcoming episode, as reflected in the official show promos.

Please keep the comments spoiler free from anything not mentioned in the promos (interviews, articles etc).

Clip )

Clips will be added as they appear online. If you find any clip floating around, please post in the comments and I'll update the post.
... you start working out that on the timeline as presented in Run Away Home you can just postulate that Pam Marlow was an accident conceived when Ralph was having his "two years of women" (oh, come on! Mme Orly clearly would have been just his type) and her mother's opposition to Geoff was because, on Return to Night principles, she thought it was Pam's faithless father's profession coming out in the blood...
Arrow: Suicidal Tendencies
spoilers )


The movie adaptation of The True Meaning of Smekday comes out tomorrow (it's called Home; how terribly generic), and I'm torn about whether to see it. It's clearly not the book - I don't understand how they have Jennifer Lopez playing Tip's mom, but they've changed J.Lo's name to Oh* - but Tip looks adorable.

*Jennifer Lopez was apparently perfectly fine with it but there was a trademark issue since she already has a line of clothing called J.Lo and therefore Dreamworks couldn't use the name on t-shirts etc. So I do understand it, but I don't like it.

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The Boston Globe has some excellent photographs of the reinterment of Richard III of England, more than 500 years after he died at the Battle of Bosworth. The photographs are here.
Title: Have You Met Miss Jones?
Song: Have You Met Miss Jones? by Robbie Williams
Fandom: Adam Adamant Lives!
Length: 2.36 mins
Warnings: None.
Vid Summary: "We'll keep on meeting till we die, Miss Jones and I!" (Or: Adam, Georgie, and a whole lot of peril and bondage as usual.)

Over at my Dreamwidth.
I put up a picture post at LJ if anyone's interested. Someone please remind me that I *really* do not need any more nail polish. The linked picture doesn't even include my various bottles of base coat and top coat. I would've had to start a third tier if I'd included those. Sigh.
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 to [personal profile] staranise  (It's still the 25th in this time zone!).  Happy day!
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So the Internets died here about two weeks ago, and just came back yesterday. Am back, but still catching up on a backlog. Haven't had a look at my DW yet, so if I drop belated comments on you later this week that'll be why.

Beloved wife now poking me repeatedly to go watch Apollo 13 with her, which I've never seen. Should be a change from all the Classic Who I've been imbibing over the technological hiatus!
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Juuuust in case there's someone out there who's geeky about these books in the same way I am, I feel like I should share this (in a total misuse of university library privileges, ahem):

Gregorek, Jean. 2014. Fables of Foreclosure: Tana French's Police Procedurals of Recessionary Ireland. In: Kim, Julie H., ed., Class and Culture in Crime Fiction: Essays on Works in English Since the 1970s. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc.

(pdf download here)

The paper deals both with The Likeness and Broken Harbour. Here's the summary from the book's introduction:

Jean Gregorek takes up the issue of class and real estate. Focusing on the “tendency of the popular detective genre to tap into the anxieties and stresses of the middle class,” Gregorek studies Tana French’s psychological hardboiled Irish novels which “use murder plots to examine topical issues shaping middleclass life—a fading sense of Irish heritage, the housing market collapse, unemployment resulting from the imposition of austerity—among others.” Gregorek’s tracing of the Irish housing crisis prepares us to see how “French’s fiction usefully highlights the psychological toll exacted by the contemporary Irish economic crisis.”
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urgh dad if you want to set me up for a networking dinner with, as you put it, "the local gentry," let me know beforehand!!! he says "wanna grab a burger after yoga," he means "show up and impress strangers." i mean, i would at least have put on some fucking lipstick and not shown up in my leggings and flannel.

... i did impress the strangers, anyway, so there's that.
25 March 2015 in the U.S. and Canada

This is a discussion post for episode 309 of The Americans, intended for viewers who are watching the show on the U.S./Canadian schedule. (Feel free to dive in to the discussion even if you're coming in late--and you should also feel free to start a new thread if it seems too daunting to read through what's already been posted first. If you're reading this at a point where you've already seen subsequent episodes, though, please take care to keep comments spoiler-free of anything that comes after season three, episode nine.)

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episode recaps )
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I've Been Thinking

I am old enough* that seeing an airplane go overhead was cause to run out of the house and look to the skies when I was growing up.
I am old enough that the first telephone number I remember was 884. 
I am old enough that I remember the excitement when they put a transmitter up that allowed us to get our second television station. In black and white.
I am old enough that I learned to type on a 1930s-era Remington.
I am old enough to remember bristol board, manila paper, paper with the wood chips still in it, and school tests printed in purple aniline dye by a spirit duplicator** 
I am old enough that my first comic book cost 8 cents. It went up to 12 cents when I was in fourth or fifth grade. 
I am old enough to remember Boer War veterans coming to the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day.***
I am old enough to have listened to the funeral of John F. Kennedy piped through my school classroom****
I am old enough to have sent a telegram unselfconsciously. 

I am still young enough to relish all those things.

* .. and lived as a child in a rural enough area ... but it was not in a wilderness.
** or Ditto machine.
***  Hey, I was very young, and the two of them were very old. Very old. 
**** And I was in Canada. 

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It's been ten days since I planted 17 pepper seeds (the off-white pot on the left has two seeds instead of one), and as I expected, there are no sprouts yet. I will not start to get worried for at least another week, though. These things take time.

As for the eleven new containers, it occurred to me yesterday that I had a whole bunch of single-serving applesauce cups in my recycling, and they're basically the perfect size for seedlings, so... hey presto, a second batch of maybe-they'll-become-peppers! (I still have five seeds left from the seed packet. I may plant them next week, when I will have more applesauce cups available. *grin*)

lots and lots of seeds in pots
around chapter 3slash4 i suffered my major enigmatic blake writer's block. most of the reason for this was that i kept putting avon into scenes where he would say 'TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON' and blake would tell him... and then i'd have to delete thousands of words, because although it had felt right and dynamic and exciting as i was writing... i need blake to keep lying for the plot. bran foster was the worst though. i wanted to introduce him a lot earlier - but as soon as he showed up he either made it so obvious what was going on or prompted avon to ask blake what was going on... so again, i wrote loads and deleted loads.

the other way that i treated the fact that i couldn't write the restaurant/late night interruptions scenes was to go back and write in the whole 'avon sabotages the teleport' subplot, which used not to be there - but now seems incredibly vital. but yes - in early drafts, it goes straight from lunch to avon being woken in the middle of the night/walking in on bran foster drinking blake's coffee.

i didn't preserve these deleted scenes in a sensible way, but fortunately i was sending drafts to [ profile] elviaprose as i went along, so i can find them all. i've also got the plot summary that i wrote for chapters 3 onwards. you'll see it went mostly the same although i added quite a few bits and excised probably the best scene in the fic i.e. avon talking to his mother.

plot summary and deleted scenes )
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I passed the road test. I now have a driver's licence!


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