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This is inspired by [personal profile] msmoat and [personal profile] hagsrus and their determination to post more often. For lack on anything more fannish to thoughtful to say I shall describe my day.

Got up at 8, drank coffee and read my email and the NYT online. Worked up to planning to go the the library, my old place of employment, to post a couple of Books to Prisoners book sale signs. Caught the 11am bus, visited Stuart in his library. He agreed to post the signs, and we had a nice talk about life and managing to protect your identity on Google + and Facebook.

Went to the Union to buy a newspaper and the campus town bank to cash a check. Took another bus downtown to get a battery replaced in one watch, and new band for another (I break those expansion bands). I bought a more expensive band that fastens with a clip, and bought a third watch. I've never had 3 watches before in my life; having 2 was unusual. The 2nd watch was given to me by the U for achieving 40 years of service. At least with 3 watches one should have an active battery so I won't be without access to time until I can get to the jeweler to have the battery replaced. For the 3rd watch I even get a punch card to get free batteries.

I then went to lunch at Pekaras, where I also bought a bag of hot cross buns. Ate lunch, drank coffee, read some of my latest book Artful by Peter David. It's set post Oliver Twist, features the Artful Dodger and vampyres. There seems to be something of a fad of rewriting Dickens; I found another such book in BtP donations - Mr. Timothy which features a grown Tiny Tim.

Took another bus back to campus (can't get from downtown to my house via one bus) and went back to the library. This time I visited shipping and receiving to collect some Baker and Taylor boxes for Books to Prisoners. We've been short of boxes, and especially boxes of a good size to send our book parcels to prisons. We try to ship in bulk because it is cheaper, but getting boxes not too small and not too big is not easy. Baker and Taylor are major library book dealers and use boxes that are just right. Shipping breaks their boxes down, but that made them easier for me to carry on the bus. I got four, and Mike in shipping said I could come back any time. I am still remembered there, which lets me still use some clout to do things.

Caught the bus for home, had a talk with another rider about B2P, religion, what prisoners read, how reform and redemption take place - all in all not a bad talk.

I am now at home, warm after drinking tea prepared by Bill.

Bill just brought me the watch he found on the floor. It's the one I just bought a new band for; the pin connecting the watch to the band broke. It's back to the jeweler tomorrow.
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Thing the 0.5th - oh, god, Friday, yay.

Thing the First - As we are being fiscally responsible and not running away for spring break, I am soliciting DVD recs for the week. So far, our list includes Guardians (D has not seen), Maleficent (I have not seen), Wreck-It Ralph, Belle, and Chef (the last two solely for me.) I trust y'all's recommendations far more than Netflix's algorithm. Looking for fun, not-necessarily stupid (but not not-necessarily either), vacation flicks to make our stay-cation more betters.

Thing the Second - I know there are lots of you out there who have not even begun to dig out for winter, so when I tell you we were out working in the garden last weekend, pruning back the camellias and cleaning up the azaleas, I'll also add that I somehow managed to get poison ivy just so you don't hate me too much.

Thing the Third - Forgive the lack of appropriate icon on DW (my paid time is lapsed & I just want to post, not go & find my credit card, etc, etc) but I saw this on [ profile] popsonnet and had to share with my popslashers here on lj/dw

Orig post here

eta: Oh! one more -- I am hung up on this Clint/Darcy I am trying to finish, so if anybody (or several body's) would be willing to let me yammer MCU at them I would deeply appreciate it. It's not canon that's hanging me up, but plotting, so no real knowledge of source material necessary. Thannnnk youuuuuu.
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While I am, in a vague sort of way, glad that biodegradable plastic exists, I am kind of glad it wasn't my own wedding whatsits that have turned into a small sad pile of purple and white plastic pieces. I realise they were meant to be disposable and wedding thingies have a tendency to get thrown places and lurk, but still, it's kind of sad.
Also, I have a ton of purple and white pieces all the way through that box, and a lot more on the floor waiting for me to get the vacuum cleaner in there, which will have to wait until I can move the boxes from in front of the plug. Which is grand planning on my part, obviously.

In other news I think my general feeling that I haven't touched those boxes since I moved in here in spring 1998 ish is in general correct. There's a few things dumped on the top, including a used up lightbulb and the box it came from, but mostly it's oooooooold stuff in there.

I just found my school uniform. My actual, we had a 20 year reunion and it wasn't even this year, school uniform.

Read more... )

I think these boxes are going to take longer than the whole mess so far, if I stop whenever they creep me out or memory dump stuff.

But if I'm never looking in them again then why are they sitting there at all?



Diversity in YA launched online in January 2011, and in February 2013 we joined tumblr. This winter marks our fourth anniversary overall, and two years on tumblr. We’re a little tardy on marking our anniversary this year but the wait was worth it, because we have assembled a giveaway of truly epic proportions to celebrate four years of celebrating diversity!

With generous donations from publishers and authors, we are thrilled to be giving away 100 books with main characters who are of color, LGBT, and/or disabled. (Click on the images above to enlarge them.)

For a complete list of books in the giveaway, go to this Google doc.

Giveaway Details

  • We will choose 20 winners at random to receive prize packs of 5 books each (we will choose the 5 books for simplicity’s sake).
  • All series titles will be kept together, so you don’t need to worry about getting a random book two in a trilogy.
  • Everyone may enter once for free.
  • Additional entries are available for signal boosting the giveaway on your social media of choice.
  • Teachers and/or librarians can also receive an extra entry.
  • You must have a U.S. mailing address to enter. We’re sorry but the publishers are unable to mail to non-U.S. locations.
  • The deadline to enter is Friday, April 10, 2015.

Enter here via this Rafflecopter form: 

(Note to tumblr followers: If you’re reading this on your dash, you probably can’t see the Rafflecopter entry form. To enter the giveaway, click here to go to Rafflecopter or enter at the Diversity in YA website.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Anniversary Diversity in YA! [confetti throw]

For followers this is a fantastic giveaway from diversityinya for a prize pack of diverse books. Get in on this contest!

Posted by Josh Cooper

Photo via

Chicago goaltender Corey Crawford clearly has strong emotions for armed forces, USA Warriors ice hockey and former Blackhawks equipment manager Clint Reif, who died earlier this year.

Crawford’s new mask supports all. Check out the photo above, and below:

Photo via

Per designer David Arrigo:

The theme represents all 4 branches of the US military which I designed to mimic as a patches.

Our friends at the USAW also wanted to give notice to their military brethren north of the border with a shout out to Soldier On which I proudly displayed on the backplate.

The mask, which is designed to look similar to these USA Warriors jerseys, will be worn Friday night’s game against Columbus. It is the only night it will be worn. It will then be auctioned off to the Clint Reif memorial fund.

Per Arrigo again:

Clint Reif of the Chicago Blackhawks, who passed away earlier this season, was a major supporter of the Warriors program. He helped increase awareness throughout the hockey community. His dedication and efforts had an immeasurable impact on the program and many veterans. This is our opportunity to give back to the Reif family.

Stick taps for everyone involved with this one. 

- - - - - - -

Josh Cooper is an editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter!



"I never use ketchup... I don't even like it. I mean, except when I'm making pasta sauce with ground beef and on top of the pizza crust of course, but not just on top of food."


Posted by Greg Wyshynski

Make sure you feign shock and awe when Patrick Kane inevitably makes his return to the ice earlier than anticipated during the Chicago Blackhawks’ playoff run.

We all know that’s how it’s going down, right? Kane had surgery on Feb. 25, one day after the then-leading goal scorer in the NHL broke his collarbone. The recovery prognosis was 12 weeks, which means the Blackhawks would have him back for a potential conference final series against the LA Kings a Western Conference foe.

Coach Joel Quenneville said on Friday that the timetable for Kane remains the same, but that he “always hoped” his recovery could be expedited. 

From ESPN Chicago, as Patrick Kane begins skating again:

“I think it’s still the same timetable, but how well he’s skating and how well he’s doing, I think he feels real good about where he’s at,” Quenneville said.

“It’s just a matter of when he gets that green light is probably going to be the hurdle. But we like his approach, and he’s doing a lot of things out there that he wants to do or is able to do. That’s a good sign.”

The Hawks have gone 8-3-1 without Kane, which probably doesn’t help those Hart Trophy chances. 


Posted by Josh Cooper

In the words of Kenny Loggins “This is it” for the Calgary Flames on their upcoming roadtrip.

There are just eight games left for the advanced stat non-darlings and six come away from the friendly Scotiabank Saddledome confines.

And there is some pressure on the guys with the flaming Cs on their unis to get a ‘W’ in regulation against the Minnesota Wild and Iron Man goaltender Devan Dubnyk on Friday. 

The Los Angeles Kings swept a tri-state area three game stretch as part of what was considered to be their five-game roadtrip of death. At very least this means the defending Stanley Cup champs will finish this trip with an over .500 record – which is more than we expected for Los Angeles, who has had a ‘meh’ road record all year.

Currently, the Flames have 87 points to the Kings’ 88 in 74 games played, but Calgary has one more regulation and overtime win, which could potentially help in the end heading toward the final Pacific Division playoff spot. 

According to Sports Club Stats, with a regulation loss to Minnesota, Calgary’s playoff chances will drop 12.6 percent off 58.9 percent.

Now it’s Calgary’s turn to be road warriors.

Per the Calgary Herald:

The Calgary Flames have eight games remaining, six in enemy territory. They now embark on a ticklish tour, which opens Friday against the vindaloo-hot Minnesota Wild. The itinerary also includes stops in Nashville, Dallas, St. Louis, Edmonton. When the Flames get back home — April 7 versus Arizona — will their playoff picture be any more clear?

Yes and no. The game April 9 against the Kings looms large for the Flames. And the Flames have that potential mega contest at home. But there’s still a lot of time between now and then. 

And for Calgary to make it an important contest, the Flames need to keep up their winning ways, in spite of statistical skeptics.

Per the NHL’s enhanced stats site, Calgary as a team is a minus-713 in regards to shot attempts differential. This ranks them 28th in the NHL. Granted, the Montreal Canadiens rank 23rd and the Rangers 19th, so this isn’t an end-all, be-all. But it’s a tool to help show us a teams overall puck possession dominance. 

The Kings rank first at plus-620. Out of the teams in the top-10 in this category only Carolina is currently not in the playoffs. Out of the NHL’s bottom 10 in this puck possession notion, only the Canadiens own a playoff spot. 

Regardless of the fancy stats, it’s all about wins, and the Flames have somehow figured out how to ‘get the two points’ in spite of a season-ending injury to Mark Giordano and basically being called out for being an advanced stat outlier all year. It’s almost like it has become a rallying cry for them. To quote Phil Collins, another 80s softish rock icon, they're winning "against all odds."

When a guy like Deryk Engelland, whose summer three-year contract was rightfully panned, scores two goals to give Calgary a point against Dallas in a come-from-behind shootout loss, there has to be some voodoo going on here.

Said coach Bob Hartley per the Calgary Sun: 

“We always say that two points in October is the same value as two points at this time of the year, which is true and this is why we're in our situation. But now, to get two points, especially in the Western Conference, you need to invest a little bit more. Invest a little bit more on the physical side, on the mental side. But that's part of our business.”

But how long can it continue. And is it enough to keep Los Angeles away? Every time they get doubted, they win. So at least expect this column to lead to some sort of victory over Minnesota on Friday.

- - - - - - -

Josh Cooper is an editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter!


Posted by Mark Oshiro

In the sixteenth episode of the first season of The Next Generation, the crew picks up an aging negotiator to help navigate a hostage situation, only to find out that both parties have an ulterior motive. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Star Trek.

Good lord, this was so fucked up.

I do want to make sure I think about an episode like “Too Short a Season” with the context of when it aired in mind. One of my initial thoughts was that this was something I’d seen before, but this episode aired when I was FOUR YEARS OLD. I feel like there was a Twilight Zone episode that touched on this? (I own the newly-released Blu-Ray boxset of the series, but haven’t made it through season one in my re-watch.) So, like a lot of my reactions to The Original Series, I had to accept that maybe at the time, there really hadn’t been many stories like this at television.

At the same time, I’m watching this in 2015, and guess what? Aside from the terrible make-up, I think this story held up incredibly well. There’s a few reasons for that, and I SHALL DISCUSS THEM.

Red Herring

Honestly, y’all, I thought this whole episode would be about the negotiation with Karnas. Admiral Jameson’s skills were so hyped by Karnas that I was eager to see why Karnas requested his presence. He had to be damn good that he would summon him as soon as he found out he was still alive. I didn’t think they were necessarily friendly with one another, but I got the sense that they had some sort of working respect for the job. For example! There was that scene early on where Picard asked Jameson how he could glean so much information from Karnas’s brief statement. To me, I read that as history. These two had worked out a negotiation before; it made sense to me that they’d be able to read between the lines well.

Then the show provides another sleight of hand: Dr. Crusher. When she reveals that Jameson’s medical records are two months old instead of two days old, it’s very easy for anyone to assume that he’s much worse off than he’s let on. Prior to this, he collapses in his quarters, clutching his chest in pain, and it damn well looks just like he’s having a heart attack. A-ha! I thought to myself. I’VE FIGURED IT OUT. His health was rapidly declining, but he wanted one last glorious mission with his old buddy Karnas before he left this world. I mean, what other option was there? He had a degenerative disease that had no cure; it seemed so simple to me!


Cerberus II

I didn’t understand the full extent of what was going on until a later scene with Dr. Crusher. Again, perspective matters so much in how you interpret things, so allow myself to demonstrate that to you. I believed that Jameson was hiding his deteriorating state, therefore I viewed everything up to the big reveal through that lens. When Jameson got out of his chair to assume command at the conn station (is that what it’s called???), I thought he was being deliberately stubborn, as if he needed to prove to those on the bridge of the Enterprise that he was physically capable of being there.

And then we get that scene in his quarters and HOLY SHIT, I WAS WRONG, I GOT IT COMPLETELY BACKWARDS. He’s getting impossibly better. Not just better, BUT YOUNGER. HOW? HOW???

There’s a haunting synchronicity between what Jameson did years ago and what he does in the present, and to me, that is what makes this episode as disturbing as it was. (Well, Clayton Rohner also did a fine job with this transformation, so he deserves credit, too!) When we finally find out that Karnas was lying about the terrorists – he himself is holding them to goad Jameson into coming to him – we discover that Jameson is a selfish, single-minded asshole. When he came to Mordan IV, he chose a course of action that set into motion a bitter civil war that lasted FORTY FUCKING YEARS. He didn’t consider that giving arms to Karnas AND ALL OF HIS RIVALS would still count as breaking the Prime Directive. LIKE, CLEARLY IT DOES. Actually, now that I think about it, he probably did know this, since he purposely hid the truth in his reports to the Federation. He knew he’d get kicked out, and he lied about it.

So then, when we look at how he behaved towards his wife regarding the Cerberus II drug, we can see the exact behavior. He saw a solution to his problem of Iverson’s disease, he pursued it, and then he made a rash, disastrous decision to take both his dose AND HIS WIFE’S without asking if she was okay with it. Well, of course, he never even asked her in the first place how she’d feel about growing younger, and I appreciated that this episode gave her the voice to say that, you know? Her perspective, however brief, did matter. She got to tell him that he FUCKED UP. And he did! Gloriously so! He destroyed his own body for some last-ditch effort to rectify what he’d done forty years prior. Which… he couldn’t have done that anyway. How do you undo decades of violence that you caused?

Normally, I’m not much of a fan of episodes fizzling out, but I think it works here. Jameson doesn’t get to save the day; he dies knowing that he upset his wife and that his actions were deplorable. Karnas… well, he doesn’t get in trouble, does he? Like… the Enterprise just leaves him alone, right? Perhaps that’s because of the Prime Directive, too, but it’s left unsaid. Regardless, I was able to look past the bad make-up job and enjoy “Too Short a Season” for what it was.

The video for “Too Short a Season” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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So remember how I said I had some sort of lung rot? Turns out it's bronchitis. Which is seriously messing up my world right now for various reasons; most significantly, it's pretty much axed my plans to run the Boston Marathon. (Due to injuries and illnesses, it was going to be a scenic tour/fun run anyway, but I am not in a place now where I can even do that. I'm still going, as I've got flights and a hotel room and plans, not to mention that I'm working in a visit to my parents afterward, but I'll be spectating rather than running. Fortunately, I've got lots of friends running to cheer on!)

Anyway, I have no brain right now. So how about a couple of memes instead? [personal profile] melannen had an interesting one on "being your own worst critic", though rather than list ten things for people to ask for, I'm just going to do all the general ones:

1: Go to your oldest work online and find the most cringe-inducing section.
2: What's the most embarrassing porn you've ever written?
3: Most embarrassing drawerfic.
4: Laziest ending.
5: Worst beginning.
6: Send me one of my own fics to flame.
7: Rank your top five worst fics.
8: How do you disagree with your AO3 stats page?
9: Send me one of my own fics and I'll write the worst comment imaginable for it.
10: Write a parody of your own style.

Click...IF YOU DARE. )

Well, now that I've talked about how terrible my fic is, I need a palate-cleanser. How about another meme, this one from [personal profile] ambyr?

Comment with the title of one of my fics and a number (or more than one of either; or ask for 'whichever of these items is most relevant/interesting for this fic') and I'll witter egomanically about:

1) how I came up with the idea
2) something I deleted
3) my favorite bit
4) something I struggled to write
5) what the writing process was like
6) how I thought people would respond
7) how people actually responded
8) something I wish I’d done differently
9) something I think I did right

All my stories at AO3

Posted by Fred Clark

Originally posted May 5, 2004.


Left Behind, pp. 45-46

Untold millions are still untold
Untold millions are outside the fold
Who will tell them of Jesus’ love
And the heav’nly mansions awaiting above?

So our man Rayford Steele has finished his “emergency duty,” which consisted of walking to the terminal of O’Hare airport instead of accepting a ride. Confronted with the chaos and carnage of multiple plane crashes, a lesser man — a Bernie Laplante – might have panicked and done something foolish, but not Steele. He surveyed the scene and his professional training kicked in. His duty was clear: he walked the other way.

Now, safely back at the terminal, “Rayford wanted more than anything to sit and talk with someone about what to make of this.”

Apparently, Hattie doesn’t count. The two of them just walked more than two miles together. Despite their long acquaintance — “They had spent time together, chatting for hours over drinks or dinner” — she’s still just a pretty girl and not really “someone” worth talking to.

In the terminal, “Everyone scurried about, trying to find some link to the outside world, to contact their families, and to get out of the airport.”


Heaven, like the pilot’s lounge at the airport, is not for everybody. The riff-raff aren’t allowed. That’s what makes it heavenly, right?

The cell-phoneless Rayford and Hattie join in the scurrying, splitting up to try to call their families.

Here again we see the storytelling mastery of Jerry Jenkins. He knows that what readers are longing for now is another passage on the logistics of telecommunications. And he delivers.

Steele makes his way to a pilot’s lounge where a “supervisor” alerts them that some special phone lines have been reserved, just for pilots. Steele gets in line with the privileged few.

Here LaHaye and Jenkins had me worried. Steele seemed to be in real peril. According to the Scream morality governing the world of Left Behind, accepting special privileges because of your status as a pilot is a grievous sin.

Hadn’t Steele just chewed out his copilot Smith for just such behavior? Smith accepted a ride back to the terminal, but Steele had refused — even despite the airline’s insistence. Yet now, with an airport full of people desperate to make phone calls, Steele happily jumps at the chance to use a special phone line and to “bypass the normal trunk lines out of here, so you won’t be competing with all of the pay phones in the terminal.”

But then I realized the difference between Smith’s actions and Steele’s. Smith accepted a ride in public. (“How would that look?” Steele had said.) But no one would know that Steele was bypassing the other callers on a privileged, pilots-only line. In the world of LB, it’s okay to use your privilege to get ahead as long as no one sees you do it.

Rayford got in line, beginning to feel the tension of having flown too long and known too little. Worse was the knowledge that he had a better idea than most of what had happened. If he was right, if it were true, he would not be getting an answer when he dialed home.

Here I caught a first whiff of what it is that really separates the Left Behind novels from most of the evangelical genre fiction that had gone before.

Evangelical Christianity, at its core, is radically inclusive. Evangelicals, born-againers, want everybody else to become born-again too.

Granted, this inclusivity isn’t always expressed in the most winsome or persuasive manner, but it’s the heart and soul of evangelicalism. As the Sunday school chorus quoted at the top of this post shows, the goal of evangelicals has traditionally been to reach out to the lost, to the “untold millions” of the unsaved.

Most evangelical fiction has conveyed this evangelistic impulse — albeit with the unfortunate awkwardness and fecklessness that characterizes too much of their evangelism. But that’s not what one finds in Left Behind. Here you find little concern — and even less of a sense of responsibility – for the plight of the untold millions. What one finds instead is a sense of triumphalism. Those “inside the fold” feel no sense of obligation to those on the outside — they are bad people who are getting what they deserve and the godly remnant gets to watch, more in delight than in sadness. This is a major theme of the book and one we’ll be exploring in more detail in the chapters to come.

Rayford realizes that he “had a better idea than most of what had happened,” yet he feels little obligation to share this news. At this point in the story Rayford is not yet a Christian himself, but his outlook doesn’t change greatly even after he becomes one. In Left Behind the gospel is not the good news of salvation to be shared with the untold millions. It is a secret to be treasured, hoarded and hidden under a bushel by the chosen few.

And what about those untold millions? They can go to Hell.

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A snippet of the next Vorkosiverse book, Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, has been posted on Baen’s Bar. spoiler )

For those of you who, like me, have technical difficulties logging on, I leave this gift. I will note that Toni, the Baen editor, will probably continue posting the occasional snippet to the Bar until the eArc is published.

spoiler! )
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... I really hate the German media right now. Deeply.

So much speculation, so much intrusion into people's private life. It's sickening.
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Posted by Andrew Bleiman

ZooBorns Motherly Love
ZooBorns Motherly Love

An adorable installment in the ZooBorns series, ZooBorns Motherly Love celebrates the special bond between exotic animal mothers and their babies from every corner of the globe: “Animal babies make conservation cute,” raves The New York Times. Pre-order now!

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Person of Interest 3.01 Liberty

Read more... )

The Good Wife 6.9 Sticky Content

I have less to say, although I thought the ep was very good, but I watched it live and couldn’t type up thoughts during the breaks on my computer.

Read more... )

As for the news that Downton's sixth series will be its last (are ITV Community fans with the movie talk?), I can only muster up a shrug. I think it would be hard to carry on without Maggie Smith - I'm calling the final episode involving Violet's death and the birth of a child. Fellowes has been running out of steam on several storylines for a bit (as for people who try to have the jumping the shark discussion, I'd say this show has always had its ridiculous moments, it's just that the first series hid them better.) There are certain things I hope are wrapped up. And could Edith please, please, please be happy? Yes, it has become an autumn/winter fixture, and we'll miss it, but nobody will need to pass me a hanky.


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