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I've acquired new fandoms and revisited some old ones since the last time I did this, thus, from [personal profile] astrogirl:

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

Also, this unique summary of A Legacy Of Spies cracks me up. :)
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[personal profile] chelseagirl asked me for comments on my Penny Dreadful story “Falling Towards Apotheosis”, which you can find in its entirety here. Since it is a lengthy tale, I’ll dissect only one chapter, but before that, a few general words: The title is of course pinched from Babylon 5, and was irresistible to me given Vanessa’s story both in the show and here. This was one of my most ambitious enterprises in fanfiction, since I wanted it to be not just a worthy follow-up to the show which brought the various themes and character arcs to a conclusion more narratively satisfying to me than the finale was without ignoring anything that happened in the finale, or in the seasons preceding it; I wanted it to be the definite Penny Dreadful story. (The reason why I wasn’t as angry about the finale as some when it was broadcast was that I thought it was the perfect set up for the conclusion that immediately occurred to me re: Vanessa, and what could have been her true goal.)

As such, it is an ensemble tale, using both past and present characters and the relationships they’ve formed through the show. (Exceptions: Lily, whom I had wanted to use originally, but there was no way I could have included her in this particular story without a complete emotional detour once Ethan finds out what Victor did; Dorian Grey, because there was neither thematic need nor personal interest on my part.)

On to the second chapter, featuring Malcolm Murray and Vanessa, and later Dr. Seward )
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Sorry for any not yet replied to comments, replies will come, I’m having a couple of busy days. On to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, requested by [personal profile] ffutures, a Doctor Who story I wrote in the hiatus between seasons 3 and 4 of New Who about Lucy Saxon, the Master’s wife, which means no canon post s3 is referred to. The story is here.

Meet the Master's Wife )
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After marathoning The Clone Wars, I was awash in Star Wars feelings in general, and feelings about the Anakin and Ahsoka relationship in particular. Which inevitably resulted in fanfiction. This story is a bit too long to do a commentary for the entire text, which you can find here, so I’ll focus only on some of the, to quote the summary, “Eight lessons Anakin Skywalker learns through Ahsoka Tano, and one Darth Vader does”.

On what happens when you give a kid to Anakin Skywalker to teach )
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Back when I finished marathoning The West Wing, I went on the lookout for stories about the relationship out of all the many interesting relationships the show offered that had intrigued me the most: that between speechwriter Toby Ziegler and President Jed Bartlet. Alas, there was not much. Now the story I wanted most of all to read would have been a post show having-it-all-out conversation or several, preferably trapped by snow in New Hampshire so neither of them could just leave, but I’d equally been happy with anything set earlier that explored said relationship. Sadly, fandom did not oblige. At a guess, one reason for this was that canonically, both Toby and Jed are eloquent master word smiths, and these aren’t easy to write. I know that’s what intimidated me and meant that when I followed the old advice of “if you can’t find it, write it yourself”, I did NOT write the epic lengthy tale I wanted to read but a short non linear vignette collection. Another reason might have been that a lot of fandom (as well as actor Richard Schiff) was unhappy with Toby’s s7 storyline and found it easier to just ignore it. Yours truly actually did not have this problem in that maybe due to marathoning the show as opposed to living with the characters for years, I didn’t regard it as ooc, but I did want a bit more follow up, as well as looks back. Anyway, all of this resulted in my one and only West Wing tale. (Which you can find here.)

The story of a speechwriter and his politician )
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[personal profile] bimo requested „Not in Words“, as she’s in a Centauri kind of mood, and since I am also in a Centauri mood, I’m gladly obliging.

Preamble: Timov has to be my favourite B5 one shot character, i.e. she’s only in a single episode, "Soul Mates", though Londo’s wives get of course referenced in several more, both before and after their actual appearances. Still, Timov’s one and only episode, in season 2, left me with such a vivid impression of her that when news got out that the writer of of said episode, Peter David, he of the many tie in novels I’d read in Star Trek, would also be writing a trilogy about the Centauri post show, I rejoiced. And looked forward to more Timov. As for the Centauri trilogy, I’ve already written in the past on why I felt it was a severe let down (short version: shoddy world building and –evolving, bad characterizations of many characters, lazy stereotypes abound), but it does have its perks, and Timov’s return in the first volume is certainly one of them. However, which is why I borrowed a scene and a premise from “The Long Night of Centauri Prime” to wrap this story up. Onwards:

Anatomy of a Centauri Marriage )
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Spotted from various people in my circle, and it's been at least five years since I've done that one, so:

Pick any story I've written, or, in the case of my longer, chaptered works, any chapter from any story I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

My stories can be found here.
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From [profile] vash11. Soon, the Munich Film Festival will be upon me, so I figured I'd better get this out first.

1.What’s the most depressing movie you’ve ever watched? Fassbinder's version of Effi Briest. I get what he was aiming at, but it lacks all the wit and vitality which Fontane's dialogues have, Hanna Schygulla is awful (and awfully static) in the title role, and you're not sad about Effi's ending, you're glad the bloody movie is finally over. Except I had to watch it several times, due to writing a paper about the various movie versions of Effi Briest.

2. What’s the most disturbing movie you’ve ever watched? Wellllll. Given I attended a seminar on propaganda movies, which included some of the vilest the Nazis have produced, the bar there is high, or rather, low. Mind you, some of those movies today would be hilariously ineffective, like Hitlerjunge Quex. (Except for one particular scene, in which Bad Communist Dad forces his Hitler Admiring Rebelling Teenage Son to sing the Internationale; he literally beats the kid into it, and since he's played by Heinrich George, until this point (1933) one of the most Weimar Republic famous actors of "proletarian" roles like Franz Biberkopf in Berlin Alexanderplatz, and one of the best German actors of his day, the casting is doubly effective. But other than that scene, the movie today would be laughed at even without knowledge as to who the Nazis were. Meanwhile, Jud Süß by Veit Harlan didn't get its infamous reputation for nothing. (Sinister trivia: young Michelangelo Antonioni wrote ecstatic praise of it after it was shown in Venice.) Harlan was a master of melodrama, the cast consisted of the top of the day (Heinrich George was in that one, too, playing the lecherous Duke), and it's every bit as evil in antisemitic propaganda as its reputation suggests. (Supposedly it was shown to concentration camp guards in preparation, but it's evil even if that's not true.) If it could be shown outside of teaching circumstances, no doubt it would still work on at least a part of the viewers.

However, it feels a bit cheating to name the most infamous German movie of all time, or maybe trivializing the Holocaust for a meme. So here are two alternate newer movie suggestions:

Hero, directed by Zhang Yimou. Breathtaking aesthetics. Vile central message: the suffering of the individual is no longer relevant when compared to the welfare of the community, which can only be achieved by a strong ruler, even if that ruler acts with incredible brutality to achieve his aims. No.

The Hateful Eight, directed by Quentin Tarantino. I am not easily squicked and have discovered I'm quite splatter tolerant if there is something in the tv show/movie which holds my attention otherwise; I mean, I've watched and enjoyed other Tarantino movies, and the entire series of Spartacus. But The Hateful Eight still disturbed me beyond my personal endurance level; for the reasons why, see here.

3. An actor/actress you’ve seen in more than 8 movies? Katharine Hepburn. (Watched, among others: Bringing Up Baby, Holiday, The Philadelphia Story, Woman of the Year, Adam's Rib, The African Queen, Summertime, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, The Lion in Winter.)

4. A film you could watch on repeat for the rest of your life? I suspect I'd get to hate whichever movie would be played endlessly for me - that's how they torture people, isn't it? No matter how much I liked the movie before. But here's one which I've watched countless times, which I suppose is what the question is getting at: The Kid, directed by Charlie Chaplin.

5. What’s the very first film you remember watching?: Leaving aside movies I must have watche on tv before that, it must have been Winnetou, because Karl May's novel was one of the earliest book's I've read, and I remember being quite upset about the changes as a child.

6. A film you wish you hadn’t watched? Eh, there are several that bored me, alienated me etc. But you know: I went to the above mentioned class on propaganda movies without any one forcing me into it, knowing full well that I'd have to watch a great many vile things, about which I wanted to learn.

Otoh, you know: The 1993 version of The Three Musketeers (the one with Tim Curry as Richelieu) was the first movie I ever walked out on and to this day have not finished. I loathed what I had watched far too much. So maybe that?

7. A film you wish had a sequel? None comes to mind. My reaction when I hear about sequels where none were intended to movies I loved generally is one of "must you? Please don't".

8. Which book would you like to see adapted into a film? Her Majesty's Will by David Blixt. It practically begs to be filmed.

9. The most aesthetically pleasing movie you’ve ever watched? Well, you know, David Lean didn't get his awards and reputation for nothing. I'm going with the movie that made the desert breathtakingly beautiful and gave us Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif in their youthful glory: Lawrence of Arabia.

10. What’s your favourite movie director? Billy Wilder.

11.Your favourite movie genre? Don't have one. Every time I say I like them all except Genre X, I know a movie or two in Genre X will come to sway me. It really depends on the movies.

12. A movie that holds a special place in your heart? The Lion in Winter, for oh so many reasons, and among others because it introduced me to the Plantagenets in general and Eleanor of Aquitaine in particular when I was one impressionable teenager interested in history.

13. Which is your favourite non-English language movie? Wir Wunderkinder, directed by Kurt Hoffmann.

14. Your favourite comedy film? Some Like It Hot by Billy Wilder

15. A music video you would love to see developed into a film? Say what now?

16. A film everyone loves but you hate? There is no "everyone", but I seem to recall that the 1993 Musketeers which I walked out on was fairly popular?

17. A film you love but (almost) everyone else hates? Again, there is no "everyone", but I do unironically love the three Star Wars prequels, so...

18. Which cinematic universe would you like to live in? Steven Spielberg's. There's almost always a happy end guaranteed, no matter how unlikely, the occasional wondrous alien visit tends to be benign (with an exception yes, but I haven't watched the exception), justice prevails and families are reconciled. And a certain individual would never, ever have become President of the US in a Spielbergian universe.

19. What’s your favourite biopic? Discounting Lawrence of Arabia, because, well, would it count? Anyway, it's Frida, directed by Julie Taymor, about Frida Kahlo. I love the way it makes Frida's art so integral to the film aesthetic and the storytelling, and the characters are all vividly brought ot life. Runner up: Ed Wood, directed by Tim Burton. Yes, I know, subsequent Burton and Depp collaborations as well as behavior probably soured a great many on what came before. But this movie is still fantastic, and a love declaration to all Hollywood losers. Also, Martin Landau so earned his Oscar as Bela Lugosi.

20. Mainstream movies or indie movies? Both. Indies were a later developed taste that came with being able to attend the Munich Film Festival, but I never saw that as mutually exclusive to loving blockbusters.

21. Old movies or contemporary movies? Both.

22. A film with an amazing soundtrack? Kill Bill; Tarantino is usually good with sound tracks, but that's probably my favourite of his.
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A Movie I Love: Sunset Boulevard

An Action Movie I Love: Mad Max: Fury Road

A Drama I Love: The Lives of Others

A Western I Love: Cat Ballou.

A Horror Movie I Love: The Haunting (1963 original, no remakes accepted). Arguably, the original Alien is a horror movie, not an action movie, in which case it is also a choice that immediately comes to mind.

A Comedy I Love: Wir Wunderkinder.

A Romance Movie I Love: Frida. Look, I'm usually the first to complain that biopics of female historical figures almost invariably put a strong focus o their love lives. But in the case of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, it felt it was justified by the result.

A Noir I Love: The Third Man. So long, Holly.

A Disney Movie I Love: Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

A Sci Fi Movie I Love: Blade Runner.

An Animated Movie I Love: Robin Hood (1973). Best Robin ever.

A Superhero Movie I Love: The Avengers.

A War Movie I Love: Empire of the Sun

An Exploitation Movie I Love: Do we count Quentin Tarantino movies? In which case, Kill Bill.

A Musical I Love: West Side Story.

An Historical Movie I Love: The Lion in Winter.

A Bad Movie I Love: I suppose by majority consent, the SW Prequels are these. And I do love them.

A Childhood Favourite: Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel. (German title of much loved Czech movie. I have no idea whether it has an English one.) Best Cinderella ever.

A Shakespeare Movie I Love: Chimes at Midnight.

A Franchise I Love: Not in the sense of loving every installment, but I suppose I could list Star Wars here as well.

A Trilogy I Love: The original three Pirates of the Carribean movies, which to me told the story of Elizabeth Swann, and had a great ending. Which is why I never felt the need to watch any sequels.

A Guilty Pleasure I Love: A Royal Night Out. Pure fluff, also glorification of British monarchy etc, but 'twas great fun to watch and relax with (for me).

A Movie Recently Seen: Moonlight.

My Favourite of This Year: The year is still young. So far, To Walk Invisible.

A Favourite of All Time: Lawrence of Arabia
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Comment with one of my fandoms, and I'll tell you:

the character I least understand
interactions I enjoyed the most
the character who scares me the most
the character who is mostly like me
hottest looks character
one thing I dislike about my fave character
one thing I like about my hated character
a quote or scene that haunts me
a death that left me indifferent
a character I wish died but didn’t
my ship that never sailed
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1. Your main fandom of the year?

As in previous years, I remain a multifandom woman. An old fandom I got somewhat back into was Star Wars, but not due to The Force Awakens, due to finally marathoning The Clone Wars. Of shows with an open, not yet concluded canon, I continue to love The Americans, Better Call Saul and Bates Motel, but Black Sails is probably the one I feel most intensely for. However, due to tumblr aversion, I’m not exactly in the fandom, as not many Black Sails fans seem to be on dw or lj.

2. Your favourite film watched this year?

Slash. I watched it at the Munich Film Festival in summer, attended the Q & A with the director, and have not changed my impression, which was: I loved and adored this movie. It filled me with joy the same way Galaxy Quest did for a lot of similar reasons. Currently, there are some people badmouthing it on the internet, usually people who haven’t watched it, and that irks me the way it always does when people shit on something you love, especially at a time when fandom is my escape from the horrors of the real world. But such is life, and thankfully the movie will still be there when the haters have moved on to the next subject.

3. Your favourite book read this year?

I read a lot of non fiction this year, the most impressive of which was probably The Pigeon Tunnel by John Le Carré. But the one I loved best was probably fiction, to wit, Oath Bound by Jo Graham and Melissa Scott. Oh, and I did a reread of the Angelique series I’d loved as a child and teen, and enjoyed those novels as much as ever.

4. Your favourite TV show of the year?

See above: Black Sails, which had a fantastic third season and keeps getting better and better. I’m ready to get my heart broken by the fourth and final season, and am confident it will be done in a narratively satisfying way. Incidentally, all my shows except for Elementary had great seasons in 2016, and I didn’t give up any the way I did in 2015.

5. Your favourite online fandom community of the year?

Still [profile] the_americans.

6. Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

Very unexpectedly, this was Class, the Doctor Who spin-off which premiered this fall. As far as DW spin-offs are concerned, Torchwood had had a very rocky first season, and while I adored The Sarah Jane Adventures, I went into it because of Sarah Jane, and all the Class characters were new, so I had no idea what to expect. Certainly not the strong first season and ensemble-tastic tale I got. Go show! May you get many seasons more.

7. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

None so great that it drove me to abandon the show, but Elementary’s fourth season, with the exception of the Paul Cornell episode, had been a let down, and season 5 alas hasn’t pulled off the season 3 trick yet of coming back strong. It’s still enjoyable, though.

8. Your TV boyfriend of the year?

In terms of “who would I actually date”, still pre-Saul Jimmy McGill. In terms of “whose ongoing adventures was I most emotionally invested in” , John Silver. In terms of “who would I definitely not date, not even for a one night stand, but good lord, am I emotionally invested, as evidenced by the fact I’ve been writing him again: Anakin Skywalker, human disaster extraordinaire. I had never lost my fondness for Anakin, of course, but The Clone Wars brought back the urge to write him in a big fashion.

9. Your TV girlfriend of the year?

Kim Wexler from Better Call Saul was the core of the second season and a Queen among women, and I adore her, I completely fell for Ahsoka from The Clone Wars, but this year, there can only be one choice (not least due to what happened): Norma Bates, the most doomed mother ever, antiheroine of my heart, so flawed, so passionate, so human, so capable of utter joy and utter rage.

10. Your biggest squee moment of the year?

It’s a tie between John Silver deciding the way to win James Flint’s respect is to tell him Silver has managed to screw him over re: the Urca gold while they’re en route to some shark fighting, and that this tactic works, in Black Sails 3.03., and Norma Bates in Bates Motel 4.06. responding to perceived blackmail with one of her extraordinary raw emotional outbursts, laying her past wide open, and the thought to be blackmailer instead actually repairing her window while the guy she was sure she’d lose by this honesty instead responds with “Where are we going?” Which is the most romantic line you’ll ever hear on this show, in context.

11. The most missed of your old fandoms?

Class made me nostalgic for Buffy. But not for the ship wars. Good lord, not for the ship wars. Also, Highlander.

12. The fandom you haven’t tried yet, but want to?

Mr. Robot, with the eternal “if I find the time” disclaimer.

13. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

Black Sails season 4, American Gods the tv series, and Arrival, of which I have heard very good things but which I haven’t managed to watch yet. I hope it’ll stick around in the cinemas until I can.
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Spotted this meme, and did it for one of the few OTPs I actually have: Londo/G'Kar 4eva!

Here are some winter-related questions about your OTP! Enjoy!

1: Who makes the other hot chocolate?

Neither. The correct answer to this question is, of course: Vir!

2: Who knits the other a seasonal sweater?

No, not Vir, and don't even dare to ask Na'Toth. Londo, being a fashion-conscious Centauri, wouldn't inflict something on himself that either he or G'Kar manufactured. However, he considers scarfs to be an Earth origin article with suitable aesthetics and warming quality for both Narn and Centauri. He therefore ordered several (for himself, G'kar and Vir) and billed the whole thing to Centauri Prime claiming it was expense to promote Human-Centauri trade relations.

3: Who’s family hosts a bigger holiday gathering? What’s the gathering like for your OTP?

G'Kar doesn't have biological family, because they were all killed by Centauri, if you care to ask. And he'd never inflict Londo on those Narn still alive he feels somewhat close to. Londo, otoh, would like to point out that nobody throws bigger (or better) parties than the Centauri, regardless of the occasion. As for his family: on Centauri Prime, there are Timov and his dead friend Ursa's children whom he adopted into House Mollari as promised, on Babylon 5, there's Vir, and though Timov declares him to be madder than usual, he did invite everyone to the Centauri feast of the new year between seasons 4 and 5 - on the station, not wanting to push his luck since his reconciliation with G'Kar was still rather recent. As for what it was like for them: the three way snark between Londo, G'Kar and Timov still sells as a recording, because someone who shall remain nameless had the bright idea to tape, err, crystal-conserve it, making a small fortune of the result. Londo later declared it to be one of the most stimulating nights of his life. Make of that what you will.

4: How would your OTP react to having a snow day?

G'Kar isn't too keen on snow until he's introduced to the concept of snowball fights. A part of him wants to comment that the waste of water is a very Centauri thing to do. The other part is busy throwing snowballs at Londo.

5: Who offers the other one their jacket?

Londo's jackets would not fit G'Kar, and besides, there's a whole pyschological minefield there because during the occupation, the Centauri used to dress their "decorative servants" up somewhat. Otoh, if the two of them were, say, trapped in a cold place together, G'Kar would declare that "if it means your incessant prattling will stop", Londo could have his coat, and upon Londo's refusal would add "the sound your chattering teeth make is even more annoying than the sound of your voice, Mollari, so take the coat!"

6: Who makes a snowman that looks like the other member of your OTP, or do they both do this?

They both do that, long before they become an item, in those climate zones on the station that feature snow. The mocking potential is enormous, after all. "Leave it to you to find a way to get your hands on Londo that doesn't get you in a cell", was Michael Garibaldi's comment.

7: Does your OTP ever have snowball fights?

See above. Of course they do.

8: What gifts would they get each other for the holidays?

Londo has prepared a very special edition of the Book of G'Kar. One with his footnotes and comments on G'Kar's wise utterings. G'Kar observes that since this means Londo actually read his book, Londo already has received a gift. That he happens to have prepared a meal he's cooked himself that can be consumed by Centauri as well is sheer coincidence.

9: How do they spend their winter holiday? Do they even celebrate the same holiday?

On the one hand, no, since the Narn made it a point of pride not to accept Centauri calendar years, and their belief systems are completely different anway. HOWEVER, on Babylon 5 they got into the habit of celebrating their New Year's days when the humans did. It was one of Sinclair's earliest brokered compromises, and it stuck.

10: What sort of seasonal treats does your OTP like to eat?

Since they can never agree on flarn, and human sweets are tricky for Centauri, they stick to fluids, or to be more precise, to the fine holiday brivari enjoyable to both of them.

11: How do they spend New Year’s Eve?

See above. Definitely in a verbose way. Whether Londo's tentacles also get involved, not even Galaxy Gaby knows, though they claim to.

12: Who initiates the New Year’s kiss?

G'Kar. He says it's only to shut Londo up, of course.

13: Who tries to get a secret gift for the other one for Valentine’s Day?

G'Kar found out about this human holiday because it was an excellent opportunity to hit on human women; Londo found out about it when stationed on Earth as part of the Centauri delegation because Mariel always had some beautiful jewelry afterwards that he hadn't paid for. Neither of them would consider this holiday to apply to them... but Delenn, being the fiendish matchmaker she canonically is for these two, sent gifts in their names to the respective other.

14: Would your OTP take a walk together in the snow?

Yes. G'Kar says it's just to ensure nobody other than himself kills Londo Mollari. Londo does it in the happy certainty that snow didn't feature in a single one of his ominous dreams, which means that as long as he strolls through it, he's destiny-free.

15: Which one gets more excited over the first snow of winter?

Londo, because: see above.
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I must get into a better mindset, or I'll end up snapping at everyone on the internet because this year's awfulness has rubbed me raw by now. Also, I'm stuck on a train for six more hours. Therefore, meme. Give me a character from one of my fandoms, and I'll tell you (if I can, because there are characters on which I have no opinions whatsoever):

First impression
Impression now
Favorite moment
Idea for a story
Unpopular opinion
Favorite relationship
Favorite headcanon
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With the new year impending: some slots at the January meme post are still free, so if you want to read me rambling on the topic of your choice, and I'm familiar with it, go ahead and ask there.

In Yuletide news, the recipient of my assignment story still hasn't commented, and doesn't seem to have an lj or dw (at least not under that name) one could check to verify whether he/she is busy, not/still online, or just plain displeased by the story. On the bright side, both the assignment story and the treat were recced by at least one person whom I don't know, which is very cheering.
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I wasn't able to do this for the December, but I'll try to do it for January, starting the new year with lots of posts. Consider this the announcement where you can request topics:

Pick a date below and give me a topic, and I'll ramble on. I'm good at talking. It can be anything from fandom-related (specific characters, actors, storylines, episodes, etc.) to life-related to pizza preferences to whatever you want.

They will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject. Also, I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet.

Topics: you can get an idea from my tags/from the stuff I usually ramble about/from things you maybe wish I talked about more but don't. Also, please feel free to check out last year's posts, i.e. the topics I've already written about.

January 1:The best travel story: Carnival in Rio
January 2:(Some of)My favourite historical novels
January 3: Where would you like to see Elementary take Morland's story?
January 4: The Hunger Games and gender politics
January 5: Dealbreakers in published or fan fiction
January 6: Plot twists which genuinely surprised me, and what made them work
January 7: Five favourite heroines
January 8: Five fascinating historical figure(s) from the early middle ages (500-1100ish)
January 9: Fun and comedy German movies
January 10: Breaking up with fandoms and remaining on good terms: a how-to guide
January 11: Characters who anchor shows with large ensemble casts (not necessarily the leads): discuss
January 12: Most fascinating historical figure(s) from the high/late middle ages (1200-1500)
January 13: Companions and Doctors: what makes particular combinations work (for me), what doesn't
January 14: Five of my favourite female characters
January 15: Why I don't use the character of colo(u)r tag
January 16: Family dynamics in The Borgias
January 17: Depiction of work relationships on Merlin and DS9
January 18: Depiction of Germans in US and British media I'm familiar with
January 19:
January 20:
January 21:
January 22:
January 23:
January 24:
January 25:
January 26:
January 27:
January 28:
January 29: Leadership styles of Jean-Luc Picard and Emma Snow
January 30: relationships between women in Agent Carter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer
January 31: Themes, tropes and/or characteristics which almost shout 'this work is by an American'.
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Yuletide assignment: more generic than most I got - basically it amounts to "more of what canon does so well" (which I sympathize with, since I have fandoms where I want just that, too). I can work with that, since I love the canon in question (obviously) and it leaves me ample manvoeuvring room. But because there's no specific prompt, I'm currently at sea as to what the plot might be...

Meanwhile, I did a meme and fed it some of my stories in various fandoms. Fitting the day, the first result I got was this:

I write like
Edgar Allan Poe

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

What surprises me about this is that the story in question was a Breaking Bad one, Blood Ties, about the relationship between Marie and Skyler. Mind you, I love Poe, but he's not the voice that comes to mind when thinking of either Breaking Bad in general or this story in particular.

Next, I tried one of my adventures into RPF, to wit, the one where Mary Renault meets Alfred Hitchcock, Saving Mrs Fleming. This led to vile slander:

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

Were it the real life prominent names? Hitch trying to lure Mary to the cinema side at the British Museum? I protest, anyway.

Still reeling, I tried a Once upon a Time story next, the one about Snow and Regina. Which had this result:

I write like
Anne Rice

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

As long as it's early Anne Rice, when she still had an editor, I'm good with this. (And suspect the result came through all the fairy tale related words.)

Anyway, it seems I write differently for every fandom?
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Picked up from various sources: Ultimate Fanfic Trope Showdown, which had these results for me:

1. Enemies to Friends to Lovers
2. Found Families
3. Rivalmancy
4. Trapped in an Elevator/Snowed-In Cabin/etc
5. Hurt/Comfort
6. Friends to Lovers
6. Loyalty Kink
8. Royalty/Arranged Marriage
9. Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings
10. Adopting/Raising a Baby
11. Incest
11. Reincarnation/'25 Lives' AU
13.'Groundhog Day'/Karmic Time Warp
14. Espionage AU
15. Seemingly Unrequited Pining
15. Actually Unrequited Pining
15. Amnesia
18. Age Difference (possibly due to time travel)
18. Vampires/Werewolves AU
18. Magical Connection (telepathy, etc)
21. Sex Pollen
21. Fake Out Make Out
23. Role Reversal AU
24. Coffee House AU/Food Service AU
24. High School/Uni AU
24. Soulmate Identifying Marks: Tattoo, Red Thread of Fate, etc
24. A/B/O
24. Selfcest (possibly due to time travel)

Thoughts: Yep, that's me, alright, though there are some tropes here which I downright DISLIKE; they're duly placed at the bottom, and the only reason unrequited pining (actual or imagined) doesn't fare worse is my dislike for coffee house/high school AUs, ABO etc. burning brighter. I actually don't have anything against amnesia. As with so many things, it depends on the execution.

As to the top tropes, thankfully, canon provided for me No.1 in the unsurpassable Londo/G'Kar of Babylon 5. No.2 is most shows of the last ten years or so that I've watched, while 3. is covered by Doctor/Master (also Pattie/Ellen from Damages). My favourite example of 4 remains Beast/Brand when I started to suspect Joss Whedon wasn't just teasing and was actually shipping them. (Though Londo/G'Kar thoughtfully covered that trope, too. *g*)

(What surprised me was that "Friends to Lovers" made it above "Incest", but that's probably due to the fact the last decade or so soured me on the fannish execution of incest pairings, and in some cases the canon execution as well. (Looking at you, Deb's therapist, oh worst ever! And at you, season 3 of The Borgias!) I mean, I AM the Flowers in the Attic generation, I used to go for this stuff with far more interest. But no more, apparantly.

As to the strange numbering, don't blame me. That's the result I got. Possibly because my dislike for the lower half burned so equally. :)
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Day 29 - If you could tell Gene Roddenberry one thing, Star Trek related or not, what would it be?

I have an aversion against this type of question, because it seems to be aiming at two possible extremes: adulation and deconstruction. Now I don't have an urge to lecture a dead man I didn't know, and whose creations I enjoyed a lot, about various of his 'isms - that feels presumptuous to me. And the urge to praise someone dead for their efforts is something I get in the case of, say, Van Gogh - the episode Vincent and the Doctor is one archetypical wish fulfillment in that regard - i.e. an artist who died without knowing his creations ever amounted to something. Whereas Gene Roddenberry got all the praise he could have wanted while still alive to enjoy it, and then some, so there's no need.

As this is the last day of the meme, though, and I had to tell the man something, I shall resort the a classic: Live long, and prosper. And he did.

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Day 28 - Your favourite friendship in Star Trek?

I have to separate this into incarnations again.

TOS: the trio, inevitably. And I do mean all three, not Kirk/Spock plus McCoy, but Kirk-McCoy-Spock, with Kirk's friendship with McCoy and McCoy's bickering friendship with Spock as important as the one between Kirk and Spock. Together with the good ship Kirk/Enterprise, this three way friendship is the emotional heart of the show, and the reason it survived that long.

TNG: I was certainly most intrigued by Picard & Guinan. We never got an episode that was all about them, but there were enough scenes to show the depth of the relationship - Picard's complete trust in Guinan's judgment in Yesterday's Enterprise, the way he confides in her in Measure of a Man, while there were also lighthearted scenes (Guinan's wry reaction to Picard's archaelogical geeking out at the start of Rascals). And of course there was the mysterious origin of that relationship. (Shame Time's Arrow, which showed how it started from Guinan's pov, wasn't a good two parter, but they never showed Picard's first encounter with Guinan from his timeline, so that's left free for the imagination.)

DS9: Quark & Dax, and I've written the fanfiction to prove it. Jadzia was the first among the regulars to hang out with Quark socially, not because she was a customer at his bar, and to unabashedly enjoy his company. (This, btw, was when her character clicked for me. The first season had played Dax serene and wise, while the second introduced the Dax who had a flippant sense of humor, loved playing Tongo with Ferengi and flirted with aliens that had open skulls. Not surprisingly, the later version was the one who stuck around.) But it wasn't all having good times together, there was a line to be crossed, which came when he did the weapons of mass destruction dealings with Cousin Gaila, and her reaction was key to giving Quark the courage to go up against Gaila and his psycho client.

Voyager: Janeway & Seven of Nine. This made me from a lukewarm Voyager watcher into, for a while, an avidly interested one. It was a prickly relationship with a great paradox at its start - Janeway forcing individualism on Seven who didn't want it (but whether or not Seven was in a state to make such a decision immediately after being cut off from the Collective was an unanswerable question) -, and their frequent clashes kept me as hooked as their moments of understanding.

Reboot: Kirk & Pike. Reboot!Pike pushed just about every fatherly mentor button I have, and whether he was supportive or chewing Kirk out, he just knew how to handle Jim K., and became apparantly the first person whose opinion really mattered to young Kirk; his inspiration, too. (I'll never fail to regret the reboot wasn't radical and had Christopher Pike remain Captain, with Kirk and Spock serving as his officers.

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Day 27 - What would you cross over with Star Trek?

Somewhat late, because I was away from any internet yesterday until late at night, but here we go. Well, considering I've already written the crossovers in question, obviously I would cross over Star Trek with Torchwood and Doctor Who, just Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars.

The advantage with Doctor Who especially is that between all the various Doctors and companions on the one hand, and all the various incarnations of Star Trek on the other, you have such a rich, infinite variety of combinations for encounters to choose from, so the two DW crossovers certainly won't be my last. It's also the crossover that's currently do-able on screen, technically (if the BBC and whoever owns Paramount now - Sony? - could ever come to licence terms), and I dimly seem to recall that there was a fannish rumor in the RTD era that a plan for such a crossover existed.

But an on screen encounter would probably not include the character interaction I'm interested in, so never mind that, and let's stay hypothetical and fanfiction minded entirely. Since time travel exists in the Star Trek universe, you can even cross it over with historical fandoms. (Fandoms with immortal characters can bring these into the ST future, of course.) So basically there's no fandom I wouldn't cross over with Star Trek. Infinite variety in infinite combinations, after all.

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