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September recs update ahoy:

[personal profile] unfitforsociety has been updated for September 2014 with 25 recs in 6 fandoms:

* 20 Avengers
* 2 Crossovers
* 1 Guardians of the Galaxy, 1 Leverage, and 1 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Read, love, comment!


September 2014 writing roundup:

The Wooly Soldier (@ AO3)
Captain America; Steve/Bucky; g; 1,330 words
Steve just wants to keep Bucky warm.

Man, I remember when I would write 12 stories a month. Now I'm going to be lucky to hit twelve a year. but I haven't yet broken my streak of finishing and posting at least one thing every month since September 2000. So that's something. I have other wsip and ideas, but I just don't have the mental energy lately.

Last night, I went to bed at 9 and could barely get out of bed at 7:30 this morning. That ain't right.

On the plus side, tonight, I'm meeting [personal profile] innie_darling for dinner and then going to hear Aretha Franklin speak at the 92nd St Y, so that's exciting. I will report back tomorrow. *g*


Top 5 songs:

5. Atlantic City - Bruce Springsteen
4. Goodnight New York - Vienna Teng
3. On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons
2. Bossa Nova Baby - Elvis Presley (remixed by...someone? It's the version from that Heineken commercial, which I'd feel bad about except for how it's AWESOME)
1. Anna Sun - Walk the Moon

Any or all of these would make for a good Steve/Bucky vid, if you're looking for a song. I am just saying.


One of my yuletide noms has been approved so far (Middleman!) but not the other two (Enlisted, which has like 10 stories on AO3 (all brothercest, of course, which is not what I'm looking for, quelle surprise), and Blue Beetle, which has 425 stories in the archive, but that's still well under the limit, so. I didn't go check, though. Sigh.)

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([personal profile] kaffyr Oct. 1st, 2014 12:02 pm)

[personal profile] promethia_tenk 's birthday, and anyone who enjoys lively, thoughtful discussions about Doctor Who should rejoice that the universe has retained her excellent services for another year! Of course, she's also fun to talk to about almost anything, blessed as she is with a quick wit, a sense of the ridiculous, vast knowledge of humanity and a willingness to put up with those of us who get our alphabet soups all mixed up.

Happy Birthday, and may you have many more; I'm glad I know you!
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Past Me is so thoughtful. Last week, I realized I really needed to get ahold of The Handmaid's Tale because I was teaching it starting this Monday. That very day, I found an email from the library saying my hold had arrived. Past Me had put the book on hold and I didn't have to scramble!

This morning, I came into my office after teaching and wanted tea, but I didn't know if I had any cream in the fridge. Then I opened it and--Past Me had provided!

All of which means that Present Me has to work hard to please Future Me, but the benefits really are worth it.

I think I am a little absent-minded these days, in that I forget what Past Me has or hasn't done, but the result is that when Past Me did something awesome, I appreciate it all the more because it feels like someone else really detail-oriented and thoughtful is looking out for me.

Thanks, Past Me!
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More details have emerged on the New York Comic Con panel. Andy Greenwald from Grantland is moderating!

This piece on psychological experimentation in television drama focuses on both The Americans and Hannibal.

Moviepilot has a review of season two.

And finally, this Huffington Post piece about "sexually unapologetic women" briefly mentions our show.
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Title: They Grew Up Young
Fandom: Gotham (TV)
Rating: PG-13
Length: around 5,000 words
Characters: Bruce Wayne and Gordon, a little Alfred, Cat on the periphery
Warnings/additional tags: this is gen, but there are sexual overtones that involve an underaged person. There is nothing explicit, and I assume you could read it and not see any of that, but I put it there purposely, so there you go.
Summary: Snapshots of Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne as they get older. Bruce fucks up a lot and Gordon wonders what the hell to do about it.

Link: They Grew Up Young

So I either cracked or discovered a crack in the decant I was applying to deconventionalize my arm...

It was Sécrétions Magnifique.

The 10 minute ordeal of transferring it to a new container before my bathroom became hopelessly contaminated was super-special.

The amount already applied and the amount that got on me during the transfer were quickly scrubbed, though it's lingering on my fingertips if I sniff them directly.

In lieu of deconventionalization via Sécrétions Magnifique, the role of Smells Unlike a Mall will be played for the remainder of the night by Dzing!.

Let the record show the last decant I broke was MKK.

Let the record also show that this had the potential to be far, far worse. At least the MKK broke in the sink.
Summary: When the Dawn Treader turned and began rowing west, Caspian thought he would never recover from the piercing sweetness of the uttermost East. (325 words)

As through a Glass, with Joy )


That was not remotely what I expected to write for that word, nor was it an area of canon I ever thought I'd deal with, but hey, I'll take it. *wry* I picked this name for Ramandu's daughter years ago, when I had a notion to write a story in which the Lady of the Green Kirtle conspired with Queen Prunaprismia to conquer Narnia while Caspian was away on his voyage, but I never had any reason to use it until now.
Hey! It is autumn! I can try new things again!

I don't in the summer, because heat and new to me perfume are unmixy things, in case anyone was wondering why I wasn't talking scent.

Anyhow, for reasons that boil down to killing time, an unattended Macy's perfume counter, and poor aim, I wound up with Gucci Guilty on my hand and no place where I could scrub it off, so I decided to roll with it.

I went into this with no knowledge of the notes. It's apparently classified as a floriental. I can add the notes later, but it's mainly flowery stuff, possibly fruity stuff, pepper stuff, and patchouli stuff. Hey, this is an accidental review: full notes are for when I meant to do that.

It's... not as bad as it could be?

I guess?

The thing is, you know how there are always retro inspired fashions? The ones that 20-30 years later get sold as 80s does 40s on Etsy?

It's so very 2010s does 1980s. Like, if you took Poison and made an almost homeopathic version and then added that to one of the hint-o-peach florals of the early 2000s. The opening was very Benefit Maybe Baby. (I love Maybe Baby, and count it as one of the few chaste scents I like.)
The drydown, though, is totally someone's vague memory of what Poison smelt like. Vague and fairly tamed down.

So, yeah, that's Guilty for you. Nice enough, though derivative, and if there's even a hint of naughty, it fades to black really damn fast.
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...from Doctor Who. I was really hoping I'd enjoy Twelve and the new season, but all the things that annoyed me about the last couple of years of Eleven are still present if not moreso. So I'm going to save the eps in case the rest of the season ends up being amazing and I can give it another chance then. My Doctor Who spoiler ban is officially lifted, as I no longer care about being spoiled. I'll continue to hope that the BBC finds another showrunner sooner rather than later.

For now, this marks the end of DW for me. I burned out on the fandom a long time ago, and lost the writing bug some time after that. Eleven's era didn't click for me the way Ten's did, and Twelve plus Moffat has turned out to be actively less appealing for me than I could have imagined. I just don't feel like I have way into the show anymore and I don't enjoy it. Which is a shame. But it's more of a relief to let it go, which says it all really.
Gotham is a mess, but it has seeds of a show I could enjoy - Donal Logue is really good as Harvey Bullock and Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney grabs my attention and holds it hostage every time she's onscreen. I see people call her OTT or annoying, but I think she's exactly what a lady mob boss on a show set in Gotham City should be.

As I said on Tumblr last night, now I want the story where Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder is her lawyer. They grew up together (Philly and Gotham are not that far from each other), and took different paths to power. Now as adults, Annalise gets the call to defend Fish (?! I feel like she needs an actual name her friends call her; just saying "Fish" makes me think of Abe Vigoda.) and they have hot antagonistic reunion sex. You know you want to write it for me

I also think the kid playing Bruce was good in his scene last night minor spoiler ) but I still do not like what they're doing with Alfred. And also Jim Gordon needs to show some personality soon, because right now he's not very compelling.

I was thinking about this on my commute home tonight, and if I were the one writing this show, I would have done it slightly differently - keeping the elements that they've given us, I would have had Cobblepot be the parallel/foil for Gordon. Sure, he works for the mob, but he's trying to be a decent guy! I would have started him out as the smartest guy in the room just trying to survive in shark-infested waters, not a homicidal cretin with mommy issues. And then he could be get angrier and more corrupt and more broken over the course of the series, just as Jim Gordon gets more and more worn down trying to be the lone righteous man in the GCPD.

I mean, this is not revolutionary - I feel like they could have easily done a DC universe version of The Wire, where Fish Mooney is Avon Barksdale and Cobblepot is Stringer Bell, trying to go legit but not being able to etc.

Right now, as I said, I feel like it has elements that could work, but ugh, they need to stop the winking-and-nudging about the comics, and just go for it.

Arrow comes back next week and The Flash starts, so at least there'll be some actual entertaining superheroing going on soon on my tv.


Sleepy Hollow
spoilers )

I have been reading through this year's Narnia Fic Exchange stories with great enjoyment. I am not done yet, even though there are only twenty-five of them. This is because I try to take more time with gift exchange fics, and leave thoughtful comments.

I think I do that partly as a sort of interest payment on my normal utter failure at leaving feedback ("kudos" and "like" options are a godsend, seriously), and partly because I know that I spend the anonymous portion of such fests twitchy and nervous, wondering if people will like my work without my name attached to it. I mean, not that I have all that much name recognition to start with, but I have a little simply by virtue of kicking around various fandoms for twelve years now. There is value in being a known quantity. And I figure that if I feel nervous, at least some other writers probably do too, so I want to say, "Yes, people are reading your work and responding positively!"

This can, of course, get tricky with some stories, depending on the subject matter and the writer's skill level, but there is always something you can pick out and say, "I liked this metaphor," or "I liked how happy everyone seemed," or "You got the melancholy mood across very clearly," or "I had never thought of X that way, but you have convinced me it's an interpretation worth examining," etcetera ad infinitum. And you just shut up and don't mention the parts that are Not Your Ship, Not Your Kink, Not Your Writing Style, or whatever, unless you know the writer is okay with concrit in a public arena... which, given that the stories are usually anonymous at the time, you have no way to be sure of. So be polite. :-)

(I guess this maybe sounds like I advocate fraudulent praise as payment for participation? That's not what I mean, though. My praise can be extremely selective in focus -- I would never deny that -- but if I say I liked an element of a story, I honestly mean that I liked that element.)

For Better or For Worse (1074 words) by Ruuger
Fandom: The Mentalist
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Patrick Jane & Madeleine Hightower
Characters: Madeleine Hightower, Patrick Jane
Additional Tags: Episode Tag, Episode: s03e15 Red Gold
Series: Part 6 of Episode tags for The Mentalist
Summary: Jane and Hightower have a talk after "Red Gold".

Fifty Shades Freed--Chapter Five (Part I)

In which Ana panics for no good reason; Grey imitates Edward Cullen at his creepiest; Ana recalls a honeymoon in which she was either in tears or terrified of angering her husband as "blissful"; Grey gives Ana a completely unnecessary Jet Ski lesson; Grey threatens the the incorrect person with mutilation; Ana prefers dreaming about Christian Grey to dealing with the actual person; Grey upsets Ana twice over by telling her that she's gained weight; Ana ponders WHO COULD HAVE SET THE SERVER ROOM FIRE (despite there only being one suspect); and Grey tells Ana that if he could have sex with his car, he'd prefer the car.
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([personal profile] onyxlynx Sep. 30th, 2014 08:45 am)
 to [personal profile] jonsinger !  Great happiness, cool experiments, and culinary ecstasy!
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I was really worried about moving because it seemed we'd picked the worst possible weekend for it. (Not that we had much choice--the precipitous closing date was what clinched the deal for us, we think.) But most of our usual moving crew, my family, was either out of town or incapacitated. I'd never hired movers before and I was wary of them because you hear horror stories. And they were hard to book! They were either full up or not very good at returning phone messages. Several times I got forwarded to voicemails of people I'd already not heard back from, so I had to call back to the main line and say NO I WANT A PERSON. And then, of course, the morning of the move they were an hour later than their time-window, so we were panicking and starting to look up last-minute uhaul rentals, which would've been a nightmare.

But in the end, things actually went much more smoothly than we feared! [personal profile] bell and I agree that we're pretty awesome at moving. We'd been packing, with help from family, for two weeks; we got all the boxes moved the night before the movers came; and once we'd gotten the furniture into the new place, we went back to the old place and cleaned all afternoon on time for our landlord's inspection in the evening.

The landlord was also really good around letting us break our lease. She halved the lease-breaking fee, and in exchange for the last few days of September rent, told us we wouldn't have any security deposit deductions for little dings and the wall-holes from where we'd mounted a mirror. Basically, instead of being trapped paying for two places, our worst-case scenario, we'll probably actually see some money back from our security deposit, even after the lease-breaking! Which, I believe, should pay for the movers. So that worked out well, and it meant the pregnant lady didn't have to shift any furniture, hooray!

We got the internet set up Sunday morning. Then we went out and bought some little things that a place with two bathrooms needs--bathroom mats, hand towels, soap dishes--and stocked up on groceries. After that, it was a day of rest, a much-needed and well-deserved one that we enjoyed whole-heartedly.

The cats are getting used to the new place. The first day, when we brought them, Maddy was so carsick. More than usual. She often lasts ten or fifteen minutes before she starts pooping in her carrier. This time, well, I think I'd backed out of our parking space before it started. Poor woobie. Chelsea was fine in the car, aside from some sad mews, but once we reached the place and set her free, she was in a New Place and that was terrifying. She had to go around and hiss and growl at all the rooms, just to warn them that she was fierce, and would not tolerate any unknown dangers leaping out at her unexpectedly, lest she kill them and eat them.

Maddy seemed better at first, once we'd cleaned her up and let her free--she didn't hiss or growl or hide--but it was clear that she was on Full Alert, and not very easy with this crazy topsy-turvy world we'd stuck her in. She's gotten much better, though. Last night she was sprawled on the top of her cat-tree, looking pleased and smug and napping while showing her belly. Anyway, the humans still feed her in this new place, and that's the important thing.

Both cats are still making sure that they're near us; if we go upstairs or downstairs, they'll follow. Either because we're likely to do something interesting, or because we're likely to abandon them if we're not watched closely.

Yesterday I got distracted from work and did quite a lot of unpacking, enough that I was able to get the furniture into an acceptable configuration. Over time we do want to level up on furniture, but for now the space is liveable and inviting. We feel home. Even though there are still many boxes left to unpack (books, kitchen stuff, clothes...).

Things I love about the new place: more light! Less noise (no upstairs neighbours)! A good feeling of space. Nice neighbourhood to walk around in (and you can walk to the c-train in 15 minutes, or at least you can right now before it snows; call it twenty minutes starting in November).

So it's been a busy weekend but now we are here! And I managed not to fall behind on teaching or anything! And today is my non-going-to-campus day, so it's time for some serious grading and RAship work. Thus, I vow to turn off the internet and Accomplish All The Things.

accountability to-do list: engaged! )
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Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie
Akhenaten - Dorothy Porter
The Harp in the South - Ruth Park
Frog Music - Emma Donoghue
Her Private Passion - Rebecca Tregaron, Honey Dover, Victoria Janssen, Isla Sinclair, Mona Midnight
Nor Iron Bars A Cage - Kaje Harper
This Book is Haunted - David McRobbie
The Penitent Damned - Django Wexler
A Medieval Romance - Mark Twain

i read things )


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