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([personal profile] elisi Oct. 1st, 2016 10:54 am)
How ‘Ghostbusters’ Holtzmann has become a queer, autistic hero

American Girl
Clinics are popping up across the country to help kids as young as 3 who might be transgender, but some say it’s too much, too soon. While doctors argue, families like Nicole’s don’t have time to wait.
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([personal profile] legionseagle Oct. 1st, 2016 10:05 am)
The Torchbearers is now up at AO3 as well as at the website.

In reading news, I've finished Simon Brett's Bones under the Beach Hut which is consolidating my view that his Feathering series isn't anything like as engaging as Charles Paris's on-going drift gently downwards, but they're perfectly OK candy-floss.

I've also read Patrick Leigh Fermor's Roumeli, the companion piece to Mani. Chapter 6, Sounds of the Greek World is one of my favourite bits of his prose, practically free verse, the sort of thing I also adore in Stevie Smith and at the opening of David Pownall's Light on a Honeycomb and in parts of Ulysses; words thrown at the page with what looks like carelessness; the kind of thing Cat Valente aims at and misses by a country mile.

I have to say, if the Doctor ever showed up and offered me a trip, I think I'd happily spend a few years simply stalking Leigh Fermor round Greece and the Balkans and accidentally-on-purpose bumping into him from time to time. I doubt he'd be surprised. He never strikes me as the surprised sort. But you wouldn't want him to get a whiff of the Tardis. One would never hear the last of it (also, I suspect he'd cross his own timelines trying to retrieve his lost notebooks, specifically the ones nicked from the youth hostel in Munich and the set that were being stored somewhere that got demolished in the Blitz.)

Anyway, off to Italy for ten days from Wednesday.
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([personal profile] morbane posting in [community profile] yuletide_admin Oct. 1st, 2016 10:02 pm)
Please read this post carefully, even if you have signed up before.


You can make 3-6 requests, each in a different fandom.

For each fandom, you can request 0 to 4 (nominated) characters.
If you request 0 characters, your writer may write about any of the nominated characters they want, or about the fandom universe in general.
You may not request 0 characters and then insist on specific characters (nominated or not) in your optional details.

Optional Details

"Optional details" = the space on the form where you can give extra information about the kind of story you want to receive. Optional details are optional (ODAO)! You don't have to write anything here, and your writer doesn't have to include any of the details listed as “optional details" in their story.

It is a good idea to warn your writer of any triggers or squicks in your Optional Details. Writers are expected to take note of these Do-Not-Wants (DNWs) and make a good-faith effort to avoid them. If they post a story that disregards DNWs, they may be penalised at the discretion of the mods.

If you would be happy with a gift that does not use all of your selected characters, please make this clear in your optional details.

“Optional details" are meant to allow a writer to understand some of your favorite things so they can better craft a story for you. But please don’t expect any specific prompts to be followed.

Please use minimal html in the optional details field. Rich media causes problems (and won’t appear if you are sent out as a pinch hit).

More explanation and details about optional details


You can make 4-10 offers with 2-8 specific characters in each.

If you want to offer a fandom that has 0-1 characters available, tick the "Any" box instead of specifying characters.

You can also tick the “Any” box for characters if you are willing to offer all of the characters in the tag set for that fandom. This means that you are fine with writing any combination of the nominated characters.

If you have multiple fandoms in which you want to offer to write Any nominated characters, you can make your last offer a "Bucket List". How to do a bucket offer? Please do not put more than 20 fandoms in a bucket offer.

The Optional Tags field is only used for bucket offers. Please don’t try to use it for any other information.

How to Sign Up

You can find Yuletide sign-ups here. Signups will remain open until 9am UTC on 10 October (check what that is in your time zone). You will be able to edit your sign-up until then.

There is a screencast guide to signing up, with transcript (thanks to Morbane and Moriann). There is also more info and tutorials linked in the faq about how to sign up.

Only fandoms and characters in the 2016 tag set are available to offer and request.

The autocomplete on the fandom and character fields of the form will draw from this year’s tag set. When you input a fandom name, all characters available for that fandom should come up in the autocomplete. There is a known bug where some characters don't appear in the autocomplete. Please make sure you check the tag set before offering or requesting the fandom. If a character listed on the tag set does not come up as you type under the appropriate fandom, you can copy & paste their tag from the tag set. The form will submit correctly so long as you ensure that the tag matches exactly.

How Character Matching Works

Read more... )

Signup Summary

The list of requested/offered fandoms will be available after five people have signed up. Bucket offers do not show up in the list (due to current AO3 code). Checking the sign-up summary for people you may be able to write for is a good idea - although many people sign up at the last minute.

Fandoms at 1-1 may mean that the same person is offering and requesting the fandom, not that there is a match.
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([personal profile] ruuger Oct. 1st, 2016 11:03 am)
Hello there!

My social media free September is over, and I wish I could say that it made me more enlightened, but really I just spent that extra time watching TV and playing games on my phone.

It was surprisingly easy, though I did realise that the thing that I missed most was having comversations with people about fannish (and other) stuff. I tell you, it was pain watching Star Trek and not being able to post comments on Twitter or Facebook about it :D

So, how is everyone? Anything interesting happen in fandom that I should know about? I hope you didn't all leave journalspace while I was away? ;D
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([personal profile] alethia Sep. 30th, 2016 11:05 pm)
Today I saw the really tough news that [livejournal.com profile] ethrosdemon had died and just...fuck this year, seriously. It feels like I was just talking to her about her new gentleman, her volunteering for Clinton, crazy Floridian tales. I didn't know her terribly well - we got friendly through Generation Kill, which we both loved - but she had been such a presence in fandom for so long. And now she's gone.

It's an unwelcome reminder that life is short and brutal. And since I don't say it enough: I heart you guys so much and miss many of you terribly. ::hugs::
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([personal profile] edenfalling Oct. 1st, 2016 12:18 am)
tomato plant growing in a hedge
tomato plant in hedge, Thursday, 22 September 2016

three more photos under the cut )

[Context: I live in a house that is subdivided into four apartments: two on the ground floor and two on the second floor. The upstairs apartments share a balcony over the front porch.]

One of the many oddities this year has given me is the sight of a freaking tomato plant growing in the hedge that separates my house from the sidewalk. Or actually, two tomato plants. One is just a lot younger than the other, and probably won't bloom or fruit before the first frost hits.

Downstairs Neighbor S and Upstairs Neighbor E think that Diagonal Neighbor P (who has since moved out, and we're all kind of relieved about that) must have chucked a half-eaten tomato off her balcony at some point this spring, after which at least one of the seeds sprouted despite the drought and used the hedge as its climbing frame. Exuberantly.

Landlord Dude seems to be harvesting the tomatoes as they ripen, and found a stake from somewhere to prop up the younger tomato plant.

I am mostly bemused by the whole business... though I admit, I wouldn't be sorry if at least one of the tomatoes fell to the ground and started the cycle over again next year.

(Diagonal Neighbor P's other accidental planting -- a spiderwort that has taken over the entire north half of the front yard and is now encroaching upon the south half as well -- can go die in a fire, though. We all devoutly hope it won't survive the winter.)

[[original Tumblr post, for when the embedded images inevitably break]]
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([staff profile] karzilla posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance Sep. 30th, 2016 11:02 pm)
We are planning to do a code push around 21 hours from now, at approximately 6pm Pacific time on Saturday, Oct 1.

Here's a partial list of changes that will go live with this push, apart from the usual minor tweaks and bugfixes:

  • Selective Screening, a new feature that lets you screen comments from a particular user.

  • Two new journal layouts with one theme each: Gold Leaf/Elegant Notebook and Venture/Radiant Aqua.

  • Six new themes for Heads Up, and seven new themes for Corinthian.

  • The minimal spacing between line elements in the list of success links on Foundation pages has been restored.

  • Punctuation marks in message subjects will no longer be overescaped.

  • The admin pages for the translation system are now hidden from anonymous viewers, to avoid scaring unsuspecting search engine users away from the site.

  • The text messaging feature has been removed from user profiles.

  • The email notification worker is now less likely to misbehave.

We'll update again to let you know when the code push is in progress!
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([personal profile] edenfalling Sep. 30th, 2016 10:27 pm)
1. Went to church, mostly because I'd signed up to do coffee-hour cleanup. I do not find services particularly compelling, which is undoubtedly one reason I am willing to spend almost every Sunday doing RE stuff instead of in the sanctuary listening to sermons.

While I was cleaning, a member of my old hospitality team (we rearranged all the teams this summer) asked me if I'd be interested in joining the Stewardship Committee. I said I wasn't sure I could make the meetings -- my job hours might interfere -- but barring scheduling conflicts, sure, why not.

2. Took the house's shared recycling bins to the curb for pickup. (Brought them back onto the porch the following day -- emptied, obviously.)

3. Took the house's compost bin to the curb for pickup.

more items under cut )

17. I also photographed my peppers on Monday the 19th and Monday the 26th (plus a couple times in between, to document squirrel vandalism incidents) but I haven't downloaded or posted those yet because I only have so many spoons available each day. I may get that done this weekend, or I may just spam you with three weeks of pepper photos in one go on Monday the 3rd. We'll see how I feel, I guess. *wry*
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([personal profile] zulu Sep. 30th, 2016 07:32 pm)
My laptop Penguin has been declared Too Expensive To Fix by the Apple store guys. They said I could keep using it with an external keyboard for as long as it would last, but that if I did that I better keep my updates current. I hear you, Apple guy.

(He also told me that I'd missed three years of OS updates because every time I clicked "update ALL", I wasn't actually updating ALL, because who would expect ALL the updates to update if you click a button marked "ALL updates" amirite? Instead click this image that looks like a header, not like an update button! Silly plebe Apple customer, you are so adorably ignorant.)

So I'll try the external keyboard and see how effective it is. If it's slow and clunky to the point of frustration then I might be getting a new computer. But if it's workable, it's a better, if awkward, solution.
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([personal profile] laurashapiro Sep. 30th, 2016 05:00 pm)
Oh look, content! I have been thinking about posting here for weeks, but it turns out the only thing that can make me do it is food.

Zaatar is a Middle-Eastern herb/spice mix most often served, in my admittedly limited experience, with warm pita bread. It's lovely that way, but it's also lovely in other ways. This is my favorite.

Zaatar Baked Chicken

1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp sumac
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp dried thyme (or 1 tbsp fresh)
1 tsp salt
1 - 1 1/2 lbs chicken pieces (I like skin-on bone-in for flavor, but you do you. Can be an assortment or all breasts, thighs, drumsticks, whatever.)

Preheat the oven to 450.

In a roasting pan, drizzle and/or brush the olive oil. You want a nice coating so the chicken doesn't stick.

Dump the chicken out of the package and onto some paper towels. Pat dry. Place them in the pan on their little oil slicks.

In a mortar, grind the sesame seeds a little so they split. Mix with the sumac, thyme, and salt. Sprinkle about half of the zaatar mixture onto the chicken, and pop it into the oven for 15-25 minutes, depending on how big the chicken pieces are and how slow your oven is (mine is sloooowww). You want the top to be starting to brown.

When your kitchen smells irresistible and there's a little browning going on, remove the pan, flip over your chicken pieces with tongs, and sprinkle the rest of the zaatar on the newly-exposed bits. It's okay if you have some zaatar left over -- it keeps nicely in a sealed container.

Turn down the oven to 350 and put the chicken back in. Bake for another 15-20 mins or so. Let stand 5-10 minutes before serving.

I like to serve this with rice and some simply-prepared boiled or steamed greens (maybe with a little lemon juice), and pour the pan juices over everything. Mmmm, schmaltz.
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([personal profile] kay_brooke Sep. 30th, 2016 06:58 pm)
[personal profile] bookblather's car is in need of some expensive repairs, so she is looking to raise money by doing Tarot readings, editing, writing stories, and a number of other things. Here is the post with more information.
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([personal profile] baranduin Sep. 30th, 2016 12:31 pm)
Work edition of good stuff or at least stuff that makes me laugh:

  1. Got my flu shot in a drive-thru mass dispensing drill at St. Joe's this morning. Very efficient. You just roll up your sleeve and hang your arm out the window and they jab you as you drive by. OK, it's not quite that fast lol.
  2. Got a parking violation at work. It comes on a giant piece of pink paper. The violation has been entered into the parking violation database at work. If I get a second one, my manager will be informed. I informed her of the possibility and she suggested that it is a good thing we've already done my annual review a few weeks ago.
  3. L figured out a gnarly bit of nested if/then/else logic that was a stumbling block on some visualizations.
  4. Fixed a report that was supposed to only have about 350 lines but I made it have almost 7,000 lines. Oops.
  5. Yesterday our corporate headquarters (in Denver) released a new version of the corporate-level intranet. Whoeeeeee! What a disastah! They finally closed comments and removed them all on account of the hub-bub about lack of communication to us all. The picture they chose to represent the redesign? A couch and a lamp, like from Ikea or something. I don't think the staff responsible for this had a good day yesterday though the new site is still there and hasn't been reverted. This falls into the "shake your head condescendingly at the shenanigans of corporate" lol.
Friday morning afternoon miscellany:

= Recs update:
[personal profile] unfitforsociety has been updated for September 2016 with 24 recs in 7 fandoms:

* 12 Star Wars
* 4 Avengers
* 2 Check, Please!
* 2 Ghostbusters
* 2 Stranger Things
* 1 Harry Potter & 1 Star Trek Beyond

= Pitch: The Interim
spoilers )

= Last night, [tumblr.com profile] twistedingenue mentioned how great a Check Please!/Sports Night crossover would be, and now I would really like to see Jack's big coming out interview be with Dan Rydell. ♥DAN♥ I am just saying. Also, while I'm at it with the crossovers that should exist, surely Ginny Baker should be on Sports Night and Isaac can be all stately and mentoring in public and secretly fannish about her. ♥ISAAC♥

= LUKE CAGE TONIGHT. I AM EXCITE. GIVE IT TO ME. I was talking about it with a co-worker yesterday and she was like, "We will convene on Monday to discuss!" so I guess I won't be parceling it out and making it last. Ah well, the weather is supposed to be chilly and rainy, so I guess that's all right.

= Speaking of fannishly inclined co-workers (though I haven't yet discerned the true nature of her fannishness beyond it existing), I thought the response was bad when I told non-internet people that I liked Jason Todd. That's nothing compared to the hilariously horrified reactions I get when I say, "You know, The Clone Wars actually made me like Anakin Skywalker." The recoiling that goes on then, and the clear marking down of my fannish intelligence, is pretty funny. Otoh, if she actually gives TCW a shot and likes it, I think we could have some fun chats. *hands*

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([personal profile] zulu Sep. 30th, 2016 09:59 am)
This old computer of my mom's is actually fine for my needs, thankfully. It gets pretty slow if I have too many programs or tabs open, but I can deal with that for the short term. ETA - All right, it's too laggy to effectively work on my RAship job, which involves multiple tabs, multiple spreadsheets, and usually at least one word doc open, with a lot of switching. Boo.

Which just goes to show that if I do need to get a new computer, I shouldn't be looking at the top of the line. I'd like just a basic laptop that can take a beating. (Unfortunately I'm really attached to iCal--and a planning/calendar app that I actually use is worth its weight in precious metals.)

Computers are much cheaper in the States, you'll notice, if you accidentally go to apple.com instead of apple.ca.

My "genius" bar appointment is this afternoon. They've always been really good to me, fixing my old computer, which is a 2012 Macbook. It's completely out of warranty so I don't know what kind of cost I'll be looking at, but. We will see. Tangentially, I despise planned obsolescence.

Now to work.
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([personal profile] onyxlynx Sep. 30th, 2016 08:22 am)
 to [personal profile] jonsinger !  Happy and gorgeous and fabulous day, with excellent dinner (and lunch and breakfast.  Why not?)!

(And let us not forget les jumelles!  Bonne anniversaire, mesdemoiselles!)
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([personal profile] baranduin Sep. 30th, 2016 05:49 am)
Years ago, when I had my first place all on my own, I lived in a studio apartment. I made one of those bookcases made of boards and cinder blocks for supports. It was quite long and though it got a little saggy, I loved it.

When I move to Laramie, my room has a sloping ceiling, which means that one long wall has a very low ceiling so am thinking of doing something similar. I don't think I'll go the cinder block route this time but am starting to think about how it might be made. Pinterest, here I come lol.

Happy Froday, flist :-)
Nine Tales of Trump at His Trumpiest
And these just scratch the surface

It's from February, but there's still stuff in there that I hadn't heard before. Like this:

My personal favorite, however, has to be the time Trump went after Julius and Eddie Trump (no relation to Donald) for having the misfortune of sharing his last name. As Crain's tells it, back in 1984, the non-megalomaniacal-billionaire Trumps had bid on a drugstore chain, their company name being the Trump Group. But a letter was mistakenly sent to the (Donald) Trump Organization from the publisher of Drug Store News, welcoming the wrong Trump to the industry.

The next day, Trump's pitbull lawyer, the late and legendary Roy Cohn, demanded that the other Trump Group change its name by the following day or there would be blood. Trump filed suit, alleging of the other Trumps, who were born in South Africa, that they were, as Crain's put it, "nothing but a pair of late-arriving immigrants trying to piggyback on his good name."

The "impostor" Trumps pointed out that they were formidable Trumps, too. They'd been profiled by Forbes in 1976, well before most people had any idea who Donald Trump was. Before they registered "the Trump Group" in 1982, the only companies that turned up in their search were those connected with mollusk pesticides, nut candy, and toilet paper.

After the case lingered for five years, a state judge smacked down The Donald, essentially telling him his name wasn't the special snowflake he thought it was. If Donald Trump had only demanded to see the birth certificates — which he's since become adept at doing — he'd have realized that the other Trumps had been using their last name longer than he has.


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