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([personal profile] loligo Aug. 29th, 2014 01:00 pm)
I spent last Friday sick in bed reading The Goblin Emperor. Aside from the sick part, it was a lovely way to spend the day.

There's a good chance that I'm the last person on my flist to read this book, but in case not: it's a court intrigue fantasy in which Maia, the youngest, half-goblin son of the Emperor of the Elflands unexpectedly ascends to the throne, when his father and brothers are killed in an airship crash that was no accident.

Some non-spoilery thoughts: the role of wonder and other Romantic elements in a book about the politics of elves is kind of complicated, isn't it? Maia's memories of his childhood are full of beauty and terror, starkness and strangeness, both for him and the reader. But then he comes to court, and we're down to business: trading monopolies, land use conflicts, and trying to get the issue of a new bridge onto the agenda... while fending off assassination attempts. Aside from their fashions and their (sometimes long and hard-to-pronounce) names, the elves and goblins are just people trying to get shit done. Maia himself feels that transition, and at one point he recognizes how strange it is that to many of his subjects, he has become an object of wonder, when from his point of view his life has never been more of a grind. So it helped my transition, to feel the viewpoint character go through it too, but part of me was always longing for more beauty and strangeness in the latter parts of the book. Because otherwise why elves?

I did like how the book handled the tension between archaic and more modern views of gender and other aspects of justice. It was entirely believable that because of his specific life experiences, Maia was ready to bring progress to his court; he never felt like a character with modern sensibilities randomly plunked down in the past, which is so often a problem in historical romances.

More spoilery: Read more... )
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Accidentally let my DW account lapse, SO THIS IS NOT MY IDEAL ICON.
[don't pay to renew for me! I have the $$ and will do it when back from work/Up North]

Via [personal profile] rilina. You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your iPod, MP3 Player, etc. and put the first 10 songs! One rule, no skipping! Tag 10 people and pass it on!

1. Down With the Trumpets - Rizzle Kicks [on here via Teen Wolf complete season 2 playlist from 8tracks]
2. LA Song - Christian Kane
3. Stay and Defend - Wolf Gang
4. Angel of Music - Sarah Brightman [Phantom soundtrack]
5. Mama Who Bore Me - Lea Michele [Spring Awakening soundtrack]
6. Singing in the Rain/Umbrella - Glee cast, feat. Gwyneth Paltrow
7. The Small Print - Muse
8. 707 Goshitsu - NANA OST
9. Lucky - Bif Naked
10. Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons

I am also not tagging, but participate if you feel so inclined.





Yo! My name is Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey…This is cosplay as Cinematic Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider Man. This suit was made by 
Jesse Covington ( Writer and Costume Designer) and sewn by Sasha Williams ( Fashion Major graduate). Photos were taken by Pierre BL Brevard I specifically would like to thank Marvel Comics Artist Sara Pichelli for designing this character. I’m also very excited to see Olivier Coipel's work on Spider-Verse!

(Full shoot will be shot in New York itself just in time for NYCC)



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Here in the US it's the start of Labor day weekend (and if Wikipedia isn't lying to me, Monday's Labour Day in Canada as well).

With that in mind, I thought a summer/end of summer themed Friday 5 could be fun for our Friday Social Post!

Five Questions:

Do you watch more or less TV in the summer?
Do you watch a lot of the shows that air in summer?
Do you go out and do more actual 'real life' things in the summer?
Do you take vacations? (during the summer or other times)
Are you looking forward to the Fall TV schedule starting back up again?

Answer as many or as few questions as you want.
Or don't answer any of could recommend a show instead.
Feel free to leave some recommendations even if you do answer the questions.
You can even tell us how your summer is going...assuming it's summer where you are, of course :)
After making my last post about Rodney McKay, I got a hankering to re-read some of the McShep classics.

Discussion of Freedom's Just Another Word and Written by the Victors )
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So, because YouTube has everything, I've been watching the opening run of Eastenders from 1985:

It's actually bloody epic. Heaven knows if it is, but it seems a hell of a lot more accurate about East End life than Eastenders has been for a long time. Everyone's all cold and the houses are all run down and if people aren't worrying about social change they're worrying about where their next bit of cash is going to come from. And you can just feel the creaking joints of the underclass where even if they don't like each other, they're all in it together (and living on top of each other) and no one likes the police because there's no one who isn't touched by something that isn't just a little bit shady. And Nick Cotton's bloody trousers!

Just finished episode 4 and my Eastenders knowledge is a bit patchy, so I can't quite remember the fallout of Den and Angie... But at the moment they're the most amazing thing ever.

It's all a bit stagey in the way of vintage Beeb, but I would just lap up the contemporary equivalent of this. Plus I think the ratio of minority characters to white characters is the same as it is now, which considering thirty years has passed says something about something. (Definitely can't help but feel "What's pease pudding anyway?" "Some kind of English dhal." is far more interesting dialogue than that time six months ago or whenever that Shabnam was ranting on eternally about how Masood couldn't get with a white woman.)

Anyway, like a lot of stuff from the 80s, it just feels like it's been made by people who have something really important to say and who won't rest until you listen. I love that stuff. Watch it!! /Reminisce!!
So yesterday I spent time that should have been spent on other things writing fic for the Espionage episode I'd just watched. It was about a spy who is accidentally forced to kidnap the ten year old daughter of the British ambassador, and then there were shenanigans and tweeness after she turned out to be smarter than he was. Naturally, instead of just shooting her halfway through when she went on about stars, he took a bullet for her. Anyway, in short, I am a terrible person as I enjoyed it more than I like to admit. I wouldn't have written fic, though, but for the last line where the British Ambassador and the guy from British Intelligence seem to think that the girl is going to help the spy escape from the hospital while stopping off there on her way back to school and they were absolutely fine with that.

Which obviously made me go and write cracky fic about that and what on earth she would grow up to be, except then it went less cracky, I made it fit a hurt/comfort bingo square, and I think I may also have committed some tweeness while I was at it. I have no excuse, sorry.

(Also, hi, any new people. This is probably about par for the course with me these days, I fear. Feel free to run away now.)

Title: Stars in Their Courses
Author: [ profile] lost_spook
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2966
Characters/Pairings: Kit Morley, Leo Brandt, Arnold Morley (Kit & Leo, Kit & Arnold)
Notes/Warnings: None.
Summary: Getting kidnapped by a spy should be frightening, but it seems to be the best thing that ever happened to Kit Morley.

For [community profile] hc_bingo square “forced to rely on enemy/rival” (only in a bit of a non-obvious way, perhaps). From the Espionage episode "Light of a Friendly Star", in which a spy kidnaps the daughter of the British Ambassador, who thinks that it's much more fun than going back to school. (Also, she can speak at least three languages and knows how to disable his car.)

Stars in Their Courses )
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Posted by PapayaK


'Mr Yin Presents' tag Angsty one shot

Words: 1455, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Magnifying glass over a dictionary with text that reads OTW Fannews Terms in Use
Fans are always creating and using new terms, but not everyone understands them in the same way.
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([personal profile] kate Aug. 29th, 2014 11:57 am)
I have so many things to tell everyone, in lengthy and loving detail, but I didn't sleep last night (but I did finish ALL THE WORK so I am taking this weekend off off OFF) and I'm sitting at the car dealership getting my recall things fixed, so I can't give them the attention necessary for that kind of detail. But I do want to update, so here, have a list of things:

* Ford Focuses feel claustrophobic to me. They're so much higher on the road than my Saturn, but I have no head room, I have very little side to side room, and the seat doesn't go back far enough. I don't ever want to drive one of those again.

* Jeeves is better!!! He doesn't go 100% to the right, but he's much more balanced and not walking in circles. :D

* [community profile] ante_up_losers Big Bang 2014 is live! 24 new works, including a fan comic, dolls meta, a photostory, workout routines, picspam, knitting (of course - it wouldn't be a big bang without knitting), and of course fic and art!

* Seriously, HabitRPG is the best thing ever and really helps me get shit done.

* Writing is coming along; close to finishing up my one Wincestiel big bang, so hopefully that opens the door to write another one.

* Can't wait for [community profile] crossovering's collection to go live tonight! I love my story and I love my prompts, so I want to see what I got! :D :D :D

* Thinking about posting these one sentence fics to the AO3, but I'm not sure how. There are so many fandoms! I want them in my archive because that's where I keep my fic and I'm really proud of them, but I don't want to annoy readers (this would annoy me). I'll probably post them anyway, and probably as a single story. I was thinking chapters, but for single-sentence fics that seems ridiculous.

* I saw DCI quarterfinals and EVERYTHING WAS SO AMAAAAAAAAAZING! I have 10 pages of notes to type up for it, not sure if I will ever get to it. But maybe! Because DCI! :D :D :D

* My sister and her three boys and her boyfriend came down a couple of weeks ago and we went to Great America. It was fun, mostly, though youch, toddlers at Great America. Tough to wrangle.

* My sister came down the next weekend to go to Great America, just her and me. It was a surprise Friday thing, so I didn't have time to ask for PTO and I had work things and meetings. Went anyway. Got started late because I had work things to finish. Had a one hour meeting that turned into a two hour meeting in the afternoon in the car. Stood in line for TWO HOURS to get on a rollercoaster only to be too fat to get the lap bar to pull down, so I had to get off and wait for my sister to ride. I'm not as embarrassed as I might have expected to be, but it was very sad. I really like roller coasters. All in all it was a tough day. We're going to do Fright Fest - hopefully that will wash the taste out of her mouth. (My little brother and big sister and I have a terrible Great America memory too - we went and there was a torrential downpour - they closed almost all the rides, so we ended up going to the mall to buy new (dry) clothes and drying our hair under the hand dryer at Pizzaria Uno.)

* My mom's 80th birthday party was a couple weekends ago. I saw a bunch of relatives I never get to see. Three of my oldest brother's kids showed up (one with his wife and new baby). They don't speak to us much, that whole brood, so I was pretty damn surprised to see them. Could've knocked me over with a feather. Part of their problem with the rest of our family is how we "acquire" people - there are now three people we consider family that they absolutely DO NOT, and so when we took a family picture with all of us, it was gratifying that the whole family was in there and not just the blood and legally related ones. I'm sure my oldest bro will get shit from his wife about that.

* First labor day in years we won't be spending with [personal profile] the_wanlorn. It feels weird. But I'm planning to sleep a lot and have gluten-free cake and maybe see a couple movies.

* I may have a gig at Hopkins! Or Harvard! And oh, shit, I just got an email about TJU. What the hell?! I know I'm popular, but where were all these folks when I was sitting on the couch for 5 months! I still have 2 weeks of stuff I need to do for UTSW, and it's all building user guides and shit (which takes so much time and concentration), and they want to book me at like, 150%. Which normally I'd be fine with! But I don't want to mess up these user guides and I'm behind on them already.
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Via [personal profile] roga. I'm answering her 11 questions. And like roga I'm not tagging anyone; if you want to answer, feel free.

1. What is your favorite holiday?
2. What snack/food from your country do you think everyone should taste?
3. What TV show do you absolutely 100% want to own the DVD box set of (or already own and would save from a burning building)?
4. What is the most difficult season to live through, where you live?
5. What 50k+ word fic would you rec under the category “you don’t need to know the canon for this”?
6. How might a character from your current fandom and a character/actor from a previous fandom realistically meet IRL?
7. Same fandoms; how do you imagine characters from these fandoms might meet in fic, crack AUs included?
8. What small detail from your life would you like to see incorporated in fic someday (or already have)?
9. What was the first fic you ever posted online? If you don’t write, first fic you read online?
10. Have you ever interacted with a character/actor/creator from one of your fandoms? (Elaborate if you want)
11. What’s your favorite trope in fics?

Answers... )
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Four days into the school year (well, 3.5) we received the first letter from the teacher about R's behavior. Not a promising start to third grade. Neither was her welcome-back postcard, which read (in part), "I hope you're vacation was fun." Not to be a pedant, but the Common Core State Standards for second grade cover the your/you're issue (ELA L.2.2.D: "Use an apostrophe to form contractions & frequently occurring possessives.") Ugh.

If you shuffle everything on my iPod, the first 10 songs (not counting those which are on the kids' playlist because Let It Go DOES NOT COUNT, okay?) are:
  1. No Doubt, Sixteen
  2. OK Go: Maybe, This Time
  3. Juliette and the Licks: Got Love To Kill
  4. Stars: Heart
  5. Wyclef Jean & Refugee All-Stars: Gunpowder
  6. Mala Rodriguez & Sicario: Sobresalientes
  7. The Walkmen: New Year's Eve
  8. The Black Keys: Have Mercy on Me
  9. Rage Against the Machine: Guerrilla Radio
  10. Jeff Buckley: New Year's Prayer
Which is actually hilarious, because I don't even know several of those artists and of those I do know, those are not songs that I recognize. What this tells you about me is that I have way too much unrated, unlistened-to music in my library.

In Things That Never Happen To Anyone news, I woke up with what felt like a bruised tailbone a while back, and after a good bit of googling the search term equivalent of "how the everloving fuck did I injure my coccyx in my sleep?!" I found the answer. ON YAHOO! ANSWERS. Did the recommended stretch and it was gone within 24 hours. Miracles really do happen.

Okay, deadlines again now. <3 <3 <3

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(Mostly) male reporters doubt Gillibrand's account of sexual harassment unless she names names, which she of course has a responsibility to do. Let it never be allowed that a woman discuss her experience on terms not dictated by men.

Posted by John Scalzi

Over at Huffington Post, writer David M. Perry takes a look at Lock In, with special emphasis on how disability matters are handled in the book — because, after all, the protagonist is someone who is “locked in” and uses technology to interact with the world. “To my knowledge, this is the first science fiction novel based largely around the complexities of providing reasonable accommodations for disability,” Perry writes.

I’m not sure I would make such a claim myself (the SF field is vast and someone probably has essayed this particular topic before), but I will say it was an aspect of the book that I, as someone who suffers from any disability greater than nearsightedness, was well aware was territory that would allow me to show how little I actually knew about it. I expect that there are subtleties that I’ve missed and things I’ve gotten wrong — and I expect I’ll hear about those and see the criticisms about them online.

Which, actually, will be fine, and for which I am ready to take copious notes for when (or if) I ever do a sequel to Lock In. This is a field which I am happy to know more about, from people who have to live in it. In the meantime, Perry’s article seems like a good first response to the novel from that direction. Check it out.

Posted by John Scalzi

Chapel Hill is just a short jaunt from Raleigh, so I didn’t have to get in an airplane, I just got into a car and was driven. Hooray! Not that I don’t love air travel, mind you. But a nice little trip in a car is good, too.

Afternoon: Catching up with friends. This evening. Me at Flyleaf Books, at 7pm. If you’re in Chapel Hill, won’t you please come by? And bring everyone you know? It’ll be fun. This is the fourth stop on the tour. I’ve got it all down now. You will be entertained.

Tomorrow: Decatur, and the Decatur Book Festival. My event will be 4:15 at the Decatur Recreation Center Gym. Should be fun!

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([personal profile] yhlee Aug. 29th, 2014 11:48 am)
The webcomic that, in four panels, completely explains the Millstone Space Opera:
Stupidfox: Boom

(I am in love with Stupidfox!)


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