As promised, my Instagram is full of what I think of my best general snapshots of the Women's Marches on Oakland and San Francisco, or at least the tail-end of the latter.

Oakland, the morning one -- blessed by the lack of rain this very wet January -- was smart and strong and utterly inspiring; I've never seen so many great slogans, from poignant to silly, from sweet to crass...and all too true, of course.

It took me until nightfall, Sally and I returning to the City across the Bay Bridge for a little time at the candlelight vigil on the Embarcadero to recallUS politics and society )

To end on a lighter and happier note?


Best revolutionary fandom shot of the day, no doubt -- two fandoms of feminism and resistance for the price of one!

A close second, as we're talking two DC heroines worn by this littl'un:

And this one captures the atmosphere well -- energized, community-minded, and so warm
despite the chilly day:

Three more snapshots from Oakland )
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([personal profile] onyxlynx Jan. 21st, 2017 09:50 pm)
Yes, I've fallen behind. Sorry.
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([personal profile] likeadeuce Jan. 21st, 2017 10:59 pm)
Politics/volunteerism: Having decided to stay in town, I got a good lie-in, then spent an hour or so before I got out of bed scrolling through social media to see all my friends who had been up for hours attending various marches. I'm so proud of everybody who got out -- besides a ton of fannish and school friends + people I know from local organizing groups, I saw posts from my sister and her crew, my middle brother and his wife, my aunt at the Raleigh NC march, at least one cousin at the DC March, and another cousin in Kentucky who I assume was staying home with his two young daughters while his wife marched.

On my own end, I have purchased a clipboard and folder for gathering signatures for statewide office candidate but didn't end up doing it today because it was raining. I imagine they'll still need this done for a good while though so I've got time and I figure most of the Democrats in this town were out marching. ('If you hate Democrats sign anyway so there will be a challenger in the primary might be effective but not the approach I was eager to take.)

What I did do was meet up with a woman from a local Facebook group who had also decided not to march; I got introduced to a nice restaurant/bar and we chatted about things like how she is supporting her gay teenage daughter and how she's getting trained to expand to expand her speech therapy classes to work with trans people. And we just generally compared notes about what our experiences have been with local politics and the ways we'd like to get more involved. It was very nice and I'm glad I did that instead of moping at home. Also got to have a nice lunch and watch my basketball team win.

Work/job search: It's a Saturday so I did not have to work \o/. Did not really do any job search stuff either. (My job search isn't urgent but I've been in the same position for 9+ years, it's boring the crap out of me, and I am resolved at least to figure out if I have better options within my constraints of 'better pay, equal or better benefits, and I don't have to move.')

Reading/Viewing: I went to see 20th Century Women, which I really enjoyed. This is a film written/directed by Mike Mills, who also made Beginners, another film I liked a lot. My impression is that both of these movies are somewhat autobiographical (at least they both reflect significant details from Mills's life -- Beginners being about his father and this one about his mother.) The caveat is that this means that while this one is largely about female characters, like Beginners was largely about queer people, you do end up with a straight male POV character in both movies so if that's something that bugs you, be aware. But within that framework, I think Mills does a great job of portraying and honoring the people that the movie is about; Elle Fanning's character in this one gets to repeatedly resist being the main dude's dreamgirl, and I appreciate that. All that said, I am burying the lede which is that Greta Gerwig plays a 1970s feminist punk woman with a red dyed undercut and in this role might quite seriously be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Writing: Not today!

Food/cooking: French toast w/ chorizo brunch at the Cuban-themed bar was good, also I don't know where poinsettias (like mimosas but made with cranberry juice) have been all my life but two thumbs up. My meal in a box was a chicken thigh in red-sauce concoction which I picked because it looked easy and it was but nothing special. Also because of the movie I didn't have it until 9:30.

Exercise: I went to pick up comics and walked a few blocks more than I needed to???

Cleaning: Working on washing dishes from one meal before I start the next one, which I did before I went out today so modest success.

Lolthing that happened today that doesn't fit anywhere: after, last month, knocking loose my driver side mirror and having to pay $200 to replace it because it's a stupid complicated repair, managed to knock loose my PASSENGER side mirror which will presumably be the same deal. Since I already have a state inspection/ maintenance scheduled at the dealership monday, I guess I'll just add this too it but boy do I feel dumb. I've been driving this car without self inflicted damage since 2011 but somehow these last two months, NOPE.

Tomorrow I will: Clean up from tonight's dinner, do some laundry, read/skim the last few issues of the local paper that I subscribed to during the state legislative session but have been allowing to accumulate, dive into WisCon programming stuff, meet up with Facebook group at 3 to see Hidden Figures (encourage my cousin L to come too), follow up on phone banking, POSSIBLY participate in a MoveOn/Indivisible conference call but also possibly decide I have enough of that in my head right now and read through the local democratic party manual so I'm prepped for training next week. Oh and I want to start Moonglow!
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([personal profile] edenfalling Jan. 21st, 2017 11:16 pm)
I couldn't make it to any of today's marches, alas, but my mom, my sister, and one of my aunts all participated in the Washington march. Some of my church youth group kids were also down in DC doing their part; Ithaca sent multiple busloads of people south this weekend.

Meanwhile Ithaca's own march attracted somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 people (estimates vary), which was about four times the expected attendance, and very nearly a third of the city's total population -- which is doubly impressive considering how many people had gone away to DC. (I mean, we doubtless got people coming in from neighboring regions, but still.) I saw dozens already gathering on the Commons as I caught my bus this morning, and I wished I could have stayed instead of going to work.


ETA: I asked my relatives how the Washington march went, and Mom replied:

Huge. Heard nothing. March itself cancelled because route already full. People walked West anyhow when program- -which ran an hour late -- ended. We shuffled down mall and up 7th for several blocks but left for home. Restaurants in vicky's area were swamped. Glad to be there. Jan made it. Impossible to meet up with folks. Very tired.
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([personal profile] baranduin Jan. 21st, 2017 07:27 pm)
A quick 30 seconds of an overhead view.

The fic I am currently writing (a Cotton Candy Bingo fill/prompt ficlet for [ profile] madamehardy) has been intensely frustrating -- not because the words won't come, but because I have spent several days flailing around trying to find where the story needs to start. See, every time I pick the wrong place, it unravels into interminable internal monologues, when it really needs to be about friendship and human connection. (...And running off to be hermits on neighboring mountains, but still; friendship!)

I finally got the main scene to start working when I unearthed a pesterlog from after an acre of internal monologue and copypasted it to be a sort of mini-prologue instead, but today I realized I still had about a zillion paragraphs of stuff that needed to get on the page but currently had no plausible way there except via more acres of internal monologue (not to mention the ending was going to feel weird and unbalanced unless it went back to pesterlogs, which... would be structurally kind of missing the point?) so I have had to back up yet again and tack on an opening scene with my POV character talking to some others in person and thereby show (rather than tell) some of the stuff that kept creeping into the interminable monologues.


I hate writing. I hate it passionately.

(Don't listen to me; I love it to pieces.)
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([personal profile] kerravonsen Jan. 22nd, 2017 01:44 pm)
In regard to the "Bourke Street Incident", instead of having to write a bunch of stuff, I've put my tweets about it on Storify.
cut for stuff )
But what angers me is the selfish stupidity, gossip, and confirmation bias that people have to incidents of this kind. I've drawn a flow chart.
cut for diagram )
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([personal profile] zulu Jan. 21st, 2017 07:23 pm)
Spatially, I went to the march today. Temporally, I couldn't stay, because L needed his lunch and nap. I shake my fist at you, early afternoon events! Still, I wore my pride flag bandanna, and exchanged a few knowing nods with other people in pride paraphernalia. But L got a ride downtown on the train (ecstatic) and we visited the central library with the REAL FIRE ENGINE in the lobby, lights and noises and all (overwhelmed), so it was a good morning.

This past week has been a good one--a necessary one, I think. I just sat down and adulted as hard as I could. Errands, appointments, and cleaning dominated the schedule. I implemented a new filing system that I hope I'll be better able to stay on top of. (It's not finished yet--all the back years need to be imported--but it's something I can hack away at slowly.) Did my secretarial work for the family company, cleaned the oven, washed all the laundry and some of it twice. I cleaned out boxes that have been sitting around being boxes for over a year. I got rid of baby stuff (change table and high chair) on kijiji. It just feels really good, and really different from the writing sprint I've been on lately. A change is as good as a rest. I'm really lucky to be able to set my own vacations for stuff like this, and go to the banks etc. during working hours.

Monday I go back to writing/work. I'm hoping to make a short vid about my project to submit to the national funding body. There are scholarships to apply for, too. Then: revising everything I wrote over the past two months, which I think in the end probably totalled over 100 000 words. It's an intimidating prospect but I'm looking forward to it. The theoretical/exegesis part is more intimidating but I'll gird my loins. I have two RAships, as well. I shall own you, winter semester, oh yes.

Current projects include more filing; sewing velcro to the curtains & making draught snakes; keeping on top of the window repair people; and returning books that are overdue, forthwith.

I hope everyone's march day was helpful/hopeful, and wish you a good week to come.
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([personal profile] baranduin Jan. 21st, 2017 04:54 pm)
Picture of meeeeeeeeee today. Truth! I ended up near the beginning of the march so I am actually in this lol.

Random notes from the day:

  1. Taking light rail into the city was perfect.
  2. Holy crap, Seattle has something like London's Tube system. Though mostly it's above ground and elevated so you get a great view of the areas.
  3. Three Buddhist temples seen from the train. One of them has an enormous golden Buddha outside surrounded by smaller golden statues.
  4. The consensus on my train car was that we'd get out at the International District stop, which was the area of the first identified stop on the march, Jackson and Maynard. So that's what I did. People pouring out of the train station up to the street, where we joined the cheerful crowd. Very Seattle crowd.
  5. The signs were everything. I'd say the pussy theme was most prominent and fabulously creative. Quite a few saying "The ACA saved me."
  6. So many young girls with their mothers, learning how to stand for something. So many families with babies and young children.
  7. You could hear them coming before you could see them. It was a group of Native American women near the front of the marchers, drumming and chanting. After they went past, I decided to join at that point, the drumming was awfully compelling.
  8. Everything now hurts but I made it all the way to Seattle Center and back though I did not stay for the speeches. I got second winds just when I needed them with a little boost from my beautiful city. The second time my left hip was really screaming but then the Space Needle came into view, all big and white against a bright blue sky.
  9. Seattle PD were great, very cheerful.
  10. I wandered around Seattle Center but then turned around and went back, mostly up 5th but part of the time back up 4th with the marchers still going by. I saw the end of the march and it was almost back to where I had started from, there were so many people. I think numbers are around 130,000.
  11. There were these awesome enormous weird float-like things at the end. One was an enormous image of Chelsea Manning. An enormous Earth being conveyed by about a dozen people yoked to it.
  12. The last thing was a huge banner that read "This is not the end" on one sideand the back side said "This is the beginning."
  13. On the way back I tripped and fell. I barely touched the ground since about four people lifted me up. And now I need a bath, I think :-)

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    ([personal profile] settiai Jan. 21st, 2017 08:14 pm)
    I'm calling it quits on finishing the Talking Meme that I was doing, at least for the time being. With the RL financial stuff that's going on, on top of work and family drama, not to mention the current political climate... yeah, I can't do it. Just the thought of playing catch-up is enough to make my heart start racing.

    A huge "thank you!" to everyone who donated to my Ko-Fi page. Everything helps, and I greatly appreciate it. It's looking like I might not have to borrow money from my parents to cover next month's rent/utilities after all (at least, not unless my gas bill ends up being too high - it hasn't come in yet), which is a huge deal. ♥

    (Also a special thanks to the two people who bought me ebooks off my Amazon wishlist as part of More Joy Day. Thank you!)

    I'm working on getting a few things together, but I'll probably be making a pretty large virtual garage sale post sometime in the next few days. I'm also actively searching for a part-time job, so if anyone knows of any online/work-from-home positions please point me that way. I'm still looking for a restaurant/retail position, but it's a horrible time to try to find one of those in this area.
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    ([personal profile] oyceter Jan. 21st, 2017 02:47 pm)
    I'm going to be posting anti-Trump stuff under the tag "potatoes of defiance" (thank you Terry Pratchett!) for anyone who wants to filter it out.

    Anyway, I finally managed to set up a few recurring donations yesterday and am deciding what to do with the rest of the money I've budgeted for donations. And I made my first call to my Congressperson. It went to voicemail, and I stuttered a bit, and I don't even know if it was helpful, but at least that was a start!

    Also waving a fist in solidarity to everyone going out to march today. CB is out there, but my cold has triggered my asthma so I'm not =(. The pictures of people around the world protesting are great though.

    And as an FYI, I've stopped crossposting to LJ and am still debating over deleting all my posts there and/or my account.
    ([personal profile] miladygrey Jan. 21st, 2017 04:30 pm)
    To everyone who is at a march, supporting a march, or (like me) not able to participate in one due to various reasons, but watching coverage with amazement, hope, and some tears:

    I love you.

    Stronger together.

    Reading Log: Elisha Rex by E.C. Ambrose; Guardian's Mate by Jennifer Ashley; The Creation of Anne Boleyn by Susan Bordo; Seriously Shifted by Tina Connolly; Poisoned Blade by Kate Elliott; Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff; How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back by Diana Rowland; Libby on Wednesday by Zilpha Keatley Snyder; Blood Vow by J.R. Ward
    elisi: (Grandma Clinton)
    ([personal profile] elisi Jan. 21st, 2017 09:24 pm)

    And Madonna singing...
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    ([personal profile] stardreamer posting in [community profile] thisfinecrew Jan. 21st, 2017 02:39 pm)
    A linguist explains how to write protest signs that everyone will remember.

    Words matter. Part of the reason Republicans have been so successful for the last half-century is that they seized control of the discourse. They turned "liberal" into a dirty word, and they've been trying to do the same thing with "progressive".

    Going the other way, think about how the same-sex marriage movement took off when some genius reframed it from "gay marriage" to "marriage equality".

    An effective protest sign will also be an effective T-shirt slogan, or bumper sticker, or tweet (or hashtag, if it's really short).

    Remember also the slogan "Short is good. Funny is good. Short and funny is better." Because people remember funny stuff -- but don't let that stop you from writing a short, snappy angry sign either. One that I saw at the march in Houston today was "Grab them by the BALLOTS".

    People will tell you that we can't win this war with soundbites. But that doesn't mean that soundbites aren't a useful tool! And you can be sure it's a tool the other side will be using.
    musesfool: "You think you know Nightwing. You don't know Dick." (you don't know dick)
    ([personal profile] musesfool Jan. 21st, 2017 03:00 pm)
    Five things make a post:

    a. I found this post by Chuck Wendig comforting yesterday: No One's Coming To Save Us, So We Have To Save Each Other.

    ii. I'm not marching for a couple of reasons but I have been heartened by many of the pictures I've seen, and enjoyed the fannish ones like Melissa Benoist and this Princess Leia sign.

    3. I saved this tutorial on making body glitter gel so spent some time this morning doing that, though I used little roller ball bottles so you can roll it on like perfume. It was easy and sparkly, and so having bought a bunch of supplies, I will likely be giving little glittery gifts to people for the next few months. Do not doubt my commitment to sparkle motion.

    D. I thought I'd found a vid I'd been hoping someone had made, but it turned out to suffer from talking throughout (why is this so popular now? it just jars me right out of the vid when the talky meat starts talking.) so really, someone should make a Star Wars ladies vid to "Castle" without any dialogue to interfere.

    5. For the January talking meme, [personal profile] innie_darling asked me If you could, right now, create a TV show and have complete control (it would either be you or people you've picked) over the writing, casting, directing, etc., what would that show be?

    I've thought about this a lot and while there are no really original ideas I want, and without repeating the Gotham Central and Blue Beetle ideas, I thought about an Organa family political style drama, and a live action show where we see Ahsoka's life between the end of the novel and the beginning of Rebels, but what I really want (and I kind of can't decide between them) is this:

    ♦ "Does Whatever a Spider Can!" with Peter Parker as a married 30yo high school bio teacher trying to keep body and soul together while he mentors Miles Morales and Anya Sofia Corazon as teenage superheroes, since no one else is willing to do it. There could be appearances by the Young Avengers and Rikki Barnes. ELI COULD BE A RECURRING CHARACTER. but mostly it would be Peter and Miles trying to get through the day as teacher and student and be superheroes at night while working in a world that doesn't really appreciate them. I would keep Andrew Garfield as Peter and find a new kid to be Miles, and film it in Queens as it should be filmed. Maybe let Greg Weisman write it, since he seemed to get Spidey in Spectacular Spider-Man?

    ♦ "Keeping Up with the Waynes," the Batfamily hangout sitcom, probably centered on Alfred's POV, with Bruce (played by Jon Hamm) sort of an occasional presence, but really more concerned with various Batgirls and Robins in their various incarnations and split between stately Wayne Manor and the Wayne Tower penthouse/bunker, featuring Dick, Babs, Jason, Tim, Steph, Cass, Damian, and Duke, with occasional appearances by other characters - Tam and Lucius Fox, Helena and Dinah, Kate and Renee, Maps Mizoguchi, Kon and Bart, etc. But not focused on the superheroics. Like, maybe there'd be some detective work, but it'd mostly be in the background as they ate waffles and complained about having to get bloodstains out of leather and write papers/attend galas/run Wayne Enterprises etc. with Alfred watching over them benevolently. We'd see Dick as the society darling of the paparazzi, Steph and Jason both in school - Steph unsure of a path or major or even why she's there at all, but Jason studying sociology and planning to be a social worker, Tim having long since graduated and running Wayne Enterprises, Babs as Oracle, and Cass in her ballet classes and maybe working with little kids somehow, Damian's disdain for school and the series of hilariously escalating notes he forges to get him out of class.

    I feel like the dialogue here should be Sorkin-y, so let Sorkin write it but have someone else direct and run the show, but have it be separate from the Berlanti-verse shows, so it could be its own thing.

    Not terribly original, but definitely fun if done right! *g*

    monanotlisa: H.G. Wells handling a warehouse-y gun, Myka looking at it, open-mouthed (Wells & Bering - Warehouse13)
    ([personal profile] monanotlisa Jan. 21st, 2017 09:09 am)
    Sally and I are almost off for the Oakland Women's March, then for the San Francisco March (details for all of the Bay Area Women's Marches).

    I'll undoubtedly chronicle it on my Instagram, and if you're there and want to meet up -- ping me in the comments; I've screened them.
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    ([personal profile] aralias Jan. 21st, 2017 02:30 pm)
    since all those oblaque reviews are still bieng posted, i've been thinking about B/A etc. not writing anything, obviously, but thinking about it. i've been thinking for a while that i should post a list of all the fics that i think i haven't read, as posting this sort of thing on the internet is often useful, and at worst is just tedious for the reader.

    i'm using nova's A/B list as a base. all internet fics are assumed to have been read - which doesn't mean i remember them, or (if they really weren't for me) read them at all closely. however - did have access to them at some point.

    most of what remains are a) fics in really old zines and b) fics in multimedia zines that i otherwise have no interest in. or both! it is assumed they are not online.

    there are more than i expected, too. what i've also learned is that tara is by far the most obscure author in the fandom. her work (of which there is quite a bit) hardly features in b7 anthologies - it's scattered about the place.

    the unread )
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    ([personal profile] elisi Jan. 21st, 2017 01:49 pm)
    Hillary Clinton wore white — a symbol of women's suffrage — to Trump's inauguration
    It was a striking statement on the eve of the Women’s March on Washington.

    Hillary and Michelle
    (Their FACES.)

    This facebook post
    Seriously. Read it. It isn't long.

    "The worst thing that can happen in a democracy - as well as in an individual's life - is to become cynical about the future and lose hope."
    - Hillary Clinton


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