22 April 2017

selenak: (Carl Denham by Grayrace)
A Movie I Love: Sunset Boulevard

An Action Movie I Love: Mad Max: Fury Road

A Drama I Love: The Lives of Others

A Western I Love: Cat Ballou.

A Horror Movie I Love: The Haunting (1963 original, no remakes accepted). Arguably, the original Alien is a horror movie, not an action movie, in which case it is also a choice that immediately comes to mind.

A Comedy I Love: Wir Wunderkinder.

A Romance Movie I Love: Frida. Look, I'm usually the first to complain that biopics of female historical figures almost invariably put a strong focus o their love lives. But in the case of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, it felt it was justified by the result.

A Noir I Love: The Third Man. So long, Holly.

A Disney Movie I Love: Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

A Sci Fi Movie I Love: Blade Runner.

An Animated Movie I Love: Robin Hood (1973). Best Robin ever.

A Superhero Movie I Love: The Avengers.

A War Movie I Love: Empire of the Sun

An Exploitation Movie I Love: Do we count Quentin Tarantino movies? In which case, Kill Bill.

A Musical I Love: West Side Story.

An Historical Movie I Love: The Lion in Winter.

A Bad Movie I Love: I suppose by majority consent, the SW Prequels are these. And I do love them.

A Childhood Favourite: Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel. (German title of much loved Czech movie. I have no idea whether it has an English one.) Best Cinderella ever.

A Shakespeare Movie I Love: Chimes at Midnight.

A Franchise I Love: Not in the sense of loving every installment, but I suppose I could list Star Wars here as well.

A Trilogy I Love: The original three Pirates of the Carribean movies, which to me told the story of Elizabeth Swann, and had a great ending. Which is why I never felt the need to watch any sequels.

A Guilty Pleasure I Love: A Royal Night Out. Pure fluff, also glorification of British monarchy etc, but 'twas great fun to watch and relax with (for me).

A Movie Recently Seen: Moonlight.

My Favourite of This Year: The year is still young. So far, To Walk Invisible.

A Favourite of All Time: Lawrence of Arabia


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