Avengers stories I will never read but would love to:

1.) Loki makes a pass at Avenger X. X is not remotely impressed or flustered and turns Loki down. Loki makes a sarcastic comment about X' own killing record/ that of the other Avengers and hypocritical self righteousness etc.; Avenger X replies, sincerely, that Loki's death score and psycho teenager emotional make-up aren't the problem, it's just that X doesn't consider Loki remotely hot.

2.) Darcy, having resumed her studies of political science after the accidental stint with Jane Foster which was never meant to be permanent, gets offered a job with SHIELD/Stark Industries/other Avengers-related employment. Since said job has nothing to do with what she was studying and since she actually cares about her chosen field of study, she turns the offer down and never crosses paths with superheroes again other than reading about them in the newspapers. She does, however, end up heading a Think Tank.

3.) Phil Coulson is being far too professional to entertain a relationship with agents whose handler he is (read: Hawkeye and Black Widow); also, he's asexual and happy with it, as one or both of them find out when early on, not knowing him very well yet, they make a pass at him because that's the type of exploitative handler/agent situation they're used to.

And those are your Avengers comments for the day. Here are recs in other fandoms.

Pirates of the Carribean: A fine woman and an honorable man make peace. Excellent missing scene from Dead Man's Chest between Norrington and Elizabeth while they're both on board the Pearl.

Citizen Kane: The Union Forever. [personal profile] likeadeuce linked me to this CK vid, and an good one it is, too.
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From: [personal profile] watervole

The third Avengers one would really work for me. I like Phil professional, and asexual would be interesting. But I have other plot bunnies to write and don't know the Avengers' universe well enough to write in it.
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From: [personal profile] astridv

And what's with all the carrots? What do they need such good eyesight for, anyway?!

Also, I'd read the hell out of all of these. *g*

From: [personal profile] meri

LOL at the first one. I'm not the girl to write it but I would totally read/podfic that story.

I've actually written a short Darcy-centric ficlet that's set during the Avengers where she's still in contact with Jane but doesn't have anything to do with the movieverse in any other way and she's reacting to the news reports of the destruction of downtown NYC. I should really post that.

I'm surprised the third one isn't a fic yet. I should totally write that.


From: [personal profile] meri

Hahahahahaha... and now I'm imagining that first one with Loki/Clint, when Clint is still mindfucked. And yet he's still not interested. Not exactly your prompt, but it's amusing the hell out of me.
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