8 April 2017

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Well, I'm back. (Sorry, had to go there.) And a splendid month it has been, too, though the laundry washing and ironing alone is EPIC, and I despair of ever catching up with all my shows right now.

(Except for Bates Motel & The Americans, which were on Amazon Video in my region. Review to follow.)

If you're in the air for 24 hours in both directions, you do watch movies as well, so, briefly, impressions:

La La Land: Eh. I mean, I like movies that explore their own artifice, Hollywood on Hollywood, and musicals, but I still fell half asleep during that one, and I wasn't THAT tired. Although, the audition scene really was good.

Loving: excellent acting, refusing to go overboard with sentiment despite dire temptation, because after all, how often do you get a rl love-takes-on-institutionalised-racism-and-wins tale?

Arrival: wow. Loved the concept and the execution. Have not read the story it's based on (yet), but this finally was sci fi again with a sense of wonder and true alienness. Also: linguistics!

Moonlight: am glad it got the Oscar, for verily, it deserved it, and then some. Beautifully acted and shot. As part of its story, manages to pull off a concept which in theory should have me annoyed because when this is done in fanfic, I am prone to complain immediately, but here it works beautifully, not least due to the circumstances the central character is in. All three actors playing Chiron (aka Little, aka Black) in the three stages of his life we meet him are excellent, and I can see why both Mahershala Ali (playing Juan, nicest drug dealer on the planet) and Naomi Harris (our hero's mother and a stunning tour de force on Ms. Harris' part) were singled out for particular critical praise and attention. Not coincidentally, the scene where they confront each other is outstanding even in a movie of this quality, especially for how NOT cliché like it goes, and how it starts with one character calling out the other only for the other reversing the calling out in a devastating, undeniable way. Their scenes with Chiron are sublime, too, and no wonder the "learning to swim" scene already gets quoted visually in its poetry. I also love the last scene between Chiron and his mother, and how the emotions are, in a way, echoed in the last scene between Chiron and Kevin.

Suicide Squad: am I ever glad I did not have to pay money for it.


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