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1. Norma Bates (Bates Motel version)

2. Philip Jennings (The Americans)

3. Missy (aka Gomez!Master) (Doctor Who)

4. Jimmy McGill (Better Call Saul)

5. Rachel Duncan (Orphan Black)

6. James McGraw/Captain Flint (Black Sails)

7. Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

8. Bernie Gunther (Philip Kerr: The Bernie Gunther Mysteries)

9. Sarah Connor (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

10. Alfred of Wessex (The Last Kingdom)

11. Andra'ath/Miss Quill (Class)

12. Londo Mollari (Babylon 5)

13. Phyllis Crane (Call the Midwife)

14. Doc Holliday (Wynona Earp incarnation)

15. Jessica Jones (MCU version)

And you came up with some awesome prompts!

Now the questions: )
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Department fannish brattishness, aka, why doesn't the internet cater to me more, Better Call Saul subdepartment: most of the fanfiction can be divided into:

a) Post Breaking Bad stories which are really about Jesse, or at best Jesse and Jimmy/Saul. Of these, a third feels like the "Better Call Saul" tag isn't needed at all, because it doesn't use BCS canon, and Saul's characterisation is that of Breaking Bad. The stories which do warrant the BCS crossoverdom, use BCS characterisation and sometimes even BCS characters other than Jimmy/Saul himself, still are Jesse/Saul, and my problem here is that I don't buy it. Oh, I buy Jimmy as bisexual, no problem. I buy Jesse as repressedly bisexual. Saul appreciating the pretty in Jesse? Okay. Saul having some affection for the kid? Absolutely, he does try to help him out between the first and second half of season 5. But when the stories are trying to sell me on is Saul as actually in love with Jesse, and having been for some time. And that's where the mental "err, no, not sold" comes in. Because Spoilers for season 5 of Breaking Bad ensue. ) And that's before we get to the Jesse part of the equation. (On the one hand, somewhat easier, due to Jesse's tendency to attach himself to middle aged males, otoh, s5 Jesse after finding out Saul helped Walt to do the Spoilery Thing from the s4 finale doesn't react in a way that makes me think he'd have positive feelings towards Saul thereafter.)

b) Jimmy/Saul & Original Female Character: I don't begrudge anyone their Odenkirk crush. Enjoy. I'm not interested in the stories, though.

c) Jimmy/Hamlin: the show certainly offers both foe yay set up and post Pimento reveal reconciliation scenarios, so I totally see where this is coming from, but alas, Hamlin isn't doing anything for me. I mean, in this capacity - the character certainly is a good element of the show. So, no reading interest.

d) Jimmy/Nacho: um. They haven't interacted since mid s1? I don't see either of them being remotely interested? Moving on.

e) Jimmy/Kim: my BCS OTP, and I've read all the four or five stories in existence, alas.

What I'd like to see/want more of: screwed up McGill family dynamic, naturally; crossover case fic in which Kim and/or Jimmy represent someone from another fictional 'verse; Kim origin and early HHM years speculation; what Kim was up to during Breaking Bad speculation. In conclusion, more Kim. Oh, and the one crossover scenario where younger Jimmy (with or without Marco in tow) meets Mr. Wednesday and his partner Lie Smith and adopts a role model. Obviously.
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I'm on the road, which means no Bates Motel, which started last night, until I'm back since it's neither on Amazon Video nor on Netflix. Lack of time means also lack of sensible thought for International Women's Day, so here's a trivial one instead: with fandom's tendency to pair up characters from different fandoms if the actors have played a couple (or at least characters close to each other) in a completely different show/movie, how come no one has let Jessica Jones encounter Jesse Pinkman yet? At least I assume no one has, trying out the character combination at the AO3.

It would be interesting beyond the part where Jesse freaks out about a Jane doppelganger. After all, they've both been broken in different ways, but aren't innocents themselves, they know what it is to have someone extremely manipulative in their heads. Also, Jessica's a detective, Jesse, when the show ends, is something spoilery. ) You could easily construct a plot where she has to track him down for someone.
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Trying to distract myself from awful news, another meme prompt replied to. The question being about characters rather than heroines, I devote this entry to the shadier spectrum of female characters beloved by me. None from a still open canon, to make things easier on myself. In no particular order:

Spoiler for Highlander, I Claudius, Angel, The Three Musketeers and Breaking Bad )

The other days
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Yuletide assignment: more generic than most I got - basically it amounts to "more of what canon does so well" (which I sympathize with, since I have fandoms where I want just that, too). I can work with that, since I love the canon in question (obviously) and it leaves me ample manvoeuvring room. But because there's no specific prompt, I'm currently at sea as to what the plot might be...

Meanwhile, I did a meme and fed it some of my stories in various fandoms. Fitting the day, the first result I got was this:

I write like
Edgar Allan Poe

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

What surprises me about this is that the story in question was a Breaking Bad one, Blood Ties, about the relationship between Marie and Skyler. Mind you, I love Poe, but he's not the voice that comes to mind when thinking of either Breaking Bad in general or this story in particular.

Next, I tried one of my adventures into RPF, to wit, the one where Mary Renault meets Alfred Hitchcock, Saving Mrs Fleming. This led to vile slander:

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

Were it the real life prominent names? Hitch trying to lure Mary to the cinema side at the British Museum? I protest, anyway.

Still reeling, I tried a Once upon a Time story next, the one about Snow and Regina. Which had this result:

I write like
Anne Rice

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

As long as it's early Anne Rice, when she still had an editor, I'm good with this. (And suspect the result came through all the fairy tale related words.)

Anyway, it seems I write differently for every fandom?
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Dear Yuletide writer,

thank you SO MUCH for writing a story for me. I really appreciate it. Since we're matched in at least one fandom, we share at least some objects of enthusiasm. Let's see whether there are some more:

General likes and dislikes: I'm easy to please. As a writer, I'm a gen girl at heart, but as a reader, I'm game for anything - slash (meaning both m/m and f/f), het, gen, whathever suits your own preferences. Only one of my requests includes the wish for one particular pairing. While I admire people who can unite actual plot with character exploration, you don't have to; if it can be only one of the two, go for the character exploration. Regarding AUs: generally, I'd rather not with this years' requests. I'm fond of the characters in their particular setting and canon. Crossovers: depends on whether or not I know the canon. Feel free to browse through my journal in order to find out, if you want to take the additional trouble. I like a cool crossover as much as the next fan, but it would be wasted on me if I haven't the slightest idea who half of the cast is.

Speaking of the cast: while I love some characters more than others, I only requested fandoms where I like the entire ensemble. Which means that if your favourite isn't among the characters I mentioned in my requests, and you find away to weave him/her into the story, go for it. I love ensemble interaction!

Squicks: BDSM, parent-child incest, Alpha-Omega or whatever it's called, character bashing. Several of the fandoms I requested have canonical rape in them, and if you want to explore the effects it had on the characters in question, I'm okay with that. But please avoid coming up with new additional rape scenarios. As for uncanonical character death, if you must. It's not a squick for me, and you don't have to warn for it if the story demands it. However, DON'T do it as a form of character bashing, i.e. Character X annoys you, therefore X must die.

On to my particular requests:

The Americans )

Black Sails )

Matthew Shardlake Series - C. J. Sansom )

Better Call Saul )

In conclusion: I hope you've found a scenario that appeals to you, and look forward to reading the result.

Your grateful recipient
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Conference's over, very exhausted am I, etc., but I did manage to catch up with Orphan Black.

Read more... )
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Know no shame )

Son of ETA: I so wish this show were viewed by more people in lj and dw-dom, because it occured to me that the reactions (as posted in comments to articles) to this latest episode are a sociological experiment in fandom, running. But it's impossible to discuss in an unspoilery way, so under an cut I go again.

You know the complaints about the media never doing a certain thing? )
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Breaking Bad:

Article about R.J. Mitte, the young actor who played Walter Junior/Flynn in Breaking Bad. The other day I've come across a wisecrack again that Junior/Flynn gets no characterisation in the show beyond liking breakfast, and that's rubbish. He's not a main character, but he's a part of what made Breaking Bad great - here's a very good discussion of what the show does with him - and acting wise, I can think of no higher compliment than by the time we get to Ozymandias in season 5, R.J. Mitte is able to hold my attention for his character and his character's reactions in what is arguably the show's finest hour when all the main characters and their actors bring on their A-Game.

Buffy and The Hunger Game:

Katniss, Buffy and the cost of heroism

and the earlier:

Mockingjay and Season 6:

Both have spoilers for the entire Hunger Games book trilogy, so if you're a movies only fan and don't want to be spoiled for the second half of Mockingjay, beware. Otherwise, good posts pointing out the thematic similarities. I don't agree with all the points re: the movie adaptions, but these posts are very thought inspiring.

Doctor Who:

And lastly, a fun viewing: Dancing to the Doctor Who theme at the Cardiff airport in 1979!
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Just a first bunch, I still have so much more to read.

Breaking Bad:

These lifeless things: Skyler post show, looking back, trying to find a forward, with an emphasis on the Skyler and Marie relationship: as devastatingly intense as the show itself.

Dune: (Or rather, the tv version)

In the first days: Irulan and the twins. I've always had a soft spot for Irulan, one character I thought the tv version did do better by than the books, and here we see how the twins, and what happens with Leto in God Emperor of Dune, affect her.

Galaxy Quest:

Galaxy Gals : in which Gwen and Leilari give an interview, and it's not about their uniforms. As with all the Gwen centric GQ fanfiction posted in Yuletides past and present, this is great, and I love the look we get at how Leilari adapts to Earth. (And the art of lying acting.)

Historical Fiction:

Come the good peasant to cheer: AU. Edward the Black Prince--now Edward IV of England--has been king for four years. Now the peasants have rebelled, the Black Prince wants to declare war on them all, and his stubborn, determined queen, Joan of Kent, is desperately trying to prevent utter disaster. Great AU, and extremely entertaining historical fiction.

Hallowmas, or Shortest of Days: Richard II.'s second queen, Isabelle, was a child (something Shakespeare's play ignores); here she meets the ghost of her predecessor, Anne of Bohemia, and the result is amazingly endearing.

Penny Dreadful:

Aside from the stories I received, which I already recced:

Teranga: Sembene! This is the backstory of Sembene which the show hasn't given us (yet). Fantastic world building, and it's awe-inspiringly good.

A breath to notice: the unfolding Ethan and Vanessa friendship. Which I guess will become a romance in season 2, because I recognize set up when I see it, but in the meantime, I can enjoy them as platonic friends as in this story.

Twin Peaks:

Through the woods and far away: in which Audrey Horne rescues Agent Cooper from the Black Lodge. This is so my headcanon now.

West Side Story:

If it's sewing, she sews: Maria puts her life together, stitch by stitch. I love stories about grief and yet moving on, I tell you, and this is a fine one, taking full advantage of the fact that Maria, unlike her predecessor Juliet, doesn't die.
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No, the other one. A few years back, it was briefly announced there's be a tv series about Jessica Jones, based on the Alias comics but in order not to be confused with the tv show Alias called "Aka Jessica Jones" instead. Then nothing happened, and word was the idea was given up.

But now not only is the tv show back on, but Krysten Ritter will play Jessica Jones. As I know her from Breaking Bad, where she played Jane in season 2 (and was awesome as the character), this makes me very happy indeed. Mind you, it will inevitably joss my Jessica Jones in the X-Men movieverse story, but hey - such is fannish life.

Oh, and the internet also told me that the actor who currently plays Lemond Bishop in The Good Wife is considered for Luke Cage. Which would make the tv prospects even better!
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The assigned Yuletide story is posted, now to see whether I can manage the treat I want to write. Meanwhile, here are other people being creative:

Torchwood/Doctor Who:

The mind is its own place The on-going adventures of Toshiko Sato, because Missy never spotted the little things.

Tosh in the Nethersphere, poetically written, quietly saving the world. Absolutely canon compatible with both shows, and heartbreaking in the best way. Also the Owen cameo is perfect. (Err, spoilers for the most recent season of DW, of course.)

Breaking Bad/Frozen:

Do you want to build a meth lab? : one of the most hilarious vids ever, which I found via [personal profile] ffutures. I dare you to keep a straight face.
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Briefly: am in the gorgeous Southern Tyrolia alps with the APs, must use the finally arrived sunshine, off to hike now, hence will be able to watch the latest Doctor Who not earlier than this late afternoon. However, have two links to posts I loved reading:

Doctor Who:

LISTEN meta on last week's DW episode which puts it excellently in a larger Whovian context.

Scriptwriter and Director of Breaking Bad's OZYMANDIAS look back a year later.

(Which reminds me I was here in the Southern Tyrolian alps, too, when BB ended. Tempus fugit indeed. Also, the article mentions Rian Johnson is set to direct the Star Wars sequel after the next one, if I understand it correctly, which, um, does that mean I have to watch it? I am that oddity, more invested in the prequels than in the classic trilogy anyway and really not interested in what happened next. Then again: Rian Johnson did some fantastic work on Breaking Bad and I'm glad he'll get a cinematic break. Presumably he won't use lense flares, either. Hm.)
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Consider me mightily pleased Breaking Bad cleaned the slate at the Emmys. All very deserved, except for the fact they didn't even nominate Dean Norris and that was unfair because Hank was such a key part to the last season. But what really makes me squee is that Moira Whalley-Beckett won for her fantastic script for Ozymandias. I was afraid they'd give the Emmy to the finale, Felina, for sentimental reasons (last episode, written by the show creator), but as Vince Gilligan himself stated before either episode was even broadcast, Oyzmandias is unquestioningly the best episode of the season and one of the best Breaking Bad episodes ever.

And of course I'm very happy about Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and Aaron Paul getting a leading team of actors win. No offense to anyone else nominated. But that was such a great final run and the acting so sublime. Who knows whether they'll ever get such good tv roles again?
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Emmys: count me in among "Tatiana Maslany was robbed" and "why does Downton Abbey still get nominated?" But other than Breaking Bad people, I have no favourites. I'd love it if Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn would win one last time (for this show), but I suppose more recent performances will be on everyone's minds. As for "best episode": here both Felina (written by Vince Gilligan) and Ozymandias (written by Moira Walley-Becket) were nominated, and while I approve of the finale, Ozymandias was clearly THE standout episode in the final run - and one of the best episodes not just of Breaking Bad but on tv ever. (Vince Gilligan thinks so, too, as I recall; he called Ozymandias "the best episode we ever had or will ever have" here.) If Moira W-B doesn't win for Ozymandias, there is no tv justice in this world!

(Especially if she's beaten by one of this year's Game of Thrones episodes. Seriously, just - no.)

Belatedly, it occurs to me I can also root for The Good Wife's actors who are nominated, but while I adore Diane (and Christine Baranski), there's no way I'm not rooting for Skyler and Anna Gunn in the best supporting female actress category. For reasons why, see again: Ozymandias. (Also the last Walt and Skyler conversation ever in Felina.) Still, if Anna Gunn doesn't win, Christine Baranski be better the victor. But most of all, and again: Ozymandias for best episode. And in conclusion: Ozymandias. Anything else about this year's Emmys is immaterial.

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Five Times Jesse Pinkman Met A Companion (The Breaking Who Remix) (11021 words) by Selena
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Breaking Bad, Doctor Who & Related Fandoms, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse Pinkman & Walter White, Third Doctor & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Tenth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith, Lance Bennett & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Martha Jones, Jesse Pinkman & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Jack Harkness, Jesse Pinkman & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Jesse Pinkman & Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith & Sarah Jane Smith, Rani Chandra & Sarah Jane Smith
Characters: Jesse Pinkman, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Sarah Jane Smith, Walter White, Gwen Cooper, Rex Matheson, Esther Drummond, Third Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Luke Smith, Rani Chandra, Gita Chandra, Jilly Kitzinger, Skyler White
Additional Tags: Crossover

Jesse Pinkman keeps running into past and future time travellers. Or they keep running into him. Sometimes they even bring the Doctor along.

Well, newish; this was my contribution to this year's and last month's remix ficathon, and one of my most ambitious crossovers.

The original story I picked to remix was a short piece in which Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, a few years post show, moves into Sarah Jane Smith's (of Doctor Who and her own spin-off fame) neighbourhood. I liked the idea of Jesse Pinkman in the Whoverse, and of him encountering one of the Doctor Who Companions, precisely because at first glance the shows seem to be so utterly alien (no pun intended) to each other. (Though Jesse, as a canonical sci fi fan, might not think so.) However, the Jesse and Sarah Jane encounter, featuring a Jesse recovered from his ordeals and responsible for Brock and Lydia's daughter Kiira, could only be the conclusion, the happy ending, so to speak, and it had to be earned. What would get me there, though?

Which was when the idea of a "Five times" format and Jesse meeting not one, but five Companions hit me. A few months earlier, I had idly speculated about Companions from other fandoms and Jesse ending up with the Third Doctor (both because he's conditioned to respond to authoritative middle-aged men with a chip on their shoulder taking an interest, and because of the Brig's expression when meeting Jesse), so I knew one of the candidates had to be the Brigadier. I also wanted to avoid the fallacy of blaming all of Jesse's miseries on Walt; Jesse was into drugs (both taking and selling) before ever becoming Walt's partner, and he made decisions at various key points that contributed to damaging others and weren't due to Walt's manipulations. Therefore, one of the Companions, I decided, was going to be Donna Noble, meeting early s3 nihilistic I'-m-evil-so-there Jesse. Few people are as good for cutting-through-crap as Donna, and on her end, it gave me the chance to explore her dealing with her Lance issues.

To balance Donna, and to do justice to the inspiration-to-do-better aspect of the Whoverse, I decided to let one of the segments be about meeting Martha; given the Year-that-Wasn't where Martha walks the earth inspiring people is a canon AU, this was the ideal time frame. Speaking of time: the Whoverse with its timey-wimeyness practically asked for the encounters not to be told in chronological order. However, the darkest one was always going to be the middle. Now there is one season of Torchwood that's conveniently set in the US - the most unpopular one, Torchwood: Miracle Day -, and its basic premise allowed me to follow the Breaking Bad principle of wondering "what WORSE thing could happen to the characters now?" about the BB finale, Felina. The answer being: Felina takes place on Miracle Day, which means nobody who dies in said finale actually stays dead. Talk about adding injury to insult. The fallout of this means post Felina Jesse encounters Captain Jack Harkness, and this is also the segment where I got to explore both Jesse's feelings about Walt and Jack's continued dealings with Children of Earth somewhat.

I did wonder, once I'd finished it, whether there'd be many people interested in both Breaking Bad and Doctor Who who'd be likely to read the story. But I couldn't not write it. It practically wrote itself, once I got going, and I am immensely proud of it.

The rest of the days )
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Aaaand it's time for the remix reveal. I wrote:

Five Times Jesse Pinkman Met A Companion (The Breaking Who Remix) (11021 words) by Selena
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Breaking Bad, Doctor Who & Related Fandoms, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse Pinkman & Walter White, Third Doctor & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Tenth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith, Lance Bennett & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Martha Jones, Jesse Pinkman & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Jack Harkness, Jesse Pinkman & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Jesse Pinkman & Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith & Sarah Jane Smith, Rani Chandra & Sarah Jane Smith
Characters: Jesse Pinkman, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Sarah Jane Smith, Walter White, Gwen Cooper, Rex Matheson, Esther Drummond, Third Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Luke Smith, Rani Chandra, Gita Chandra, Jilly Kitzinger, Skyler White
Additional Tags: Crossover

Jesse Pinkman keeps running into past and future time travellers. Or they keep running into him. Sometimes they even bring the Doctor along.

Which brought together two of my favourite fictional universes in a mad love declaration for both.

And I also wrote a tiny little thing for Remix Madness:

First Woman of Rome (The Claudian Remix) (506 words) by Selena
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rome, Historical RPF, I Claudius, Ancient History RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Livia Drusilla & Atia of the Julii
Characters: Atia of the Julii, Livia Drusilla

There is more than one way to win. Livia doesn't need to attack Atia in order to destroy her.

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State of the [personal profile] selenak: was terribly busy yesterday, which included visiting several breathtakingly lovely towns in the Elsass/Alsace (German and French name for the province respectively, I don't know the English name, I'm afraid.) I made some great photos which I'll try to upload as soon as I have wi fi again. Did check on my mail in between, which brought me several nice comments on my Rarewomen story about Harmony, which made me happy, but so far the only people who liked my Remix story, which is one of those ambitous "I poured my heart and soul into this!" things, seem to have been my remixee and the beta reader. Never mind reviews, there aren't even other kudos. (Cue inner "but WHY?" wail of despair every time I check my mail.) This makes me profoundly depressed and in danger of getting whiny, so I shall stop and instead present some recs of other stories:

Breaking Bad:

Five Gifts for Holly White (and one she gave)

A great future fic giving us a plausible Holly growing up, which offers great glimpses at Skyler, Marie, Flynn and Gretchen as well.

Narcissa Through the Looking Glass

a Harry Potter/Game of Thrones crossover which not only pulls that premise of but does so in the backstory era for both sagas. Narcissa Not-yet-Malfoy but Black accidentally ends up with the Tully sisters, Catelyn and Lysa, and the result is eminently entertaining to read.
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Nominations for the Rarewomen ficathon are discussed here; I wonder whether one can still nominate Judi Dench's M, or whether the fact her letter, if not herself shows upon the juggernaut of Bond/Q stories means she doesn't qualify as a rare woman anymore?

On to some fanfic recs:

Harry Potter:

One of the most fascinating aspects of the last HP novel was to me the backstory about Dumbledore (and relations); one of the more overlooked characters in the fannish HPverse, as far as an occasional visitor like myself can tell, is Horace Slughorn. (Despite the fact that, Phineas Nigellus the portrait aside, he's the one adult Slytherin character who as far as we know never at any point in his life went Dark Side and who consistently fights against Voldemort.) (I suppose it's the lack of sexiness?) So I was very glad to come across this little gem featuring Slughorn, Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore during events of Half-Blood Prince; you need to know the Deathly Hallows revealed backstory about the Dumbledores to understand what's going on between the brothers, but we're in Slughorn's pov, and it's a lovely character piece about three people - and a Christmas story to boot!

The Messenger

The Hobbit:

If you haven't read the novel and only know the movies, this one contains spoilers for the likely events of the third movie based on the book. It's a terrific Thorin character portrait.

but oh, my heart was flawed (7042 words) by lacking
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit (Jackson movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Relationships: Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Characters: Thorin Oakenshield, Bilbo Baggins, Durin Family - Character, Dís, Frerin, Fíli, Kíli, Balin, Dwalin, Thranduil, Bard of Laketown, Galadriel
Additional Tags: Character Study, Canonical Character Death, Non-Chronological, Gold Sickness

Thorin hopes the story of his life will not be told as a tragedy. And as he looks back on it all, watching for glimpses of sky through the swaying flap of his tent, it’s finally become clear to him that there was never another way for this to end.

Breaking Bad:

Jesse between seasons 2 and 3, in recovery. Or not.

12 Steps/2 Planes/1 Day at a Time (3373 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Breaking Bad
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Jane Margolis/Jesse Pinkman
Characters: Jesse Pinkman, Walter White
Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Drug Withdrawal, Recovery

Jesse spends 45 days coming to terms with who he is and what he's done.


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