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Last but one episode, and more board clearing.

Which ticks me off more and more. Siobhan’s funeral didn’t help, nor did the talk of “sacrifice” to save her kids and an anticipating-her-death-letter. Look, writers, that’s not what you showed us last week, because there was no in-story reason why Siobhan had to face Ferdinand alone. Now going public with all the Neolution intel as opposed to using it for blackmail as Ferdinand wanted it WAS in everyone’s larger interests, I agree, as Neolution, no matter who’d come out on top, would have never left Sarah & Co. alone. But none of it necessitated Siobhan’s death.

Now this week, as expected as of last week, Mark dies, and the show doesn’t even allow him to learn of Gracie’s true fate first. (Though I suppose in-story, that’s a kindness, as he gets to die full of hope for a future and unaware the woman who raised him just murdered him.) Bringing him and Gracie back solely for the purpose of killing them off feels Game-of-Thrones style gratitious, and I resent it.

Meanwhile, building up to the finale, we get a Helena flashback episode, and I simultaneously appreciate and would like to complain about the flashbacks in question. By themselves, they’re all good, down to the details (sweet tooth Helene stealing chocolates from the headmistress as a child), and you’d have to have a heart of stone not to pity Helena going from bad nuns to worse Tomaz who brainwashes her into his assassin while raising her. But the thing is: for the last Helena centric episode of the show, and one including flashbacks, I would have preferred one telling us something about Helena we didn’t already know, or giving her situations she hasn’t already been in. The show even teases me with what I wanted briefly only to draw it away. To wit: what we get is just her first murder of a Leda clone, her shock at discovering her own face, and Tomaz reassuring her she’s the original. In the present, Dr. Coady (fresh from killing Mark) taunts Helena with what an unsuitable mother she would be, and in her list includes Helena killing “her own sisters”. The irony of Coady saying this is obvious. And it’s one of those situations, like brainwashed Garibaldi being the only one criticizing Sheridan in s4 of Babylon 5, that annoys me by putting a valid point into the mouth of the last person able to make that judgment. What I would have liked to have seen instead in a Helena-centric episode: Helena coming face to face with the loved ones of some of her victims. Yes, she was brainwashed and had a horrible childhood. But that doesn’t make the dead women in question less dead, and besides, Helena wasn’t the Manchurian Candidate type of brainwashed, unable not to follow orders; otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to form her connection with Sarah. So instead of childhood flashbacks, why not let be, say, one of the guards or doctors be a family member of widowed partner of one of Helena’s victims, recruited by Dyad or some other Neolution tool when they tried to find the murderer of their loved one? And let Helena face that person instead of Dr. Coady.

While I’m complaining, here’s another thing: I don’t get the logic of the remaining members on Team Evil still following Not!Westmoreland’s (John’s?) orders. I mean, what can he offer them? As opposed to the late Susan Duncan and Virginia Coady, he doesn’t have particular scientific skills (or if he does, we’ve never seen or heard of them). He doesn’t have immortality to offer anymore, he’s after it, the same as everyone else. And since they keep harping on the point that Aisha’s father if the board member in control of the money, Not!Westmoreland doesn’t have that incentive to offer, either. So why do the remaining goons, company folk and evil scientists bother instead of just ignoring or shooting the guy?

BTW, this is also why I’m back to being 99% certain Rachel will die in the finale. Not!Westmoreland is in every sense too weak an antagonist for the last show down, physically and emotionally. He’s by himself frail, he’s completely evil, he didn’t even show up until this season, so what is the emotional reaction supposed to be when our heroines finally off him? A shrug. Otoh, Rachel has been a villain build up from the end of s1 onwards, three dimensional and both tragic and responsible for her own actions. So I very much fear the finale showdown will be Rachel falling back on old habits one last time after Not!Westmoreland is disposed off, and Sarah (with or without Alison and Cosima) killing her. Possibly in an ambiguous situation where Rachel on one level even wanting this to happen.

Speaking of Rachel and Not!Westmoreland, I do appreciate Sarah’s Rachel impersonation fails because she overdoes it by sobbing and calling Not!Westmoreland “father”. Yes, he did all to become her latest parent figure, but with all the Rachel watching he’s been doing he correctly concludes she’s never call him that out loud. Also, interesting detail when Not!Westmoreland taunts Sarah-as-Rachel with all that he knows about her: she writes unsent letters to her biological mother she’s never met? If we’d get another season, I’d believe this to be a set up for the introduction of a new character or a reveal about an old one.

Show, bringing back Scott as Rachel’s watch dog and then not giving us a single line of dialogue between them after all the scenes they had two seasons ago is mean.

Honest question: I don’t get why the evil mother superior dying Helena’s hair is supposed to mark her as a bad girl. There are probably more blond children in the Ukraine than black haired ones, no? Or was the chemical supposed to make her bald and simply misfunctioned?

After all the complaints a compliment: Helena opening her veins as her way out was such a Helena thing to do. And I like that it's ambiguous whether she planned it as a literal escape from the start or whether she wanted to commit suicide and changed her goal once she saw Sarah was there.
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