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WIP: Who they become (always depended only on them) by Matarreyes
Ward & Palamas (Agent 33), future Skyeward; post 2x10; friendship/recovery; tw: discussion of suicide; 7076 words
Summary: There are plenty of hideouts to choose from, but he needs one that is far from civilization, soundproof and can safely contain a very violent and highly skilled occupant. He's been working as a double agent for ten years, though, so the specifics aren't the main problem. Getting 33 to collaborate is a harder task to archive. She is docile and withdrawn, but he knows it won't last and he will never overpower her once the calmness passes. He no longer throws up blood, which is good, but it doesn't have to mean anything yet.

how grant ward saves hanukkah by owlvsdove
Gen; Grant & team; future fic/humor; 3607 words
Summary: “He's trying to prove he's not a Nazi,” Jemma stage-whispers.
Ward rolls his eyes heavenward.

Grant Ward returns to make amends.

the five times grant ward was shot and the one time he wasn't by almostfamousgrl
Gen; 5 times fic; 1275 words
Summary: grant ward is used to taking punishment

sandwiches and secrets (and secret sandwiches) by jdphoenix
Ward/Simmons; civilian AU/humor; 1672 words
Summary: Mr. Coulson would never let a drug dealer move into the building. (Probably.)
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Following on from the Christmas parts of Mist Over Pendle I rediscovered another book of my childhood; a much earlier period, judging from the wobbly printing in which I have put my name and address (leaving an "n" off the street name and, bizarrely adding "en" to "Lancaster") which is infused with the mystery and wonder of Christmas, especially Christmas music. It also has one of the most chilling climaxes of any book I've read; this is definitely a case where the line "Save us all from Satan's power when we are gone astray" carries its full weight* and where the transition from horror to relief to comedy is handled as deftly as anything I've ever read

That book, of course, is The Children of Green Knowe by Lucy M. Boston.

Someone else, I think, has already quoted the "Lulley, lullay" scene this year, so I choose something different, though still musical.

Alexander, the middle child of the three who are shown in a portrait above the fire and who still inhabit the house they lived in three hundred years earlier, goes to visit a church which is famed for its stained glass, which narrowly escaped the purifications of the Commonwealth a decade or so earlier.

He had a sudden great desire to sing, to send his voice away up there and hear what nestling echoes it would brush off the roof, how it would be rounded and coloured as it came back. Standing by the choir-stalls he sang what first came into his head, part of a new song that his mother was teaching him. He tossed his notes up, like a juggler tossing balls, with careless pleasure. He could feel the building around him alive and trembling with sound.

I call, I call, I call,(he sang)
Gabriel! Gabriel! Gabriel!

He stopped to listen. It was as if the notes went up like rocket stars, hovered a second and burst into sparklets. The shivered echo multiplied itself by thousands. One would have thought every stone in the building stirred and murmured. He tried it again, louder.

Gabriel! Gabriel! Gabriel!

He could almost imagine the Archangel must hear, might come. He looked round, suddenly awestruck. To his confusion he saw that he was not alone. Leaning out of the organ loft was a Jack-in-the-box of a man with a pointed red beard and a bald heat like a marble.

"Boy! Boy!" he shouted, and all the echoes roared like lions. "Boy! Boy! Stay there (there). On your life (life)."

*It isn't the most chilling Green Knowe book, that being An Enemy at Green Knowe which I only got out the library, in summer, when I was feeling particularly brave.
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Slow start, as is usual, but once I got going I made it through the first two big chunks. 7pp / 2.5k down, a bunch to go. It's good to be back in Arthur POV, and to have Merlin and Arthur actually talking to each other again (even if it's a bit shouty). I do feel like the story is over the hump at this point, as all the major plot points have been set up and what's left is for me to knock them down in the right order, plus work out all the knots that have formed in the character relationships. So many knots.

If I'm up to it, I'll continue working on the chapter tomorrow and see how much progress I can make. This week was rather people-time heavy, and that plus driving around are the two biggest energy drains for me right now. But naps do work wonders.

And speaking of sleep, it is definitely past my bedtime.
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someone else would probably have waited until it was GP day everywhere. but not me. the collection is open.

- 8 fics
- surprisingly 3/8 at least mention dayna/tarrant
- unsurprisingly 3ish are sort of B/A
- one of my crack ships comes out too
- two of them have saddish endings, but one of them is sort of countered by another one
- none longer than 7k, most about 2k

i don't think ao3 liked the unrevealed collection business. it's not sorting them as i would ideally like.... never mind.

thanks for all your prompts. and happy gauda prime day to all, and to all a good night.

p.s. i realise i made a ridiculous number of posts today and replied to 0 comments. but will do better tomorrow :)
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I've been cleaning up some of my tags and such over on AO3 today, which ended up with me re-reading several of my fics. And reading one of them reminded me of something that I totally never mentioned back when I first posted the fic.

In Long-Distance Phone Calls, the sequel to the Crossover O' Doom? I, uh, possibly had aliens burn down a restaurant in the Maryland suburbs of DC. And it was totally supposed to be the Restaurant of FAIL. Because I'm petty like that, seriously hated working there, and would love to have those two years of my life back.

... in other news, I totally need to go back and write more fic/finish my WIPs in this universe. Because it's fucking fun.
ok - final one from today (i'm procrastinating on my editing) and then there's only ONE MORE in december. so hopefully i won't forget.

which B7 characters would make the best companions for which Doctors?  )
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It is amazing how much better I feel about being on the defaulted-on-after-the-deadline pinch hit list when I can see that there's a gift for me in the Madness archive.

Thank you so much, whoever you are! You have already made my yuletide.


For my eventual pinch-hitter, though: thank you, too, for stepping up to the plate!

I'm quite aware that I'm hard to match (because my small-fandoms-of-choice tend to be pretty atypical fannish fare). So let me clarify that even though my "dear yuletide writer" letter specifies a preference that you work with or jump off from the established canon in some way, I absolutely will understand if that turns out to be too tall an order on such short notice. Honestly, whatever you can give me at this point is something I'll be grateful for, given all the difficulties. And I really do appreciate so much that you were willing to give it a shot.


Come revealtime, I will owe you both cookies!
'Cause my Yuletide stuff from last year is suddenly getting a lot of kudos.

Either that, or there was some sort of weird mass urge on the part of people to read depressing Broadchurch fic for some reason.

Also, still sick. Sick of being sick, too.
December 20: favorite holiday traditions (for [personal profile] musesfool) [Tumblr crosspost]

My family doesn't have very many holiday traditions, so I guess I'll just list what I remember.

The only holidays that qualify are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well, and maybe birthdays? Vicky and I both quit having parties around thirteen or fourteen years old, and since then Mom and Dad take us out for a nice dinner instead. It used to be all four of us, but since Vicky lives in DC and I live in Ithaca, that's not practical these days. And if either of us happens to be visiting our parents near one of their birthdays, we join the dinner party at whatever restaurant the birthday-haver picks.

They also go out for a nice dinner on their wedding anniversary, which I suppose counts as a tradition after forty years. :-)

Thanksgiving is always the four of us, occasionally with guests. If there are guests, I get drafted to say grace before the meal. I'm not entirely sure why that became my responsibility, but I don't mind it. For the past decade or so, we've tended to do a blind wine tasting. That started because I live in a wine-producing region, which has lots of little touristy vineyards. We pick two or three Rieslings over the year and do the tasting on Thanksgiving afternoon, then drink the rest of the wine with Thanksgiving dinner. Mom has also decided that touring vineyards is a good way to occupy the Wednesday before Thanksgiving; this is easier if we're doing the holiday at my apartment, but New Jersey has some actual wineries these days so it works there too.

For Christmas, Mom still tends to hang stockings for me and Vicky on her mantel, though we have told her several times that we are grown women and it feels silly. I think she's indulging in nostalgia. We open presents between 9am and noon on Christmas day; the time depends on whether we eat breakfast first. Sometimes we've done the open-one-gift on Christmas Eve thing, but not consistently. Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner doesn't have a set menu, though we've gravitated toward bacon-wrapped steak for the main dish.

When Vicky and I were kids, Christmas was the go-visit-relatives holiday. We often ended up having three or four Christmasses, spread over the course of a week: with Grandmother Ruth in the Twin Cities, with Grandpa and Ardis a few miles away in a different suburb of St. Paul, with Granddad and Grandma Doris in Iowa, and on our own back home in New Jersey. All my grandparents are dead now, but this year we're doing Christmas in DC so I suppose the family roadtrip is making a resurgence as a tradition -- though at least this version is saner than piling four people plus dog into a minivan and driving twenty-odd hours nonstop from New Jersey to western Iowa, which we did a few times after both Vicky and I had our driver's licenses. *wry*


December Talking Meme: All Days
Christmas with my parents happened last night (at least the Christmas between the three of us). We'll still be together next week on Christmas day, but we will be up in MA with the rest of my maternal family so we did ours here.

Boston 2014 Ornament

Christmas 2014 Story-time:

This is my parents smallest gift and it is the one that has meant the most to me all of the last three months. I've known I was coming to Christmas in MA since last Christmas. I made that promise to myself. Told them all. In every city and state. Saved up through the hell of my job. Absolutely had the money for it. But right around the beginning of the fall, as I started being paid $1,000 a month only for the IA job, they offered to let the ticket up be my Christmas present.

I said no so violently fast you could have watched the world spin on it. I was still crawling tooth and nail from my depression, and dealing (sometimes well, sometimes not) with the hazy state of the monetary side of my new High School job (that made me happy in every way but left me monetarily destitute), but I had absolutely made sure not to touch the money in my savings for MA. For Christmas. For Family. It took me the better part of two-three days to calm my horses and my emotions, along with a really good talk with my best friend.

In which I admitted, reluctant but safe, to her that there actually wasn't anything they could put in a box that could compare to it. In MA, I would get to see all my family, and especially my grandmother, and I'd get to spend another week with my best friend. Which she said, of course they knew that. Just like she did. And it took another day or so, but I went back and apologized, and told my mom why, and told her they could give it to me as my christmas present.

I love this ornament so much. I love that it will be on my tree forever. I just keep hugging it.

My parents are, also, deeply happy all the time about my teaching job. Especially since I got my official promotion from IA to teacher last month (and my first amazing real adult teacher paycheck yesterday morning). I have to admit I did laugh and smile at these. (The cup is so going on my desk in January.)

Yule Morning is this morning for me, as originally I was supposed to be leaving for Massachusetts today, like my parents did (oh, some two hours ago). But my siblings, on my dad's side, managed to grab my attention the day or two right before we purchased tickets to tell me their Christmas was the night of the 20th. Since I was going up for two weeks, I told them I didn't mind pushing my departing date back one day so that I could have Christmas with all of them, too.

So Yule from my mailbox this morning (then a witchy swap during the middle of my day, and other family Christmas is tonight). This follows up on the list from yesterday (of things bigger than a card and obviously hiding a beautiful gift of some kind in them) --

The Big Shot of everything


Cards with Tea from Brita/[personal profile] new_way & Jenny/[personal profile] jenniology

One of my Wishlist things was also for other traditions, and so that stack of papers under the Adagio apple tea is FULL of traditions for this whole holiday season from Sweden. It's AMAZING. She talks about her daughter, and her country and their most important saints and my heart is all full of stars.

A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bracelet from [personal profile] songtoisis circa Temple of the Twelve.
A lovely surprise of dark chocolate from my darling H50 friend Erin in Australia.

A surprise smile mini-package from Sam/[personal profile] acidquill.
Chocolate bar, Keychain with an A, shiny nail files, and four pair of silver earrings.

My Glamourkin Order from Sarah/[personal profile] mermaiden & Jenn/[personal profile] willow_cabin. Or at least the first line at the top is.

I knew when I got their package there was one wrapped thing over the number I ordered, and in good Yule spirit I dropped them all under the tree so the surprise one would be a surprise on Yule Morning. I was super excited to open that one, and opened it last, and I'll admit it -- I squeaked. I may have even accidentally sworn in surprise.

I expected there to be one extra glamourkin in it, and some tea bags, maybe. Or maybe two. There were five. There's a hair pin, and I have never even had a hairpin glamourkin before. And, and, and. There's another spoon, that's all beautiful. And there's a Christmas/Yule one with Rudolph (second). And just thank you so much. I'm still flailing.

Thank all of you. All of these things so deeply touch my heart. I'm going to totally end up in so much of it today. My bracelet and a pair of my new earrings and one of my new gift glamourkins (probably Rudolph for the season), and probably my new teeny tiny adorable hair star one. And so much. These are all tiny and they make my heart feel SO BIG.

I love you guys, near and far, friends and simply compassionate giving souls who i know for only this season, one and all. Thank you, thank you so much.
Ugh, I woke up at 4:45 with some verbiage to add to my yuletide, and I have been up ever since. I'm waiting for CVS and the laundry place to open so I can go run my errands before everyone else is awake, and then I can continue revising, and also do the betas that are waiting for me.

L. and I had a really nice dinner last night, with much less wine than usual, so I probably could have written when I got home? But instead, I chose to do this:

December 20: [personal profile] ladyscribe said, tell me about Henrik Lundqvist, your goalie boyfriend.

Henrik Lundqvist... How do I begin to explain Henrik Lundqvist?
Henrik Lundqvist is flawless.
He has a Vezina trophy and a restaurant in Tribeca*.
I hear his glove hand is insured for $10,000**.
I hear he does underwear commercials in the US ... and shampoo Sweden.
He's the best-dressed hockey player in New York.
One time People Magazine voted him one of the sexiest men alive.
One time he played "Sweet Child o'Mine" on Jimmy Fallon***.
One time he sprayed Sidney Crosby in the face with his water bottle... It was awesome.

*(Sadly, he has yet to raise the Stanley Cup, but I hope he gets there someday soon. ♥LET'S GO RANGERS♥ NB: I don't know if he's still part-owner of Tiny's.)

**(This is completely made up. Well, the photo is real.)

***(He apparently does actually play the guitar. Man, how are you even real? HAIL TO THE KING, BABY.)

Seriously, though, he is an amazing goaltender, and he is on my team! And I hadn't had a goalie boyfriend since John Vanbiesbrouck, and the Rangers keep trading away my favorite position players, so why not ride the hot goalie? Ahem.

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oops - a lot of very overdue talking meme posts. but i expect i can speak for everyone when i say - as far as disasters go... i'll be forgiven for this one.

ALL THE BLAKE FIC THAT I DID FOR THE NON-A/B FEST WILL BE POSTED TOMORROW, BTW. (assuming i can edit the last three into good-ish shape)(i am quite excited)(not about the editing)

ok - here's a post from three days ago:

favourite TV show that's not Blake's 7 and something about why )
Eh, I've been tighter.

Though, not when those nine hours are hours during which I'd normally be expected to be sleeping.

Thank goodness for the ability to edit, though. Going to need a thorough beta from the crew on this one. And a read through when I'm not hopped up on cold meds to make sure it, well, makes any sense at all.
Ha, victory! I knew once I actually sat down to write the damn fic, it would come fairly quickly, and I was right -- I wrote the whole thing in under twelve hours. The POV ended up switched to the other main character, and the plot arc took some unexpected minor swerves, but this is about 85% the story I intended to write, and that's a better outline-to-story accuracy rate than I usually get.

I need to get it edited, of course, but the main point is that there is something to edit.

(On that note, does anyone want to beta a short fic about what happened to a couple people after the end of their canon story? The book in question is obscure, but I can provide a canon synopsis and what I mostly need to know is if I adequately signaled a few things within my fic, and that requires no canon knowledge whatsoever.)
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Two weeks off school for the holidays. Finished early on Friday afternoon.

First thing I did when I got home was take a nap.

Reread my Yuletide letter earlier. So many typos, yikes. Don't know if I'll find time to finish writing something to make up for having defaulted.
Thank you for cards from the following people -- Gloria, Maggi, Ali/[profile] facecat, Lara/[personal profile] ladyoneill, Sabrina (one for Steve; one for me), Cat & Mike, Winter (with a gorgeous silver card ornament), Elizabeth/[profile] call_me_kata, Gramma, Tracey & Fred/[profile] bttfbabe, and Jill/[profile] gunslingaaahhh.


These are the people whose cards/teeny packages have arrived, but obviously have presents/more than cards in them, and thus are in a pile under my tree waiting for tomorrow morning (so that you know, definitely, they are not missing and did not get lost on the way to Texas) -- Sam, Rachel, Jenn & Sarah, Jenny and Vincent.
Here's my overview of Issue #2 (first published in 1975) of the Star Trek TOS zine "Contact." I wrote about Issue #1 back here. This issue differs from the previous one mostly in that it has a larger variety of authors and artists. There are a lot more stories, and they have more variation in plot as well. The contents are pretty similar though - stories, art, several poems, songs, and the answers and winners of the games from Issue #1, plus a parody. Unfortunately, none of the stories in this issue were transcribed in regular text on, so you'll have to open the pdf on the page for issue #2 to read them. Issue #2 can be read as pdf and cbz over here, if you're interested. Fascinating stuff!

I like them better that way, to be honest -- I love the feeling of reading those old typed pages, with the same old typeface, formatting, and little visual quirks that the actual physical copy had. The little doodles, the way the poems' layout looks, etc. See for yourself! It has a very different and far more memorable effect than reading just the text copied into a modern blog post, stripped of its context. The feel is not nearly as palpable as the Zebra Three zine, since that was an actual physical vintage copy from 1979, and this is just an online PDF. Zebra Three I could hold in my hands and smell it and feel how soft the pages had been worn, how carefully I had to turn them, how old and faded the ink was, but it's still miles more "atmospheric" or whatever than a transcription of the text.

The artwork is leagues better than Issue #1. One of the artists (and poets) is Signe Langdon, who did a number of gorgeous illustrations for Zebra Three #1 and #3 as well. Some of the other illustrations, by Leslie Fish, have a really weird, distinctive woodcut-ish style that's pretty cool.

This issue was apparently dedicated to "Dr. Leonard McCoy, for the special contribution he brings to the Kirk/Spock relationship, and to DeForest Kelly, for making "Bones" such an integral part of the triad."


Of course, in the actual zine content, there's just a couple of poems and one story (The Third Wheel) that really indicate this spirit. Most of them, like in issue #1, are focused on Kirk and Spock. However, it's really sweet to see how the editors and various authors have framed the "Kirk/Spock" relationship (btw, back here, lots of people back in this time apparently used the signage "Kirk/Spock" to just refer to the relationship, not to slash in particular) through McCoy's eyes.

All About That Bones )



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