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Which was mostly a spoiler character episode.

Also a Mike episode, with the McGill vs McGill plotline shoved into C-plot and left with a cliffhanger (what IS Jimmy's and Kim's cunning plan?). It says something about Giancarlo Esposito being v. good as Gus that I didn't mind this as much as I might have. Though I hope it will remain the exception this season. *repeat chorus of "Kim & McGills are what I watch this show for".

Anyway. Hector Salamanca being made look bad in front of Don Eladio at the very swimming pool where wholesale slaughter will take place in s4 of Beaking Bad (and presumably also where Tio Salamanca killed Max and humiliated Gus many years before that) and the ensuing attempt to menace Gus at Los Pollos Hermanos could have been one lenghty Breaking Bad flashback episode about The Rise of Gustavo Fring. I think my favourite detail is that Gus cleans up all the leftover food methodically after Hector & thugs left and leaves the quiet gloating about this proof he's got Hector Salamanca on the downward path at one perfect throw of a paper ball into a waste basket, basket ball style. It somehow sums up Gus Fring to me.

Gus being considerate and kind to his "civilian" employes (employees? Don't know which is the right word in English for mixed gender crowd of same) about the frightening experience they've had is the kind of thing that makes you almost, but not quite, forget that his non-official employees get a far different treatment (and the occasional throat cut to make a point). That Mike agrees to consider working for him again "depending on which kind of work" makes me wonder just what will push Mike to ditch the leftover idea that playing terminator for a drug lord is not for him, but I'm not wondering very avidly, because clearly it will be for Kaylee, given the way this show has used her throughout. I note with gratitude that for once Mike's daughter-in-law is not depicted demanding something of him or pushing him more towards crime.

Funny highlight of the episode: Jimmy's frustration when Mike stonewalls him and refuses to indulge in gossip about Chuck.
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