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Hm, I felt a complete emotional disconnect. Not because the episode was bad: it did what a season opener is supposed to, resolved some cliffhangers, showed what more or less the entire ensemble was doing, set up new stuff for the season, Tatiana Maslany is as good as ever in her various roles - but for some reason, I'm not feeling emotionally involved at all. Maybe it will come back to me? On to an actual review:

So either Dr. Moreau the immortal Victorian founder of Neolotion is the proverbial man behind the curtain and doesn't really exist, with a conman (or several) having taken his place, or he exists in such a state that he needs to build up a mystery in order to protect himself because he's in actuality powerless...or he is a genius scientist as advertised. The only thing arguing for the last one is that something must have happened to transform Rachel from murderously angry to having drunken the cool aid, and I hope it was more than some guy showing up declaring he has a master plan. (Knowing Rachel, what might work as an opener would be if the ultimate parent figure finally gives her the assurance that yes, she's better than her siblings, but that can't have been all). My current guess is possibility No.2, which to stay with the Geek myth naming in this show I'd call the Tithonos solution. (Eos, the goddess of Dawn, asked and received immortal life for her lover Tithonos, but forgot to also ask for eternal youth, and thus Tithonos aged and aged and aged and shrunk and could not die.) This would explain why the guy didn't share immortality with anyone else, for starters, and would give all this research into cloning and faster healing a point - maybe he's trying to fix whatever made him immortal but not ageless.

I'm still no more enamored by Delphine alive and the Delphine/Cosima relationship than I was when last season ended, but at least Cosima has got the cure inside her now, which hopefully means we can finallly stop playing the "Cosima: will she live or die?" card. Otoh I loved Cosima decided to stay on Dr. Moreau's Island for science, and yes, also for the other Clones, but definitely for scientific curiosity, because faced with the possibility that someone has actually achieved immortality, that's what Cosima with her scientific mind would do.

Alison captured, Donny and Helena at large: obvious set up for more Donny and Helena interaction, though Alison being protective of the other Clones and wanting to rescue them was endearing to watch as well.

Art menaced by new partner of evil organisation origin: at this point, if I were Art, I'd try going public.

Sarah inventively escaping until things came full circle was a very Sarah thing to do, complete with hardcore stuff like burning her wound clean by using Kira's photo and a tampon as lightning material, but as I said, I remained oddly disengaged throughout.


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