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On my way back from the grocery store, with some ginger, a little cilantro and two bottles of white wine I tripped, apparently over my own boots, and fell flat on my face on a downhill bit of sidewalk. This broke the more expensive bottle of wine, skinned my left knee, right elbow, and bruised my right thigh where my knife and mini-leatherman provided an extra hard landing. Offf. Usually I'm not so clumsy, and in fact cannot remember doing such a faceplant since childhood. Ice and ibuprophin are gifts from the gods. Yes, I went back with a dustpan and brush and cleaned up the sidewalk - it was only about a block from home.

OTOH the basic Dahl that the ginger and cilantro contributed to was excellent.

In other news the dog got bath today. Pretty! Soft!
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day eight / what's in your handbag?

I don't carry a handbag, but I do have a messenger bag that I take with me everywhere.

Photos under the cut. )
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Various Intelligence stuff for [livejournal.com profile] universe_the. Gabriel-centric.

Icons, gifs, etc. )

Timeline )
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A project I'm following, PoetTown, is making progress and currently doing a round of fundraising.  This is going to be a searchable hub site of poetry with crowdfunding options.
Where You End, Where I Begin (20625 words) by umadoshi
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason
Characters: Georgia Mason, Shaun Mason
Additional Tags: POV First Person, Canon Disabled Character, Pre-Canon, Adopted Sibling Incest, First Time, Community: wrisomifu, Explicit Sexual Content, Resolved Sexual Tension

George and I both knew something had gone wrong with us; that was obvious, since what we felt for each other was so far outside the norm that the norm was barely a speck in the distance. What I couldn't see was how it would've been any different if we were blood siblings. If we were really twins, the way we frequently let people assume we are, how could that possibly make it feel less like she's part of me?

Set seven years before Feed.

This story stands on its own, but it's set some weeks after "We Dreamed a Garden" (Georgia's POV, in which she and Shaun experiment by going to junior prom with other people, don't like it much, admit their feelings for each other, and spend half the night fooling around about as thoroughly as you can without getting naked).

On Dreamwidth, you can also read the fic under the cut )

Last slice of the hazelnut torte. #mine #vscocam
So now that there a bunch of new books out, here are my unspoilery thoughts on the ones I've tried. Roughly in descending order of how much I like them.

Loki: Agent of Asgard - Al Ewing, Lee Garbett
Another Ewing book, which I picked up solely because I liked Mighty Avengers so much, and I have not been disappointed. This last issue involved a Marvelverse retelling of a Norse myth; the retelling featured a rocket launcher. Also a brand new character was introduced in the second issue who is both interesting in her own right and the perfect Loki foil, and I am super excited to see more of her. And have I mentioned the fanservice? *fans self*

Ms. Marvel - G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona
Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American teenager living in Jersey who idolizes Carol Danvers and then acquires super powers. We're only two issues in, but this book is brimful of HEART.It's pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Alphona's art is a little bit whimsical and hits exactly the right note.

Moon Knight - Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey/Jordie Bellaire
So far this seems to be largely an experiment in form, but oh, what a gorgeous form it is. Ellis is dry and understated, and the Shalvey/Bellaire combo is pretty much my dream team, especially working on something a bit more fantastical like this. Every idea Ellis is throwing at them, they're knocking out of the park.

Black Widow - Nathan Edmondson, Phil Noto
The art here is really gorgeous, especially if you like sort of a dreamy, painted look to your spy action. The story is a bit thin so far; I will likely never be enthralled by one-off spy plots, especially ones that offer so little characterization to compensate. Edmondson's penchant for metaphor-heavy, first-person narration does the book no favors either. However, the continuing plot is finally picking up now, and I like Noto's art even more than I did at first.

Captain Marvel - Kelly Sue DeConnick, David Lopez
Carol Danvers goes to space! I really love the art here, and I think Lopez is by far the best fit tonally for this book out of the many artists who've tried their hand at Captain Marvel in the past two years. However, I think I just don't like Carol Danvers that much. If you do, then you should definitely check this out.

X-Force - Simon Spurrier, He-Rock Kim
I wanted to like this because it has Psylocke and Fantomex in it, and Spurrier seemed like an interesting choice as he comes off his success with the zany fringe title X-Men: Legacy, but I hate the art here so much - SO MUCH - that I can't even tell how I feel about the rest of it. However, we're picking up Jorge Molina for a few issues here soon, and I like what I've seen of the previews for those issues, so maybe there's hope.
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([personal profile] chomiji posting in [community profile] flight_rising Apr. 15th, 2014 09:55 pm)

I know some of my LJ/DW friends signed up during the window yesterday and today! Have any of you (or any other new dragon folk) found this comm yet?

If so, Welcome!!!

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([personal profile] meganbmoore Apr. 15th, 2014 08:32 pm)

 1.  Twice in the last 2 weeks, I have been accused by coworkers of having no sense of humor.  The first was a case of the guy sitting beside me answering the questions I was asking a customer, because distracting coworker's while they're trying to work is funny, I guess.  (This is one of those people who thinks  making semi-obnoxious but largely harmless comments at random-usually directed towards someone doing something else-is the pinnacle of humor and must be acknowledged, but he's usually less intrusive about it.)  The second was yesterday at lunch, when a coworker asked if I'd seen a plant pollen joke, then saying she'd show me and shoving her phone at me.  It was a lolcat type thing with a joke along the lines of "if plants emit pollen that we inhale without knowing it, are plants raping us every day?"  I made a noncommittal noise (keep in mind, I had food in my mouth) and when she pressed me, I commented that I didn't find things that used rape as the punchline to be funny.  She appeared to find that offensive and said i couldn't take a joke.

2.  i was going to sign up for flight rising, but I missed the window.  If anyone plays Hay Day, though, I've been playing it way too much lately.

3.  By which I mean to say that I've been neglecting reading, wiscon media binging and RareWomen fic for it.  Whoops?

4  Both the sageuk and wuxia panels are short one member, but will hopefully make the cut.  (As has been mentioned elsewhere, the lineups as they currently stand should be about like a live version of DW comment threads.  Possibly along the lines of [personal profile] oyceter  and I almost turning the Anime/Manga 101 panel last year into randomly throwing out various Kaori Yuki plotlines.)  I also volunteered for the Lit in Anime and Manga panel, so we'll see on that one.  MUst get other wuxia panelists to read Legend of the White-Haired Demoness before the con, though.

5.  Make all the "Zombie Jesus" jokes you want, you know you love Easter for the cheap candy that'll be everywhere on Monday.

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This fascinating study suggests that belief, not just food intake, influences how the body responds to meals.  It's not just about the calories in the food.  It's about what we think  we're eating, and how we feel  about it.

So this seems like another place where mind over matter could be tremendously useful.  Meditation can impact other bodily processes.  One option for food satisfaction, therefore, might be meditating to improve those metabolic shifts to deliver better satisfaction with lower calories, and more efficient use of fuel rather than packing it into fat storage.  Unlike other dietary manipulations, this one doesn't cost money and it's likely to improve mind/body interaction.  Worth a try.
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([personal profile] nintendoh Apr. 16th, 2014 09:26 am)
  • Super good vibes from the salon I went to on Sunday! It's a cosy and friendly place. When I was setting up my appointment on Hot Pepper (an online salon search and booking service) I noticed how in Japanese they noted that English conversation was a possibility and that foreign guests were encouraged to come. That in Japanese part is important, and when I got there the stylist told me his English was shit, so we just talked in Japanese. Still, I like the idea of going to a place that doesn't panic at the sight of foreigners. I'm happy with my cut and happy with the price (had a coupon from hot pepper, yay!). I will definitely be going back!

  • My date with Donna was pretty fab too. Donna was kinda low on money so we mainly just wandered around Umeda and talked rather than doing any sort of activity, but talking was what I really wanted to do. I bought some kaiju stickers because I thought they were kind of adorable? When I got home Katsushi informed me they were from Ultraman. I had no idea!

  • Read that Earthbound book from the storybundle and I'm not sure how I feel about it? Not long at all, but cut just in case )

  • I have had this song stuck in my head since last Friday.

    I keep singing this to Katsushi, haha. This song's base is the Angela Aki song Kokuhaku, which is also pretty nice. This makes perhaps the second song I've ever heard by her? Should probably give her a better listen some day.

  • Kids classes start from today! Surprisingly not that nervous yet. These last couple weeks were nice, but I guess it is time for the normal madness to start again. Hopefully things go well!
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([personal profile] sasha_feather posting in [community profile] access_fandom Apr. 15th, 2014 08:13 pm)
A book review of The WisCon Chronicles vol. 7, Shattering Ableist Narratives.

Access and Fandom: Disability Studies From a Feminist Science Fiction Perspective

Review by Katie Wagner and Alexis Lothian.


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