The email signature on my ipad includes the phrase "Remember the ’90s," and I just found out a few days ago that either iOS Mail or Gmail is corrupting the character encoding, turning it into "Remember the �f90s?"

WHICH IS ACTUALLY LIKE 50 TIMES MORE THEMATICALLY ON-POINT. I fucking love it. (Although if I'm remembering my ’90s correctly, the proper mojibake would be something like Ó, right?)
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You know, science and probability and subconscious awareness, but I've always found it shortest to just say I have the Sight. Second sight or whatever you call it.

And -- this sounds wrong however I try to say it, but I wasn't meant to survive this long. not actually about suicidality, just long and rambly and weird )
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This poem came out of the March 3, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] librarygeek who, being a figure skater and related to another one, wanted to explore what could happen mixing superpowers with skating challenges. This also fills the "accidents" square of my 9-29-14 card for the [community profile] origfic_bingo fest. It belongs to the series Polychrome Heroics. Be advised that this is a sequel to "April Showers" in that it follows Jackie Frost after the birth of her daughter, but it happens several months later, so that's a jump forward compared to the timeline of most other PH stuff in play thus far.

WARNING: This poem contains some intense scenes which may not be to everyone's taste. Highlight to read the warnings, some of which are spoilers. Baby Aurora needs to stay tethered to a parent for safety, so she and Fireheart are attached with climbing harness and strap. Two teen girls have a skating accident. Natalia slices her leg. Anaïs has an emotional overload and develops superpowers. That includes some messy medical descriptions. There are also hints of how developing superpowers could undermind a skating career. But the issues are nothing life-threatening and comfort is available. Consider your tastes and headspace before deciding whether to read onward.

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Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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Okay, I haven't done one of these in ONE AND A HALF YEARS (free time, I miss you), but I can do one now, so let's go!

What I just finished reading

The first seven chapters of The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. The authors are the Fuggirls (of Go Fug Yourself) and this is their third book, the story of an American who meets a British prince while doing study abroad at Oxford and seems to be about to marry him. (I say seems to be because the book opens the day before her wedding when there's some kind of crisis afoot ... and then flashes back to their first meeting and goes forward from there.)

The book doesn't come out until April, but the first seven chapters are available for free as a preview. I will DEFINITELY be reading this when it comes out; I already know from fandom that commoner-marrying-royalty-(OR-NOT?!?!) is one of my bulletproof kinks.

What I'm reading now

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. As someone (I think [personal profile] laceblade?) noted, there's some classist assumptions in this book - the whole thread of "Just get rid of it! If you miss it, then you know you really do use it and you can go buy a new one!" However, generally the book is really appealing to me and I'll be trying the author's techniques when I get a block of time available for sorting. I particularly like the emphasis on recognizing when something has already served its role in your life and doesn't need to be kept any longer - perhaps in some cases the experience of buying the item, or of using it once or twice, was all you needed from it. Now let it go!

What I'm reading next

Probably Jesus: A Pilgrimage by James Martin. Because I like James Martin's work and I'm intrigued by the promise of his Jesuit perspective on melding both the religious and the historical Jesus. Also it's the next thing in my pile.

Fanfic I've read recently

Inspired by that fanart going around on Tumblr, I (like a lot of people, probably), just read United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015) by [ profile] fallingvoices and [ profile] radialarch, and cross this river to the other side by [ profile] defcontwo. They're both media fic about Bucky on trial for his acts as the Winter Soldier, both Steve/Bucky, both lovely in their own ways. The email from Thor in US v. Barnes is particularly lodged in my mind and heart.
Just Finished

Les artistes ont toujours aimé l'argent by Judith Benhamou-Huet. Loosely translated the title is something like. Artists have always loved money. It was interesting but without any depth to the argument being set forth for the reader. Short chapters that mixed and matched a contemporary artist like Damien Hirst with an old master like Rubens. Warhol is almost omnipresent throughout the book as well as Duchamp.  I liked it enough but nothing of substance is left after finishing it.

H.R.F. Keating. Inspector Ghote Plays a Joker. Set a few years after Independence, Inspector Ghote's pursuits of criminals gives us readers a view of India that we do not have the chance to encounter even if Keating only went to India 10 years after he started to write the series. I enjoy this series. Especially the old fashioned way the story is told and shown.

One Night... Nine-Month Scandal
by Sarah Morgan. Silly Greek billionaire contemporary romance that is weirdly endearing. It's like eating cotton candy for me. I can't read that many chapters in a row because the sugar level is too much.

Judith Benhamou-Huet. The Worth of Art : Pricing the Priceless.  I'm reading the original French non fiction. I got it through ILL. I think it's a bit dated since it was written before the 2008 crash. Still I want to see what thesis she's developing.

Something from my library pile again. I have an art book on Picasso's Parisian years that's been on my desk for a few weeks.

A few things this week

Got in ebook format : 

John Buchan. 39 steps. This one was free.

Gail Carriger's Parasol's series was on sale this week. So I got the last two books for a song.

Richard Flanagan's Gould's Book of Fish was available for a minimal amount this week.

Ruthie Knox's new contemporary romance. A rec from Smartbitches.

From the library

Don Thompson's The $12 Million Stuffed Shark : the curious economics of Contemporary Art. You might sense a thematic here.

Posted by Wolfieur


Stiles accompanies Lydia to the Gym where he meets Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome, Derek Hale. Misunderstandings ensue.

Words: 1100, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Ugh I am sick. I was going to go skiing today, and judge the regional science fair tomorrow, and be at a meeting of a nonprofit board on Friday, and attend the memorial service on Saturday for a friend who died unexpectedly. Instead I am lounging at my home office desk trying to breathe through lungs that feel like they're filled with ick, and focus through the haze in my skull. Woe is me. I hate being sick.

What I just finished reading: Again, "just finished" is a broad term since I last did this meme three weeks ago. I finished Robin Hobb's Shaman's Crossing (which I mentioned last meme post) but didn't really like it, and don't feel inclined to read the other books in the series. I ripped through the free (from Riptide Publishing, or Amazon) M/M/F steampunk ebook There Will Be Phlogiston by Alexis Hall which was okay, but too much romance and not enough worldbuilding for me. And it's odd to see that I said that (I'm cribbing from my Goodreads reviews) because just yesterday I abandoned Rosemary and Rue, the first October Daye story by Seanan McGuire, on grounds that it had too MUCH worldbuilding, and not enough plot.

I did enjoy, for some value of "enjoy", Broken Harbour which is the fourth Dublin Murder Squad book by Tana French, and basically everything you'd expect from one of these books, which is, a beautifully-written account of horrible things happening to people, and people making connections between each other and then having them destroyed. Maybe I need a break before reading the next one.

I also quite liked The Diviners by Libba Bray, although a good part of my enjoyment came from the fabulous audiobook narration by January LaVoy. I had intended to use this as a springboard for a much-belated December Talking Meme post, about audiobooks vs eyeball-books, but I think I'll have to save that for when I have more brain. But the setting of 1920s New York City is fabulous, and LaVoy brings the Harlem numbers-runners and the hopeful immigrants and the gin-swilling flappers to life.

What I'm reading now: A Free Man of Color, the first of the Benjamin January series by Barbara Hambly. Set in 1830s New Orleans, it reminds me of Anne Rice's The Feast of All Saints (which I read long enough ago that I only have vague memories of it), in that it's about the mixed-race people of pre-Civil-War New Orleans.

I am also listening to the audiobook of Stephan Talty's Empire of Blue Water: Captain Morgan's Great Pirate Army, the Epic Battle for the Americas, and the Catastrophe That Ended the Outlaws' Bloody Reign, and isn't that a mouthful? I'm 30% in, and I have to say, this is seriously great. The writer uses the conceit of a composite "sample pirate", who he's named Roderick, to describe the events as an average man in Morgan's fleet might see them, and it makes for an engaging read. I particularly appreciate the way events are explored within their greater historical setting, for example, the Anglican English view of the Catholic Spaniards as being unworthy of the riches they claimed.

What I'm reading next: Still waiting for my ILL of the next book in the Steerswoman series. I also have a couple of Rosemary Sutcliff books I ought to read before [community profile] sutcliff_swap happens (which is NEXT MONTH AIE!)
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Posted by fuchs


“Oi rack off!”

Everyone seemed to pause in unison and Derek and Erica shot Stiles matching sets of condescending eyebrows.

Oi rack off?” Erica drawled with obvious amusement. “Who are you, Crocodile Dundee?”

Scott, who was still trying to wriggle his hands under Stiles’ shirts to assess the damage, smothered a hysterical giggle into Stiles’ collar bone.

Words: 2172, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of 21 Ficlets in 21 Days

([syndicated profile] ao3_derekstiles_feed Mar. 4th, 2015 05:12 pm)

Posted by CuteCiboulette


Traduction. Derek hyperventile presque, ce qui n’aide pas Stiles à rester calme. Il est pratiquement certain de mourir dans les quinze prochaines minutes. Les chasseurs ont exposé Derek à une souche de sorbier censée le rendre bestial. Le fait d’arriver juste à temps pour se retrouver enfermé avec lui dans la chambre forte n’est vraiment que la preuve du prodigieux sens de l’à propos de Stiles.

Words: 781, Chapters: 1/1, Language: Français

([syndicated profile] ao3_derekstiles_feed Mar. 4th, 2015 10:15 am)

Posted by OneSmartChicken


After his wife handed the Doctor a fumbly baby boy during one of those ventures no companions came along for, the Doctor finds himself on Earth in the late nineties, where a bright-eyed young couple are celebrating their wedding. The freshly re-named Claudia Stilinski joins him in the TARDIS to serve less in the role of companion, and more as a babysitter and surrogate mother.

Years (hours) after Claudia finally returns to her husband and "normal" life, the Doctor asks for a favor.


A series of near-oneshots told alternatively from the perspective of Claudia with the Doctor, and the newly-awakened almost-Time Lord Stiles on his werewolf misadventures.

Words: 3590, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Black Forest, approximately half full, £6 including shipping.

Scherezade, full to above top of label, £12 including shipping.

Both bought on eBay, aged. Unfortunately both turn to lemon floor cleaner on my skin.

Haute Macabre. LE, sold out, full to about 2mm below top of label, £17 including shipping.

Or will swap any of these; I like things along the pumpkin / chocolate / sweet stuff continuum, musk, patchouli and frankincense, rose and dragon's blood. I am less keen on florals and anything involving lily or jasmine puts me right off. In particular, it's a long shot but if anyone has a bottle of Marshmallow Pumpkin I am really interested in that. I will ship internationally but it will cost a bit more, probably an extra £4 or so to the USA.
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[personal profile] schneefink, I read your Beau/Borts fic and I got smacked with a horrible awful tragic upsetting plot bunny wherein Sid and Geno's bond gets ripped apart and exacerbates Sid's concussion(s) after the Winter Classic and Tampa games. THANKS FOR THAT.

things I wrote on tumblr after talking about the bunny there )

Posted by John Scalzi

John Scalzi Slideshow Image

And what will I be doing there? Oh, you know. Talking and signing books and answering questions and maybe reading something from the upcoming book that no one will have ever heard before. Maybe. We’ll see.

Anyway, if you happen to be anywhere near Pickerington, OH on the 18th of March, why don’t you come on down. This is, at the moment, my only scheduled appearance in mid-Ohio for 2015, so if you’d like to see me, you know where I’ll be.

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Posted by CuteCiboulette


Traduction. Trois fois où Stiles dit Je t’aime sans y prendre garde et une fois où Derek le dit à son tour

Words: 1104, Chapters: 1/1, Language: Français



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