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([personal profile] settiai Sep. 21st, 2014 10:56 pm)
Happy belated birthday, [ profile] copperbadge, [personal profile] dragovianknight, and [ profile] foreverseenstar!

And happy birthday, [ profile] chazzbanner, [personal profile] purple_smurf, and [ profile] taraljc!


finally watched the rest of sleepy hollow and ahhhh i love it ahhhhhh oh god ahhhhhh

oh, this art makes me so happy! <3 the light!

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Due to the confluence of some sort of parade and some sort of protest, getting anywhere in the city today was an exercise fraught with frustration. It took me over two hours to go from the UES to Bayside (in Queens), and the majority of that time was spent trying to get across town. The ride on the LIRR was only 30 minutes. I made it eventually, though I missed the 1:48 pm train I was aiming for and had to take the 2:18 (and that's after bailing on going crosstown above ground and hopping on the 6 to Grand Central, where I took the shuttle to Times Square and the 1 to Penn Station. Oy.

But it was good to see my various cousins as well as my dad and my brother and sister etc. And to see all the pictures of my aunt, who was always so elegant and well put together, and yet also always warm and kind and interested in whatever we were up to, in addition to her own interests in art and travel and food, which she shared with us. It's sad that she's gone, but she was 98, and she went quietly and without pain, in her sleep with her family around her and after one last bowl of ice cream.

Then I schlepped home and had dinner with L.

Now I'm watching Madam Secretary, but mostly I'm wishing it were The West Wing, and so far it's not, so even though I like many members of the cast, I'm not sure it'll be for me going forward. Otoh, I have more interest in it than The Mentalist, which was previously paired with The Good Wife, which I'm waiting for anxiously, so I guess we'll see what happens.

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Quiet day at the homestead. I worked last night in ICU, and by the end of the night I was so tired I could hardly drive home. Literally fell into bed. Slept for 5 hours then sat on the couch and dozed the afternoon away.
I did manage to get out the door to go food shopping. I'm getting a bit tired of eating squash! I have so much of it this year I'm overrun with it. Looking for recipes for squash has become my hobby. One of my colleagues is going to give me one for squash gnocchi.

Tonight is the finale of The Amazing Race Canada. I've really enjoyed the season.
Found by [personal profile] muccamukk yesterday in the yard, doing a very good job of cosplaying a teensy tiny Tribble:

About the size of a dime: )

And it unfolds to: )

Apparently this kind of caterpillar makes one's eyes itch if one touches it and then them, but it's super cute to look at. SO FUZZY SO FLUFFY
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Polly Bergen, actress/singer/activist.

When I was small, she was a panelist on I've Got A Secret, and I could never figure out what she did.  I have to say that between the early '70s and now, I did not remember her at all.  I had no idea she was a feminist.
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I'll just start by saying that this is a public post, not pregnancy-filtered--which is to say, if you didn't know it already, I am five months & a bit pregnant! Details/symptoms/musings are all filtered, but let me know if you'd like to be added.

But this is public because it is mostly about [personal profile] bell and I being romantic saps together, and figuring that we may not have too much time left to do so without being encumbered by diaper bags and strollers and such. So we got a groupon for a woodsy chalet/lodge, and went there this weekend!

It was really beautiful. The forecast had predicted rain, but we weren't averse to staying inside watching/reading/cozying, so that was okay. But then once we were about halfway there, the rain let up completely and a gorgeous blue sky with puffy white clouds came out. It stayed hot and clear the whole time, and crisp and pine-smelling in the mornings and evenings.

We had a nice room with a view of the ski hill--in stripes of green spruce and brilliant yellow-orange-red bushes where the runs are in winter. There was a king-size bed and a soaker bath. The lodge was bright and there were all sorts of chipmunks, chickadees, squirrels, ravens, and other beasties about.

On Friday we visited my aunt, who has a small acreage outside the town. Her mare had a filly this spring, so we met the filly, who is four months now and very much a teenager horse, quite gangly but certainly not full-sized yet. I have pictures but my camera ran out of batteries during the import, so those'll have to be in their own post. We took a walk around their property with their two dogs, and then stayed for a dinner of elk-meat tacos and straight-from-the-dirt garden veggie salad. When we got back to the lodge, we pretty much just plunked down in bed and slept and slept and slept. Not even cats to wake us up in the morning!

The lodge did a pretty good continental breakfast spread, which we very much enjoyed, and we also grabbed a few bananas to take with us on our proposed hike. My aunt had suggested it and it turned out really well: we bought tickets on the ski hill gondola, had a terrific ride up above all the mist and clouds in the valley, up and up and up, and then at the top of the hill, we got off and hiked down what, in winter, is the 'easy way down'. It was about ten kilometers and the change in scenery over all the switchbacks was really cool. We had to yield to mountain bikers but for the most part we were all alone, and we saw lots of wildlife. Best of all: a fuzzy marmot! I've never seen a marmot so close before. I got a blurry picture but he was really well camouflaged, so when I post it you'll probably just have to trust me that that one grey lump is a marmot, not a rock.

Our legs were really giving out by the time we got down--calves and knees and thighs--that was a LOT of downhill. But that was okay because we just had enough time to jaunt into town to grab some lunch at the supermarket deli before we were due back at the lodge for our massages. I had a pre-natal massage and [personal profile] bell had a regular massage. I don't have massages often but when I do they're perfect times for me to practice mindfulness. Really difficult but worthwhile. And my sore legs definitely appreciated it. Also my shoulders. And all the other bits.

After massages, we called into town to make a reservation for a late dinner, and then we lazed around some more just reading the internet. We had a lovely time dressing up fancy and having a date night. The restaurant wasn't the best in the world, but the room and the atmosphere were good, and I quite enjoyed my fish. Then we went for a walk along the river before heading back to the lodge. There we watched a couple of episodes of Free! (we are now all caught up and waiting for the season finale along with everyone else!), and went to sleep.

Another slow morning, breakfast, no rush, before we checked out and came back home. I was able to grab the book I need for teaching tomorrow at the library on the way into town, so my next project is lesson's often lesson planning. But we're home, [personal profile] bell cooked a yummy salmon dinner, and I am two-thirds of the way through the laundry! It was a really successful weekend.

But now my to-do list looms once more... loooooooms! )
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So... I think that I mentioned that I've had insomnia for the past eight or nine days and have been getting basically no sleep?

Well, now I think that I'm getting sick. I've noticed several signs the past few days, and they're getting worse instead of better. The question is this: has the insomnia caused me to get sick or has the getting sick caused the insomnia?
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Just a quick note to pimp [community profile] trickortreatex/[ profile] trickortreatex, a low-pressure multifandom ficathon/artathon that could use some more participants. The sign-ups end tomorrow, and there are still a lot of needy fandoms (for one, I know that I'm currently unmatchable). The minimun requirements are very low - 300 words of fic or a sketch - so you could treat it as a warm-up to Yuletide.
There's a post-a-day thing going on this month, and while there is no way I could ever do that, I figured I should at least post a little bit this month, especially since I haven't posted since Vividcon. At which I had a great time, and I really meant to post more about what vids I liked and may yet do so, but... eh. We'll see. I will be posting a personal post locked after this one, so if you can't see it and want to, let me know.

There have been two whole episodes of Doctor Who I enjoyed this series - the Robin Hood one, and yesterdays, which was especially enjoyable. I can't remember the last time that happened. And I actually had no issues or complaints at all with yesterday's episode, which is even rarer. I'm afraid to hope for a more general uptrend in enjoyable episodes, but I'll take the good ones if they've got them.Cutting for spoilers for Time Heist )

Let's see, what else. After someone mentioned it on twitter (and after seeing Ken Burns on The Daily Show) last week, I decided to watch Ken Burn's The Roosevelts: An Intimate History this weekend. I didn't know what I was getting myself into - it's 7 episodes, almost 2 hours each. But PBS has made it available online, via the web, Apple TV, and Roku among others, which has made it very easy, and it's very good. If you're a history buff at all, you'll enjoy this. Also I just found out that Meryl Streep and Paul Giamatti are among those lending their voices to this, so that's neat.

I am also watching Outlander, which. Cutting for spoilers for 1x07 )

Let's see, what else am I doing fannishly. Still majorly into MCU, particularly Captain America, and still majorly into Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes. But for whatever reason, even though I'm really into that, unlike other major pairings of the past, this doesn't keep me from enjoying other pairings involving Steve and/or Bucky. *shrug* I'm just really into this particular one right now, and possibly forever. I am both looking forward to and dreading the next movies because of all this.

Still sort of in Teen Wolf, and marathoned the last season in 1 day (well, more like skimmed through episodes) so I could watch the finale live. I'm still sort of eh about the season as a whole, but there are several things about the finale that I thoroughly enjoyed: Spoilers for Season 4 finale )

Finally, I've gotten into Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries in a major way. It's Australian TV, so it's a little hard to get, but it's about an independent lady of 1920s Melbourne and the mysteries she solves and the trouble she gets into. I'm going going to say it's perfect, because it's not (it's got a few rather glaring racism issues in a couple of eps, for example), but it's got a ton of different awesome ladies being awesome in different ways, and the male characters are pretty great, too. You can see all the Miss Fisher posts I've reblogged on Tumblr here, but here's a good pimping post. Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix, and both seasons are for sale as DVD sets on Amazon, but I just recently found out that Acorn TV (just Google it) has both seasons for online streaming and they currently have a 1 month free trial offer. Go forth and enjoy! Season 3 has just been greenlit, and I'm looking forward to it a lot.
Vidder: Kitty aka Winterevanesce
Title: How We Roll
Fandom: Jared & Jensen (Supernatural "Gag Reel Season 1-9")
Genre: Comedy, RP
Song/Artist: How We Roll by Britt Nicole
Software: Sony Vegas 12
Characters/Pairings: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
Summary: "We are gonna dance everywhere we go"

Video Stream + Downloads + Notes

Comments are appreciated <3
The end of fog season is still hanging in there, but half-heartedly, drifting on the water and catching on the points. A few nights ago, we sat in the edge the fog bank with stars directly above, and the main beams of the light sweeping through the edges of the bank, six rays spreading out from a glowing core.

The mornings are darker. At the 0430 weather, I just saw the hair of the last crescent moon rising next to Jupiter in a sky still entirely dark. The sun is now just rising around the 0730 weather observation.

The native deciduous plants are dying back into a hundred shades of yellow and brown. Mostly brown. Most of the trees here are spruce and hemlock, and most of the brush salal, so stolid green will remain everywhere.

The hummingbirds are gone, and so are the robins are gone. I always thought it was funny that ours migrated, when the European Robins are such a symbol of fidelity. Most of the shorebirds have already migrated back to Mexico, stopping briefly on the way down. There were a few spotted sandpipers and sanderlings left, but they're soon gone. Sandhill cranes, as well, and presumably honkers soon.

It's funny how Spring is easier to watch for, as you always notice the first right away, but the last is always seen in retrospect, and dimly remembered.
NFE fic is done and posted! Victory is mine!! Mwahahahaha!!!


Now I just have to edit the blasted thing before the collection goes live next week.

Hey, is anyone willing to help me out on that front? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
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"Time Heist"

Don't worry, it's all going to be put under the cut, but first I must say that, for me, this was absolutely top-drawer. The writing was good, the heart was there, the impulse was kindness, the flaws were noticeable from not fatal, and it left me with a far better understanding of this Doctor. Which is wonderful, given that I've been learning a little more about him every week.

I really, really liked this episode. All the way through, and afterwards.

Cut, cuttity-cut.  )
So. Yes. Not much of an organized review, but this one was, for me, good all the way up and down, all the way around.
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A conversation at the library:

Patron: Do you have your Dewey Decimal system posted anywhere?

Me: Well, no, we don't have it posted, I'm afraid. Is there something I can help you find?

Patron: No, I just wanted to browse.

Me: Okay, well, was there are particular subject you were looking to browse in?

Patron: No, I just wanted to browse.

Me: ::gives up, leads patron to clearly-marked non-fiction section:: Well, the non-fiction starts here and ends here. Enjoy!

I guess I don't understand how the lack of a sign listing what the different call numbers are kept them from browsing.
I've been reading David Halperin's How to be Gay and enjoying it a surprising amount, considering that I find his more historical writing opaquely theory-laden. It has interesting things to say about the relationship between gay culture and gay identity, and the limits of identity politics, including a passage about identification that reminded me strongly of slash as a queer female practice: students [in a course on gay literature]... enjoyed appropriating and queering works of mainstream, heterosexual culture. In fact they preferred doing that to reading gay novels.... At least, they discovered more queer possibilities in adapting and remaking non-gay material, and thus more uses for it, then they found in good gay writing.

...what gay men have always sought out is not only direct or literal representations of themselves, but also figural or metaphorical or encoded or encrypted representations of gay desire. There seems to be something about figurality itself that they like.

Another way of putting this is to say that gay identity affirms itself not only through identity... but also through identification.
Which makes me idly wonder whether slash is in fact the queer woman's equivalent of the gay male cult of the opera diva, the glamourous and/or tragic movie star, the female icon. But actually I didn't set out to offer you a review of this book, because I have more specific passages to discuss.

One section is an analysis of the films "Mildred Pierce" and "Mommie Dearest" (neither of which, full disclosure, I have seen) and their position as gay cult classics. Halperin feels that they gain a lot of their emotional power from an identificatory "fear that the adored mother might express... her unconquerable aversion to her offspring, her disgust at having begotten and raised a deviant child."

Via a discussion of Gypsy and the fraughtness of performance, in gender role terms, for men, he gets to the conclusion (I'm summarising wildly here) that:
The mother's final turn against her offspring reanimates the dread that her love had always excited, the dread 'of being exiled from her presence.' male culture can... restage in an exaggerated, ludic and reparative mode the horror of the mother's savage withdrawal of the warrant she once gave her queer child to perform, the warrant that licensed his very existence as a subject.
If you've been following my Dreamwidth over the past year you will guess that by this point I was vibrating wildly with thoughts of Elaine and Julian Fleming from Mary Renault's Return to Night (or, as [personal profile] legionseagle prefers to call them, Mama and Baby Fruitbat). Might the problem with chapter 18 of Return to Night be that it is actually not over-the-top enough? Might it not have come across better as a cathartic crescendo of camp, un-sabotaged by Mary Renault's inevitable turn towards rigorous emotional repression?

I'm now envisioning that never-made film adaptation of Return to Night with Joan Crawford (who would have been about the right age) in a scenery-chewing star turn as Elaine Fleming, and stealing the whole film, which would then inevitably have become a camp classic. Canon!Elaine says that "if I were a man, Julian, grown-up as you are, I should thrash you for that." (MR did have her turns of melodrama; shame that the rest of the scene takes refuge in exposition of backstory.) Film!Elaine would surely slap him across the face, and there are many readers of Return to Night who would say that's no more than he deserves!

TL;DR - I will come up with any excuse to write about Mary Renault novels. But Joan Crawford as Elaine Fleming is an intriguing thought.


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