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Following New Who tradition of the new Companion first getting a trip to the future and then one to the past, this one offers a fuiture where Emojis survive as a major mode of communication. Which, let's face it, is likely. :)

Bill continues to endear herself in her joy at exploration. There were Companions who'd have felt let down that the first alien planet they visit is an apparantly deserted modern architecture exercise complete with agriculture, but Bill's delighted. At the same time, she's not prone to uncritically like everything (the quick question as to why the robots served the Doctor two portions), and a great example of how new eyes can point out something not remarked upon for ages (the connection between the Police Box inscription and what the Doctor does/potential explanation as to why he never seriously tries to reinstall the chameleon setting). The interplay between Pearl Mackie and Capaldi continues be easy and charming, too.

As to the main plot, it seems to start out as a standard Whovian Evil Robots event, but then does the Moffatian U-Turn of the Doctor finding a solution that's not destruction but resetting. Mind you, if I were the colonists, then "your robots got sentient, it was a misunderstanding now cleared up, deal" wouldn't be very comforting when faced with the deaths of friend and family. That kind of thing took four seasons in BSG, and included a mutiny. Still, right now the entire rl world situation is so dire that the Moff's dogged optimism is something I find I emotionally need.

Arc mystery: we learn the Doctor made a promise to SOMEONE because of Certain Events to stay on Earth (except in the case of an emergency, which, let's face it, is the easiest get out clause of a promise ever if you're the Doctor, because about 99 % of his trips end up being emergencies needing help) and guard the vault at the university. This of course is the closet thing New Who has gotten yet to the basic Third Doctor era set up, which again makes me wonder whether SOMEONE will turn out to be a Classic Who rather than a New Who character.
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