5 June 2017

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For it appears there was a ficathon. (No, I didn't participate, I'm just a reader this time.)

Same bottle, same gun: two shots The understanding between Eleanor and Flint was one of the first aspects of the show I liked back in s1. Here's a great take on how that relationship between two prickly people more prone to distrust than trust might have begun.

Let me remind you of who you are: more Eleanor and Flint in ye early days.

Apprehension: Intense, angsty take on Miranda.

Line of Sight Flint teaches Madi to fence, would be one summary; great take on the Flint-Silver-Madi relationship in s4 another.

The Prize Master: more backstory about how relationships were formed, this time for Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny and Charles Vane.
selenak: (Illyria by Kathyh)
In which we get a second road trip storyline and some acerbic comments the rl US status quo.

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