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([personal profile] oyceter Jul. 7th, 2015 10:23 pm)
After watching several MCU movies (particularly CA2) in preparation for Age of Ultron, I wanted more source material and ended up mainlining this despite being completely meh about it when it first aired. I'm still unconvinced that the writers think SHIELD is as sketchy as I do, which is frustrating, because they keep toeing the line of "SHIELD is untrustworthy" and then hastily backpedaling and reassuring us that Coulson is great and trustworthy, and therefore by extension, so is SHIELD.

On the plus side, the second season added some much more interesting new characters and threw a few wrenches in the "happy team yay" vibe from the first few episodes.

Spoilers )
Here, have a little Narutostuck ficlet, for no particular reason.

Summary: The thing about Abyss, the part no outsider understands, is that it wasn't horrible at all. It was family. (275 words)

Narutostuck: Culture Shock )


Blargh. Where has my creativity gone this past week? My brain feels all gummed up and slow.

(Oh, right, and for context: Abyss is Kouin's version of Root, but as you can see its deep mental conditioning took a slightly different direction. If you have any tips for making Jade a more obviously unreliable narrator, they would be most welcome.)
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([personal profile] settiai Jul. 7th, 2015 10:22 pm)
Do any of you have any experience with 2-in-1s, the laptops whose keyboards can be folded back so that they basically turn into a tablet? If so, what's your opinion? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

My laptop is starting to get some age on it, and -- while it works well enough when I want to get online while sitting on the sofa -- it's not really that convenient when I need to have a computer while out and about. I've been considering getting a tablet, but I need something with a keyboard if I'm going to use it for writing. Typing on a touch screen is fine for a text message or a tweet, but anything longer than that and it just... doesn't work for me.

So, yes, opinions? Anyone? I'm getting an extra paycheck this month, so if I do decide to get something I'll probably be getting it later in July (so that I'll have it in time for VVC).
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One of the things I did over the weekend was watch Grantchester, which was easy because there's only 6 episodes, and sad because now I have no more episodes to watch and I loved it a lot.

I highly recommend it if you are at all interested in English cozy mysteries featuring a super hot vicar with PTSD (and maybe a small drinking problem) and his BFF policeman, who is played by Robson Green. It's lovely and melancholy and feels well-lived-in despite the small number of episodes. I enjoyed the secondary characters: the disapproving housekeeper, Mrs. Maguire; Leonard, the closeted curate who looks like Pee-wee Herman; Amanda, the lady that Sidney, the above-mentioned vicar, is in love with.

[personal profile] raven does a much better job selling it here, and the comments of her post led me here, to a post about "Grantchester's take on masculinity in post-WWII Britain." (Oh, yeah, the show's set in the early 1950s in the titular town of Grantchester.) [personal profile] alethia also has some good posts about the show in her Grantchester tag.

It aired earlier this year on PBS in the US, and it's available on Amazon, though not for free.

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([personal profile] ruuger Jul. 8th, 2015 12:22 am)

I went back and forth for at least ten minutes trying to decide whether or not I'd actually want to watch this. Not because of any possible spoilers, but because what if it sucked? This is not an option that I'm willing to even consider yet.

So I was a bit relieved when it only had about two seconds of footage from the new show (Mulder and Scully in the dark with flashlights, eeeeee!!!) and the rest was promotion for the DVDs. I can happily continue to live with the delusion that it will be the most perfect thing ever (because it will be! It! Will! Be!).

(btw, when the "seasons 1-9 on DVD" text popped up, I immediately though of you, [personal profile] wendelah1 - still no blurays!)
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[personal profile] valtyr: this is the 21st century, guys, all this international sales fuckery should be solved.

So Lois McMaster Bujold has two self-published books out (Sidelines, a collection of essays, and a new Chalion novella called "Penric’s Demon"), and I can't get either of them.

I don't know why, but she only publishes on amazon, B&N and iBooks, and doesn't put up kobo or a straight up epub format. So basically since I don't have either of the proprietary formats, B&N won't sell nookbooks to Canadian address, and I'm not pirating from LMB, I must stare through the glass window at the cakes.

IDK, maybe I should try getting an ibooks account, and see if I can wrangle an epub out of that. I just wasted half an hour on B&N though, and Chalion may be one of my favourite fantasy series ever, but I'm not sure it's worth the heartache at this point.


ETA: Was unable to convince B&N that I was american, even when I used my mother in law in TN's address. Ended up buying from Amazon and will have to read in their "Kindle Cloud" whatsit. OH WELL.

I feel like Graham Chapman in Monty Python's bookshop sketch (transcript), but on the other hand I don't think it's super entitled of me to want a book published in a format I can put on my e-reader?
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Why now, Yuletide plot bunnies, why now?

I was driving back from teaching my knitting class and "Jessie's Girl" came on the radio, and a rabid hoard of plotbunnies came out of nowhere and started attacking me.

Because he's so obsessed with Jessie's girl...why? Like, I remember that feeling in high school where you're half-appalled by your friends being sappy with each other, and a little left out, and half-watching as closely as possible out of the corner of your eye because something about it makes you horny as hell.

Anyway, I wrote more on this and put it up on Tumblr, because apparently that's what I associate now with unfinished, poorly written story snippets. Anyone have ideas about where to go next or protestations about my million uses of "just" per sentence, let me know. :)
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([personal profile] lotesse Jul. 7th, 2015 11:38 am)
pray for me, who am go to the dentist this noon
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Ten years ago today. It doesn't feel like 10 years. I remember it all so clearly.
Estimate in notes for transition section: 300 words.

Actual word count for transition section: 288 words.
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([personal profile] samskeyti Jul. 7th, 2015 06:43 pm)
1. Caught the earlier bus home, so I’m in my felted slippers (from Iceland of course) and the oversized, extra-long mohair cardi I call my hand-knitted dressing gown. There’s a cat sitting on my shoulder.

2. On arriving home, I made a “healthy donut” — a small, brown dinner roll (squishy, not crusty) with a teaspoon of jam in the centre (blueberry tonight), then heat in the sandwich press until the outside is crisp and the innards are warm. Om nom nom.

3. The downside of the Sydney Film Festival is that there’s next to nothing I want to see at the local cinema that I haven’t already seen. I hope the cat will allow me to get up to select a dvd and knit but for now I’m stranded with the laptop. *purr*
Fifty Shades Freed--Chapter Seventeen (Part II)

In which Grey is tired of Ana’s father being in an induced coma, indulges in sexual bathing, talks about having supported another ex (while ignoring his canonical blackmail photos of all his ex-subs), is still jealous of Paul Clayton (who showed up two books ago), and fondly reminisces about taking a drunk and unconscious woman to his hotel room, stripping her, and getting into bed with her.

Also, there is NSFW art, Ana is relieved NOT to have sex, and ELJ tries desperately to make “yar” happen.

#sporker: ketmakura #sporker: gehayi #fifty shades freed #fifty shades trilogy #fifty shades of grey #emotional abuse tw #nsfw art #pedophiliac tones tw #sexual situations tw #potential triggers #do not want
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How is the last name Muir supposed to be pronounced? We have a large street in Vancouver named Dunsmuir Street and it's always pronounced DUNZ - muh - WEE - er. But I just met someone with the last name Muir who pronounces it Moore.

Of course, I realize there is no right or wrong way to pronounce a name, especially since this person seems perfectly happy pronouncing their name Moore. But have you run into alternate pronunciations of Muir?

In other news, this salt scrub is my favourite bath/body product ever. Between the exfoliation and the fabulous SMELL, I'm sold. Also, you don't need to use a lot.

So, the Greek no vote in the referendum, good thing or bad thing? A relative is supposed to be going to Greece in August for a sunshine break. Likelihood things will be kinda sorta semi sorted out by then? Sorted out enough that British tourists will be mostly unscathed? Obviously, for Greek people who actually have to live in Greece as opposed to jetting out there once every few years for a holiday, they're not going to be mostly unscathed, because no matter what happens with the EU, and no matter what happened with the outcome of the referendum, things are going to suck big time for quite a while. At least that's what the papers say.

Also, our local transit referendum is back, and it failed 62% to 38%. Speaking as one of the 38%-ers I'm kind of pissed. Yeah, I know the Yes side had its problems, but not putting serious investment into our transit system is not an option, given how fast Greater Vancouver's population keeps growing. Unless you're one of those people who drives everywhere and doesn't notice buses and Skytrain lines exist. I'm being unfair, not to mention bitchy. I know sensible people who voted No for very good reasons. But it still feels like a slap in the face to people like me who depend on public transit to live our lives. I can't just go out and buy a car, even if I could afford one. I don't have a driver's license.

So, what are people up to this fine evening?
I don't remember exactly when I encountered comic books as a concept. I know it must have been via my friend Cat, because she was the one who introduced me to... oh, pretty much any form of pop culture up until I was maybe twelve years old, at which point Vicky began to explore her own tastes and I started borrowing her books and sort of idly watching her shows. The part I remember most dramatically is when Cat talked me into watching the old X-Men cartoon on Fox, back around 1992. That was, quite literally, the first television I watched that wasn't either PBS or the evening news. (No, wait, I lie; I also watched the occasional football game with Dad.) Basically Cat wanted somebody to squee with and I guess she figured I was her best target in our mutual friend group.

She was right.

I assume she introduced me to comics around the same time, mostly in the form of various interrelated X-Men titles with a side order of Spider-Man. She was a Marvel girl through and through and I had no frame of reference for this strange new world, so I just read everything she owned. Then we squeed. And you know, in retrospect there was not a lot of great literary merit in, for example, the X-cutioner's Song crossover arc, but hey. It was a HELL of a lot of fun, and even more fun when shared. :D

But the thing is, comics were a secondhand obsession on my part... )

Also, recommend me some good power fantasies that feature non-sexualized women, please, so I can maybe put hold requests on them too? (I can't buy anything, I'm broke, but at least these days there's a chance some library in the system might have copies of obscure things.) [ETA: I already know about Girl Genius, and yes, I am familiar with Elfquest; that was one of Cat's big things for a while, sometime after her Dragonlance obsession.]
Miller-Zarneke, Tracey — The Art of How to Train Your Dragon
Vaughan, Brian — Saga, Volume 4
Vaughan, Brian — Saga, Volume 5
Wein, Elizabeth — Rose Under Fire

Saga 13-29

CGP Grey
How to Adult
Mental Floss
Pemberly Digital: The March Family Letters
SciShow Space
SciShow Talk Show

Balanced Bites
Dear Hank & John
Nom Nom Paleo
Primal Blue Print
Welcome to Night Vale

Tv Shows
Breaking Bad 3.01-3.13, 4.01
Defiance 3.05
Dragons: Race to the Edge 3.01-3.13
Killjoys 1.03
Falling Skies 5.01
Rizzoli & Isles 6.03
Under the Dome 3.03

Rock of Ages
Terminator: Genesis

DW/Sci-Fi Meetup: Pop Culture Night at B&N: Doctor who
Sci-Fi Meetup: Terminator Showing


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