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Yours truly spent three days in Switzerland over the weekend, then hastened back to Germany. It wasn't a leisure trip, but I did see plenty of the region I was in, which was the Tessin, a part of Switzerland where the Italian language dominates, around the Lago Maggiore. Which is breathtakingly beautiful. Hence, pictures.

Paraglider über Lago Maggiore photo 2017_0528Tessin0150_zpsrxbu2joo.jpg

Before I get to more lake pictures, have some Swiss villages first. Not for nothing is one part of this region called the Centovalli, the valley of a thousand valleys. They mine granite there, and that's what most of the houses are made of. A typical village is nestled in the mountains like this one in the Valle Verzasca:

Dorf im Valle Verzasca photo 20170527_121916_zpszw7wkpq8.jpg

Or this one, Berzona.

Rasa photo 2017_0528Tessin0014_zpsuf3otcdr.jpg

It's where Swiss writer Max Frisch lived and died, and where German writer Alfred Andersch is buried; I read some of their works at school, and while today, only nine people live in the village in the winter, while it's occupied by a lot more people in the summer, I could totally see their point.

Rasa-Häuser photo 2017_0528Tessin0022_zpskuq8hydx.jpg

Rasa Details photo 2017_0528Tessin0026_zpspvxsutsd.jpg

Rasa-Blick photo 2017_0528Tessin0030_zpsbjvfl4yt.jpg

Rasa von oben photo 2017_0528Tessin0034_zpsjqvyqzok.jpg

Treppenhaus photo 2017_0528Tessin0038_zpsszwtxoxr.jpg

The cemetery, where Andersch lies (Frisch was cremated):

Friedhof von Berzona photo 2017_0528Tessin0011_zpsdz4738ka.jpg

One typical for Tessin element are the grotti. A grotto is basically a summer-only pub at a beautiful scenic location where you can eat heavy food. Like this one:

Grotto im Centovalli photo 2017_0528Tessin0048_zpsqq3xq8xk.jpg

Then there's the village Mogno. Where a snow avalanche went down and destroyed the old church. The new one was build by architect Mario Botta, and inside is spectacularly beautiful. The outside, though, can be debated. I mean:

St. Giovanni Battista di Mogno photo 2017_0528Tessin0055_zpsu09ngcb3.jpg

Decke St. Giovanni Battista photo 2017_0528Tessin0065_zpsq71z5bse.jpg

Inneres von St. Giovanni Battista photo 2017_0528Tessin0066_zpsj0xqnla7.jpg

Mogno also has its share of traditional granite houses (apparantly avalanche immune):

Häusli in Mogno photo 2017_0528Tessin0057_zpsyhamz98s.jpg

and this beauty of an old mill:

Mühle von Mogno photo 2017_0528Tessin0070_zpsgunx8avi.jpg

Another Grotto offers this view, at Foroglio near Sognono:

Foroglio photo 2017_0528Tessin0121_zpsiiicdwkh.jpg

Granitgut im Valle Bavona photo 2017_0528Tessin0126_zpswgikifkw.jpg

Sognono is lived in throughout the year, and not just by nine people, but cars are forbidden, so you can stroll through these streets:

Häuser in Sognono photo 2017_0528Tessin0131_zpswu3a6kbr.jpg

Sognono - Kirchturm photo 2017_0528Tessin0136_zps3fwaf5tb.jpg

Gasse di Sognono photo 2017_0528Tessin0139_zpskzxw7uhu.jpg

Sognono - Gasse photo 2017_0528Tessin0143_zpshjo8tydo.jpg

Have a look back at Sognono:

Sognono photo 2017_0528Tessin0145_zpsbqf0kqvp.jpg

En route, you pass the Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo:

Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo photo 2017_0528Tessin0146_zpsjmw1tejh.jpg

Now, on to the Laggo Maggiore. I was staying at Ascona, where the view of the Lago is thusly:

Lago von Ascona aus photo 2017_0528Tessin0076_zps76m3kudk.jpg

This is Ascona:

Ascona photo 2017_0528Tessin0153_zpsoyedo5aj.jpg

That's San Nazarro over there:

San Nazarro photo 2017_0528Tessin0077_zpsrlknlkl0.jpg

Locarno, which you might know when you're fond of film festivals:

Bucht von Locarno photo 2017_0528Tessin0080_zpsy0rjvefa.jpg

Locarno photo 2017_0528Tessin0118_zpspliknjrc.jpg

The opening of the Locarno festival usually takes place on this Piazza:

Piazza Grande in Locarno photo 2017_0528Tessin0088_zpsfrmz6hed.jpg

And the streets are very Italian, too:

Gasse Locarno photo 2017_0528Tessin0089_zps7lyqm6hu.jpg

The Castello. Ruled at different centuries by the Visconti and by the Sforza:

Castello di Locarno - Front photo 2017_0528Tessin0114_zpsfvfjilsl.jpg

Castello di Locarno photo 2017_0528Tessin0165_zps3myc75s4.jpg

San Christoforo, outside:

Fassade St. Christoforo photo 2017_0528Tessin0092_zpsqwrvilav.jpg

St. Christoforo - Aussen photo 2017_0528Tessin0094_zpssxx0uzlr.jpg

And inside:

Inneres St. Christoforo photo 2017_0528Tessin0097_zpshplhpkgu.jpg

Pilgrim's church from below:

Pilgerkirche von unten photo 2017_0528Tessin0081_zpsle6jy7w0.jpg

And above:

Pilgerkirche von Orselina/Locarno photo 2017_0528Tessin0164_zpsfixg0pjw.jpg

If you take the cable car (anathema to a certain someone of orange colour) and go to Cardada above Locarno, you get these views of the lake:

 photo 2017_0528Tessin0157_zpsasepmdev.jpg

Lago und Paraglider photo 20170527_161729_zps7oxwifax.jpg

But you know, the Lago Maggiore isn't the only game in town, err, region. There's also the Lago di Lugano:

Lago di Lugano photo 2017_0528Tessin0168_zpsg8ys7jtu.jpg

At Montagnolo on the Lago Lugano, writer Hermann Hesse lies buried, in this cemetary:

Friedhof von Montagnola photo 2017_0528Tessin0209_zpszub7suxs.jpg

Grab von Hermann Hesse photo 2017_0528Tessin0221_zpsw06uwayo.jpg

But Hesse's grave aside, Montagnolo is overcrowded. This Lago is best viewed from Morcote, to be precise from the Parco Scherer, the former owner of which built it with "Follies", i.e. mini editions of famous buildings the world over. That's the Parco from the street view:

Parco Scherer photo 2017_0528Tessin0196_zpswldl4x3q.jpg

And thus from inside:

Sphinx im Parco Scherer photo 2017_0528Tessin0167_zpsbdvhh9d0.jpg

Parco Scherer - Akropolis photo 2017_0528Tessin0170_zpsvsleltrl.jpg

Palladion im Parco Scherer photo 2017_0528Tessin0173_zps1rwlphbh.jpg

Tempel der Nofretete photo 2017_0528Tessin0177_zpsygnenxrd.jpg

Göttin und See photo 2017_0528Tessin0182_zps483lcmja.jpg

Römischer Brunnen im Parco Scherer photo 2017_0528Tessin0184_zpsvlyklt8z.jpg

Now you can't top that, and I shan't try. Thus I leave you with a picture from the Lago Maggiore on Sunday evening, when I took my leave of it:

Lago Maggiore am Abend photo 20170528_222029_zps0qihzdzq.jpg
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