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Five Times Jesse Pinkman Met A Companion (The Breaking Who Remix) (11021 words) by Selena
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Breaking Bad, Doctor Who & Related Fandoms, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse Pinkman & Walter White, Third Doctor & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Tenth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith, Lance Bennett & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Martha Jones, Jesse Pinkman & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Jack Harkness, Jesse Pinkman & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Jesse Pinkman & Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith & Sarah Jane Smith, Rani Chandra & Sarah Jane Smith
Characters: Jesse Pinkman, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Sarah Jane Smith, Walter White, Gwen Cooper, Rex Matheson, Esther Drummond, Third Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Luke Smith, Rani Chandra, Gita Chandra, Jilly Kitzinger, Skyler White
Additional Tags: Crossover

Jesse Pinkman keeps running into past and future time travellers. Or they keep running into him. Sometimes they even bring the Doctor along.

Well, newish; this was my contribution to this year's and last month's remix ficathon, and one of my most ambitious crossovers.

The original story I picked to remix was a short piece in which Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, a few years post show, moves into Sarah Jane Smith's (of Doctor Who and her own spin-off fame) neighbourhood. I liked the idea of Jesse Pinkman in the Whoverse, and of him encountering one of the Doctor Who Companions, precisely because at first glance the shows seem to be so utterly alien (no pun intended) to each other. (Though Jesse, as a canonical sci fi fan, might not think so.) However, the Jesse and Sarah Jane encounter, featuring a Jesse recovered from his ordeals and responsible for Brock and Lydia's daughter Kiira, could only be the conclusion, the happy ending, so to speak, and it had to be earned. What would get me there, though?

Which was when the idea of a "Five times" format and Jesse meeting not one, but five Companions hit me. A few months earlier, I had idly speculated about Companions from other fandoms and Jesse ending up with the Third Doctor (both because he's conditioned to respond to authoritative middle-aged men with a chip on their shoulder taking an interest, and because of the Brig's expression when meeting Jesse), so I knew one of the candidates had to be the Brigadier. I also wanted to avoid the fallacy of blaming all of Jesse's miseries on Walt; Jesse was into drugs (both taking and selling) before ever becoming Walt's partner, and he made decisions at various key points that contributed to damaging others and weren't due to Walt's manipulations. Therefore, one of the Companions, I decided, was going to be Donna Noble, meeting early s3 nihilistic I'-m-evil-so-there Jesse. Few people are as good for cutting-through-crap as Donna, and on her end, it gave me the chance to explore her dealing with her Lance issues.

To balance Donna, and to do justice to the inspiration-to-do-better aspect of the Whoverse, I decided to let one of the segments be about meeting Martha; given the Year-that-Wasn't where Martha walks the earth inspiring people is a canon AU, this was the ideal time frame. Speaking of time: the Whoverse with its timey-wimeyness practically asked for the encounters not to be told in chronological order. However, the darkest one was always going to be the middle. Now there is one season of Torchwood that's conveniently set in the US - the most unpopular one, Torchwood: Miracle Day -, and its basic premise allowed me to follow the Breaking Bad principle of wondering "what WORSE thing could happen to the characters now?" about the BB finale, Felina. The answer being: Felina takes place on Miracle Day, which means nobody who dies in said finale actually stays dead. Talk about adding injury to insult. The fallout of this means post Felina Jesse encounters Captain Jack Harkness, and this is also the segment where I got to explore both Jesse's feelings about Walt and Jack's continued dealings with Children of Earth somewhat.

I did wonder, once I'd finished it, whether there'd be many people interested in both Breaking Bad and Doctor Who who'd be likely to read the story. But I couldn't not write it. It practically wrote itself, once I got going, and I am immensely proud of it.

The rest of the days )
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Aaaand it's time for the remix reveal. I wrote:

Five Times Jesse Pinkman Met A Companion (The Breaking Who Remix) (11021 words) by Selena
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Breaking Bad, Doctor Who & Related Fandoms, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse Pinkman & Walter White, Third Doctor & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Tenth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith, Lance Bennett & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Martha Jones, Jesse Pinkman & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Jack Harkness, Jesse Pinkman & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Jesse Pinkman & Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith & Sarah Jane Smith, Rani Chandra & Sarah Jane Smith
Characters: Jesse Pinkman, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Sarah Jane Smith, Walter White, Gwen Cooper, Rex Matheson, Esther Drummond, Third Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Luke Smith, Rani Chandra, Gita Chandra, Jilly Kitzinger, Skyler White
Additional Tags: Crossover

Jesse Pinkman keeps running into past and future time travellers. Or they keep running into him. Sometimes they even bring the Doctor along.

Which brought together two of my favourite fictional universes in a mad love declaration for both.

And I also wrote a tiny little thing for Remix Madness:

First Woman of Rome (The Claudian Remix) (506 words) by Selena
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rome, Historical RPF, I Claudius, Ancient History RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Livia Drusilla & Atia of the Julii
Characters: Atia of the Julii, Livia Drusilla

There is more than one way to win. Livia doesn't need to attack Atia in order to destroy her.

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More Yuletide. Incidentally, I haven't had the chance to watch either of the Christmas specials I want to watch yet - Doctor Who and Call The Midwife, that is - and might not get the chance until after New Year. Being with the family is tricky that way. But it does offer the occasional time to read! And thus, without further ado:

Recs for Breaking Bad, Dexter, Galaxy Quest, The Last Unicorn, Psycho, Robot Series by Isaac Asimov, Sarah Jane Adventures and Watership Down )
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Bonus, the requester said, if I specify the regeneration. Well, let's see.

Historical people:

Lucrecia Borgia & the Seventh Doctor: which is an idea I couldn't get out of my head since this bit of silliness. Seriously, though. She's clever, enterprising, witty, charming and despite pop culture reputation actually not into killing people, though undoubtedly capable of doing so if she deems it necessary. He's the most Machiavellian of Doctors behind a deceptively harmless facade, very good at outhinking the opposition, also into mind games and co-dependent relationships with young women. They're made for each other.

Annette von Droste-Hülshoff & the Sixth Doctor: Annette oder die Droste as German professors also refer to her was one of our most important nineteenth century poets and had a horribly constricted life coupled with a longing to escape and travel, which is why a few years with the Doctor would be ideal. Seriously, when you read a biography or just some poems of the woman and consider how she's been treated by a lot of people in her life you just want her to run away. Also I want to read the poems space travel would inspire in her. Why Six? Because of his audio canon, which proves that travelling with an argumentative intelligent middle-aged woman with health problems but very firm convictions is good for him, and he for her.

James Hemings & the Second Doctor. True, Two already has a Jamie around, Jamie McCrimmon, but they could handle the name confusion, and the two are even contemporaries, which could be helpful for some initial adjustment. James Hemings was hot-tempered, brave, intelligent, loved travelling (once he was free to do so; there is a reference in Jefferson's letters to James maybe visiting the moon next), and getting away from his era (and his entire family's situation with Jefferson) might have saved his life. (Then again, if he travelled with Two, the Time Lords would do to him what they did to Jamie and Zoe, so maybe not.) (But still: James Hemings for Companion! And he'd be just the Second Doctor's type.)

Fictional people:

Well, Yahtzee has already convinced me that Scarlett O'Hara should have an adventure with the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones, and Rheanna that the Third Doctor and Sydney Bristow are made for each other. Some additional suggestions:

Chiana from Farscape & the First Doctor: Because a Doctor who is bound to treat her as a replacement granddaughter is better for Chiana than one she'd try to have sex with, which is all the others. (Depending on wen she'd join One, she would, of course, have a fling with Steven, a threesome with Barbara and Ian and at least flirt with Ben and Polly.) She could handle One in grumpy mode and have him eat out of the palm of her hands in no time, while he would draw the line at changing history for her, which sooner or later she'd try (at least to ensure certain spoilery tragedies in her life don't occur).

Jesse Pinkman fromBreaking Bad the Third Doctor(after Three regains his ability to travel through time and space, of course): Jesse is prone to be mentored by older men with a huge ego and a chip on their shoulder who can get into lecturing mode quite easily. Sadly, the three guys who do that in his own fictional universe are all criminals, so who knows what would happen if someone into world saving takes his turn? Moreover, you just know that Jesse would want to learn Venusian Karate and while making a crack about Three's opera cloak secretly it's cool and ever so super-hero-ish. As for the Third Doctor: he's probably react to Jesse not dissimarly to how he responds to Jo Grant at first (not least because Jesse is bound to make his entrance ruining a lab experiment as well) , and as with Jo, the combination of bravery, loyalty and innate charm would make up with the clumsiness and surface ditziness soon, winning him over. What the Brig would make of the Doctor adopting a former drug dealer, though, is anyone's guess...

....and then there are Sarah Jane's kids from The Sarah Jane Adventures, all of whom would make great Companions, but I'm rooting most for Clyde and Rani going on a few adventures with either the Tenth or Eleventh Doctor. They've met both, he likes them a lot in both regenerations, and he knows Sarah Jane would kill him if he doesn't bring them home for supper so the TARDIS would actually be punctual for once when it comes to returning them. And Clyde and Rani have such a great rapport that it would be a shame to split them up.
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Alas I'm on the road again, which means no internationally broadcast Richard II for me tonight. It also means a lot of time in trains, which is why you get fanfic recs from the recent DW_Remix ficathon.

Bright Shadows (The Don't Be Alone Remix): gives us Madame Vastra and her reaction when the Doctor shows up sans Companions in that interval before The Snowmen. It's a lovely fleshing out of Vastra and her relationship with the Doctor.

News from Santiago (The Keeping Up With the Jones' Remix): this delightful story takes Jo's grandson Santiago, who showed up with Jo (that would be Jo Grant that was, aka one of my favourite Companions) in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode Death of the Doctor, and lets him report the SJA events to various family members. Which makes it sound like a recap, but the story is anything but: you get a portrait of the various familiy members, of the family dynamics, and of course of the SJA characters. It's just a joy to read all around.

Howthe Doctor Cooks (The Eleventh Time Lucky Remix): uses the MacGuffin of the Doctor trying to cook (err, none too successfully most of the time) to give us incredibly enjoyable portraits of eleven Doctor-and-Companion(s) combinations. It's a love declaration to the entire show, basically.

Consanguinitas (The Immortal Perspective) is a remix of my own story, Consanguinitas, which was about Alice Carter's relationship with her father, Jack Harkness, from her point of view. My remixer gave us Jack's point of view, and I was especially thrilled by the way she handled a spoilery for both stories thing. ) Considering Alice and Jack's relationship with her has a deep impact on my own remix, I was doubly pleased my remixer chose to write this particular tale.
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This post, talking about BSG fandom, mentions that "different parts of fandom write the same characters differently. People who are big fans of Character X may write that character very differently from someone who is mainly interested in Character Y but who sometimes puts Character X into their stories as a foil to Character Y". Which is very true for any fandom. Wondering whether and how I myself was/am prone to this, I remembered one of my earliest Babylon 5 stories, Knowing Love. It's a Vir-centric story, with Lennier and Marcus as secondary characters, and I remember that when I originally posted it, [personal profile] wychwood (I think?) protested at the Marcus characterisation. She thought presenting him as a self-absorbed romantic was unfair.

Now, Marcus Cole was then and presumably is now one of the most popular B5 characters for fanfiction, with Susan/Marcus as one of the two big 'ships of fandom (the other one being John/Delenn). I myself never was very interested in him, and I think this is the only story of mine in which he shows up at all. It was written before I did my big rewatch once the DVDs were released. Once I had done said rewatch, I could see [personal profile] wychwood's point, because while you can make a case for Marcus' propensity for the big gesture (I mean, this is the guy who arranges an incredibly complicated secret meeting with Delenn and Lennier at a dramatic location when he really could have talked to either of them far easier and more comfortable elsewhere), he's also emphatic and probably wouldn't have insisted on talking about his own problem at a point where both Lennier and Vir had things of their own weighing on them. But for this story to work, I needed two foils for Vir, presenting in different ways romantic love, as a contrast for Vir's own not romantic but nonetheless very strong love for Londo, and Marcus seemed to me eminently suitable for the one who'd bring up the subject in the first place and keep talking about it. (Lennier just wouldn't unasked.) So I used him.

We all watch different shows and read different books, as a famous meta post once said, and that's alright. (Thus B5 was the Londo, G'Kar and Vir show, co-starring Alfred Bester for me, and you wouldn't guess Sheridan was a main character from my stories, nor Delenn though she's in them more than Sheridan, nor Marcus, and I think only one remix has Ivanova in it in a single scene. Whereas I've written Lochley repeatedly.) And it makes sense that this is reflected in fanfiction. Not in an ooc way (for example, it would never have occured to me to write Marcus as a secret Machiavellian Evil Overlord), just that what we see in characters we aren't so interested in tends to be on the superficial side. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons why I love ficathons; you're often dared to write characters you haven't spend much time thinking about in a main role. Which can be quite refreshing. Especially since we, or rather, I tend to write about characters I'm interested in and fascinated by on my own without being prompted anyway. But I don't think I'd ever have written Worf (from TNG and DS9) as a main character if not for Yuletide 2010, and the result made me rather happy.

In a minor way, this is probably a reflection of the "if we could see each other the way others see us" phenomenon. Leaving your particular corner of fandom and reading a character you're used to write or read as a main character showing up as a minor or secondary character somewhere can be quite eye opening. I don't mean necessarily in a good/bad, one person's hero is another person's villain manner. (Which I suppose is a danger if you into the type of shipper fic that sees anyone not the OTP as evil or non relevant.) Just that a character you're used to being written and treated in a certain way is now different, which can be inspiring. Meta thoughts, if not fanfiction of your own: actually, why do I assume that X is especially into strawberry ice cream? Is this because of the actual canon or because most people in my corner of fandom write her/him in that way?

It can even happen in canon itself. I remember that when Spike transitioned to Angel, there were, in addition to AtS fans who stopped watching because he was there at all and they saw that as the ultimate sell out and Spike fans who had never watched before he showed up (and thus got their ideas about Angel & Co. solely based on BTVS canon which was a huge problem of its own), the branch of fans who complained he was written OOC (for all types of actions, from shagging Harmony first thing after getting corporeal again to all the petty bickering with Angel which wasn't just one sided or Angel's fault and btw immensely entertaining). Speaking as someone who did her best to remain neutral in the bloody (in both senses of the word) Spike Wars, the difference to me was that Spike after years of being written mostly in relationship to Buffy and treated as the second most important character on BTVS was now a junior member in the AtS ensemble, with a very different type of relationship to the lead (not unimportant, just very different). And to quote a reverse example, there's Jack Harkness going from Doctor Who sidekick of only a few episodes to Torchwood main character. It's a cliché but true that Jack on DW, where he's a foil to the Doctor (and not the only one), is different from Jack on TW, where he's the main lead and the rest of the ensemble (at least at first though I'd argue this changes with CoE at the latest in as much as Gwen is concerned) are foiles to him. Hence the number of fans declaring they prefer DW!Jack and the number of fans who watched TW first and often aren't sure of how the DW characterisation completely fits. It's probably telling that the Doctor guest starred on The Sarah Jane Adventures but never on TW, because the SJA concept (Sarah Jane living her by and large splendid post Doctor life as the hero with her own sidekicks in a world that has dangers but by and large is rather fine, thanks) can incorporate the Doctor as a secondary guest character coming and going in a way the far more angst-and-dysfunctionality-ridden TW concept could not.

Mind you: I think fanfiction is emotionally easier to take for most people than when canon does it. Because much as may upset you to see your darling relegated to a minor role and/or treated quite differently to what you're used to, it's just another fan's perspective, and while it may even make you think about your own assumptions about a character or several characters, you can also disregard it. If canon does it, and the new perspective does not meet with fannish approval, it tends to end in the tried and true paradox of the fans in question on the one hand declaring denial (aka it never happened) and on the other endlessly complaining about the indignities their darling(s) suffered at creator hands for years to come (thereby constantly reminding themselves and others that it did happen, whatever "it" was).

Now, considering that in most fannish sources I'm fond of, I tend to like more than one or two characters and am fond of the ensemble, not all to the same degree but there usually is a basic fondness for most, the occasional branching out in reading habits isn't that unusual for me. (I.e. reading stories centered on someone other than my absolute favourites.) It happenes in a Two Thirds/One Third ration, I'd say. I avoid bashing fic for obvious reasons - i.e. unless there is a very good alternate reason, a story with a disclaimer that states "X hate" or "Y bashing" will not be read by yours truly. But I have had the equivalent of the Marcus experience happen to me, i.e. a story using one of my darlings simply as a comic foil, and well, it can be weird because while part of me is thinking that there is so much more to X, I also know that this is not the point in a story which is about how Y deals with such and such, and Y has no reason to see X otherwise. And you? Do you occasionally branch out or stay in your fannish corner?
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A good while ago, I linked to Patrick Stewart's tremendously moving speech on domestic violence (and how his own mother was subjected to it). From this weekend, here he is again in in a passionate article about Refuge, the UK intitution to help women in her position, now threatened by goverment cuts.

Fanfic links:

Captain America:

Before I was bent, I was dazzling. One of my favourite fanfictions in any fandom is a Highlander story called "Last Set Before Closing" by Kat Allison, a future fic which deals with Joe Dawson in his twilight and how his two immortal friends cope with this (or not, in the case of Methos). Every now and then, fanfic does this to me: use canon characters and address something so basic about the human condition that it awes me and reduces me to tears. This story, which has Steve Rogers travelling to meet Peggy Carter in her late 90s, does it as well. Even if you haven't seen the film, read this. All you need to know is this: they used to be contemporaries about to date. Now there are decades between them. What I especially appreciate is that [personal profile] surexit simultanously manages to make it clear that Peggy lived a rich, long life, in many ways a happy one, and yet paints such real and gutwrenching portrait of something that will resonate for anyone who has had a loved person slip into what old age can do to all of us.

Sarah Jane Adventures/ Doctor Who/Torchwood:

The War of the Roses. First of all, it's Gita Chandra fanfic! I do love Rani's mother (and father), and the way they've been excluded from knowledge was one of my few complaints about SJA. Secondly, while this story stays firmly in Gita's pov it also manages to use both DW and Torchwood canon in a way that's a delight if you know said canon (it's a story which has Martha and Ace, zomg!) but also works if you don't (because Gina has no idea who these people are when she meets them, either.


The Secret Life of Sharon Francis: now and then, writers manage to incorporate comicverse background into the movieverse and come up with breathtaking results. Here, a writer does this for Charles Xavier's mother, and while she's at it, also pulls off non-linear narrative in an awesomely compelling way. What I especially admire is that the story doesn't ask you to like Sharon in order to find her complex and fascinating. Go read!
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I've been hesitant to watch because after this, there will be no more SJA episodes, and this in addition to the death of Elisabeth Sladen hurts all over again. Because this is such a delightful show, and the recent episodes were great; it's going out swinging yes, but oh, it could have gone on.

The Curse of Clyde Langer )

The man who never was )
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Watching the last of The Sarah Jane Adventures filmed before Elisabeth Sladen died was always going to be bittersweet, and never more so than when as with this opener it reminds me of how much I love and enjoy this show. The contrast to the parent show currently is especially glaring in terms of (my) emotional engagement, but this week it's also interesting in terms of similar subjects approached in a very different way, and with different answers, not just because SJA is targetted at children. (Since it was written and filmed between the two halves of DW's sixth season, i.e. after RTD & Co. had watched the first half of the Moff's season 6, I do wonder whether some of it was intentional.) And oh, I'm so going to miss the show; not simply because of its leading lady but because of Clyde, Rani, Luke, Mr. Smith, K-9, Gita and Haresh, and the exubarant optimism it exudes.

We're part of the universe )
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Five characters who would like to explore or travel in space (who haven't done so already.)

1.) Clyde from The Sarah Jane Adventures. Well, technically speaking he already was in space, but being locked in a satelite or bodyswaped for a minute or two to another planet doesn't count as exploring. You know he'd love it. (So would Rani and Luke, of course.)

2.) Hiro Nakamura from Heroes. Since I stopped watching in early s3, I can't know for sure he hasn't done for, but I think it's a reasonable assumption. And he would adore it.

3.) Andrew Wells from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Mind you, he'd talk the crew's ears off with comparisons to just about every sci fi show and film ever, when he wouldn't be analyzing their dynamics and talking about UST. So he might not end the journey alive. But he'd sign on in a heartbeast.

4.) Coraline from the novel Coraline by Neil Gaiman. Exploring hidden space is her speciality, and after the Other Mother, she'd have no problem with whatever the universe might be throwing at her.

5.) Ellie from Up! With Carl at her side, of course. You just know she was an early sci fi fan and never missed a serial.
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As the multifandom vid-a-thon festivids went online, this multifandom person is rejoicing.

My personal selection of favourites so far:

Blade Runner:

November Rain : captures the gorgeous visuals (Ridley Scott at his best) and the intense messed-up ness of that favourite sci fi film of mine beautifully. I think the most striking and unexpected transition for me was spoilery for Blade Runner ).

The Hours:

Eyes Wide Open: The story of Laura, and of Richard, to put it as unspoilery as possible for those who don't know either Michael Cunningham's novel (which in turn is a clever fictional meditation on Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway and V.W. herself) or the film based on it.

Das Leben der Anderen/The Lives of Others

Slow Burn: David Bowie is perfect for this vid based on another favourite film of mine, and the three main characters therein. Wow. Great vid.


A Well-Respected Man: a Jim Profit character portrait, doing his manipulative screwed-upness justice. Why did this show not even get a full season?

The Sarah Jane Adventures:

After All: warm and beautiful Sarah Jane portrait, capturing her various relationships - Luke, Maria, Clyde, Rani, Jo, the Brig, and the Doctor (in all the regenerations she knew), too.

Star Trek: DS9:

Who Needs Enemies: Julian Bashir, the harmless obsession with fictional spy-playing and the anything but harmless real spies, Garak and Sloan, and their games. Excellent.

Star Trek: TNG:

Sound of Silence: a First Contact basid vid dealing with Picard, Data and the Borg, matching the Simon & Garfunkel song eerily well with the footage to great emotional intensity.

Want you bad: this, on the other hand, is just joyfully hilarious, giving us Q's frustrated (or is it...?) pursuit of Picard through the years. As the vidder says, when you're omnipotent, it's hard to get someone else to top. Also, Patrick Stewart does the best facepalm ever as Picard.

West Wing:

High School Never Ends: speaking of joyfully hilarious, the West Wing staff are such dorks, and we love them for it. Just the way to round of your vid-watching day with a wide grin.
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It's that time of year again.

Favorite story this year: The Lay of Sir William of Daira, for the sheer amount of fun I had while writing it.

My best story this year: Tea and Sympathy (the one with TNG's Guinan and various regenerations of the Doctor), though it's hard to judge one's own work objectively. Still, crossovers that make sense within the rules of both fictional universes and explore the characters involved while pulling off something of a narrative arc aren't that easy to do, and I think I succeeded with this one.

Most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Here Be Dragons, though not really. It's less read than my other Merlin pieces, but then it's character exploration of a dragon (and an attempt at creation myth), and for that, I received good feedback.

Most fun story: The Lay of Sir William of Daira. Both in the sense that it was fun to write and in the sense that I was aiming for amusing and emotionally real, and was satisfied with the result.

Sexiest story: Can't think of one which qualifies. (Well, William ships himself/everyone but only has a genuine shot with Sir Leon...). The one most focused on a romantic relationship is probably Five Times Hank McCoy Tried To Propose To Abigail Brand.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Backstage Management: The Machiavellian Remix. Here I was, remixing in an utterly serious vein with Yvonne Hartman manipulating the hell out of everyone, when I was suddenly hit by a completely crack idea for a wrap-up and punchline. No, I told my muse, no, I can't. It's Torchwood, said my muse, and I conceded the point.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: mystery Yuletide story comes to mind. It's in one of my oldest fandoms, but the recipient asked for a focus on two relationships I never paid much attention to, though I like the characters they involve. One of these characters was one I had never written before, save for a cameo in another story. The Yuletide story gave me the chance to explore said character and aspects I hadn't thought about before involving another character.

Hardest story to do: Sui Generis, which was the third of my Merlin character portraits - the first was one of Gwen, the second one of Arthur - and tackled the show's main character. Now, Merlin happens to be a favourite of mine, but for writing purposes, it can be surprisingly tricky to do his ambiguities justice while leaving them as just this, ambiguities, which is why I did the other two first. Then I hit upon the central concept for the story - the palace of the mind - and knew I could finally have a crack at Merlin himself.

Biggest surprise: Other than this year's Yuletide story, Cause and Effect, because I hadn't expected to write either End of Time inspired fanfiction or SJA fanfiction (fond as I am of the show), and this is both.

Most revealing story:Discordance. Could be subtitled then: [personal profile] selenak vehemently disagrees with most fanon presentation of Morgana and her relationship with Gwen and makes her point(s) via fanfiction. Could be subtitled now: yes, season 3 was sledgehammery in regards to Morgana but I did see this coming.
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My recipient liked her story, and I got some nice feedback from other people as well. Colour me pleased. (I still think it's glaringly obvious I wrote it, so I shan't make people guess.) Now, as to the continuing wonders of the Yuletide ficathon, here's my second rec post:

Blade Runner:

Retirement: as opposed to, say, Terminators or Cylons, Replicants came with an in-built death sentence - they shut down after four years - and their fury at their creators for this together with the way they were used was all too understandable. This short, intense first person narration brings Zhora to life, one of the Replicants who make it back to Earth. Every line packs a punch. Awesome.


The Way: Frank Lundy finds a killer. AU from the end of s2 onwards, asking a good „what if?“ question, in this case: what if Lundy had remained in Miami at the end of s2 and had ended up putting all those clues together about Dexter? Great characterisation of everyone involved.

The Eagle of the Ninth:

Aedificare: in which Marcus, Cottia and Esca build a life together after the end of the novel. Has Sutcliff's eye for detail, and makes for lovely reading.

The Graveyard Book:

A Winter's Night: utterly charming missing scenes type of story, giving us a slice of Bod's life among the ghosts, capturing his various relationships.

Greek Mythology:

Young Agamemnon Sees It Through: if you'd ask me which mythological characters were the least suited candidates for a young adult adventures type of story, Agamemnon, Clytaimnestra and Menelaos would probably have come to mind. But the author actually pulls it off. Teenage Agamemnon and his younger brother Menelaos encounter teenage Clytaimnestra who is on her way to rescue her sister Helen (only twelve and just abducted for the first time, by Theseus, which btw is indeed part of the myths). Cue teenage bickering and team-up, road movie type adventures, infuriating encounters with Clytaimnestra’s older brothers, the Dioscures (also on the way to rescue Helen and basically the villains in the way Kiefer Sutherland’s character and his gang in Stand By Me are), and my mouth is still open in admiration that all of this not only works as a self contained story but actually as a prequel, too.

Love-lies-bleeding: Helen’s first abduction was part of a deal between Theseus and his friend Pirithous; in return, Theseus had pledged support for Pirithous’ hubristic scheme of abducting the Queen of the Underworld herself, Persephone. Big mistake, boys. Biiiiiiig mistake. This story takes its cue from Ovid and his urban Roman cynicism, and shares povs between Theseus and Persephone.

Five Futures Kassandra Saw, And One She Could Not: now we're on to Euripides fanfic (inspired by his play The Trojan Women); what I especially appreciate is that this take on Kassandra, Klytaimnestra, Andromache and Helen vilifies none of them (including Helen) and renders them all three dimensional.


Aurora Mundi: in which, after World War I, Clive and his wife Anne travel to Italy where they meet by chance Maurice and Alec. Talk about lack of vilification. No one is vilified in this one, either, and Anne in particular is so endearing she basically steals the story. I can’t tell you how refreshing this is when you think about how often female characters end up bashed, killed off or scorned for no other sin than coming between a popular slash pairing.

Sarah Jane Adventures:

Five Hundred and Twenty, or Thereabouts: Clyde, Rani and Luke are not a triangle. Lovely, lovely, OT3 fanfic, doing justice to their affection for each other. I was delighted to find so many SJA stories anyway, and love most, but this one is my favourite.

What to make out of snow: Adventure story using both our ensemble and other Whoverse characters, with Clyde/Rani subtext. In short, much like an episode of season 5. J

The Ongoing Relations of a Tin Dog and his BFFs: what it says on the label. Yes, some brilliant writer gave us K-9 fanfiction. Which leaves me with a wide grin on my face.

Pour, Rinse, Repeat: lovely portrait of Clyde's mother Carla and her reaction(s) to all the changes her son goes through.
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In which [personal profile] selenak has a theory about SJA finales and with the exception of one thing delights in this one.

With this team? )
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In which empathy and time travel win the day.

The captain's work is done )
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In the second season of the tv show Lois & Clark, there is a scene where one of the villains, Tempus, gleefully reveals Our Hero's secret to Lois Lane. If you're not familiar with it, check it out, it'll only take a minute. This scene repeatedly comes to mind when watching both The Sarah Jane Adventures and Merlin. Now, there are a lot of shows (and comic series) who have the whole secret identity/ secretly fighting crime/ some superheroic secret of sorts premise built into them. Early on, it inevitably gives the show in question a lot of mileage built around the juxtaposition of the main character really doing amazing things and some or all of the people around him/her being unaware of it. You don't need actual superpowers involved.

Spoilers for Alias, Buffy, Lois & Clark, Merlin and the Sarah Jane Adventures folllow. )We're in the fourth season - i.e. it's the third year of adventuring for Rani and the fourth for Clyde - and the idea that their parents either "couldn't handle it" or are somehow still oblivious enough not to draw the right conclusions despite all the glaring signs, and despite being characterised as loving, concerned and brave parents, starts to be far worse than what any variation of the Superman story ever did to Lois Lane in this regard. It makes me feel like Capslock!Harry Potter from Order of the Phoenix. STOP IT ALREADY.
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In a word used by my beloved Jo in this very two parter, groovy!

You mean like the old old days? )


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