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Watched this on Netflix, because Zombies seemed like a good alterntive to news featuring the horror clown. (TM our tabloids. For once, I like a phrase they coined.) Also because I heard good things from this effort by Rob Thomas, he who produced Veronica Mars.

So, my impressions: there are some VM parallels - our heroine transformed, in backstory revealed in pilot, from popular member of (her) society with bright future ahead into misfit due to traumatic event. Her new existence at the periphery/the underbelly gives her a new perspective and a snarky attitude. She's broken up with her earlier love but he's not gone from her life completely, and in the course of the pilot, she bonds with new allies. And of course, there's the case of the week format with an ongoing narrative arc underneath. Only where Veronica Mars went for noir tropes and structures, IZombie uses that of a procedural.

This being said, iZombie stands on its own legs, so to speak. It quickly establishes its core ensemble of characters, and uses the zombie Macguffin in an inventive way to justify the "solves murder of the week" format - turns out consuming someone's brain gives you some of the deceased person's memories and personality traits, until you move on to the next brain. Liv taking a job at the morgue to have access to the brains of the deceased solves her personal nourishment problem, but the show makes the obvious next question - what about zombies who don't have that possibility to get at brains from already dead people? - trigger for the long term arc and etablishing of our seasonal antagonist, Blaine, played by David Anders enjoying himself as an amoral villain with great capitalist gifts - creating a market takes on a new meaning with him. Getting a bit more spoilery about that. )

(Speaking of actors I know from other shows, there's also Bradley James, aka Arthur from Merlin, as Lowell Tracey, British guitarist/singer and temporary alternate love interest of our heroine. I'm usually touchy re: the treatment alternate love interests get when it's obvious from the start they're not meant to be end game but a temporary distraction for our central character, but "who will Liv choose?" Is actually not a question the show asks (at least in season 1 it doesn't), and I thought it played fair by Lowell, making him into a character, not just a plot device. Also Bradley James is pretty charming as Not!Arthur.)

Liv, our heroine, who gets jolted out of her post-zombiefication malaise in the pilot when she realises she can use this dreadful thing that happened to her in constructive ways that give her hope, makes for an endearing central character, though I have to say I didn't really buy the plot's justification for her withholding crucial information from her former fiance after a certain point. That the show itself lampshaded this by letting Ravi, Liv's boss at the morgue and bff throughout, raise all the good arguments why she should share, didn't help. Like I said, I didn't really buy her counter argument, though to its credit, her emotional state in that particular scene WAS believable.

Ravi (her boss at the morgue) and Clive (the cop whom she becomes a crime-solving duo with) are both poc, and develop a delightful raport with Liv, which hits my soft spot for male & female friendship. Yes, they're male, if you're keeping score, and if there's a nitpick, then it's that Liv's sole female friend, her roommate Peyton, in the first season at least doesn't get nearly as much presence and personality as either. But of course that could change in later seasons; as a district attorney, the show can use her more in the crimes of the week than it did here.

Major, Liv's ex whom she broke up solely due to zombiefication pre pilot, is almost too good to be true (sense of humor, social worker who cares passionately, hunk) but gets put through the wringer in the course of the season as he tries to find out what happened to some of the kids he attempted to help. What eventually happens is another case of "well, I saw that coming, but the denouement afterwards elevates it to "well played, show, well played".

In conclusion: witty dialogue, morbid humor (obviously), yet also treats its dead as people not canon fodder. Excellent distraction, if you're in need. The first season had 13 episodes.
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Prompt courtesy of [personal profile] zahrawithaz with whom I share these fandoms, in case someone is curious about the combination.

Spoilers for DS9 and Merlin unite! All you have to lose are your chains. )

The other days
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The characters on my list were:

1. Alex Millar (Being Human UK)
2. Hank Schrader (Breaking Bad)
3. Jamie Moriarty (Elementary)
4. Cora Mills (Once upon a Time)
5. Felix Dawkins (Orphan Black)
6. Lix Storm (The Hour)
9. Guinevere "Gwen" (Merlin)
7. Bruce Banner (MCU)
8. Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow)
10. Lucas Buck (American Gothic)
11. Jo Grant (Doctor Who)
12. Ray Carling (Ashes to Ashes, Life on Mars)
13. Andrew Wells (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
14. Cameron (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
15. Jack Harkness (Torchwood, Doctor Who)

Now for whacky adventures caused by questions under the cut! With spoilers for the shows/films these characters are from )
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Despite having considerable ISSUES with season 5 of Merlin, its ending for Gwen, Arthur and Merlin was something that felt right to me regarding the rest of the show entire, and one that allowed me to keep my love for the characters, who just might be my favourite incarnations of their mythical counterparts. With the possible exception of Parke Godwin's Firelord and the Arthur and Guenevere therein. (There is no real Merlin character in the novel.) (My favourite Morgana used to be the one from The Mists of Avalon because when I read that novel at age 13, it had a major, major impact on me, but I've been shying away from rereading the book as an adult, as I'm afraid it could be a case of disenchantment with a teenage experience, so I can't be sure anymore.) (Favourite Merlin as a tricksy old man is probably the T.H. White version.)

Anyway, one reason why I only rarely read Merlin fanfiction is that you either get Arthur/Merlin OTPness, with Gwen either handed over to Lancelot (or Morgana) or entirely ignored, or you get Gwen/Morgana (ignoring anything Morgana does to Gwen post season 2) and no positive or at least mixed mention of either of the boys. Whereas for me, one of the charms of the show was how these characters were interconnected from the start.

slightly spoilery talk ensues )
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Every now and then, someone writes meta so impressive that it leads you to reevaluate a story and a character both. This is what happened to me when reading [personal profile] local_max ' essay about Willow at the end of season 6. A really thought provoking analysis.

On a light hearted note and of interest to several fandoms: Richard Wilson (he of many character roles through the decades, but most recently Gaius in Merlin) got a life time achievement award at the Scottish BAFTAS, with the laudatory award speech given by David Tennant. Now I knew DT sports long hair in and for his current role as Richard II. for the RSC, but I had assumed that was a wig. I was wrong. He really must have grown it to this impressive length (as someone with long hair herself, my first thought was, but that takes at least two years!), though for the award ceremony it's in a braid, not Plantagenet-style open. This being a Scottish ceremony, he also wears a kilt. Together with his natural accent, this makes for David Tennant in Scots Mode Squared, and also he does his usual thing being endearingly enthusiastic about someone else's work. Check it out:

Watch British Academy Scotland Awards (David Tennant 2013) in Unterhaltung | View More Free Videos Online at

In other news, the Stephen King reading made for a splendid evening yesterday, and if I weren't a fan already, I would be one now. Also, Darth Real Life dodges my steps again, but that won't stop me from watching Catching Fire tonight...
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...not really spoilery, but it does show stuff from the actual episode, as opposed to the earlier one, so as I don't want to be a hypocrite after my earlier complaint, I'll put it under a cut.

The Day of the Doctor awaits )
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I'd stopped reading much, if any Merlin fanfiction even before the show ended, not least because of my "Where is the Gwen of it?" problem. I.e. if the stories in question are Merlin/Arthur, which most of them are, Gwen is either conveniently handed over to Lancelot and shows up for two lines or so otherwise, or doesn't show up at all; if, otoh, the story actually is Gwen centric, then chances are the guys are treated as the enemy while Morgana's deeds are handwaved and Gwen ends up paired with her, which, after all Morgana put Gwen through, no. In either case, one of my favourite things about the show, the friendship between Gwen and Merlin, is roundly ignored. Luckily, all of this is relatively easy to spot by the summaries, so I know what to stay away from. In this year's Paperlegends, I spotted a tale where the summary tentatively gave me hope, started to read the story, and was very glad I did. For starters, not only is it Gwen centric, it's a Gwen centric adventure story in which she's the heroine. Secondly, the central relationship in it is in fact the friendship between Gwen and Merlin. Ignore the shipping tags, or rather, don't, because they're accurate in as much as to who has sex with whom, but this is a story where friendship and family relationships are treated as key in terms of screen, err, page time, not the romances. Thirdly, this is a story that uses two favourite fandom concepts - reincarnation/immortality and time travel - in ways I hadn't seen before, which comes with the Gwen centric territory. It's set in two eras - the present, where the long term repercussions of Morgana tearing the veil between living and dead in the s4 opener cause the zombie apocalypse and reincarnated Gwen, Gwaine and Elena run into still-around-because-he's-immortal Merlin, and the past, where present-day reincarnated Gwen, courtesy of Merlin and magical time travel, tries to stop Morgana before said veil tearing can occur.

(Also: because Gwen in her present day incarnation doesn't meet Arthur until relatively late in the story and knows Merlin is in love with him before she ever meets him in either time line, I have no problem with her not being in love with him. It feels fair, whereas before I stopped reading fanfic, often the way the canonical Arthur/Gwen relationship was just handwaved away, or the feelings on either part declared to be false felt like the typical fannish get-that-woman-out-of-the-way-of-my-slash irritation I resent with increasing fervour. But seriously, who ends up with whom is so not what this story is about. Everyone is trying to save the world, as they should.)

So, if you, like me, are on the lookout for a Gwen centric adventure which is also a good ensemble story (Merlin, Gwaine, Elena and Elyan are all very well drawn, and though he makes only short appearances in either timeline, so is Arthur), you'll enjoy this:

Waking Up to Ash & Dust (45060 words) by oflittleuse
Chapters: 12/12
Fandom: Merlin (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Relationships: Merlin/Arthur Pendragon (Merlin), Elena/Gwaine (Merlin)
Characters: Gwen (Merlin), Gaius (Merlin)
Additional Tags: Zombie Apocalypse, Time Travel, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting

There is only one way to stop a zombie apocalypse - you need one reincarnated Queen, a living dead King and an immortal sorcerer. Mix in some terminator-style time-travel and the darkest of magic. Of course, before stopping the apocalypse you need to survive it first.

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[community profile] queer_fest is open for prompts. I enjoyed participating last year and will again this year, though I'm still mentally collecting prompts. One I know already. It's an idea that admittedly ows itself to yours truly being ticked off and truly SICK of one Merlin/Arthur request that asked for Gwen erasure too many (not at Queer_fest, elsewhere), but it's also the wish to see one of my few OT3s getting written. Ater all, bisexuality - and love that works in polyamory, not "just" one person/another person monogamous arrangements - are among the subjects to celebrated at this ficathon. Therefore, my prompt numero uno will be: After Arthur's return, Merlin and Arthur try to live as a couple on their own and quickly discover they can't. They need Gwen. Not just for her common sense but because they love her. They don't rest until they find her in the present. I'd like both Arthur and Merlin written as bisexual (not straight, not gay), and the relationship between them and Gwen explored as a triad where each party is invested in the two others.

One of the prompts I saw already posted is a DS9 one and asks for Jake/Nog, which I'm all for, but the prompt itself positions something I'm not sure about, to wit: "Nog has always broken Ferengi taboos - what's one more?". What I'm uncertain about here is: would it even make sense for Ferengi to have a same sex relationship taboo? I think to assume they have one is to ignore the practicalities and the precedents of a deeply sexist society that, before the reforms that start during the course of the show, isolates their women from public life, most professions and hardly lets them off the planet while at the same time having a floroushing intergalactic economic presence. Bearing ancient Greece and in particular Athens in mind: these conditions are more likely to encourage same sex relationships and the elevation of them not just to equal but superior status to the male/female ones. (A lot of those quotes about erastes/eromenos relationships that often end up in slash said by one character to the other come if you read further with some nasty misogyny, along the lines of women not being possibly capable of the emotional and spiritual depth of true love, etc.)

If we look at tv canon, there is just one incident that could be constructed as a clue to how the Ferengi see same sex relationships, and that's the season 2 episode that's basically Yentl in space, with Quark in the Avigdor role. I haven't watched it for a while, but when Pel, who is a Ferengi woman disguised as a man, kisses Quark (who doesn't know yet she's a woman), he doesn't react repulsed or homophobic, he just doesn't go for it and pretty much ignores it. He only freaks out somewhat later when finding out she's a woman, because this is the big taboo breach. If we include media tie-ins, which of course is optional (and I usually ignore them, but hear me out), there are the complete Ferengi Rules of Aquistion as written by Ira Behr and Robert Wolfe, both writers and producers of DS9 (Ira Behr wrote most of the Ferengi episodes), and they include after a show quoted rule that says "Never have sex with the bosses sister" a rule that says "Always have sex with the boss" with a footnote "In case I need to spell this out: there are no female bosses on Ferenginar".

In conclusion: I don't think the Ferengi have same sex relationship taboos. You can still write Jake/Nog as taboo breaking, but more because it's an interspecies relationship, and while there are a lot of those on the show (to wit: every woman but Pel Quark is ever attracted to plus of course the long term couple of Rom/Leeta), it's in each case not exactly a case of joyful acceptance from both of the species in question.
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Thank you for all the gloriously crazy prompts! Okay, here's the list:

1.) Natasha Romanoff (MCU)

2.) Gaius Baltar (BSG)

3.) Skyler White (Breaking Bad)

4.) Quark (DS9)

5.) Alfred Bester (Babylon 5)

6.) Joan Watson (Elementary)

7.) Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time)

8.) Caleb Temple (American Gothic)

9.) Amanda Darieux (Highlander)

10.) Arvin Sloane (Alias)

11.) Kima Greggs (The Wire)

12.) Birgitte Nyborg (Borgen)

13.) Gwen Cooper (Torchwood)

14.) Arthur Pendragon (Merlin)

15.) David Fisher (Six Feet Under)

And now behold the results! )
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Day 15 - Favorite female character

This is far more difficult to answer than the previous question, not because of fewer candidates, but because of more! Also, I am a bit more fickle with my female loves, in that I’ve always have had more than one favourite. And sometimes my affection lessens a bit over the years. For example, Laura Roslin of Battlestar Galactica was certainly one of my all time favourites for a few years – there are a lot of female warriors and tomboys around, but Roslin was a rare example of that other archetype, a queen, with moral ambiguity and political shrewdness and ruthlessness, and all this being middle aged. Unfortunately, the last half season basically consisted of missing scenes as far as her personal arc was concerned and also I’d come to extremely dislike her love interest (and she evidently did not), and thus while I still liked her (and wrote my last BSG story about her), she was no longer a favourite.

One favourite which remained through ups and downs and many years past:
Amanda of Highlander (and its spin-off): a case where my affection only deepened with the years. Amanda was my favourite cat burglar before I ever “met” Selina Kyle; she has a great sense of humor, her pragmatism can tip over to the wrong side of cutting your losses, but otoh, when it does sink in she did something wrong she faces up to it and tries her best to remedy the situation. If you’re her friend, you’re her friend for life (which, considering she’s immortal, is really saying something). And her relationship with the show’s hero is still one of the most unusual m/f ones I’ve encountered in genre tv, because it’s never played as star-crossed romance or hate sex or whatever else you’d expect given he disapproves of her usual sources of income; they’re lovers when neither of them is with anyone else and friends throughout the centuries they’ve known each other, and it’s amazingly angst free. (Special situations like season finales involving a possible outing of all Immortals excempted.) The scene where she dares him to dance on the banisters (or is the right English word railing?) on top of the Eiffel Tower with her and he actually does it still captures the spirit of Amanda (and her relationship with Duncan) in a few amazing minutes.

And a most recent favourite:

Gwen (Guinevere) of Merlin: her canon didn’t always do right by her, but in terms of her overall series journey and where it lead her to, how we leave her, it did. It’s no coincidence that my first Merlin story was about her, as well as the most recent one I wrote (and I’m still planning on another one, though God knows when I’ll find the time for the necessary rewatchs to write it). Gwen’s development from servant to Queen, her quiet strength, her intelligence and observance, her affection for her friends and loved ones were lovely to watch. Again (as with Laura Roslin who memorably uses a gun only once, starts the show being told she has cancer and would not last in a hands to hands combat scene), I appreciated that while we see Gwen with a sword in her hands perhaps only three or so times in the five seasons of the show, and then only in dire emergency situations, she was a strong character anyway. (Because in the last decade or so this idea that the only way a female character can be strong is if she also is a superior martial artist seems to have taken hold both in fandom(s) and in production bureaus.) When I’d have to list “most impressive Gwen scenes” they would entail her talking to other characters. Because how she connects and confronts, if necessary: that’s one main reason why Gwen is my current favourite.

The rest of the days )
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Name five favorite episodes of your five favorite series

Now that's ambigously phrased and could mean five episodes per show, couldn't it? :) Ah well. Five only, one per show, not the best or the only favourite in each case, but certainly a favourite. And of course, being the multifandom person which I am, I have far more than five favourite shows, so again: not the top five, but among my favourites.

1.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Restless The dream episode to end all dream episodes. Weird, silly, deep, shallow, all and everything in turn. The imagery stays with you for good, and it's a great emotional summing up of where the four Scoobies are at this point. Also? I wear the cheese. It does not wear me.

2.) The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Samson and Delilah. Because Sarah and John are at their human most vulnerable (both physically and emotionally) and still survive, because Charley patches everyone up, because James Ellison is stunned by his survival and tries to find meaning in it, because it has one of the best uses (and with this show, it's saying something) of a song (sung by s2 star Shirley Manson who plays Catherine Weaver) in the opening sequence. And most of all because Cameron wants to survive (one of the primary signs of sentience, isn't it?) and because she tells John not only that she loves him (which Sarah can refute as a trick) but that he loves her (which she can't).

3.) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: House of Quark. Why not one of the show's acknowledged masterpieces ("In the Pale Moonlight", "Duet") or, say The Wire, aka the one that launched a million Garak/Bashir tales? I love those as well. But this particular Ferengi-Klingon culture clash is such a great showcase for my guy Quark, letting him win the day in his own unique way, starts the Rom characterisation of later seasons, and proves that while Mary Kay Adams wasn't as good a Na'Toth as Julie Caitlin Brown, she makes a fantastic Grilka.

4.) Babylon 5: Dust to Dust: see, The Coming of Shadows or Fall of Centauri Prime etc are awesome, but I can't watch them too often, because they hurt so good, so to speak. However, this one manages to have both a great Centauri-Narn storyline and a great Bester storyline, thus managing to unite two of my favourite aspects of the show, and they're woven seamlessly into each other. The Bester-Garibaldi double act is great and contains some of his best one liners. (It's also the first but thankfully not the last time the show broke from the previous "Bester comes to the station, causes trouble, is foiled, leaves" pattern.) Londo is at first at his most infuriating with the visiting Vir, and yet note Vir's expressed faith in Londo towards Lennier and Delenn in the same ep; then, because he's Londo, just when you want to shake him G'Kar does not only that but much more, and you flinch on Londo's behalf. And G'Kar, oh, G'Kar both hits rock bottom and has his big epiphany here. In conclusion: I love this episode.

5.) Merlin: The Moment of Truth: it's an ode to friendship, it has the four leading characters at their best, it contains both great Merlin and Arthur scenes and the very first great Arthur and Gwen scenes, and it has HUNITH as a guest star. Mirrorverse Bashir, err, Siddig as the villain of the week is just an added bonus. I love it!
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Call The Midwife 2.01. which tackled not one but two extremely skeevy (but alas all too likely) scenarios with which our heroines were confronted and somehow pulled it off without coming across as either sensationalizing or taking the easy way out. Kudos, show.

Colin Morgan won the National Television Award, I hear, for Merlin in Merlin, of course, for which he beat both Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Matt Smith was the Doctor. My issues with the overall fifth season aside, he acted his socks off in it as he did through the entire show. (They showed a clip from THE scene in the show finale during the ceremony, which was well chosen but heartrendering all over again. Not to mention spoilery if you haven't watched the fifth season in its entirety yet.) So this makes me very happy indeed. (And okay, also satisfied Merlin beat Sherlock Holmes (BBC edition). Pity he couldn't also have beaten Loki while he was at it, but that wasn't tv.)

Lastly: so J.J.Abrams is directing the next Star Wars film? I spotted "oh noes!" reactions on the internet, but you know, this actually might make me watch it (despite lack of interest in the SW universe post Jedi), if only to find out whether or not he manages to smuggle a giant red ball in the galaxy far, far away. BECAUSE RAMBALDI IS EVERYWHERE. My beloved Arvin Sloane knew it all the time.
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Now that the show is over: favourite episodes from each season, and a few reasons why for each. Note: this is of course a subjective list.

Season 1 )

Season 2 )

Season 3 )

Season 4 )

Season 5 )
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Let's see. Bearing in mind that I'm a multifandom person, here's what comes to mind:

1) Being Human: Spoilers for season 4 ensue. )

2) The Avengers: The Big Damn Superhero Came, Saw And Conquered, managing to unite, as far as fandoms of mine are concerned, my fondness for the Marvelverse in its various incarnations with my interest in the works of Mr. Whedon. I loved every second of it, rewatched it multiple times, devoured a lot of fanfic, but nothing will beat the first, fine, careless rapture of watching it on screen the first time around. What a moment that was!

3) The Hollow Crown: or, the BBC does It's Hard Out There For A Lancaster Richard II, Henry IV 1 and Henry IV II. Verily, it was a good week or three to be a Shakespeare fan. Due to the popularity of Tom Hiddleston, one could even get the reaction of unspoiled fangirls, which, aw, bless. (Though I will admit to feeling, err, somewhat amused at hearing people feel "protective" about Hal, of all the people.) I mean. Hal. Mr. Übercalculating. Much as I cherish the memory of the scene where Hal gets slapped, though, my favourite Hollow Crown moment, and just about every Jeremy Irons scene ever, if I have to pick just one, it would be Patrick Stewart managing to take something which should be completely worn out and sound like nothing but a string of clichés - John of Gaunt's "This England..." speech - and making it sound fresh and alive in Richard II. But then, he is just that awesome.

4) Breaking Bad, season 5: 51. Spoilers for the most recent season of BB ensue. )

5) Merlin, show finale. Once and future spoilers abound. )
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I dashed off a few more Yuletide reviews while we’re all still anonymous, not least because I know how happy mine made me, but also because the stories in question were superb. It really was a splendid Yuletide this year. And there is fanfic outside of it to love, too.
For your, or, well, my post Merlin finale needs, two stories, a Gwen pov and a Merlin pov, which not only characterize them and their, to put as unspoilerly as possible, emotional situation beautifully, but also their relationship with each other:

Heavy is the Head (That Wears The Crown): Gwen post finale.

Old Love, But In Shapes That Renew And Renew Forever Merlin post finale
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Yes, I had the chance to watch the finale now. Before getting drafted for more family visits, let me write down my impressions of the last four episodes.

Here at the end of things )

All in all: ave atque vale, show. I sometimes was furious with you, but I loved you a lot, and thankfully your ending allowed me to continue to do so.
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Of course the week after I've sworn off writing weekly Merlin reviews comes an episode which was, unquestionably, no doubts about it, good and makes me want to write about it. But I shall resist temptation and wait till the finale for the collective review, because that way, I now know for sure I can include some praise in it.
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If you're waiting for the weekly Merlin review, after watching Saturday's episode I've come to a decision: I'll review all the remaining episodes in one go. Not least because an individual review for this episode that doesn't consist of complaints would pretty much look like "I loved the Merlin and Kilgarrah scene. The end." Now, if the show weren't finishing, and had more seasons to go, this would be the point where I'd stop watching, because I've always maintained that if a show consistently (not just with the odd ep, every show will do that) gives you more to complain about than to enjoy, it's time to get out rather than stay and make both yourself and other people who are still fans miserable. (I know some people also enjoy reading and writing weekly dissings, but not me.) This season (though not the ones before), this has been the case for me with Merlin. However, the show is ending, and it would be a shame to quit that late in the game, so to speak; also, there is still at least one longer story I want to write in the fandom, which is another reason why I'm choosing to stick around tillt he finale.

Please don't see the post as an invitation to comment along the lines of "at least you see why I hate the show so much"; I don't hate it. Overall, looking back on all the years, it's given me far more to treasure than to tear my hair out over, though that part has always been there; it's just that until this season, it never spoiled the rest of the experience for me, and now it does. So, one more review post after the finale, and then maybe some more meta, and the above mentioned story; it's not an "I'm out of this fandom for good!" reaction I have, any more I had after Alias which also gave me four seasons which despite their ups and downs I mostly enjoyed and then a final season why I didn't. But it is a "no more weekly reviews from me" post.
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In which Merlin does what he should have done one and a half episodes earlier. I mostly really appreciated this episode - with a certain ongoing nitpick about the show's use of "humour" and another that can't described unspoilery - and it made me feel better after my disgruntlement during the last few eps, but I'm still getting the Alias feeling of "should have ended after s4" from the season as a whole.

This being said, cinematography as always for the win! )


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