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Confessions of a Trekker: I really don't like ST VI - The Undiscovered Country. Which is, I've discovered, something of a minority opinion, for at least the vocal part of fandom holds this last cinematic outing of the TOS crew in a fond light. However, now and then the dissent becomes vocal, too, as in this rewatch post about the movie in question .

In more fun Trek news, check out this vid about everyone's favourite Cardassian tailor-plus-spy:

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

(Every now and then I wish the movies instead of going for the nth version of Wrath of Khan (with or without a villain called Khan) would tackle the Cardassians instead. And then I conclude the movies would probably mishandle the Cardassians as badly as they did the Romulans, and am glad the Cardassians so far have been reserved for tv.)

And lastly, a BSG fanfic rec:

Rippling Light: tender and heartbreaking take on the friendship of Felix Gaeta and Anastasia Dualla, two characters for whom the phrase "they deserved better" might have been invented.
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For it appears there was a ficathon. (No, I didn't participate, I'm just a reader this time.)

Same bottle, same gun: two shots The understanding between Eleanor and Flint was one of the first aspects of the show I liked back in s1. Here's a great take on how that relationship between two prickly people more prone to distrust than trust might have begun.

Let me remind you of who you are: more Eleanor and Flint in ye early days.

Apprehension: Intense, angsty take on Miranda.

Line of Sight Flint teaches Madi to fence, would be one summary; great take on the Flint-Silver-Madi relationship in s4 another.

The Prize Master: more backstory about how relationships were formed, this time for Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny and Charles Vane.
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Both have spoilers for all four seasons.

A place of our own: Anne heals and adjusts to the new world, post show. Great Anne Bonny exploration, and her relationships with both Max and Jack are well presented.

Letters of Marque: brief messages written between Thomas, Miranda and James at different points of their lives. Short and heartbreaking.
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...well, you know the rest. There are some teasers for the third season of Better Call Saul out there, which inspired me to check whethere there's new fanfiction, and not long pieces, either, as I'm rl busy, and lo, there was:

To Die A Little: one possible answer to the question "what was Kim up to during Breaking Bad, and was she still in contact with Jimmy/Saul? Aside from the story being very well written, I appreciate most that it's truly a Better Call Saul story, not a Breaking Bad story in disguise. I love both shows, but it's endlessly frustrating to look for BCS fanfic and end up with BB stories that name drop one or two things about BCS. Whereas this story is truly about Kim, and her relationship with Jimmy. BB events are nodded to, but you can read this story without knowing what exactly Saul Goodman is involved in - Kim doesn't, she just has a general idea. Great, great voices for Kim and Jimmy-turned-Saul.

Two Suits: Chuck and Jimmy, growing up. McGill brothers dysfunctionality starts early, in a classic siblings way.
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As promised, a Yuletide (and not celebrity death) exception to the no more until February rule; I want to get these recs out there before the reveal. Incidentally, state of my own Yuletide tales: the two treats got lovely comments from their respective recipients, the official assignment recipient apparantly has had a busy week, but has now commented as well (and graciously).

On to other people's stories read during the last week in various fandoms:

Greek Myth:

The Faces of Helen: Helen of Troy from various povs. Interesting Helens are still a rarity; loved that and the interactions with her brothers, the Dioskuri, and Cassandra especially. Also a welcome rarity: sympathetic Paris!

A rift never destined to mend: More Iliad fragments, sharp and perfect. Oh, Andromache.

She whose beauty rivals the goddesses: Iphigenia and Elektra, before. Extra kudos for laying the basis for Elektra's feelings for her parents despite what will happen to her sister in a way that makes sense.

Jessica Jones:

On the road (to recovery): Jessica, Luke and Malcolm at some future point. Great take on all three of them, and I loved their interactions.

Luke Cage:

We are the ones we have been waiting for: CLAIRE. All the Claire centric stories this year are great, and this one also offers wonderful looks at her interactions with several other Marvel tv and cinema inhabitants.

My Beautiful Laundrette:

Maintenance & Repairs: Omar and Johnny, several years on, more mature in some ways, in others not at all, and still so very them.

New Tricks:

Lost Souls: Case fic! Team fic! Oh, I love it. It feels exactly like a good episode.


Not one but two stories I've enjoyed equally, offering different beginnings for the Mark Antony/Caesar dynamic. Excellent voices for both characters.

The Start of the End of the World



And play the dog: In which Margaret, early on, negotiates with the Duke of York and meets his son Richard for the first time. Excellent take on the Shakespearean versions of these characters.

Stranger Things:

Sugar Kisses: a lovely "Five Things" for Joyce and Hopper, who had one of those dynamics on the show where I didn't want them to become lovers now (because both of them certainly had more than enough on their plate emotionally and otherwise), but was hoping for something in the farer future, and this story delivers very well.


Mechaye Hametim: Haddass, Avigdor and Yentl working their way back together through the years after the show. Haddass pov, and I appreciated the author gave Haddass time to sort out how she was feeling about Anshel/Yentl, instead of letting her be instantly okay with everything.

And now, off to combat DRL once again! Oh, and I was going to make the annual "guess my stories" dare, but have gotten three correct guesses already without doing so, so, I figure it's way too obvious this year with all three of them. :) (However, I'm pathetic enough to hope for a few more readers before the reveal, especially for the Super Ambitious Wanted To Write The Definite Tale For This Fandom one.)
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Yesterday, I had time only intermittently to read my and other stories (and to check my comment box in a playing-it-cool-yet-fretting-away fashion  ). Still I come bearing recs; this is a great Yuletide so far.

The Americans:

My gift was in this fandom, a Martha exploration set in the last season’s climactic episode, so spoilers for this and Martha’s entire arc:

Among Strangers

This Yuletide finally produced more than one Americans story, which I love, and all five are good, but this exploration of a young Elizabeth/Nadya and her life in Smolensk is particularly awesome:

One Day in the Life

Benjamin January Mysteries

And still of a Winter’s Night

Wonderful case fic, in which Shaw asks Ben not just for his but also Dominique’s help, and all the usual suspects are drawn into solving a mystery that fits perfectly with Barbara Hambly’s novels.

Black Sails

Has a staggering twelve stories to offer, all of which I haven’t even read yet, but so far, this is my favourite:

A Certain Poetry

How Anne and Jack started – and they’re both perfectly drawn as younger versions of themselves who are in the process of discovering who they’ll be to each other.

Deutschland 83

Never rains but it pours

The Rauch sisters, Lenora and Ingrid. I loved this portrait of two different, complicated women who were arguably the most interesting characters of the show to me.

Fairy Tales

De Morte Prologus

“Gevatter Tod” – “Godfather Death” – is one of lesser (relatively speaking) known Grimm fairy tales (and btw one where Wilhelm Grimm kept changing the ending for from edition to edition); I adore what this writer has done with the Death-as-a-Godfather situation.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:

Stain: the backstory for Natima Lang and Quark that the s2 episode Profit and Loss (aka Casablanca In Space) indicated. Does a great job in fleshing Natima out and providing Quark with an ic voice.

Black Sails:

and the bible didn't mention us
: There are nights when John Silver can’t sleep and there are nights when Captain Flint doesn’t sleep and there are a lot of things that neither of them say. Or, the one where Silver helps give Flint a haircut. Set between seasons 2 and 3, and captures the two at that point of transition very well.


And if the night comes, and the night will come, well at least the war is over: Charlie deals, or doesn't, with the s1 finale events. I love the conversation with Quill in particular.
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At least it is to me. When not working and/or raging, I've spent the last few days trying to distract myself by reading other people's yuletide requests, and checking out my fandoms for new stories. Or rereading old favourites. Fiction makes so much more sense than reality now...


Black Sails:

The Sea Cook: hilarious fusion with the Harry Potter verse, set during the Treasure Island era the show will presumably not reach (or only in an epilogue). Remember that Silver in Treasure Island has a parrot he's nicknamed "Captain Flint"? Well, as it turns out Flint is an animagus...

Two Masks: whereas this one is an angsty, intense look at Miranda and James early on in their exile on Nassau.

Watership Down:

The Story of Marli-Hrair and the Black Rabbit of Inlé: I probably recced this already in the past, but it's so worth rereading - or reading the first time! A fantatic addition to rabbit mythology, just beautiful.
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A neat thing about Halloween: it compels people to write fanfiction in some of my fandoms. :)

Agent Carter:

All Hallows: lovely, charming tale about Peggy and friends at a Halloween party. Just ideal when you need something ic to cheer yourself up.

Black Sails:

Unfinished Business: actual ghost story featuring, well, I don't want to spoil any watchers who haven't yet seen season 3, so: description under the cut )

Meanwhile, state of the Yuletide: wrote a treat, though not the one I'd been expecting to write. What can I say? Inspiration struck. And then I wrote a first draft of my actual assignment and sent it off to my beta, which means I'm now in the "omg, are the characters oc? Did I indulge my pet interpretations too much? Will the recipient hate it?" stage. And while worn out by the official assignment draft, I'm wondering whether or not I will manage the treat-I-planned-on-writing, despite rl crowding in on me in November and December (which is why I wrote the other ones so early).
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Not only are Yuletide nominations now a go, but here is the Yuletide Confirmation Post, where you can see what everyone else (who comments) has nominated - handy, to avoid doubling, etc. (As I expected, for example, in Black Sails Flint, Silver, Billy and Vane were nominated immediately, and for The Americans Elizabeth and Philip - this is why I knew I wouldn't have to bother and could nominate someone else.)

Meanwhile, fanfic recs:

The Hunger Games:

From such great heights: Caesar Flickerman, the Tributes and Snow. Just how Caesar related to the people whose deaths (and occasional survival) he helped to sell, and where he came from is up for speculation, and this is a great reply.


Snuff: Peggy finds a certain surveillance video. As someone who wrote a story in which Peggy also almost finds out the truth about the Starks' deaths, I'm always intrigued of how others do it if they don't go the AU route and keep it within canon. This version of the conclusions Peggy draws feels plausible.
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The BBC is currently broadcasting a radio version of Night Watch, available on iplayer for us non-British folks, and I'm listening, enthralled, to the first episode.

Blake's 7:

If you're a B7 fan, chances are you've already read this, but if you have not: a great new essay, on B7, Blake, Gareth Thomas and Chris Boucher. It's passionate and highly enjoyable to read. (Minus a few unneccessary swipes at non-B7 topics such as John Crichton, Clara Oswald and David Tennant's performance as Richard II. But it would be a boring internet life if we agreed on everything with the people we agree on some things. :)

Stephen King:

Handy and amusing flowchart showing how all the novels and characters are connected.


The Lingering Reminders: hands down one of the best, most even handed post-Civil War stories, in which Tony Stark runs across one of Peggy Carter's old mates. No, not that one. The author's take on old Jack Thompson feels extremely plausible, and there's a hilarious inside gag if you're familiar with the Spider-man mythology. (If you're not, you'll still be amused.) Great mixture of humor and angst all around.


Sons of York: Great take on Shakespeare's version of the York family, specifically the two Richards, father and son.
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Here we stand: missing scene between Silver and Max post s2 and pre s3, while Captains Flint, Vane and Rackham are busy negotiating. It shows how they've both changed since the pilot and what remains the same with them, and has their voices down perfectly.

They that sow the wind: plotty prequel AU in which James McGraw doesn't come back from that first trip to Nassau, and Miranda and Thomas have to rescue him. Fun take on my favourite Black Sails trio, and it uses the ensemble well to boot.
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Like I suspected, it's a loooong, long, year, waiting for the fourth (and final, alas) season. So it's fortunate that there's fanfiction to share.

Quid Pro Quo: a fantastic Madi pov which for once is about her, about growing into her leader role while interacting with her for-now allies; and the characterisation of our regular cast is also superb (special shout out for Anne Bonny's advice of how to deal with pirates).

Betsy in the Doldrums: in which the mystery of where Betsy the cat disappeared to after season 1 is cleared up; also, the Silver and Flint interaction is hilarous.

The Barlow Woman: A Lady, A Pirate-Maker, A Faithful Soul: in which Charles Vanes at a certain point in s3 tries to make awkward conversation with Flint about, of all the subjects, Miranda Barlow. Touching and amusing in turns.
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The History Exchange 2016 has gone live!

I received an intense, vivid poem on Artemsia Gentileschi, portrayed, as is only fit, through her paintings. I think it's accessible even if you're not familiar with Artemsia's work and history: In the days of Jael

This is a small exchange - 15 works all in all, so I hastily started to devour it. Here are two stories I found outstanding so far:

What dreams may come: Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharao, grows into himself. Poetic and terse at the same time, drawing a great portrait in short space.

i have cut a ribbon of skin from another man's body: Olympias encounters Zeus four times throughout her life. Olympias in historical fiction tends to be invariably described through her son's or her son's companions' eyes, and with the son in question being Alexander the Great, that's not so surprising. But it makes it all the more welcome to see a take on her from her own pov, in the centre of her own story, and one that uses the myth of Zeus as Alexander's father in a really creative way.

As for my own story, I think, as always, it's a bit obvious, but have a guess anyway!
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Penny Dreadful:

Who the hell can see forever: I spent the majority of s3 being furious with Victor Frankenstein, but that doesn't mean lack of interest. In this story, he confronts, in the aftermath of Big Show End Event, both what he's done and what he's almost done. Moreover, this while being a Victor pov is also an ensemble story, so we see the other characters through his eyes respond to Big Show End Event and try to continue their lives after this. Superb character voices all around. If there had been a season 4 after Spoilery Event, which of course there couldn't have been, this is pretty much how I could see it go.

Immortality: the Creatures meet again. Lily and John Clare/Caliban encounter each other post show and realise they share more than resurrection by Victor. It's exactly the type of non-romantic, but very human exchange I wanted to read.

Star Wars:

By the Lies that I Have Loved (and actions I have hated): Obi-Wan in the months post RotS in the desert, trying (without much success) to come to terms with Recent Events. Intense and messed up, and the way Obi-Wan's Anakin memories (of him as a child, as a teenager, as an adult) are now irrevocably mixed up with the Anakin-as-Vader present, and his vain attempts to divide the two, are drawn expertly.
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Black Sails:

The Prince in the High Tower: charming fairy tale AU. I can so see everyone mentioned in these roles.


Who only stand and wait: Edwin Jarvis, as summarized by Vision. There are a very few stories who make use of the Jarvis - JARVIS - Vision connection, and this one does so in a unique way.

Deep Space 9:

War Songs: lovely DS9 ensemble story; aw, DS9.
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One more day to sign up for the History Exchange! Come on, fellow history loving readers, you know you want to. 500 words is really low pressure and can be easily done.

Babylon 5:

Every now and then you need a story that's a break from the angst and is just hilarious. Like this one.

Perception: in which it turns out that Refa had an, err, somewhat mistaken impression about what the Londo and Morden relationship was all about. This has lasting consequences. :)


If running's a plan: Natasha-centric story that takes her, and the team, from the end of Avengers to the end of Age of Ultron, showing the growth and change of the Natasha/Bruce relationship and the team coming together. As opposed to majority of the fandom, I actually liked Natasha/Bruce in AoU, but still, fleshing out how they got there really good to read about, as was the Avengers going from almost strangers (except for Natasha and Clint, of course) allied by necessity to a team working together. While Natasha/Bruce is the main relationship of the story, I really appreciate it also gives storytime to Natasha's other relationships (Clint, Nick Fury, Tony, Steve) - so often fanfiction focuses only on one and lets the characters live in isolation.
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...and I've now inhaled the 35 great results of the [community profile] ssrconfidential ficathon. Here is a preliminary list of recs (beyond the story I got as a gift, which is fabulous, I repeat, and which I linked several entries earlier):

Staring off with a vid:

Bad Romance: Dottie/Peggy being best enemies with UST to a song made for them. The way they mirror each other was never clearer, or more musical fun.


Out of the Cave follow-up on Whitney Frost that doesn't ignore what happened to her and takes it into account but also provides her with a new beginning as Dottie, for reasons of A Cunning Plan, teams up with her. I'd watch that episode - or spin-off!

Not your fairytale princess: Dottie and Peggy (do we sense a theme here?) being their frenemy selves. All the writers manage to get Dottie so well because they don't downplay how dangerous she is, obsession with Peggy not withstanding.

Redacted: Four kisses from Dottie that never made it in Peggy's reports. This one spans decades, and the last one is heartbreaking in the best way.

Four times Peggy tried to run away (and the one time it finally worked): Peggy and her brother Michael. I have a soft spot for sibling dynamics, and this is a beautiful take on them.

Teamwork Peggy and Jarvis fighting crime together was by far my favourite aspect of Agent Carter, and the story captures their dynamic exactly. Love it!

Like a house on fire: more of the original Jarvis, this time exploring his take on Howard. (With plenty of Peggy as well.) Funny and touching in turns.

Rose in the Spring Rose Roberts between seasons 1 and 2. The bigger role Rose had in s2 was such a delightful surprise, and this story additionally fleshes her out.

My own story is, I think, a bit less obvious than usual, but still guessable.
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Just because I've currently two mega fandoms (MCU and Star Wars) on the brain, and am trying to stop myself from writing what would basically be a bad issues fic (consisting of Rhodey venting at Steve; self: character A giving character B a "The reasons you suck" speech is just the type of fanfiction you don't like as a reader! Don't do it!), doesn't mean I love my tiny fandoms less.

Black Sails:

Time covers everything: This is the Miranda story I wanted to have for Yuletide, and which someone just happened to write completely unrelatedly, describing her entire adult life. I loved reading it.

The Windmill Knight and the Meditating Emperor: in which tiny Abigail Ashe comes across Lt. James McGraw when he and the Hamiltons visit her father. Funny and touching at the same time, with great glimpses at James, Thomas and Miranda in ye olde days.

Penny Dreadful.

Inevitable Spoilers for season 2 and 3.02. in the story description )
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Spent the weekend at home to be with the APs for Mother's Day, was otherwise very RL busy as well, so, just a few Iron Man fanfiction links. Both featuring Pepper because she's still on my mind, so I was looking for her in fanfic. (Neither of them has to do with the subject of my recent post, though, I hasten to add.):

Still under a spoiler for Civil War cut to be safe )


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