22 February 2017

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I had stopped watching The Good Wife in early season 6, not because of the backstage drama, which I only heard about later, but because after the fabulous fifth season, the show seemed to me to lose nearly all the qualities that had made me love it, and when watching something provides you with more irritation than anything else week after week, it's time to get out. I never got the point of hate watching.

Otoh I do have fond memories of a lot of things about The Good Wife, and thus I tuned in for the new spin-off, The Good Fight, centred around Diane Lockhart, the first two episodes of which are now available for watching.

And the verdict is... )
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They died today, here in Munich: Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl, Christoph "Christl" Propst. Students who had grown up within a totalitarian system, who all, as children and early adolescents, had been true believers in the ideology they were were brainwashed with by almost everything around them. And yet they saw through it. And yet they came to reject it. And yet they gave their lives for saying "No. No. This is not right. Resist."

For this, they were arrested, put on trial as "enemies of the people", called every vile name in the repertoire by the authorities, and eventually beheaded. Today. All those years ago. I just was at the university where they were leaving their handtyped, hastily printed leaflets when they were captured. I know many of the words on those leaflets by heart. They still make me cry. Now more than ever.


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