I had great fun doing this last year, and see it's making the rounds again, so:

Pick a date below and give me a topic, and I'll ramble on. I'm good at talking. It can be anything from fandom-related (specific characters, actors, storylines, episodes, etc.) to life-related to pizza preferences to whatever you want.

They will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject. Also, I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet.

Topics: you can get an idea from my tags/from the stuff I usually ramble about/from things you maybe wish I talked about more but don't. Also, please feel free to check out last year's post and my replies.

December 1: The TARDIS's relationship with the Doctor and what her POV might be ([personal profile] intriguing)
December 2: Franconian, Bavarian, German, European or world citizen? ([personal profile] londonkds)
December 3: Angel's fourth season ([personal profile] frayadjacent)
December 4: My feelings about fandom - what originally drew me to it, what keeps me there, what turns you off about it ([profile] ljlorettamartin)
December 5: The stories of Liza Winter and Abbie Isaacs ([personal profile] kivrin)
December 6: Gaius (Baltar) and Six [personal profile] bimo
December 7: The Americans: what are you expecting/looking forward to Americans s3? ([profile] callmesandy
December 8: Dumbledore and Rumplestilskin
December 9: Donna Noble ([profile] cherrytide)
December 10: Fandom/media things I'm looking forward to in 2015 ([personal profile] lonelywalker)
December 11: Snow White and Cora Mills paralles [personal profile] grimorie
December 12:
December 13: Personal wish list for season 3 of Orphan Black ([personal profile] falafel_musings
December 14:Sir Malcolm Murray, by himself or in tandem with Vanessa Ives. ([personal profile] d_generate_girl)
December 15: Kitty Winter ([profile] ceebee_eebeee)
December 16: DS9 and Angel: The Series: Compare and contrast ([personal profile] endeni)
December 17: Babylon 5's biggest weaknesses (Doylist, Watsonian or both)
December 18: Wishlist for character developments in Avengers: Age of Ultron [personal profile] vonniek
December 19: The Good Wife: if I were TPTB...
December 20: The writing process ([personal profile] espresso_addict)
December 21: Buffy and Dawn ([profile] itsnotmymind)
December 22:
December 23:
December 24:
December 25:
December 26:
December 27: Noah Bennett and Jack Harkness, compare and contrast ([personal profile] ffutures)
December 28: Top Five or Ten Favourite Vids ([personal profile] goodbyebird)
December 29: thoughts on the current state and likely future of the publishing industry (either German or worldwide) [personal profile] edenfalling
December 30: Kira, Dax and female friendship on DS9
December 31:
Because I do that occasionally when finding a new fandom. Also I'm trying to get my muse back, and one sentence fics are one way to dabble in fanfiction again.

Try to write different categories of fic (angst, fluff, UST, etc) in one sentence.

Spoiler: for the first two seasons.

Disclaimer: The Americans created by Joe Weisberg and owned by Fox.

Rating: PG 13.

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From various friends:

Give me a letter and I will hold forth on one of the following topics:

A. Author You’ve Read The Most Books From
B. Best Sequel Ever
C. Currently Reading
D. Drink of Choice While Reading
E. E-Reader or Physical Books
F. Fictional Character You Would Have Dated In High School
G. Glad You Gave This Book A Chance
H. Hidden Gem Book
I. Important Moments of Your Reading Life
J. Just Finished
K. Kinds of Books You Won’t Read
L. Longest Book You’ve Read
M. Major Book Hangover Because Of
N. Number of Bookcases You Own
O. One Book That You Have Read Multiple Times
P. Preferred Place to Read
Q. Quote From A Book That Inspires You/Gives You Feelings
R. Reading Regret
S. Series You Started and Need to Finish
T. Three Of Your All-Time Favorite Books
U. Unapologetic Fangirl For
W. Worst Bookish Habit
V. Very Excited For This Release More Than Any Other
X. Marks The Spot (Start On Your Bookshelf And Count to the 27th Book)
Y. Your Latest Book Purchase
Z. ZZZ-Snatcher (last book that kept you up WAY late)
Lebenswerk (9874 words) by Selena
Chapters: 8/8
Fandom: Sunset Boulevard (1950)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Norma Desmond/Max von Mayerling, Norma Desmond/Joe Gillis
Characters: Max von Mayerling, Norma Desmond, Cecil B. DeMille, Noah Cross (Chinatown), Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Joe Gillis, Mabel Normand
Additional Tags: Backstory, Obsession

Eight movies Max von Mayerling made with Norma Desmond. Max, Norma, and the camera: their story from the beginning to the end.

Sunset Boulevard is still THE "Hollywood on Hollywood" movie, never matched in its bite-yet-humanity and brilliance. Billy Wilder was one of the best scriptwriting directors ever. Was I intimidated as the prospect of dabbling in that universe? Was I ever.

I still couldn't resist doing it, obviously. Having a go at the Sunset Boulevard backstory - the rise and fall of Norma Desmond and Max von Mayerling - was such a great opportunity to combine several of my loves of which the Wilder film was but one silent movies, shifting relationship power dynamics, obsession. As Wilder himself had done, I used bits and pieces of the real life careers that Gloria Swanson and Erich von Stroheim, the actors portraying Norma and Max in Sunset Boulevard had. (One reason of a thousand why any SB remake would be utterly pointless: no one will ever have the advantage Billy Wilder had, using actual silent movie actors and in Stroheim's case actor/directors, and letting their style clash with the then modern performances of 1950s actors like William Holden.) Without, however, using their personalities; Gloria Swanson was a very un-Norma-like survivor who adapted with the times, and was never married to Erich von Stroheim. No, the personalities owe it all to extrapolation from their older selves in Sunset Boulevard. How did they get to that point? What happened between them en route? (And how many cameos of both historical and invented celebrities of their age could I work in? *g*)

Lebenswerk is one possible reply, and I felt a bit like an award winner myself when it got the response it did.

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Five Times Hank McCoy Tried To Propose To Abigail Brand (2916 words) by Selena
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Astonishing X-Men, X-Men (Comicverse), Marvel
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Abigail Brand/Hank McCoy
Characters: Hank McCoy, Abigail Brand, Norman Osborn, Scott Summers, Emma Frost

Some years ago, I was getting heavily into X-Men comics for a while, and one of the reasons was Joss Whedon's run of Astonishing X-Men. (I still think it's the best thing he did post Buffy, at least until the Avengers). I also enjoyed Warren Ellis' ensuing run of AXM, tried to keep up with other X-comics (written at that point by Matt Fraction, I think), and with the Marvelverse at large (this was the aftermath of Civil War and the Skrull Invasion) and was thrilled my favourite Joss-invented character from AXM got her own brief spin-off series by Kieran Gillen. So naturally, I also wrote some fanfiction.

I can't swear to being the first, but I must have been one of the earliest online people to comment on the fact Hank "Beast" McCoy and Agent Abigail Brand (the above mentioned Joss contribution to the Marvelverse) increasingly seemed to have that kind of verbal sparring interaction that translates into shipping more often than not. And lo, I shipped them. They were an idealistic hero (Hank)/ ruthless morally ambiguous spy (Abigail Brand) type of pairing, which if done right (i.e. what the morally ambiguous person has done isn't overlooked, the idealist doesn't suddenly lose all his/her ethics) is extremely appealing to me. Mind you, Brand had been introduced as an antagonist who ends up an ally-by-necessity, and Hank was one of the original X-Men, i.e. a Marvelverse stalwart whom Joss presumably only had limited liberty with, so I wasn't sure this would actually go anywhere more than bickering on the page. But in the final issue of Joss' run, it did. And then Ellis and the other X-writers did not end the relation but continued it. Gillen even made it central to the shortlived S.W.O.R.D. spin-off. I was very happy indeed. Now it's been years since I've followed the X-comics, so I have no idea whether Beast/Brand are still an item, but back then they were, and it was one of the few times where I had all the shippery feelings about a couple - I was thrilled by every mention of them, grabbed every hint about Abigail B.'s mysterious backstory (she's an alien/human hybrid) and looked for fanfiction. I found one good author, and.... not much else, either good or bad. So this was definitely a minor pairing. And it grabbed me like nothing in the X-verse, comics or movies, had done since my original encounter with Xavier/Magneto in their Stewart/McKellen incarnations.

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The Quality of Mercy (3780 words) by Selena
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica: 2003
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Laura Roslin & Gaius Baltar, Laura Roslin & Tory Foster
Characters: Laura Roslin, Gaius Baltar, Caprica Six, Tory Foster, Ellen Tigh
Additional Tags: Character Study, Missing Scene

Four conversations Laura Roslin has in the four weeks before the end.

BSG was a big fandom in its day, and I always found it great that Laura Roslin - female but not young, politician, a Queen rather than a Warrior - was one of its most popular characters. For a long time, she was also my favourite on the show; not any longer for the last two seasons, but that doesn't mean I turned against her; she certainly remained among my top characters, and I found it very frustrating indeed that in the second half of season 4, i.e. the last season, she hardly got any more scenes that she didn't share with one of my least favourite characters, Bill Adama, and that weren't more about him than about her. Which was one of the reasons why I wrote this story, which is basically a series of missing late s4 scenes addressing Laura's non-Bill relationships and issues that, with time running out for her, she wants to deal with.

Writing it proved cathartic and restored my fannish zen about BSG's last season. It's entirely canon compatible, and simply adds. Re: the title, excuse the pretentious Shakespeare quote. It's from Portia's big court speech in The Merchant of Venice - "The quality of mercy knows no strains..." etc. -, and the irony of Portia pleading for mercy when a few moments later she'll, for a modern audience that regards forced conversion as abhorrent, show none to Shylock, seemed to me be eminently suitable for Laura Roslin.

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Briefly, I flirted with linking one of my meta-as-fanfiction stories here, as they usually happen when I have issues and/or am on a collision course with a sizable majority in fandom re: characters and issues. (Cases in point: Five in One in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Discordance in Merlin fandom.) However, I'd be blatantly lying if I said I write these kind of stories for myself. They're very much an attempt to reach out and communicate what's bothering/captivating me in an entertaining way. However, every now and then I indulge myself with silliness and crack fic that usually unites more than one of my interests, and that definitely was the case with the story below, which happened due to me having some crossover ideas that made me smile. It's so self indulgent that I never uploaded it to a fanfiction archive and just posted it on lj and dw.

...welll, okay, one bit of it is perhaps meant seriously. Because I've seen on lj various attempt to sort the Beatles into Hogwarts. Some people invariably sort John Lennon into Slytherin and Paul McCartney into Gryffindor. Those people are wrong.

Title: Magical Mystery Tours

Disclaimer: Harry Potter owned by J.K. Rowling, Buffy the Vampire Slayer owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemies, X-Men owned by Marvel. Beatles owned by themselves, and certainly unrelated to their fictional counterparts here.

Summary: Three fictional universes the Beatles didn't end up in, or: how they fared at Hogwarts, who the Vampire Slayer of the 60s and 70s and her Watcher were and why Timothy Leary was so sure the Beatles were mutants.

Rating: PG 13 solely for swearing, discussed drug use and discussed adultery.

Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Maureen Starkey, Chris O'Dell and Brian Epstein.

Spoilers: Some for the Harry Potter books (and Dumbledore's backstory), basic ones for X-Men: First Class (the movie, not the comic), and only premise ones for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Author's note: Started out as a meme reply and got away from me. Considering the sheer silliness and gen-ness of the premise, I think even utter objecters to RPF are safe to read it.

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Third day of the meme:

More composition and fierce quality (6108 words) by Selena
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Borgias, Historical RPF, 15th Century CE RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sancia & Vannozza, Sancia & Rodrigo Borgia, Sancia/Juan Borgia, Sancia & Alfonso, Sancia & Lucrezia Borgia, Rodrigo Borgia/Vannozza dei Cattanei, Sancia & Ferrante of Naples, Sancia/Gioffre Borgia
Characters: Sancia (Borgias), Rodrigo Borgia, Vannozza dei Cattanei, Juan Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Alfonso (Borgias), Alfonso of Aragon, Cesare Borgia, Gioffre Borgia

Sancia and the art of survival among the Borgias.

This was written for Lightningwaltz as part of a Rarewomen ficathon, during the hiatus of season 2 and season 2 of The Borgias. Now, Sancia shows up only in the first season, and there not very often (ditto for the youngest Borgia brother, Joffre). The Naples storyline which already took a lot of historical liberties in s1 and early s2 goes into complete historical AU in season 3, but when I wrote the story, s3 hadn't happened yet, and thus I was free to use some history in addition to the bits and pieces s1 of the show had given us about Sancia to fulfill this request about a character I hadn't given much thought of before and probably never would have written about, save for said request.

As it turned out, Sancia was great fun to write and flesh out. Naples, and the difference between Naples and Rome, between the Borgias and Sancia's own family, from Sancia's pov, became intriguing to explore, was was being a (noble) bastard in the Renaissance (and the very different way Sancia and Juan handle it). In a way, I'm glad the show didn't bring Sancia back in s3 because I became fond of my version and like to think she continued to thrive off screen.

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Five Times Jesse Pinkman Met A Companion (The Breaking Who Remix) (11021 words) by Selena
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Breaking Bad, Doctor Who & Related Fandoms, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse Pinkman & Walter White, Third Doctor & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Tenth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith, Lance Bennett & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Martha Jones, Jesse Pinkman & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Jack Harkness, Jesse Pinkman & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Jesse Pinkman & Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith & Sarah Jane Smith, Rani Chandra & Sarah Jane Smith
Characters: Jesse Pinkman, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Sarah Jane Smith, Walter White, Gwen Cooper, Rex Matheson, Esther Drummond, Third Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Luke Smith, Rani Chandra, Gita Chandra, Jilly Kitzinger, Skyler White
Additional Tags: Crossover

Jesse Pinkman keeps running into past and future time travellers. Or they keep running into him. Sometimes they even bring the Doctor along.

Well, newish; this was my contribution to this year's and last month's remix ficathon, and one of my most ambitious crossovers.

The original story I picked to remix was a short piece in which Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, a few years post show, moves into Sarah Jane Smith's (of Doctor Who and her own spin-off fame) neighbourhood. I liked the idea of Jesse Pinkman in the Whoverse, and of him encountering one of the Doctor Who Companions, precisely because at first glance the shows seem to be so utterly alien (no pun intended) to each other. (Though Jesse, as a canonical sci fi fan, might not think so.) However, the Jesse and Sarah Jane encounter, featuring a Jesse recovered from his ordeals and responsible for Brock and Lydia's daughter Kiira, could only be the conclusion, the happy ending, so to speak, and it had to be earned. What would get me there, though?

Which was when the idea of a "Five times" format and Jesse meeting not one, but five Companions hit me. A few months earlier, I had idly speculated about Companions from other fandoms and Jesse ending up with the Third Doctor (both because he's conditioned to respond to authoritative middle-aged men with a chip on their shoulder taking an interest, and because of the Brig's expression when meeting Jesse), so I knew one of the candidates had to be the Brigadier. I also wanted to avoid the fallacy of blaming all of Jesse's miseries on Walt; Jesse was into drugs (both taking and selling) before ever becoming Walt's partner, and he made decisions at various key points that contributed to damaging others and weren't due to Walt's manipulations. Therefore, one of the Companions, I decided, was going to be Donna Noble, meeting early s3 nihilistic I'-m-evil-so-there Jesse. Few people are as good for cutting-through-crap as Donna, and on her end, it gave me the chance to explore her dealing with her Lance issues.

To balance Donna, and to do justice to the inspiration-to-do-better aspect of the Whoverse, I decided to let one of the segments be about meeting Martha; given the Year-that-Wasn't where Martha walks the earth inspiring people is a canon AU, this was the ideal time frame. Speaking of time: the Whoverse with its timey-wimeyness practically asked for the encounters not to be told in chronological order. However, the darkest one was always going to be the middle. Now there is one season of Torchwood that's conveniently set in the US - the most unpopular one, Torchwood: Miracle Day -, and its basic premise allowed me to follow the Breaking Bad principle of wondering "what WORSE thing could happen to the characters now?" about the BB finale, Felina. The answer being: Felina takes place on Miracle Day, which means nobody who dies in said finale actually stays dead. Talk about adding injury to insult. The fallout of this means post Felina Jesse encounters Captain Jack Harkness, and this is also the segment where I got to explore both Jesse's feelings about Walt and Jack's continued dealings with Children of Earth somewhat.

I did wonder, once I'd finished it, whether there'd be many people interested in both Breaking Bad and Doctor Who who'd be likely to read the story. But I couldn't not write it. It practically wrote itself, once I got going, and I am immensely proud of it.

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Fearful Symmetry (4178 words) by Selena
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Highlander: The Series
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kenny & Amanda Darieux, Amanda Darieux/Duncan MacLeod, Amanda Darieux & Methos
Characters: Kenny, Amanda Darieux, Duncan MacLeod, Methos
Additional Tags: Character Study, Backstory

Kenny stopped being a child a long time ago.

Highlander was both my first online fandom in terms of interaction with fellow fans - previous fandoms had me going to cons and buying zines -, and the first fandom I wrote in English in. The above wasn't my first story, but it was an early one. It was also the first time I wrote a fanfiction in first person, which I rarely do. (Mostly because as a reader, my suspension of disbelief often breaks over a first person narrative not presenting a believable "voice" for whichever character the author chose.) Now and then, though, a story idea simply calls for first person. In this case, I tackled Kenny, who showed up only twice in Highlander: The Series, and was an unusual and memorable villain. Kenny aka Kenneth was an 800 years old Immortal, but unlike most of the Immortals the audience encounters in the course of the show, he became Immortal while still a child, meaning he was stuck in a child's body for the rest of his existence. This, to put it mildly, did not improve his disposition. He also became very adroit at using his harmless and helpless looks to deceive and kill other people.

In the second of his two appearances, the audience finds out Kenny has a backstory with recurring guest star Amanda, aka my favourite character on the show (and one of my all time favourite incarnations of the "female thief and conwoman with on/off relationship with hero" trope), who mentored him for a while when he really was a child. She's not prepared for what he has become, but then, she's always been good at improvising. Now, one of the problems any show using child actors has is that they grow up very fast, and if the character in question is defined by his inability to grow up, that problem is unsolvable, so I'm not suprised the show didn't use Kenny again (though he survives both episodes). Fanfic rarely does - or at least did back then -, perhaps because there is something deeply disturbing in the idea of a a centuries old being in the body of a child, and Kenny is definitely not prone to easy woobiefication. (For starters, he doesn't solely kill other Immortals. He exploits and kills the occasional mortal as well.) Which was why I wanted to tackle the character, of course. Not to mention that back then, I had only recently read Interview with the Vampire and thus Claudia (the vampire trapped in the body of a child there) and her rage about her state were fresh on my mind.) And the relationship with Amanda did fascinate me.

So I came up with something that both fleshed out the time between Amanda and Kenny meeting and them getting separated 800 years back (complete with Methos cameo, because as a HL fan fresh into the fandom I was as prone to include Methos in tales as everyone else), showed something about what the rest of his life had been like, and ultimately revealed why he's telling the story and whom he's telling it to. The story is now fifteen years old, but I think it holds up fairly well.

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First, spotted while surfing around, a meme:

Who is your Doctor? Don't have a single one. It definitely isn't my first, because the first Doctor I ever saw was Tom Baker, whom younger me did not take to at all. Later, I became in varying degrees fond of most regenerations (still not keen on Four, though, but he has the majority of fandom to love him best, he doesn't need me). Which of them I prefer above the rest really depends on a) the mood I'm in and b) the medium (because, say, Six is so ill served on tv, and he certainly isn't a favourite there, but on audio Colin Baker rules, and so these days when I think of the Sixth Doctor I think of him in his audio incarnation).

Who is your Doctor's companion? Donna Noble. With close runner ups Ace and Jo for Old Who and Evelyn Smythe from the audios, but really, DONNA.

Who is your Batman? Michael Keaton. Though Christian Bale in "Batman Begins" is my Bruce Wayne. It's just that too much of the Nolan films ultimately ticks me off that has to do with the Batman worship.

Who is your Cat Woman? Anne Hathaway, wowing all naysayers and by far the best thing in the awful third Nolan movie.

Who is your Sherlock Holmes? Jeremy Brett, no question about it. If I'm limited to more recent incarnations, it's Johnny Lee Miller.

Who is your fictional female federal agent? (eg, Dana Scully, Audrey Parker, Olivia Dunham, etc) : Oh, how I loved Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. Then Hannibal happened. While I like all the tv ladies named as examples, I have to change agencies to answer the question for ongoing love, because: Sydney Bristow. Who is one of those characters who aren't my favourites, nor are they the ones immediately winning me over, but they are firm secondary loves and my affection never waves. And much as I have issues with the fifth Alias season on behalf of my favourites, I thought it did well with Sydney herself and gave her a good send-off. Encapsulated in the moment when Irina says you can't be a mother and a good spy, and Sydney replies "watch me".

If we also include comics, and again, branch out in agencies, then it's Agent Abigail Brand of SWORD.

Who is your Robin Hood? The fox one from the Disney movie. I imprinted on him! Runner-up: Sean Connery in Robin and Marian for autumnal grace and wit. (Well,the script is by James "Lion in Winter" Goldman.)

Who is your Maid Marian/Marion? Audrey Hepburn in Robin and Marian, definitely. See above, re: autumnal grace and wit.

Who is your Bond? Daniel Craig from his first outing onwards. Judi Dench is, of course, my M. But not until Craig came along did she have a Bond worthy of her. *verily, my Brosnan dislike runs deep*

Who is your fictional female assassin? (eg, Natasha Romanov, various incarnations of Nikita, etc): Natasha. Especially in her MCU incarnation. Tied with Mystique (definitely her cinematic incarnation).

And speaking of the X-verse, have another rec:

Running for Cover (3094 words) by RemoCon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: X-Men (Movies), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
Characters: Peter Maximoff, Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Hank McCoy, Alex Summers, Kurt Wagner, Raven | Mystique

Peter wasn't really looking for more family.

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( May. 1st, 2014 06:01 pm)
...because it's been years since I've done it the last time, and it seems to be making the rounds again. Checking out my statistics, I couldn't help but notice there is a significant difference between the hits and the kudos results.

Top Five Stories by hits

1.) Messenger (The Earl Grey Remix)

I find it utterly baffling that this is my most read story (7217 hits so far). It's a little thing I dashed off during Remix Madness week, gen, with no pairing in sight. My only explanation is the fandom, i.e. it's a Star Trek tale with Spock in it.

2.) Backstage Management (The Machiavellian Remix)

Another remix tale, Torchwood this time, but the point of view is of a character who never shows up in the show proper, Yvonne Hartman, the leader of Torchwood 1 who appears in the Doctor Who two partner which introduces the organisation and gets killed off in same. While there is a lot of conversation about Jack Harkness, he doesn't actually show up, whereas Suzie Costello (from the TW pilot) and John Frobisher (from Children of Earth) do, as well as a surprise guest, and again, it's gen, so again, I'm surprised this is so well read. (4016 hits.)

3.) Spinning Fate

This was a Yuletide tell, which generally heightens the chances of it being read, and it's something based on Greek mythology (in its Roman interpretation by Ovid). Arachne, changed into a spider when last we saw her, strikes back at the Gods. Used to show up on the kudos list as well but got overtaken by other stories.

4.) Into the Woods

The first one where I'm not surprised it shows up in the hits count, because this is the only one of my fifteen Merlin stories that's actually focused on the most popular pairing of the fandom, i.e. Merlin and Arthur, which means it could show up if you use the tag.

5.) Let it Be

Star Trek again, Deep Space Nine this time, also a Yuletide story with not much of a plot because it's basically an assembly of scenes focused on Ezri, Worf, Bashir and Quark about the fallout from Jadzia's death. My grief, choices and connections tale, and the only one to appear on the kudos list as well, which means it must have resonated with people. Which brings me to...

Top Five Stories by kudos

1.) Anatomy of a Marriage

Okay, colour me stunned. Not only was this Breaking Bad story not written for any type of ficathon but it's about Skyler White and her relationship with her husband. (Also about her relationship with her sister, because it's part of who Skyler is.) Skyler is a, to put it mildly, controversial character in the fandom, and most BB fanfiction is focused on the Walt and Jesse relationship (understandably, since that is the core of the show). So it being my most popular story in terms of kudos (61) is really against the odds. Go, scrappy little outsider story!

2.) Let it Be

See above. The only one to show up in both lists. (48 kudos)

3.) Collaborators

More DS9 for Yuletide. This one is about Odo, set during his early days working for Dukat during the first occupation; among other things, it's my attempt to come up with an explanation as to why Dukat kept Odo given that Odo didn't solve the murder he orginally had told him to solve, and why Odo remained on the station despite being free to do anywhere he wanted and not having loyalties to either Bajorans or Cardassians; but who am I kidding, most of all it's about his relationship with Quark forming. If you noticed Quark as a common denominator in my DS9 tales, you're not wrong. Apparantly readers approve.

4.) Lebenswerk

Aka the backstory for Norma Desmond and Max von Mayerling from Sunset Boulevard. Sunset Boulevard being the deserved classic it is, writing fanfic worthy of it (for the last but one Yuletide) was a huuuuge challenge as well as a labour of love (for SB itself, for the silent film era, and for the characters), and I'm tickled pink the result found favour.

5.) Fuit Quondam

The newest story on these lists, barely a few months old, since it was one of my two 2013 Yuletide contributions - about Connie Corleone from The Godfather movies. The Godfather, both the films and the book, are an incredibly masculine narrative (which btw I don't mean as a condemnation, just a statement: the way women are treated in this world says a lot about the characters and is part of their story), so making Connie central (and while I was at it, also giving her mother, Sonny's wife Sandra and Fredo's wife Deanna voices) was a deliberate counterpoint. But it was also caused by my fondness for messed up sibling relationships. As third of the Godfather movie shows, Connie and Michael end up spending most of their lives together, which you certainly wouldn't have guessed in the first. How they got there is part of the tale I tried to tell.

Possible lessons: Star Trek is still the granddaddy and boss of all fandoms, but stories about women in male centric fandoms inspire kudos givers?
...with the caveat that there are a great many characters whose love life I couldn't care less about, independent from how much or little I like them otherwise. But hey, I do have a few whom I ship romantically, too, so here we go:

Give me a character and I will tell you...

* How I feel about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
* Something about them I consider true, even though it's only my head canon/fanon
The characters on my list were:

1. Alex Millar (Being Human UK)
2. Hank Schrader (Breaking Bad)
3. Jamie Moriarty (Elementary)
4. Cora Mills (Once upon a Time)
5. Felix Dawkins (Orphan Black)
6. Lix Storm (The Hour)
9. Guinevere "Gwen" (Merlin)
7. Bruce Banner (MCU)
8. Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow)
10. Lucas Buck (American Gothic)
11. Jo Grant (Doctor Who)
12. Ray Carling (Ashes to Ashes, Life on Mars)
13. Andrew Wells (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
14. Cameron (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
15. Jack Harkness (Torchwood, Doctor Who)

Now for whacky adventures caused by questions under the cut! With spoilers for the shows/films these characters are from )
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( Jan. 18th, 2014 08:12 pm)
It's been a year or so since I last did it, and I aquired a few new fandoms, and thus new characters, so:

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.
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( Jan. 1st, 2014 04:03 pm)
How better to begin the new year than with a look back at the last? :)

1. Your main fandom of the year?

I'm a fandom polygamist, always was, always will be. However, I think the fandoms that occupied me a bit more than the others this year were Breaking Bad and Once upon a Time.

2. Your favourite film watched this year?

Wadjda, my review of same linked, which was absolutely amazing and would have been even if it wasn't a) the first Saudi Arabian big screen movie, b) the first Saudi Arabian film directed by a woman, and c) all about a girl.

Runner-up: Iron Man III, which broke the curse of the third movie in a popular franchise being weaker than the previous ones, was highly entertaining and provided a good wrap up to the Iron Man films while leaving Tony and friends available for Avengers shenanigans.

3. Your favourite book read this year?

It's a tie between Steel Blues, which is just the kind of ensemble adventure with great character stuff I love, and the first volume of Mark Lewisohn's monumental Beatles biography.

4. Your favourite TV show of the year?

It was a very good year for tv, both new (how so awesome, Orphan Black?), and recurring/finishing, but this, too, is a tie of the two named in 1). Though if you push me: Breaking Bad. Because it is complete now and thus one can say it really remained and ended as one of the most amazing accomplishments on tv.

5. Your favourite online fandom community of the year?

I loved the disussion of The Charioteer which [personal profile] naraht was hosting on her journal, but as far as communities go: 2ceuponatime, which will resume its s1 rewatch now that the show proper is on hiatus. It makes think of b5_revisited a few years ago.

6. Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

Considering I didn't discover BB this year but did start to marathon Once upon a Time after Christmas last year, it's the fairy tale show, together with Orphan Black which I marathoned in the summer, and Bates Motel (ditto). Of these three, Orphan Black wins in sheer quality, but Once upon a Time in terms of my emotional investment.

7. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

Homeland. Alas.

8. Your TV boyfriend of the year?

Tricky. I don't really have one in the sense the meme means, I suppose, and in terms of my male tv loves of years past (and forever - Londo Mollari, I will never quit you *g*). Not that I didn't like various male characters, sometimes a lot, but never in the sense of crushing on them. Although, you know, if I had to pick one to have an affair with, well, err, I'd probably go for Rodrigo Borgia, him being Pope not withstanding, in the hope I'd get a graceful exit like Giulia and not a bloody demise courtesy of general scheming in Rome.

9. Your TV girlfriend of the year?

Norma Bates. As she's ever so doomed by narrative, I'm trying to steel myself for the inevitable. But Norma is such a vivid, rich character, impulsive, loving, controlling, repressive, resourceful, mamma bearish, hopelessly damaged, helplessly damaging.

10. Your biggest squee moment of the year?

The Day of the Doctor was everything I'd hoped the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special would be. Also, in April I saw Helen Mirren and Judi Dench both on stage in London. Don't make me choose.

(The amazing last bunch of Breaking Bad episodes, particularly Ozymandias, certainly left me breathless, emotionally wrung through and pulse racing, but squee is the wrong term for what I felt.)

11. The most missed of your old fandoms?

You know, I always go periodically back to my old fandoms like Star Trek or Babylon 5 or Highlander, so I can't say I miss them. Writing a Torchwoodstory for this year's DW remix made me rewatch a lot more TW than was needed for the story and made me miss the show, but most certainly not the fandom, the majority which I always remained at a cautious distance from due to my utter lack of Jack/Ianto shipping.

12. The fandom you haven’t tried yet, but want to?

Other than Slings and Arrows, which the "this year I really will do it!" show to marathon, I'm now tentatively eyeing Sleepy Hollow and The Americans.

13. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

Orphan Black, season 2: will it keep up the quality or have a second year downfall? Also, seeing MCU Natasha Romanov again in Captain America II, and watching the third part of The Hobbit.
Which TV show did you start watching in 2013?

Borgen, Once upon a Time, Orphan Black, Bates Motel, Hannibal. I also marathoned my way through the entire Wire.

Which TV show did you let go of in 2013?

Hannibal; it simply wasn't for me. Also Homeland, which got ever more questionable ideologically while losing the characterisation that had made me interestedin the first place.

TV shows which ended anyway which meant their mixed quality last seasons didn't make me drop them: Merlin and The Borgias. There was enough in both that I still loved to keep me watching but also a lot that ticked me off, and if the shows had continued, I'd have been seriously torn whether or not to watch or whether to do stop. As it is, I loved the Merlin finale, and the last but one Borgias episode was superb. (The last one had some good stuff but also plenty of what had annoyed me in the season.) (It was still better than the ending otherwise planned, though.) (But, as I said: LOVED the last-but-one episode, which is my series finale.

Which TV show did you mean to get into but didn't in 2013? Why?

Slings and Arrows. Why not - err, availability? Time? Lack of same? All of the above? But it's still on my must see list. One day. Also, as mentioned, I tried Hannibal following everyone's reccomendation and decided it wasn't my type of unrelenting dark fic with screwed up relationships at its core. My serial killer prequel show of choice for 2013 became Bates Motel instead.

Which TV show do you intend to check out in 2014?

I'm undecided on whether or not to check out Scandal. On the one hand, the heroine is supposedly a female Walter White and it supposedly deconstructs team and romantic narratives, which could be interesting. Otoh, I don't think I can take several seasons with a toxic romance in them getting plenty of screen time where the male part sounds eminently hateable.

Slings and Arrows as mentioned remains a long term goal. Once the BBC series based on the Three Musketeers broadcasts, I'll at least watch the first few eps, because it has Peter Capaldi as Richelieu.

Which TV show impressed you least in 2013?

It's a tie between Homeland and Hannibal, for different reasons. Homeland because it lost the plot, see above; Hannibal because, well, it should have been tailor-made for me, and instead the most intense thing I felt was a gigantic squick at both the aestheticization of the various murder victims and the relentless Will torture. Also I feel absurdly resentful that this is the Brian Fuller show to get a mass audience, because it should have been Dead Like Me. *sulks like George Lass at her sulkiest* *admits, though, that AU!George Lass cameo in Hannibal was twistedly brilliant*

Which TV show did you enjoy the most in 2013?

Orphan Black's first season was the most flawless mixture of narrative quality and being emotionally gripping for me as far as new shows were concerned; Elementary is the one for character love and often comfort viewing, but I'm also aware of its weaknesses. The Good Wife had left me cold through much of its fourth season only to end on a high note that kept me watching, and I'm glad I did because the fifth season so far is so very, very good, and I love it. Breaking Bad ended this season, but enjoying is perhaps the wrong term for the breathtaking final ride it was which was also a relentless emotional pummelling and slack-jawed experience of awe.

...when it comes to "enjoying" in the sense of sparking my writing imagination and finding people to discuss it with, though, it has to be Once upon a Time, multiple crossover of fairy tales and children's books and horror films that it is. Not that it always does what I want, far from it, but it managed to make me ridiculously fond of most of its characters and keeps surprising me (in a good way) with how it treats its narrative twists and tropes. I'm just very, very fond of it.
snagged from [profile] itsnotmymind:

Pick a date below and give me a topic and I'll ramble on. I'm good at talking. It can be anything from fandom related to life related to Belgian chocolate to WHATEVER you want. :)

They will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject.

Also, I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet.

Topics: you can get an idea from my tags.

The dates: )
- Bold all of the following TV shows of which you've seen 3 or more episodes.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode.
- Asterisk * if you have at least one full season on tape or DVD
- If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

I watch too much tv )


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