28 November 2009

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Fannish5: Name five characters who would throw the best holiday gatherings.

1.) Londo Mollari, of Babylon 5. Not just because the Centauri in general and Londo in particular love to party, but because Londo actually has organizational skills if he wants to employ them (see: organizing conspiracies against heads of state, getting various representatives of the league of non-alligned worlds he previously pissed off to form an alliance). And he's got the charm and vitality to make everyone feel welcome. Lastly, we have on screen canon for this. I ask you, whose "practice of religious belief" looked like it was the most fun to attend in Parliament of Dreams?

2.) Jadzia Dax, of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.. Dax loves a party, is tight with the local provider of drinks and food, and with her xenophilia is bound to pick up a rich variety of guests. Centuries of age also give her the knowledge to avoid stepping on anyone's cultural toes. Lastly, I say again, on screen evidence. Her hen night looked like it was glorious fun.

3.) Chiana, of Farscape. Much younger and more anarchic than my previous two examples, but when she wants to say thank you to people she cares about, she has given on screen evidence for her ability to organize a touching celebration (and the food that goes with it). Also, if Chiana is throwing the gathering, you can bet the romantic angst will be kept at a minimum and the fun level will be high; of course, it's not guaranteed all the food was legaly obtained, but in the Unchartered Territories, who cares?

4.) Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, of Lost. This man has proven himself able to throw a party even under adverse conditions on the proverbial desert island, and to cajole people who constantly clash to attend. He's been known to share chocolate even with messed up sociopathic masterminds. Hurley is definitely a candidate for best holiday gatherer ether!

5. Lorne, of Angel. A long time owner of a karaoke bar frequented by demons and humans alike, superb singer, all time nice guy and friend, Lorne probably could throw holiday gatherings in his sleep. (Why, he could organize merry get togethers even in a brain washed state when most of California was temporarily in the Hyperion worshipping Jasmine.) In addition to sharing the celebratory spirit and organizing skills of my previous candidates, Lorne can also provide great music for the occasion. Just be careful not to sing yourself if you don't want advice for what awaits you.

Speaking of Chiana,one of the many virtues of the AO3 is that one can discover stories one missed the first time around. I've always had a soft spot for the Chiana-John Crichton relationship, so I was delighted to find a long and plotty adventure starring the two of them:
Left Behind, set in season 3, with the episode Eat Me as a starting point. If you, like me, didn't know this story since ages, go and read at once!


And lastly, one does not need new reasons to love Patrick Stewart, but I found his impassioned article about domestic violence very moving, and very worth reading.


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