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([personal profile] aris_tgd Jul. 29th, 2016 02:34 am)
Finished a couple more of that pile of musicals! Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette's 2011 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (for which Larroquette won a Tony) was a stunner. Amazing. Great choraeography, terrific performance choices throughout, great set design, costumes, everything. Their "Brotherhood of Man" made my night. Here, watch it yourself, it was on the Tonys in 2011!

Also checked out the pre-premiere of Sunset Boulevard, a recording of the performance that ALW set up for friends and possible show angels (I assume.) It was weird, but really entertaining! Several of the numbers got reworked even by the time of the cast recording, which was later reworked by the time it came to America. (The original cast recording has Patti LuPone and is kind of gold or orange, the American cast has Glenn Close and is silver, if you're looking at CD cases which nobody does anymore.) Anyway, Patti LuPone, and let me say she is really stellar in front of an audience. In cast recordings she kind of falls flat with no one to react to, but her Norma Desmond was really, really good. As I mentioned to N. (who I was watching this stuff with, because you need friends around to drink and watch musicals,) I have my problems with Andrew Lloyd Webber, but when his style intersects with compatible material it really, really works. ("As If We Never Said Goodbye" is a really moving performance when an actress hits it, and LuPone hit it out of the park.)

Honestly it makes me even madder at that 2011 Company with LuPone and Colbert and Neil Patrick Harris, because SOMEONE screwed up LuPone's direction. There is no reason her version of "Ladies Who Lunch" should have had that many bad choices, but it was dire. "What we want you to do is fight the music on every single line, and also play this as a mental breakdown. Can you do that?" Sigh. Not my favorite interpretation, to be sure. I mean, obviously it's a "Too drunk at a party and going off and realizing how not okay you are" song, but I always feel like Joanne has a level of self-possession even during the yelling parts. Here's Sheila Gish's interpretation from the Donmar Warehouse revival which is one of my faves.

... ugh, my ankles continue to be giving me pains, which is annoying when I'm trying to do the exercises my physical therapist recommended. Heal faster! I'm looking forward to not walking up and down stairs this weekend.
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I just found out from Twitter that Jerry Doyle has died at the age of 60.

How many of the main cast has already died before they turned 65? It's like Lorien's twenty years prediction had been about the cast rather than Sheridan...

reactions from the cast and crew:

JMS's statement about his death

Bill Mumy remembers Jerry
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Heavy lies the head (that never wore a crown) (738 words) by Persephones_Keeper
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Historical RPF, 15th Century CE RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Juana de Castile/Philip the Handsome
Characters: Juana I de Castilla | Joanna of Castile, Isabel I de Castilla | Isabella I of Castile, Fernando II de Aragón | Ferdinand II of Aragon, Catherine queen of Portugal, Charles V Holy Roman Emperor, Philip the Handsome
Additional Tags: Character Study

Daughter, wife, mother, madwoman, and political pawn; Juana of Castile was all of these and more.

Juana of Castile. In another lifetime, she could have been a powerful ruler like her mother before her. Instead, she got doubly screwed by her family and declared insane. I'm torn between wondering whether or not she did, in fact, have some sort of minor mental disorder or if she was simply a passionate non-conformist.
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The collection is now revealed!

Please remember to leave a comment thanking your author.

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Emphasis on the RAINBOW.

For reasons that don't need going into at this juncture, I'd love positive stories about gay men, especially gay millennials/twenty-somethings, that aren't fan fic, slight preference to visual media. Stories about overcoming oppression fine, but no one can die, the gay boys have to be the primary story and have to stay together, and I wouldn't like too much focus on the oppression, especially no graphic violence, and rapes are right out. Genre stuff is great too. In an I know this is asking for the moon grasp, non-neurotypically and/or poc recs would be amazing.


Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger (novel)
Artifice by Alex Woolfson, art by Winona Nelson (graphic novel)
Fair Catch by Del Darcy (novel)
Fire's Stone by Tanya Huff (novel)
Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann (novel)
LOKI (webcomic)
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (novel)
Switch (webcomic)
What Happens in Carpediem (webcomic)
Whyborne & Griffin series by Jordan L. Hawk (novels)
Yousef and Farhad by Amir Solani, art by Khalil Bendib (graphic novel)

Big Eden (film)
4th Man Out (film)
Husbands (web series)
The Sum of Us (film)
The Way He Looks (film)
The Wedding Banquet (film)
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([personal profile] naraht Jul. 28th, 2016 08:05 pm)
Shamefully I haven't been into #yulechat in months now, so it came as a complete surprise that nominations will be opening in only... OK, it's like five weeks from now. But that's pretty early! In Yuletide terms, 'be prepared' is my motto. I have opened up my running list of potential nominations, some of which I remember and some of which obviously seemed like a good idea at some point. Here's my current longlist, from most to least likely.

*** Return to Night - because I must always

*** Tour de France 2016 RPF - maybe I'm going to a special hell but I am so going for it, if only for the joy of writing the letter (which I will likely start soon)

** Ofboðslega frægur - I've meant to nominate this for a couple of years now, I think I finally should?

** Hilda Tablet - one last attempt to create an actual fandom

* Extraordinary Women - if Hilda Tablet fails

* Image of a Drawn Sword - I don't know if this is a good idea or a terrible one, or if I really just want a Charioteer crossover

* Ice Road Truckers - I do know that I mostly want an Aubrey/Maturin AU, so probably a very poor idea

* Turn of the Screw - I remember I was very keen on this at one point, probably after the amazing Halloween production. Less certain what I would request now but it seems like it should be in the tagset somehow.

What are you planning to nominate and/or request?

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([personal profile] onyxlynx Jul. 28th, 2016 10:27 am)
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Heading out to Con.Txt. See you all Sunday!
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During previous dogsitting stints, I have gotten up around 7am to feed Dottie and let her out briefly to pee. Then I have returned to bed for a couple hours (because I am not a morning person) and only started her morning walk around 10:30am.

This time, I am trying an experiment wherein I go to bed by midnight, feed and piddle the dog around 8am, and then stay up. Even allowing time for showering, dressing, and general faffing around, this has let me start her morning walk by 8:45am.

And ye gods, those two hours make so much difference to the ambient heat.

It is a little weird and awkward forcing myself to bed at a 'reasonable' hour instead of indulging my natural night owl tendencies, but given summer temperatures in America? Totally worth it. :)
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Ugh, I think I have swimmer's ear. Or some kind of ear infection anyway. It seems awfully quick (4 days) to be from getting water in my ear and I don't have itchiness or -ugh- discharge. If it continues to hurt (and be muffled hearing-wise), I guess I'll go to the walk-in clinic when I get home on Sunday and have it checked out. Ugh. I guess I'll limit my pool time? I just. don't want to do that. I wonder if they sell ear plugs in the 7-Eleven, since that is the only store within walking distance.

Anyway, I meant to post this yesterday when I was talking about the story, but the post got so long and I was distracted, so here is the poem that helped me figure things out since it seemed very much relevant to both Ahsoka and Vader, and provided both the epigraph and the title:

Another Spring
by Denise Levertov

In the gold mouth of a flower
the black smell of spring earth.
No more skulls on our desks

but the pervasive
testing of death—as if we had need
of new ways of dying? No,

we have no need
of new ways of dying.
Death in us goes on

testing the wild
chance of living,
as Adam chanced it.

Golden-mouth, the tilted smile
of the moon westering
is at the black window,

Calavera of Spring.
Do you mistake me?
I am speaking of living

of moving from one moment into
the next, and into the
one after, breathing

death in the spring air, knowing
air also means
music to sing to.

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I went looking for Besame's 1946 Red Velvet lipstick at my local Sephora on behalf of a friend. Yes, that is the lipstick Hayley Attwell wore in "Agent Carter". Friend had been told by her Sephora in the States that they only carry Besame products online, not in the physical stores. The last time I was in Sephora here, though, the salesperson humble bragged about the store being one of the largest and best-stocked in Western Canada. So I figured they might carry it.

Alas, Canadian Sephora also only carries that lipstick online. But it wasn't a total waste of a visit. The saleswoman was all, "Oh, are you looking for the Peggy Carter lipstick? We've had quite a few requests for that one." And then she noticed that I was wearing earrings with Captain America's shield on them and complimented me on them. So it's official, Sephora employs some geeks.

On Tuesday night I finally dropped off around 3:30 am, only for my alarm to sound at 6:30 am. Last night (so Wednesday night), I got to sleep around 11:30 pm, but alas woke up at 4:30 am. So I've had 8 hours of sleep, which is great. Except you're supposed to get 8 hours of sleep in ONE night, not over the course of 2 nights.

I am reading Andrew Roberts' "The Holy Fox" all about Lord Halifax who very nearly became Prime Minister of Britain in 1940 instead of Churchill. Roberts apparently has some controversial views, about what I've already forgotten, I'm afraid, but the book's good. Heavy, though. I got it out of the library. I've been spoiled by e-books, which fit neatly on my phone. If it gets less stiflingly hot, I will look up Roberts and his controversial views.

Uncle #1 told me all about General Montgomery, whose wife died young, but who gave him one son before she died. Apparently Montgomery, Jr. flatly refused to go into the Army. He'd probably had enough of army discipline growing up. Could be worse. I know someone whose great-grandfather was a brigadier-general in the British Army, and apparently something of a domestic tyrant to his wife, son and daughter. The son earned the brigadier's eternal enmity by declaring himself a conscientious objector in 1939. It sounds like the son didn't lack for personal courage, as he drove an ambulance in London during the Blitz and managed to lose a leg in a bombing-related ambulance accident. But the brigadier never forgave him for losing the leg as a civilian rather than a soldier.

OK, it's nearly 7 am. Time to get dressed and go to work. What are the rest of you up to today?
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I haven't been keeping up with the Democratic National Convention except via liveblogs, which means I'll have a stack of speeches to watch later. I'm looking forward to it; according to all I've heard they've been pretty good. I'm honestly really stoked about Clinton. I'm not fond of much the US has done in terms of foreign policy since before John Foster Dulles was running it, but that's not going to change without a massive paradigm shift, I fear.

Anyway, over in fiction, watched the copy of the stage version of Mamma Mia! I got. Boy, I like that dorky musical. And I like the movie adaptation, for all its flaws. I mean, it's nice to have a recording of the stage version and remember, oh yeah, with professional singers this sounds a lot better, but it's not like the hits of ABBA are even moderately challenging, vocally. Hearing Pierce Brosnan struggle through "S.O.S." isn't nearly as embarrassing as Russell Crowe in Les Mis. But yes, having pro singers rather than just pro actors is nice. Also, I really think that moving "Take A Chance On Me" was a mistake. I understand why they staged it that way for the movie--the dramatic ending to "The Winner Takes It All" was basically worth every penny they spent on it--but it's worse in every respect. (Stage version: Rosie and Bill alone setting up chairs before the ceremony. Movie version: At the banquet after the ceremony in full view of everyone.) I think the movie made some good cuts, but I will forever be resentful that they stiffed "Lay All Your Love On Me."

Ugh, I can't wait for the week to be over. I need more sleep than I've been getting.
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Safely returned from the north-eastern Highlands and having a ton of laundry to deal with.

More detailed holiday report will follow, once Cavendish and I have gone through what feels like a gazillion of pictures ;-)
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Went to Catfe today after work with a friend. Yes, it's a cafe, with shelter cats just hanging out. I managed NOT to adopt any of them, although they were all exceptionally mellow and adorable. I suspect only kitties with a certain temperament get chosen to be feline ambassadors at the cafe. There was a mum and a little girl of about 5 there, and this kid played with one of the cats and a wand toy with feathers on the end for a good 40 minutes. I kept thinking either the little girl or the cat would get tired of the game eventually, but neither of them did. Also, I had a very tasty veggie quiche. The cafe is in the International Village mall near Stadium - Chinatown Skytrain station.

Young Miss Weaver came UNGLUED when I got home, and she smelled strange cats on me. She is a typical only child, does not share well with others.
Writing stuff:

1. I grabbed a Ladystuck Remix pinch hit. This was possibly a bad idea, but I very much want to play with some of the writer in question's stories, so. We shall see how it goes. :)

2. I just received my Narnia Fic Exchange assignment, whereupon I cracked up and startled the dog, because my recipient reflected several of my own prompts right back at me with slightly different emphases. Obviously these are stories I am interested in! The question now is whether they are stories I can write as well as stories I want to read...

3. I am continuing to edit pieces of "The Transient and the Eternal" and post them to AO3. Most of the edits so far have been very minor -- punctuation tweaks, a rephrased clause here and there -- but the tenth fic got some actual substantive changes. I wanted to mitigate some glaring sexism that snuck in while I wasn't examining my default cultural assumptions, and I wanted to play up Sara and Kira's friendship a bit more by clarifying that she cares about him, she knows he's dangerous, and she doesn't find him personally intimidating in the slightest. Also the beta draft final paragraphs were missing some connective logic, so I needed to let them breathe a touch more.

4. I hate my WIP Big Bang. Hate it, hate it, hate it. ...On the brighter side, my artist sent me a progress shot of the illustration and it looks really cool. So there's that!
New Year’s Resolutions

If you took part in Yuletide and defaulted after the default deadline, or you submitted an incomplete story at the posting deadline, we ask you to complete a New Year’s Resolution story before you sign up again.

There are currently over 200 people on our NYR list. We are sending an email to everyone who was added to the list after Yuletide 2015. We don’t want you to get to Yuletide 2016, try to sign up, and realise at this late juncture that you are under a restriction.

The email we use is the one currently associated with your AO3 account. If you have any doubt about whether you fulfilled the Yuletide challenge last year, please check your AO3 account details to see what email address the message was sent to. It’s also possible that our message has gone to your spam folder.

You are welcome to comment here or to email and ask if you are on the list of people who need to complete a New Year’s Resolution fic.

More information about New Year’s Resolutions )

Schedule note

Yuletide will be on the early side this year.

Yuletide nominations will begin on September 9.
Yuletide sign-ups will begin on October 1.

We will have more dates and information for you in August.
I'm going to keep posting these for a while, though probably not on any actual schedule. Anyway, parts 7 and 8 are now up on AO3. Part 9 has minor edits from its beta draft version. Part 10 has more significant changes, particularly to the concluding paragraphs.

The Transient and the Eternal: Kisses - Kira and Setsuna discuss a theoretical extra-credit science project. (1,275 words)

The Transient and the Eternal: Irritating People - Setsuna has a girlfriend. Sara and Kira hate her. (1,400 words)

General warnings for Angel Sanctuary apply: namely, that the canon is built of WTF and incest (and very pretty art), so please proceed with caution. :)
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([personal profile] kerravonsen Jul. 28th, 2016 09:46 am)
You know the saying "those who trade Liberty for Security deserve neither"?
I have another one to add to it: those who trade Privacy for Convenience deserve neither.


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