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I'm currently at a conference, thus can only be online very rarely. Sorry for delayed replies etc. Anyway, onto the 80s and their spies.

Good to have Claudia back as a character, as opposed to a sounding board for Gabriel. (The scene with Philip and Elizabeth and the later one with Elizabeth alone were the first in which Claudia was a person, not a plot device, since s2. ) Philip doesn't want handling mixed with personal interaction anymore, he wants to keep it strictly business, which is immediately countermanded by the fact Elizabeth does have a personal chat with Claudia. The great thing with Claudia is that she may have said the truth re: her granddaughter, and yet it's also said entirely to get back into Elizabeth'a head.

Philip being retrospectively angry with Gabriel is, I think, due to several factors - Gabriel delivered his thunderbolt of a statement re: Paige at a point when it's too late, in a way - i.e. If he said it a year earlier when Paige still had zero idea about her parents' true jobs, it would have made a great difference. Also: Dad's just left them. Philip, who used and cared for several of the agents he run as well (poor Martha), doesn't really need the reminder from Elizabeth that the one doesn't preclude the other, but he resents being on the receiving end of this treatment.

Speaking of being on the receiving end, while Elizabeth last episode was despite her denials more than a little irritated that her mark is cheating on her persona, Philip's character Gus in this episode gets dumped by Deirdre, which vexes him so much I have to wonder wether none of their marks has done that before? I mean, I know they're supposed to be a) irresistable because they study the people they approach in honeytrap situations before, and b) get out before there's any dumping to be done, but still. Surely, once in a while, someone has to say "sorry, but no, not interested!" Or at least, after a one night stand, "yeah, that was nice, but I don't want to do it again"? Anyway, I was somewhat amused. Also at Elizabeth's belief in Philip's continued power to charm if he puts a bit more effort into it.

On the non-humorous side, the young woman from the Rezidentura whom Stan and Aderholt recruited is so nervous and inexperienced that you have to fear she'll give herself away in no time flat, and you can tell Stan thinks so, too. But if she does die or gets sent back home to Moscow, the show would have to come up with a new excuse why Stan doesn't get fired and doesn't resign in self disgust, so I guess her story is heading somewhere else. It is, of course, telling to compare this recruitment story with the way Stan originally recruited (read: blackmailed) Nina, where he was far more aggressive and completely convinced in his own righteousness.

Oleg in Moscow: again, a guess - the reason why his room was searched actually isn't, as Oleg fears, due to the Stan matter. It's because of his corruption investigations; the people he's investigating are sending a warning signal, but because Oleg knows the CIA has material on him, he doesn't read it as such and won't act accordingly.
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