1 February 2017

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My battle with Darth Real Life ended with a truce, meaning I have a bit more breathing room this month, but not that much, though in a good way - there's a literary festival to attend to. Mind you, after all the horrible events of last month and the expectation of the rest of the year following suit it's good to have some events to look forward to. Other than the festival this month, I have a wonderful one in March: I'll travel to New Zealand! (With the AP.)

Back to January: my one big interruption was when I took part in the Munich edition of the Women's March on January 21st, which I hadn't planned to but couldn't do otherwise, or I might have exploded. In Munich, there were between 500 and 700 people marching, both Americans abroad and Germans, in glorious sunshine, having a break from daily horrors and expressing solidarity with the millions in the US standing up to The Orange One. (Since as John Oliver once said he gets an orgasm every time he reads his name, I'm determined to go with synonyms, just in case.)

Catching up with tv:

Call the Midwife 6.01. and 6.02: good as usual, though I question a spoilery plot device. )

Vikings 4.15 - 4.17: Spoilery comments ensue )

Black Sails 4.01: Pirates, you're back! Season opener talk ensues. )

More during the remaining week, I hope, but remember: it's only a truce, Darth Real Life is not yet defeated!


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