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In which there's no Mike, but we're still back to parting screen time between the lawyer and the drug world side. No sweat, thoug, it's all good, man.

This week's Breaking Bad character cameo was Lydia Duarte-Quayle, driving Gus to check out the future laundry/meth factory site he's about to acquire. More interesting to me, though, was BCS's own aspiring gangster, Nacho, who's just been confronted with the fact he won't be able to continue his double life as good son of an honest father by day/ strong man for Hector Salamanca by night for much longer, as Hector now wants his honest father's business as a new front for drug smuggling. And I think my wondering just how Tio Salamanca's stroke that renders him almost immobile will come about has been answered. Given the way Nacho has been eyeing that pill. BTW, this has to be the first episode with Nacho being the pov character in his scenes, no? Without either Mike or Jimmy present, and his is the driving emotional conflict in said scenes. The actor brings it, too. I mean, given this show's premise and existence as a BBC prequel, I doubt Nacho will say goodbye to the drug business once the older Salamanca has had his stroke and will move away from Abuquerque with his lovely Aged Parent. But given Nacho doesn't show up in BB, there's at least a chance for that, so here is me, rooting.

Meanwhile, after the epic McGill versus McGill (and Wexler!) showdown: Kim's final court room speech pulls all the heart strings (and contains one falsehood; as I had surmised, she was going the "that tape wasn't evidence" route, i.e. the implication being that Jimmy was lying on it and his rage driven rampage in Chuck's house was simply because of Chuck's overall behaviour and their history), but I think you can spot future trouble in hers and Jimmy's victory celebration already, in that little exchange - Kim is the type to wonder "what now?", Jimmy the one "I'll think about that tomorrow" type (and how I'm wondering about a bizarre Gone with the Wind crossover; can so see Scarlett O'Hara hiring him as her lawyer). And then of course there's Rebecca's appearance. Turns out Jimmy's intention with luring Rebecca back into town had been indeed two fold, courtroom distraction and Rebecca as the next Chuck caretaker, as, unsurprisingly, he's done.

(BTW: that Rebecca just assumes Jimmy is going to help her despite all she's just witnessed in court surprised me a bit. Come to think of it: Rebecca was married to Chuck for years and witnessed at least some of his resentment against Jimmy (think of the flashback in the s2 episode that introduces her). Even if she was oblivious to the extent on that first occasion, she should have noticed later on. Unless she's just as people-deaf and taking-people-for-granted as Chuck?)

Howard, otoh, appears not to be done yet, which surprised me, and instead delivers a pep talk. Which actually has some merit to it, because yes, what are the chances Jimmy won't commit an offense during twelve months of being barred from practicing law? Will Gardner didn't manage, he just had better lawyers. *can*t resist Good Wife joke* Though seriously now, if Will could show up to no end at L & G and do "consulting" work at a law firm, that means Jimmy could as well, except nah, can't see Jimmy staying out of the central action, he's just temperamentally incapable.

Jimmy having to sell the air time he'd bought for his "Gimme Jimmy" commercials marks his official debut as Saul Goodman, and how fitting is it that this happens in an commercial for commercials he improvises on the cuff? That was perfect. And I see the commercial as far less a sign of future Wexler/McGill fissures than their earlier argument re: Francesca and keeping the office despite being unable to practice in it. That Jimmy wants to keep Francesca because he likes her is otoh endearing, otoh very impractical. Being secretary to a lawyer who can't practice law is pointless, as Kim correctly states.

Chuck braving the neon lights to make a phone call: I can't remember the name of Clea Duvall's character from s1 - is Dr. Laura her, or is this another doctor we haven't met yet, in which case I'd guess she's probably the one who originally diagnosed Chuck after his troubles started, but in a way he didn't want to accept then? Anyway, while Chuck was able to maintain the facade to Howard, and promised to focus on the future, not the past, I bet his determination to beat his psychosomatic illness is still fueled by wanting to defeat his brother, especially since Jimmy just showed him up in court.
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