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([personal profile] snarp Jul. 4th, 2015 09:21 am)
Thank you, nature, for raining all over the place all week, it will probably require more effort than we are willing to put in to catch ourselves on fire today.
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([personal profile] justhuman Jul. 4th, 2015 08:41 am)
Last weekend I went to my Two-Year Shamanic journey program. This one was a weekend away at a retreat center in the mountains - err, which is only 20 miles from my house, a bonus that became apparent on Saturday morning, but more on that later. And more under the cut )
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([personal profile] oracne Jul. 4th, 2015 08:38 am)
Not much to report. College friend and her husband are visiting this weekend. Yesterday, I dressed up and we went to High Tea at The Rittenhouse Hotel. I drank a whole pot of Assam with brown sugar and milk. The scones were perfection. The tiny egg salad sandwiches melt in your mouth.

Then we took a walk along the river before bussing across town for Franklin Fountain. It had a huge line due to holiday visitors, but we got ice cream anyway. ...Yes, I had a root beer float for dinner.

This morning, a parade! I hope the rain holds off.
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([personal profile] snickfic Jul. 4th, 2015 05:30 am)
You'd think I would cease to be surprised by the general incompetence of every single aspect of Marvel's website, but no. On the one hand, the fact that their "manage print subscription" page is nonfunctional again is no real surprise - it's been broken more often than it's worked since I've been subscribing to Marvel.

On the other hand, this page supposedly advertising the special Battleworld-set Thors miniseries has the correct photo and "recent talent" that I assume is accurate (I know Aaron's writing it, anyway), but the copy is advertising THE FRACTION RUN, which was three volumes of Thor comics ago and last published in 2013. And they're advertising Coipel on art, when his last issue hit stands in 2011.

Seriously. Most incompetent online vending I have ever seen in my life.
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([personal profile] heliopausa Jul. 4th, 2015 08:58 pm)
I haven't written this yet, but I will soon.

A few days later over breakfast Mr F- remarks that there seems nothing for it but for Mrs F- to come to Town for a few days to be measured and fitted &C and talk with Docket, and he proposes that she should come as soon as he has returned and can take the works in hand. She has the kindest offers of hospitality from Lady J- and Lady W-, and I am not sure which she would prefer.

O, says I, she would certainly wish to stay with Lady W-, because of her concern for poor Lady W- that has no female relatives apart from her hypochondriackal crocodile of a mother-in-law, and is now in a condition where a woman feels the need of the counsel of an older woman who has experienced motherhood. Also, Lady J- is surely much taken up with the preparations for the wedding?

Mr F- frowns. That is very exactly the sort of thing Mrs F- would say, but how come you to hit it off so well?

Why, says I, through something she wrote in a recent letter.

You and Mrs F- are in correspondence? he asks.

O yes, I say, rolling my eyes at him, naturally we need to tattle and complain about that tyrannickal monster, that veritable Grand Turk with whom we are both obliged to put up - no, really, my dear, did you not know? Our letters are much what we might write to sisters that were living distant. I send her tales of our circle, plays I have seen and theatrical gossip, how things go in the household, news of the latest styles and new books. Surely you do not object? I do not recount anything concerning my business dealings: that would be most unsuitable.

Mr F- is silent for a few moments and then grins. If I am ever in a room with the two of you together I can see that I should be teaz'd unmercifully. I agree smiling that this would certainly be the case, for though we are both passing fond of him, gentlemen should be kept in their place for they are liable to get above themselves.

After he has left for a meeting with Biffle about matters at N-, I put on a very plain cloak and set out for the theatre.

There are still those - stage-hands, dressers, &C - that remember me from a child running around backstage, and I therefore make a point of greeting them, asking about those I do not see, and exchanging news, gracefully receiving their compliments about how well I looked in Lord G- R-'s box of late, &C. I am permitted to find a place where I can observe the stage unseen while Mr J- and Miss A- and a few others of the company rehearse his telling business. After Mr J- throws up his hands and says they may get there in the end, but not today, dismissing them, I make my way round to Miss A-'s dressing-room. I have presented her dresser with a small bribe to leave us alone.

I open the door and see dear Miss A- sitting slumped before her mirror.

Well, my dear, the on-dit is that you are grown spoilt and proud and therefore neglect your friends, but I do not think that is the case, for that is not the Miss A- I know.

She gives a jump and turns around. Madame C-, why come you here?

Because you have not come to me as you have been wont, running into my parlour every few days either up in the air or down in the dumps to tell me what's ado with you. Because you have not been seen in your other usual haunts. Do you think no-one notes? It is widely said that your head has been turned by the adulation of the audience.

O, says Miss A-, it is truly not that. No, says I, but there were only three of us in your dressing room that time and none of us are like to reveal what passed there.

Miss A- begins to weep. But after you had gone I had the bitterest quarrel with Lady J- who made quite the vilest aspersions about you and about our relations... she stammers to a halt. Then goes on: But although there was no truth in her accusations, I could have wisht there had been, once she had spoke the idea aloud and put it into my mind. She gives a small wistful smile through her tears.

However, my dear, says I, coming over to sit beside her, I am not myself in the slightest of the Sapphick disposition. There is nothing I admire so much as a fine woman, and I have the greatest affection towards my female friends, but I have not the least desire to towsel-mowsel with any of 'em. My pleasure as well as my business has always been the other sex.

I do know that, sobs Miss A-. And I do still very much incline towards Lady J-, if only she did not hate you so much. She has sent me a very pretty present with a very civil note apologising for what she terms her ill-bred conduct and vulgar accusations and desiring a meeting with me, but I know not what to do.

I think I should disclose to you, since it seems she has not mentioned it, that Lady J- came to me -

She came to you? Miss A- gasps. To your house? To my house, I agree, where I have quite often practised my conniving ways upon her brother His Grace. But she has admitted to having misjudged me (for I think she is now fully persuaded of the truth of my leading him away from his wild youthful extravagances as well as my being entirely reconcil'd to the necessity of his marriage), and revealed to me the depths of her feelings towards you and her extreme distress at your falling out. She came to you? repeats Miss A- in a wondering tone. O, that makes such a difference. Yes, my dear, I say, I think it does. She has the very best of intentions towards you and I think you should at least listen to what she proposes.

O, Madame C-, says Miss A-, you have made me the happiest woman in London, if not the entire kingdom. I laugh very fondly at her. Now, says I, that is my dear Miss A- again. I wish you very happy, my child, and you know that my door is ever open for your visits. I give her a light kiss and depart.

I am more pleased than otherwise to learn how matters stood, for having seen so lately how Mr P- bears grudges, feared that he had moved something against her, which would be a heavier matter to resolve than to reconcile her with Lady J-.

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Posted by Amanda

All day today, All Romance is having a 50% rebate! What this means is that half of what you spend on ebooks will be turned into “ebook bucks” to be used on a future purchase.

I know we all have huge TBR piles, but tell us what books would you use this rebate on? Are there any books you’ve read recently that you think members of the Bitchery should grab? Give us your book suggestions!

Undeveloped fruit

by Joyce Meyer - posted July 04, 2015

I am the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever lives in Me and I in him bears much (abundant) fruit.
- John 15:5

Have you ever responded unbecomingly to a situation (with anger or impatience, for example) and thought, Who is this person? I thought I was nice and sweet!

Sometimes we think we already have the fruit of the Spirit fully developed in us simply because we are Christians (see Galatians 5:22–23). But when we are caught off guard, or our fruit is "squeezed," we find out just how undeveloped the fruit in us actually is. These incidents are tests that are actually very good for us because they help us know the areas where we are weak and still need to grow.

The more you practice displaying the fruit of self-control in your thoughts, words, and actions, the riper the fruit will become. I encourage you to depend on God's grace (underserved favor and blessing) to work through you to produce the fruit needed. If we "try" outside of Him, we will fail, but when we partner with Him, we see His will come to pass. Stay attached to the Vine (see John 15), and your fruit will appear at the right time.

Power Thought:I have self-control over my thoughts, words, and actions.

From the book the book Power Thoughts Devotional by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2013 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.

 photo brushtail.jpg

I have boot warmers made out of your children, buddy
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([personal profile] supergee Jul. 4th, 2015 05:53 am)
Amazon announces in the first paragraph that it has a bad policy and in the second that it is snooping on you in ways it refuses to reveal. It wants to keep its subjects from reviewing the work of writers they know. Stupid and only selectively enforceable, like Facebook's Real names Policy.

Posted by Redheadedgirl

Now I shall demonstrate how I go about the business of reconstructing a recipe- or try, at least. I’m the most interested in Roman cooking (I’m interested in Roman everything).

The biggest source we have for Roman cookery is a cookbook known as Apicius or De re coquinaria (On the Subject of Cooking). It’s a series of recipes on everything you need for a Roman banquet, from how to clarify honey, to how to cook flamingo tongues. There are other food references through out Roman literature- Cato, Pliny, etc, but Apicius is the biggest single source.

A | BN
But the original is in Latin. I don’t know about you, but I don’t read Latin all that well. One of the things you need to be aware of when working with translations is that you are also working with the translator’s biases. With Apicius, we are really lucky, in that there are multiple translations, and one REALLY good one. The newest translation is by Christopher Grodcok and Sally Grainger- Sally is a food historian and Christopher is a classicist. There have been translations done by purely classicists, who are not food people, and food people, who are not classicists. Having both is important to get the context in which the text was written, and the knowledge of how food works. It helps.

A Taste of Ancient Rome
A | BN
There are also a number of books about Roman cooking that aren’t straight translations, but are other people’s interpretations of the recipes. One that I use a lot is A Taste of Ancient Rome by Ilaria Gozzini Giacosa. She’s Italian, and her text is translated, and she’s a little conservative in trying new tastes. I use her as a starting point, rather than a gospel.

This recipe is one I hadn’t worked on before, so you get the narrative of the entire process from beginning to… well, it’s not “end;” it’s “I ran out of ingredients.”

The recipe is Apicius 3. 9.1. In Latin: Cimas: cuminium salem uinum uetus et oleum. Translation by Grainger and Grocock: Young Greens: cumin, salt, old wine, and oil.

You may note there’s a few things missing here: amounts and verbs. Most of Apicius is like this- you get a list of ingredients and sometimes some vague proportions or a verb or two thrown your way, but the question about what to do with these things is where the fun is.

The first thing to do here is figure out what “cimas” means. G&G translate as “young greens” with a note in the glossary that it generally means cabbage, sort of. There’s another word that refers to the round cabbages, so it might be broccoli. Maybe, although the Oxford Companion to Food ( A | BN | K | G | iB ) says that broccoli was first described in 1724. Kale, however, is known as the “geenstuff of ordinary people in Europe” through the middle ages, so that’s a possibility.

Food in Antiquity
A | BN
According to Food in Antiquity, it’s probably something along the lines of broccoli or kale. Some people translate it as “Brussels sprouts” but those were not cultivated until about 500 years ago, so that’s wrong. Given that Apicius only mentions cimas (and assorted declensions of the word) and not the other Latin terms for cabbage, we can make a reasonable assumption that headed cabbage is probably not the thing.

At some point, however, you have to make a decision, and part of that decision is based on what is available modernly and at your local grocery store. I can get broccolini and kale. So I did that.

Cumin is easy, so is salt, oil is going to be olive oil, so… what does “Aged wine” mean? Wine that was bottled a while ago? Wine that you opened up and didn’t drink fast enough before it went off? It’s not vinegar, because there’s a word for that.   I got a 2010 wine that was the $11-est bottle of wine at the store, because my bus was coming and I had to make a decision and it was red. Whatever. It’s wine, I’ll cook with it.

So we have our ingredients.  (You note the fish sauce?  Yes, that shows up in Roman food almost constantly. I didn’t use it this time; I just grabbed it out of habit.)

Kale, broccolini, red wine, olive oil, cumin.
Kale, broccolini, red wine, olive oil, cumin.

Broccolini is tender and sweet and lovely little veggie. Kale is….not. Giacosa suggests boiling the broccoli, so I went with that- just enough to cook it and get the bitter out, but not enough to make is soggy and sad. Even Captain America thinks the overboiling that happened in the 1940s was too much. Because it was and it killed all the nutrients and the taste and especially the taste.

Broccolini blanching.
Broccolini blanching.

As far as the sauce goes, Giacosa said “mix everything together!”

So I tried that first. It was… okay? I put too much oil in, which led to putting in more wine, and then salt and cumin (and then ground cumin), so it sort of worked? But you have to keep mixing the wine and oil together because SHOCKINGLY, they don’t blend.

Sauce - emulsified for the moment
Sauce, at the moment. (Also RedHeadedGirl in the pot lid.)

So after some discussion and much standing around chewing on kale, I did another batch where I reduced the wine to (sort of) mimic the “aging process.” It was better. The flavors blended a lot better with the reduced wine.

I had a bunch of kale left over, so I went on another direction and used the oil the sauté the kale, then threw in wine, salt and cumin and let it cook down, just to see what would happen. It was pretty tasty, but I’m not sure it’s RIGHT. Generally in Apicius, when you get a bunch of ingredients that could make a sauce, it’s meant to be a sauce. The flavor profile worked- the cumin with the wine would do that- but I don’t think that’s what was intended.

The broccolini was tastiest, but broccolini was developed in 1993 (which I should have researched before I went shopping. See, I screw up sometimes). Broccoli probably would have been a better choice. The kale was, well, kale. It’s kale.

So that’s how that goes. If I were to make this for people, I’d take kale, blanch it, and make a dressing of 4:1 wine and oil, and season with ground cumin to taste.  Am I 100% certain that I got this interpreted accurately? Nope. There’s no way to do that. But I feel like I have a reasonable guess, and it’s tasty (as tasty as kale can be).

And that’s my method. Figure out your terms, make guesses on your verbs, and then experiment, and don’t be afraid to go, “Yeah…. that’s not right.”

Thanks for visiting the Historical Kitchen, where there is some guesswork and often deliciousness. Next month: Just what the hell is ratafia, anyway?

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([personal profile] ceares posting in [community profile] fanart_recs Jul. 4th, 2015 03:46 am)
Fandom: Sense8
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject:Sun, Will, Riley, Capheus, Lito, Kala, Wolfgang, Nomi
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Medium: ink maybe?
Artist on DW/LJ:n/a
Artist Website/Gallery: DA
Why this piece is awesome: Starting off with a piece of the entire cast. These are simple, stylized line drawings but the simplicity makes it a strong piece and the style really reminds me of some of the ancient greek art.
Link: sense8 cast
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([personal profile] aralias posting in [community profile] blakes7 Jul. 4th, 2015 09:10 am)
The official announcement that Hermit Library would be moving to AO3 went up today. The import will start in a month to give any Hermit contributors time to either ask questions or request that their work not be imported.

The main post has answers to a lot of FAQs, but here are the most relevant points/some additional points:

1. Nobody's work will be imported if they say no.
2. Nobody's work will be imported if it is already on AO3!
N.B. If any mistakes are made regarding the above, and hopefully they won't be, it will be a result of human error and a lot of similar files, etc. Point 3 then comes into immediate effect.
3. Authors can remove or ask for their work to be removed from AO3 at any point
4. Imported fics can either be linked to existing AO3 accounts, or not, as the author specifies (and fics can be backdated so they don't block your current fics)
5. Essays and filks will also be imported, with the same caveats above
6. The import will be done manually by humans
7. Hermit will be closed at some point because it's costing money, but before that Judith and I are trying to arrange that almost all content is archived either on AO3 or somewhere else that people will be able to access

My final point is not an answer to a question - it's a plea from me as a lover of Blake's 7 fanfiction and fandom history, and someone who has recently taken their own medicine and uploaded a lot of late '90s Harry Potter fic they are vaguely ashamed of to the Archive:

Please, even if you are embarrassed by your old fic/don't think it accurately reflects the way you'd write now, do consider allowing your work to be imported. This will ensure it is preserved, and (even while Hermit exists) that it will be more searchable. Someone will enjoy your fic, however old it is. Possibly a lot of someones. If you have ever been frustrated to discover that a book you wanted to read was out-of-print, please consider how future fans may feel when they discover that they could once have read that Vila/Cally epic but now it's gone/inaccessible.

I also think it's important to represent how the fandom used to be. Only by learning from the past can we understand our present, etc.

Please also do consider uploading any of your zine fic that has never been on the internet to AO3! I'm very happy to help with that too.

Any questions, please let me know here or at
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1) Fresh fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast.

2) I've planned a lazy day: Watching tennis on the telly *awed they can play in similar temperatures*, having a cooled cappuccino and enjoying the fan.

3) Thunderstorms are predicted for later today. I rather like them and most certainly the fact that temperatures will be lower afterwards.


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