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Reveals at [community profile] missy_fest, so I can link the story I wrote here. It's a Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover. The original vignette, which featured Jack centuries later meeting, courtesy of the Rift, Tosh, gave me the pre Exit Wounds time frame, and the first idea I had for this story was to confront a Jack Harkness to whom his torture by the Master was still very recent with The Doctor Falls era Missy. (Which of course meant confronting Missy, whose state of mind re: people not the Doctor the show left ambiguous, with one of her victims.) Hard on its heels came the second idea, which was that this wouldn't be in Jack's pov, not least because I'd already written Jack (albeit post Children of Earth Jack, which makes a big difference) versus the Master relatively recently. Nor would it be Missy's. Because if it's pre-Exit Wounds, then my original point of interest character in TW is still around, and dealing (or trying to) with being effectively a zombie, which makes for a given contrast to Missy's (and the Master's) spoilery doings ). Not to mention that the original vignette's theme of immortality and how it effects Jack in his interactions with others could be mirrored and contrasted in Missy and Owen (who doesn't know at this point whether he'll die next week or will stay in this condition for centuries). And, as a bonus, I got to explore the Owen and Jack relationship a bit more, which, to me, was the most interesting one within the team in the first two seasons. Lastly: [personal profile] londonkds and other readers of my previous tales featuring the Master, I swear, this time the Master does not end up in the wrong body. ;)

Further on up the road (9120 words) by Selena
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Torchwood, Doctor Who
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Harkness & Owen Harper, Jack Harkness & The Master, Owen Harper & Missy, Jack Harkness & Missy, The Doctor/The Master (Doctor Who), Owen Harper & Toshiko Sato
Characters: Owen Harper, Missy (Doctor Who), Jack Harkness, Toshiko Sato, Ianto Jones
Additional Tags: Post-Episode: s10e12 The Doctor Falls, Remix

When a Time Lord emerges from the Rift, it's the wrong one for Jack Harkness. But could Owen Harper be the right Doctor?

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Two filmed novels in, the tv version of JKR's written-as-Robert-Galbraith mystery novels called Strike comes across as very enjoyable. Holiday Grainger is a delight as Robin, Tom Burke still isn't how I imagined Cormoran Strike, but he's entertaining to watch, and they have good chemistry. Inevitably, characters and subplots were for the axe in both Cuckoo's Call and The Silkworm, but so far they've kept the important emotional beats. In the case of The Silkworm, I'm especially glad my favourite sentence of the entire novel gets to be used in dialogue, though a different character gets to say it on tv: Writers are a savage breed, Mr. Strike. If you want life-long friendship and selfless camraderie, join the army and learn to kill. If you want a lifetime of temporary alliances with peers who will glory in your every failure, write novels."

Of the guest stars, the actresses playing Leonora and Orlando were especially good. I do notice that some of the sharpness of the novels is lost when it comes to politics. I mean, The Silkworm, the novel, has passages like this: : Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, was announcing plans to slash 350 million pounds from the legal aid budget. Strike watched through his haze of tiredness as the florid, paunchy man told Parliament that he wished to 'discourage people from restoring to lawyers whenever they face a problem, and instead encourage them to consider more suitable methods of dispute resolution.' He meant, of course, that poor people ought to relinquish the services of the law. Nothing like it on tv. But the result still doesn't feel as awfully castrated as the tv version of The Casual Vacancy, which lost all the bite and anger and ruined what might not have been a masterpiece but was a novel with genuine points to raise by turning it into inoffensive blandness, more angry reviews here, possibly because such asides aren't the main issue in the Galbraith novels.

In other news, [community profile] missy_fest has been revealing one Missy story per day-ish. This was the smallest ficathon I ever participated in, but a delight to write and read, and as soon as it's de-anonymized, I'm going to link and talk about the story I wrote. Meanwhile, check out the one I received, which was The Master's Faithful Companion (Forever or Just A Day Remix), which remixed my story Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
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Back after a week of hiking and little online access, I managed to finish my story for the Missy Remix just in time. Phew.

Meanwhile, Yuletide nominations are nearly upon us. Of the new fandoms I've discovered for myself this year, I still want to nominate The Last Kingdom - anyone wilth so we can get more characters in? I'd also nominate Wynona Earp, but it's above the limit due to the popularity of the Waverly/Nicole pairing. Class, otoh, should qualify despite the Doctor Who connection. (I mean, if individual MCU projects like Ant Man make the cut...) And since it's now officially cancelled, I feel the need for fanfic more than ever. Any willing Class nominators, again, to get more character options if we coordinate our efforts?

Book-wise, I won't nominate the Bernie Gunther mysteries because a) no one will pick that one up, and b) I have just one particular idea for a story, which would be an Agent Carter crossover, and finding the odd person who enjoys both Agent Carter and those novels would be even more difficult than finding someone willing to write for a WW II era book series set mostly inside Germany and occupied territories. Also, I might write that story myself, it's one of those "if I ever find the time" things. It would copy the structure of the later Gunther novels, i.e. switch back and forth between two eras, WWII and the 50s. During WWII, when Goebbels launches his big propaganda coup of inviting all and sunder to check out the newly discovered Katyn massacre site, Peggy is undercover among the reporters, with a mission (she thinks) to find out the truth and expose the Nazis for liars, only to discover to her horror that in this particular case, the Nazis actually said the truth, the Soviets did committ the massacre in question, but to admit this would sabotage relationships among the Allies and thus the Allied war effort which means her actual mission becomes burying the evidence. Meanwhile, the novels have Bernie Gunther in Katyn investigating that very event, so their paths would inevitably cross, and their interests clash but in some areas coincide. Cutting dialogue and murky ethical territory on both sides guaranteed. On the other hand, in the 50s, Bernie is the one on the run under a variety of false names while Peggy has just founded SHIELD and is on the rise when a murder happens that involves some former Hydra member who's been adopted via Operation Paperclip, and she needs an outside investigator who knows his way among former and not so former Nazis without being one, and won't be deterred should the killer be one of hers, either.
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Defenders: all spoilery, hence a protective cut )

Doctor Who:

Impossible Mercy: set during early s9, in which the Doctor post The Witch's Familiar goes back to Skaro for Missy, and Clara hates it, but never is one to stay passive about something. Good voices for all three characters, and I appreciate that Clara gets to react to what Missy did to her in the above named episode AND to have lingering Danny- and Cybermen related issues from the previous season.

Wynona Earp:

The Treasure in your Eyes: aka one of the rare Wynona/Doc stories without s2 spoilers yours truly, who only watched the first season so far, has found, and a very plausible Wynona voice it has, too.
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I am looking forward to Jodi Whittaker’s Doctor, but last week it hit me really badly how much I’m going to miss Peter Capaldi, and I promptly started a Capaldi era rewatch, and fell in love with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara (and Missy, and (almost) all the storylines and themes) all over again. This was when Moffat-DW really clicked for me. I like the Eleventh Doctor, I like Amy, Rory, and of course River, but individual episodes aside, I was never in love during that particular era. And that’s okay. With a canon spanning more than 50 years, you really don’t have to be all the time. But it’s really great when it happens.

Madmen and -women in boxes )
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Black Sails:

Echoes: it's that rarity, a post-Treasure Island fanfic not in denial of same which has Silver reflecting on his past, specifically the relationship with Madi. Also Flint, but here the focus is on Madi. And it takes what happens in the s4 finale fully into account.

Book of Days: Miranda (and James) after London and in the years before the show starts. Beautiful and painful.


....a question for everyone who has watched this little gem of a spin-off and the most recent season of Doctor Who: at which point of the Doctor's timeline do you think he met Charlie & Quill and brought them to Earth? We know that there were only three months between that and the Class pilot, and that Clara (as well as Danny) are listed as the most recent names on the Coal Hill board in the pilot, so it must most likely have been post-Clara for the Doctor, and I'm guessing pre-Bill, but was it before or after the events of Extremis flashback that reveals his s10 arrangement with a certain someone in the vault? At the time Class was broadcast, [personal profile] londonkds speculated he might have been projecting his best enemy on to Miss Quill (though they're actually quite different, other than love of sarcasm, if you look at motivation and goals), and it occurs to me the s10 revelation makes that even more likely, but it could have worked both ways - he could have had his Rhodian & Quill encounter before the flashback events, in which case it would have been part of the build up to the decision he makes there, or after, in which case the decision could have been part of the projecting and ignoring that the Quill and Charlie situation really isn't alike.

Okay, on to the fanfiction:

wear me like a locket 'round your throat: Charlie and Quill before, during and after the season finale.

Two stories using the fact that Clara Oswald taught at Coal Hill:

To to learn to be brave: in this one, she's April's favourite teacher and inspiration, but April also observes her downward spiral.

Per Aspera Ad Astra: in which Clara makes a nostalgic incognito visit to Coal Hill post DW season 9 and promptly runs into the not at all nostalgically minded Quill.
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A fantastic look at Missy through the decades in the Vault:

Still Time to Change the Road You're on (2513 words) by AstroGirl
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Twelve & MIssy
Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Missy (Doctor Who)
Additional Tags: Missing Scenes, reforming villain, The Vault (Doctor Who)

Missy may or may not be changing. She doesn't understand any of it, herself.

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Ever since [personal profile] trobadora talked about the idea of a Missy Remix, I've been enthralled by it. And now it really happens:

Missy This Fic - the Gomez!Master remix

Meanwhile, in the real world which is currently both darker and far more absurd than Doctor Who ever gets:

This summary of recent events by Alexandra Petri also isn't half bad.
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Spoilery Doctor Who talk about the big casting spoiler. )

On to Orphan Black. Which was a good spy hijinks hour that moved the plot forward.

Read more... )
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Finale time!

And in the end... )
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In which who penned the very last Classic Who adventure broadcast on tv in the 80s makes a comeback, lets Bill geek out over Rosemary Sutcliffe, and quotes Tacitus on us.

Read more... )
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I wasn't exactly overflowing with confidence when I saw this was a Mark Gattis episode, because to repeat for the nth time, I think he's a better actor than writer. However, there is the occasional exception to this rule, and I'm happy to report that this particular episode after the last two duds was enjoyable to me again.

Everybody likes the Thing )
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London-based friends, I'm so sorry, and hope you're all as well as you can be under the circumstances. Granted, the latest rl awfulness is impacting my mood, but this was really below par again, especially for scriptwriter Toby Whithouse who can do better.

Briefly )
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This was the first Doctor Who episode since "The Caretaker" I disliked thoroughly, albeit for different reasons.

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I've found a Bill icon!

Spoilers get existential )
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This was good, not solely for the dynamics, but for the overall episode content. Also, is this shaping up to be the most overtly leftist season since Seven's day, or what?

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Well, then.

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Last conference day; thus, a brief review of a delightful episode.

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Back again on a more than specials basis, and much missed by yours truly. This was a classic "new Companion" introduction, and a very likeable new Companion, too. I hadn't been that keen on the last Christmas Special (not least because the one before that had been fantastic), so that was a welcome return to form.

More spoilery observations beneath the cut )


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