I'm kicking off the December posting meme with a subject of my own picking: my goals for the month! (I also rounded off the end of the month with a follow-up for this post and looking back at this year/forward at next year.) The rest of the topics are here - feel free to leave me a couple at any point during the month, as long as there's spaces! (There's almost always spaces.)

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If you aren’t too full of [community profile] yuletide but want to gift a Doctor Who fan with a treat, [profile] public_call has opened up the request list. You don’t have to have joined the fic exchange to write a treat and they are due December 22.

My own [community profile] yuletide fic is nearing completion, it basically just need polishing.

And in the general feeling of Christmas cheer, I have decided to join fandom_stocking .

The door opens very quiet and in comes Mr F-, without our wild girl. He comes and sits on the edge of the bed and says that our poor darling is indispos’d, and lyes alone with a flannel-wrapt hot brick against her belly.

O, says I, she is troubl’d with her courses? Sure, I know a most excellent remedy that she might try, did she come along here.

Is’t so? Indeed we might try it if 'twould give her some relief.

He goes and brings our darling, that still clutches her hot brick and looks pale. I kiss her gently and say I know a trick that may work. Now, my dearest, you must suppose that I am a physician or a surgeon that goes about to treat you – no, my love, just lye back and let me operate.

This is a thing that Miss G- and I discover’d during our days, or rather our nights, at Madame Z-'s, when we were both young and particular liable to find our courses troublesome. 'Twas a deal more pleasant than most remedies the profession might apply, and did not leave us heavy like a resort to laudanum.

'Tis entirely medicinal, I tell my dearest love: medicinal? she squeeks, before all she can say is o, o, o. I kiss her and ask does she feel better a little?

O, you wicked creature, she says: sure you should open a practice that offers the like to other suffering ladies.

I think the Colleges would go rage against me for quackery, did I so, say I. And indeed, 'tis a remedy that any woman may take into her own hands. I can feel my darling blush.

Indeed, she says, rubbing her face against my arm, 'tis easier, but I still feel somewhat languid: perchance you and our Grand Turk may find some way to entertain yourselves?

Mr F- says that he minds him of a pretty little Hindoo book that I show’d him once: he thinks that trying to recall those pictures would entertain us and might amuze our wild girl.

O, you wicked fellow, I say: but if the Grand Turk commands, this houri will endeavour to recollect.

This is most extreme entertaining for all of us, tho’ Mrs F- is oblig’d from time to time to stifle her laughter in a pillow.

But comes the time when we must kiss and part and I am left alone.

And in the morning there is the usual chocolate party: Bess also brings me in some breakfast, as, she says, Mama is in the kitchen this morning (I confide that this means that my dearest is feeling very much better). Harry is still not of the party. We have some stories about the elephants and I tell them about the goats that were in the olive grove next to the villa, &C.

My darling Flora shows most affectionate, that I am nearly in tears at, pats at my face and gives me kisses.

Comes in the usual party of Miss N- and Patty to ensure that I am not being bother’d (o, indeed not, I cry), and Miss N- very kindly tells Josh that they are doing some microscopy this morning should he care to join them. Then comes Williams to help me dress, tho’ sure I think I am capable of contriving: I daresay she expects that I will report back on her to Docket.

She asks have I seen anything of the new Duchess and I say, alas, with my sojourn at Naples and very recent return to Town I have seen none of that family, tho’ have spoke with Her Grace’s sister Mrs S-. Williams says she was very surpriz’d at His Grace marrying again so very soon, and doubts not that Lady J- was pushing him. 'Twill be very hard for any new Duchess, for he was most extreme devot’d to Her late Grace: 'twas, she says, somewhat tearfull, quite the romance, and indeed, Lady B-, you know how very shaken he was by her shocking unexpect’d death. She adds that she would find it hard to see another in Her late Grace’s place.

I condole with her, for indeed I still feel immense sorrow at the loss of Duchess Kitty. I add that she has doubtless heard that Tibby has been preferr’d as lady’s maid to Her new Grace. O, that is fine advancement! she replies, and is sure that Tibby, that has been given such admirable training by Docket, will do excellent well.

I go downstairs and into the family room, which is deserted save for Harry, that sits huncht in one corner reading.

How now, Harry, how do you?

He makes a grunt most uncivil.

Sure, Harry, 'tis not surprizing to me that you find our little levées somewhat childish, with our stories of elephants &C, and Quintus desiring to be a tiger, it must be exceeding tiresome to one that would like more serious conversation on matters of moment.

I sit myself down, not too close to him but not across the room either, and make myself rather quiet and still. Are we no longer friends? I ask, since the time you show’d me how to hold a bat so that I might contrive to hit the ball rather than waving as it goes by? I should be sorry for that.

Harry looks up at me and says very low that I should not be in this house.


He mutters that I seem to have beguil’d his poor mama but I am not a fit person to be among them.

Oh? says I. Do you not trust your mama’s – and your papa’s – judgement?

Mayhap they do not know, he says, about the scandal of late concerning Lady B-.

Ah, say I. This would, I apprehend, be a matter of attempt’d bigamy and a denouncement?

By Lady B- that ran from her husband with another man, says Harry.

O, I say, that is 'tother Lady B-.

Harry looks at me in frowning bewilderment.

I am, says I, the Dowager Marchioness of B-. After the death of my dear husband, he was succeeded by a cousin, that was the attempt’d bigamist, the wretch. His wife – that had left him for very good reason, this is a matter you may understand better when you come to older years – tho’ she might have remained in concealment, most bravely went about to prevent him falsely marrying another woman.

Harry looks at me. 'Tis so? he asks.

Indeed 'tis so. Sure I hope do you hear any speak against me – for indeed there is much gossip and scandalmongering in the world – you would not go about fretting, but open your concerns to your mother and father.

Also, he goes on, if you are an old friend of Mama’s youth, why is it that we only heard of you so very recent?

Because it was only of late years that we discover’d one another: we had not been in long correspondence since girlhood.

He falls silent and I see him thinking all this over. He looks so like his father that I mind he may also have our dear Grand Turk’s capacity for putting things together and adding 'em up.

My darling comes into the room. I rise and say I think I shall go up to the schoolroom and see if Miss N- would like me to read some Shakspeare. I covertly brush her hand with mine as we pass as I can make no other sign.

I go sit and fret in my reserv’d chamber for some while.

I then return to the family room with the book in which I write a tale about Neapolitan witchcraft. My love is seated at her desk and Harry is sitting in a corner reading but he no longer looks huncht and unhappy altho’ I think he may have been weeping.

I ask what he is reading.

He tells me it is a horrid tale concerning a haunt’d curricle, that Bellairs gave him in exchange for Lord G- R-'s frank. 'Tis a most excellent fine thing but he thinks he should not let the younger ones read it as it may frighten ‘em.

My dearest looks upon him with a little pride. You must put it somewhere where they will not come across it, then, she says, shall I lock it in my drawer here?

That e’en, Harry perhaps in remorsefullness goes about to be extreme agreeable to his sisters and younger brothers, plays bears with Quintus, and also, very gentle and carefull, with Flora when she desires to join in. O, 'tis most extreme pretty: she will come running and hide in my skirts crying Bear! very excit’d.

Later, however, when I am alone with my dear loves, I open to them my concern that Harry may have somewhat of the right of it and I am indeed not one that they should be admitting to their household and the companionship of their innocent children. One day he or another of them may not unlikely hear some spitefull scandal about the Dowager Marchioness of B-, that was such a notorious courtesan before her marriage, or indeed, it may not be even spitefull that the matter is mention’d -

They both embrace me so tight I am in difficulty to breathe, and beg me not to get into one of your fusses, belov’d C-, for it distresses them mightily.

Indeed, says my darling, I did not go into detail, but I did tell Harry that he might hear matters concerning you, which might or might not be true, but that he should mind that you are now a lady of rank that has been present’d at Court, is receiv’d in quite the best society, is entirely not’d for good works &C, and that does he have any worries, he should bring them to me or to his father.

Dearest, says Mr F-, you know that it would break our hearts did you no longer visit. We could also by no means deprive you of visits to Flora, for we see how very happy that makes you and her.

O, I say, I am quite helpless to resist the desires of my darlings, so I will try not to fuss.

They go about to distract me.

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Dieser Text ist Teil von 37 der Serie Applaus für

Schwarze Realitäten und Anti-Rassismus: Das ist das Thema der Bewegungsarbeiterin Jamie Schearer, die seit 2011 politisch aktiv ist. Warum ihr sie in ihrem Aktivismus unterstützen solltet, erzählt euch der nachstehende Beitrag in einer durch Jamie leicht veränderten Fassung des Ursprungsartikels der Bewegungsstiftung. Wir veröffentlichen ihn hier mit freundlicher Genehmigung.

Durch ihren Aktivismus versucht Jamie Shearer die strukurelle Dimension von Rassismus in unserer Gesellschaft als auch im europäischen Kontext sichtbar zumachen. Ihr Ziel ist es so den gesellschaftlichen Diskurs kritisch zu bereichern. Lange hat sie sich mit Vorurteilen und Diskriminierung abgefunden, später führt ihr Interesse an Politik und Vorbilder wie ihre Mutter zur Selbstermächtigung, aber auch außerhalb ihrer Familie findet sie starke Vorbilder wie Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Kwame Nkrumah und Yaa Asantewaa. Beim Verband binationaler Familien hat sie sich für das Empowerment Schwarzer Kinder engagiert und erste Kontakte zu anderen Organisationen geknüpft.

jamie shearer

Mittlerweile ist die Politikwissenschaftlerin auf vielen Ebenen und in vielen Funktionen aktiv. Seit 2011 ist Jamie Mitglied der Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Bund e.V. und seit März 2014 auch Vorstandsmitglied. Sie arbeitet bei dem Projekt gegen Alltagsrassismus #SchauHin mit, hat im Februar 2014 das erste Netzwerktreffen von Interessenvertretungen Schwarzer Menschen in Europa organisiert und plant derzeit das zweite und ist Vorstandsmitglied des Europäischen Netzwerks gegen Rassismus.

Jamies Ziel ist es, Rassismus sichtbar zu machen und Betroffene darin zu bestärken, für ihre Rechte zu kämpfen. Sie will, dass sich das gesellschaftliche Selbstbild in Deutschland ändert. Sie will, dass es selbstverständlich wird, dass Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland beheimatet sind. Sie will Gleichbehandlung und dass Schwarze Menschen genauso viel Vertrauen in den Staat und das System haben können wie weiß positionierte Personen.

Dass dies zurzeit nicht der Fall ist, zeigt das Beispiel Racial Profiling, ein Thema, zu dem Jamie seit Jahren Kampagnenarbeit macht. Gemeint ist damit das Handeln von Polizei- und Sicherheitsbehörden, das sich nicht auf Verdachtsmomente, sondern auf Kriterien wie vermeintliche Hautfarbe, ethnische Zugehörigkeit, Nationalität oder Religion stützt und dazu führt, dass Schwarze oder nicht-weiße Menschen in Bahnhöfen, Zügen, Flughäfen und Grenzregionen ständig von der Polizei kontrolliert werden. Nach Auffassung der Bundesregierung gibt es Racial Profiling in Deutschland nicht, weil diese Praxis ganz offensichtlich gegen den Gleichheitsgrundsatz und das Grundgesetz verstößt. Doch faktisch wird es von der Bundespolizei gezielt angewendet, mit der Begründung, dass sich so am besten illegalisierte Migration und Terrorismus bekämpfen lassen.

Zusammen mit ihren Mitstreiter_innen bei der Initiative Schwarzer Menschen hat Jamie zwei Petitionen zur Abschaffung von Racial Profiling gestartet und Flashmobs in vielen Städten organisiert. Außerdem unterstützt die Initiative Betroffene, die gegen Racial Profiling vor Gericht ziehen.

Andere Erfahrungen von Alltagsrassismus hat die Twitter-Kampagne #SchauHin sichtbar gemacht, die Jamie zusammen mit den Bloggerinnen Kübra Gümüşay und Sabine Mohamed 2013 gestartet hat. Wir haben uns gefragt wie kann Social Media genutzt werden, um Alltagsrassismus sichtbarzumachen erklärt Jamie, die nach ihrem Studium ein Volontariat in einer PR-Agentur gemacht hat. Die Idee wurde ein voller Erfolg. Tausende twitterten ihre Erfahrungen. Alle großen Medien berichteten über die Kampagne. Mittlerweile sind aus der virtuellen Debatte Story Salons entstanden, mit denen Jamie und ihre Mitstreiter_innen die Teilnehmer_innen ermutigen wollen, selbst über Twitter hinaus aktiv zu werden.

Reisen, Schreibtischarbeit, Vernetzungstreffen und Aktionen füllen Jamies Terminplan aus. Doch 90 Prozent dieser Arbeit leistet sie zur Zeit unbezahlt. „Aber das reicht nicht für ein regelmäßiges Einkommen“, sagt Jamie. Deshalb hat sie sich für das Modell Bewegungsarbeit und ein Leben als unabhängige Vollzeit-Aktivistin entschieden mit allen finanziellen Unsicherheiten, die das Bewegungsarbeiter-Programm mit sich bringt. „Мir ist klar, dass ich mir erst einmal einen Kreis von Pat_innen aufbauen muss, aber ich bin zuversichtlich, dass ich mir Strukturen schaffen kann, die es mir ermöglichen, mit meiner Arbeit weiterzumachen.“

Wenn Ihr Jamie unterstützen wollt, so könnt Ihr einer Ihrer Pat_innen werden: http://www.bewegungsstiftung.de/patenschaften.html

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Burning Bright
A | BN | K | ARe | iB
Hooray! Avon Impulse has published a Hanukkah anthology with stories from Megan Hart, KK Hendin, Stacey Agdern, and Jennifer Gracen, and I have 10 digital copies to give away! Also: I wrote the foreword. But that’s not fiction, or romance.

Here’s the info on the stories inside this anthology:

Megan Hart’s story: It’s definitely not love at first sight for Amanda and her cute but mysterious new neighbor, Ben. Can a Chanukah miracle show them that getting off on the wrong foot doesn’t mean they can’t walk the same road?

Jennifer Gracen’s story: Lawyers in love, Shari Cohen and Evan Sonntag are happy together. But in a moment of doubt, he pushes her away—then soon realizes he made a huge mistake. To win her back, it might take something like a Chanukah miracle.

Stacey Agdern’s story: When impulsive interior designer Molly Baker-Stein barges into Jon Adelman’s apartment and his life intent on planning the best Chanukah party their building has ever seen, neither expects that together they just might discover a Home for Chanukah.

KK Hendin’s story: All Tamar expected from her Israel vacation was time to hang out with one of her besties and to act like a tourist, cheesy t-shirt and all, in her two favorite cities. She definitely was not expecting to fall for Avi, a handsome soldier who’s more than she ever dreamed.

I’m so excited that this anthology is being published, because you know I like Hanukkah romances. Thank you to Avon Impulse for giving me 10 copies to share!

All you need to do is drop your name and email in the widget below. Contest ends at midnight, Friday 4 December, and I will announce the winners same day. Standard disclaimers apply: I’m not being compensated for this giveaway. Open to international residents where permitted by applicable law. Must be over 18 and ready to enjoy fried food and candlelight. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Penalty for private use. See label for washing instructions. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Do not write below this line. As always, please email me if the widget gives you trouble.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and happy holidays!


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It's "Off-Topic Tuesday" time!

In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like.

Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

Pope speaks out again fundamentalism in all religions, including Catholicism.

Christmas lights can slow down your broadband

[This is part of a series exploring the Baseball Tarot. If you would like to prompt for a part of the game or a card from the deck, all the rest of the month is available for your curiosity, about either baseball or Tarot. Leave a comment with a prompt if you want in. All other comments are still welcome, of course.]

Welcome to the second round of December Days on the Baseball Tarot. This was a great series for me to write last year, and I hope this year will have the same quality and possibly a few more comments.

This session starts with something that is statistically kept in relation to the pitcher, but is accomplished by the entire team. The no-hitter is an accomplishment for the defense where an entire game is completed without an official hit recorded for the offense. It's not as stringent a requirement as the perfect game, where all the batters have to be sent down in order without walks, hits, or errors in the defense, but it's still a fiendishly difficult task to accomplish, and any defense that accomplishes a no-no should receive proper accolades for their skills, even as they acknowledge their luck in getting things to fall in the right places. No-hitters can be shared between pitchers statistically, but generally speaking, the no-hitter is a complete game by one pitcher in which no batter records a hit. Through the end of the 2015 season, there have been slightly less than 300 no-hitters recorded in the entirety of Major League Baseball, so you couldn't even fill two full seasons with them.

Part of what makes a no-hitter so difficult to accomplish is that even though there are nine defensive players, the offense has at least three whacks at the pitcher each, and as the pitch counts go up, fatigue is much more likely to work against the defense then for them. Fatigue slows the velocity of pitches and increases the possibility the pitch called for isn't the one that gets thrown. Opportunistic hitters pounce on those mistakes to hit pitches very far. So, a near requisite to a no-hitter is pitching efficiency - using only a few pitches to retire a batter leaves many more pitches available to retire the rest. A pitcher that doesn't have their velocity or control working exactly right for them is going to have a hard time throwing a no hitter.

Also working against the defense is that despite there being nine defenders, there's a lot of ground to cover to grab batted balls, especially in the outfield. No-hitters have almost zero well-hit balls that travel in lines, instead of long arcs or ground balls. The best, fastest defenders in the game can't chase down a ball hit just slightly over the shortstop's head...

...except when they totally do. Almost every no-hitter has something in the game where the defense comes up with something better suited to a stage magician's show, running down a ball that would have been a home run but for a few feet, spearing a line drive headed for the foul line, or a masterful barehanded grab and throw that beats a surprise bunt by juuuuust enough. Baseball really is a game of inches in all its aspects, and sometimes the inches all go the defense's way.

Working in favor of the defense on a level more than sheer luck, the definition of what constitutes a hit has more than a few places where what seems obvious isn't. Walks aren't hits, because they're defensive penalties that don't result in an official at-bat. Fielder's Choices aren't official at-bats, either, so they can't result in hits. Throwing or fielding errors can result in no hit being awarded, if the official scorer's judgment says the batter only reached base safely because the defense didn't cleanly record an out they should have gotten. In any if those situations, if the next batter hits a ground ball, the defense can clean up the runners and the no-hitter is preserved. Incidentally, this means it is possible to pitch a no hitter and lose the baseball game. This has happened twice in the MLB's recorded history, both in the 1960s.

No-hitters are also one of the places where the superstitions of baseball come out in a hurry. As a nod to the statistical improbability of such a feat, if the pitcher is carrying a potential no-no into later innings, the other members of the team will give the pitcher a wide berth, not interacting with them, talking to them, or doing anything to break the supposed concentration, rhythm, or luck of the pitcher, even though it's the entire team that's contributing to what's going on. If there are gods of baseball, they must be perpetually amused and interested in the superstitions and offerings that players and fans make to them.

If this card appears in your reading, as always, it's a question is whether you're throwing or hitting. If you're the defense, a no-hitter means really good things for your team! Individual efforts are meshing at their very best, and the unknowns are all working in your favor. Be careful of fatigue throwing things off, and while the temptation will be to put all the glory into the hands of one or a few people, remember that the "routine" outs are just as important to the completion of the work as the spectacular, highlight-reel defense that will get all the play on the sport shows that night. If your no-hitter is still in progress, be careful of staying in your head for too long. There's nothing that needs to radically change, necessarily, to keep things going - the baseball hasn't actually changed, it's just going exceptionally well at this particular point. If the no-hitter breaks, remember you still have to finish out the game, even if you won't get that particular decoration in your career this time. Keep your head in the game and concentrate, or that one hit will start unraveling all the good work you've been doing up to this point.

If you're on the receiving end of a no-hitter, well, keep trying. It may be that you have been doing everything you can, that your fundamentals are sound, and the defense is just everywhere, including some improbable events, so nothing appears to be working. It only takes one hit to break things up, and it might be the spark for your own rally. Don't be discouraged - there will be days where nothing you do works, and the best that you can do is get through that game and on to the next one.
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It looks like it's that time of year again when people are taking ideas for posts throughout December. As always, I can't commit to doing a certain post on a certain date, but I will do posts for as many topics as people give me.

So if there's anything you'd like to see me ramble on about, could be about manga, video games, TV shows, writing, fandom in general, work, life, other non-fannish stuff, whatever! It can be specific or general. It can be something I already talk about a fair amount or something you wish I'd talk about more. It can even be something you've never seen me express an opinion on but you're curious about my thoughts!

If you have something you'd like to see me talk about, just comment here and I will post about it sometime during the month. There's no time limit to leaving comments, so if you see this post a few days or even a few weeks late, you can still ask! (As long as it's still within December!)

Previous years' topics are all right here.
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1. I finally finished up a translation I've been grinding away at for a while. It's a volume of one-shots that the group I'm working with decided to release all together rather than as each one was finished, so it somehow feels like more of an accomplishment to have this whole volume done. Anyway, I had done all the translations of the manga itself and was just dragging my feet on a couple of long afterwords, and I was really determined to finish it up today and I did, so I'm pretty happy about that.

2. The other day we were at the store and there was a 2/$5 sale on Ghirardelli and Lindt bars and I got a Ghirardelli one that's dark chocolate mango and it is SO GOOD. If you like mango, I definitely recommend it.

3. It was so chilly today. We didn't really go out at all, so I just enjoyed being bundled up and cozy indoors.

4. Closing with a kitty pic again:

I actually spotted Chloe sleeping with her tongue out today, too, but she moved before I could get a picture. *shakes fist*
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Dilbert readers - Please visit Dilbert.com to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to Dilbert.com.
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I hadn't realized how much I needed this weekend until it was over. Its been far too long since I was in person surrounded by people who understood my love of some books and fandom. I needed this and the weekend was amazing. I have lots of detailed thoughts as the panels were far better than I expected and I want to look deeper into them. The reason I wasn't online was because the hotel wifi didn't like DW, but it liked LJ and Tumblr, that was odd.

High Points: Tamora Pierce-I want to grow up to be as sure of myself and giving so few fucks about what the rest of the world thinks as her. I went to her reading for an hour and answering questions, sat behind her as she listened to Seanan McGuire and Ursula Vernon talk, saw her bored at a badly run YA panel and got her signature and wow, amazing lady.

Seanan McGuire-Still awesome and funny and I love her joy in reptiles and her conversation with Ursula Vernon was a high point of the weekend. Hearing her sing with Lady Mondegreen blew me away. I've done chorus singing roles so when three people can make their voices do what they did, I bow down.

Meeting Batya, Alex and Lee, I was shy on Friday and Lee saw me and went, I know you, let's talk and I needed that. The long conversation on Sunday with Batya and Alex was a great moment of oh yes, you're my people.

Every random conversation I had at lunch, in the Art Show, in the Atrium, in a panel when I was brave and went let's see what happens. I'd forgotten how easy it can be to talk to people who speak the same language.

I'm even more determined to find a way to move to a city where there are people I know and I can get back to figuring out me on my own terms.

The dealers and the art, I need to share pictures of some of my finds including gifts but some treats for myself.

Music-Chessiecon is a con built on music and I didn't have the entire experience because I went upstairs before the Messiah on Saturday night. The music was everywhere and while I didn't participate I loved it. There were some weird moments. During the Lady Mondegreen concert, an older woman sitting next to me sang along. Not just during refrains but actually singing the I think soprano part. I didn't say anything as I don't know the etiquette and joining in at times was encouraged. It was weird to me and I hope didn't mess up whatever recording was happening because they were fantastic.

Truly it all came down to finding my people. Not having to explain fanfic or roleplay but instead have the question be what do you do, who do you read and write? I feel more like me and I need to get back to living in that kind of space.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! It was an okay day as these things go: posted a fic (the usual blah), walked up for my free drink from Starbucks (because it was ACTUALLY SUNNY so I could walk without needing, like, Deadliest Catch level wet gear, which--I don't think I've seen the sun on my birthday for so many years I literally can't remember it), then had thanksgiving dinner with the local fan gang (and also had cake). Watched more episodes of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Read some fic

So all in all not too shabby. I should have worked, because I'm close to finishing this 900+ page guidebook, but somehow never got around to it. Thank god they extended my deadline a couple days, because it was such a mess. Now I'm just tidying up loose ends.

Anyways, thanks, and I hope you all had a good t-day if you celebrate.
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I think I have pneumonia again, despite being on medication that should theoretically prevent that. Argh.


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