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P and I decided to go for the Amelie piece for my Bronze program. It also just squeaks in under the limit for a Pre-Bronze competitive program, so I could do it at the adult competition in Atlanta this September. Efficiency!

My loop jump is almost there. I'm really just two-footing the landing now. Especially after my lesson tonight, I'm getting up and all the way around, rather than jumping up and remaining facing the same direction.

I started attempting a back sit spin, since back scratch spins are going so dismally. It's...half a revolution better, I suppose. On my sharpening a couple weeks ago, B appears to have moved the rocker back a few millimeters, which is really not helping. It may be just the profile flattening out, but P agrees there shouldn't be such an abrupt change. However, my options in this town are limited. Grrr argh.

Bronze moves test is in a week at what I suspect will be horrible o'clock in the morning. (Moves in the field are turns and edges in specific patterns; everything but jumps and spins, basically.) My cerebrum recognizes I'm more than ready for it, even if I get nervous again and get stiff, but my lizard brain still feels unprepared. On the other hand, nothing like what happened during my Pre-Bronze freeskate test can happen this time. I no longer have the relevant organs. Yay!

(Now I just have to worry about my knees and my hips falling apart. Everything hurts this week. I'm thinking about getting two knee braces and wearing them to keep my kneecaps from floating around. Add that to the SI belt and I will be the bionic woman.)

There was a surprise evening session at Other Rink tonight, and it was awesome. Lots of people, but very orderly. I'm hoping it shows management that we could support a few weeknight sessions, because then I could actually go to them. The adults went out to dinner after at a place that serves generic Tex Mex and several interesting dishes from the Yucatan, including "pre-hispanic" dishes that were quite tasty.
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Posted by Mindlessof


Leverage learns Korean game maker Kirishuma has a plan for all of his online players. They don't know what yet but the only way to find out is by entering the game. Into a whole new virtual reality by special Nerve gear, can they save thousands of people or will they too meet the same fate.

Words: 1042, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

1) I'd forgotten what spectacular bedhead I have in the mornings when my hair is really short. ^^ It's pretty epic.

2) Have I mentioned that I bought Hamilton? I picked up the CDs a couple of weeks ago. Still haven't listened to it, but hey, I'm a step closer...

3) Do all of the other Seanan McGuire fans know that Unicorn Empire is selling a limited run of "Last Dance" (Sparrow Hill Road) t-shirts and tank tops, which can be ordered until February 9?

4) Ever since the cats were small, I've been amused by how blasé they are about the vacuum cleaner. As kittens they were unnerved enough to follow it around warily; now they generally sleep through a room being vacuumed around them, or sometimes supervise.

Today that went to a whole new level, because [personal profile] scruloose has acquired a quadcopter/remote control drone (yes, we are very different sorts of geeks *g*), and tonight he tried it out in the living room (which is much too small for it, but he was just getting an initial feel for the controls). I'd say this thing is about the size of one of the cats, and it's loud, and it was flying around the room and bumbling into things.

Claudia and Jinksy both woke up, blinked, relocated to spots where they could see better (Claud atop a bookcase, Jinksy at the end of the couch nearer to the open part of the room), and watched intently for the duration. Neither of them made a sound. Neither showed any fear or real wariness; [personal profile] scruloose said he'd call them nonplussed, but that's about it.

(Side note: if you live with two long-haired cats and weren't entirely sure that you really should have vacuumed yesterday? Flying a drone around the house will tell you that yes, you really should have. So that's on the to-do list for tomorrow. O_o The copter lifted the cats' crinkle bag a good foot off the floor, so you can imagine what it did to tumbleweeds of fur that had gotten under furniture.)
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I enjoyed seeing Gallery 7's production of The Giver. They used almost all grey costuming. Colour for the apple, a little bit of red lighting for moments of Jonas Seeing Beyond, and the memories (projected on screens at the back of the stage). They had Rosemary come on in the Giver's room as he remembered her, silent, and then moments from the end, placing the sled in the snow.
The exception's the Tarantula from a couple Heroes for Hires back, who's there because Tarantula.

It's a five-issue mini, ably written by Andy Diggle and drawn by Davide Gianfelice.

It moves quickly- it's just as full of action as it is active, never making you feel that any of the pages are wasted or extraneous.

The dialogue's just as taut. )
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It's been a whirlwind six weeks of moving continents and coasts, and I'm very behind on updates.

My article "Record of Dying Days: The Alternate History of Ôoku" was published in Mechademia 10 in November, and the BCNM very kindly put out a short blurb about it. You can see a photo of yours truly with one of my author copies. On the topic of Mechademia, the tenth volume is the last of the original series, and the fifth one that I worked on as the editorial assistant/general citations dogsbody. I want to take the time now to publicly thank Frenchy Lunning, Wendy Goldberg, Christopher Bolton, and Tom Lamarre for their giving me the job, their advice and support, and their general friendship and camaraderie. I had the time of my life, and it was a true privilege.

Speaking of Mechademia, I'll be traveling to Tokyo next month to give a talk drawing on materials from the third chapter of my in-progress manuscript at the Mechademia Conference next month, "Women and Comics: Reconsidering the ‘Origins’ of Shojo Manga in the Postwar.” From there I'll go immediately to Seattle to give the same talk to a different crowd at the Popular Culture Association annual meeting, in the comics arts track. I had a wonderful time when I last presented at the PCA in 2009, and I'm very much looking forward to both conferences. See you there, I hope!
Fandom/Geeky Things

At Panels, [ profile] incitata posted "Licensing Limbo: The Fear of Every Manga Fan".

Also at Panels, "Faith Is Breaking the Rules for Fat Girls". "When I turned a page to find Faith on the couch, in shorts, eating, I was blown away. This was a picture of me. A real fat girl living a real, normal life. But “Good” fat women don’t wear shorts where people can see them, and they are very careful about what they eat in front of others. The rules make these activities a secret. Clothing made for fat women (all of it, until relatively recently) is big, loose, billowy – curtains meant to help everyone forget there is a body underneath. Reminding people about fat bodies is against the rules."

"Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston 50th anniversary storyboards appear". [Den of Geek]

"Meet Chloe Bruce, Daisy Ridley’s Totally Rad Stunt Double for The Force Awakens". [The Mary Sue]


Ko-Fi is "A 'Buy Me a Coffee' Button for Your Site, Blog or Profile". A couple of people I know on Twitter just started using this, and it seems like a neat idea.

Via [ profile] alexseanchai, "a helpful pain scale for people who have difficulty with doing body inventory or quantifying pain".

"Ask Polly: Why Did My Dream Man Dump Me?" I saw this going around Twitter with "This is the kindest, most compassionate response to chill girl bullshit that I have ever seen."

"Meet the death doulas: the women who stay by your side to the end".

Via [ profile] sovay, "Drowned world: welcome to Europe’s first undersea sculpture museum".

"Airplane Food In Economy Vs. First Class On 20 Airlines". [Buzzfeed]

"The Tragic, Forgotten History of Zombies: The horror-movie trope owes its heritage to Haitian slaves, who imagined being imprisoned in their bodies forever.". [The Atlantic] [October 2015]

"Unicorn Bedroom Slippers That Light Up When You Walk".
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Sorry about the late post, folks. Double shift at work decided it did not quite want to end, but here I am, nonetheless!

— Thinking. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.
— Writing.
— Planning and / or researching.
— Editing.
— Sending things to the beta.
— Posting!
— Relaxing, taking a break, etc.
— Other stuff-ing. Look at the comment.

Friday! Ever have a day where you just shut the laptop, close the notebook, etc., and do nothing writing-related just to clear your brain out?
Okay, gang, I think you're going to like this one! This week's prompt is:

A story about finding something that has been lost.

Challenge runs until next Friday, so get searching! And remember, it's always in the last place you look.
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Three brave flashmemers ventured to London this week:

Untitled (Peggy Carter)
Untitled by [personal profile] helahler (Steve/Bucky)
Ever I Saw Your Face by [personal profile] hansbekhart (Steve/Bucky)

And with that, farewell to London and on to week 6!
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Turn Heads (200 words) by Merfilly
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Transformers (Bay Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mikaela Banes
Additional Tags: Introspection, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Community: halfamoon

Mikaela misses a few things.

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Volunteers Needed!

After all these years, we'd like to claim that Escapade runs like a
well-oiled machine. But the truth is that the convention wouldn't run at
all without the dedicated effort of dozens of fans. Volunteering at
Escapade is a way to meet people, to have a lot of fun, and to make the
convention your own. In return for their efforts, everyone who
contributes five or more volunteer hours will be automatically
registered for next year's convention, and receive a $10 credit. There's
a space on the registration page to indicate that you'd like to
volunteer, or you can directly contact the department heads below to
offer your services.

Check out the Volunteer page to see what opportunities you might want:

Or email Misti at


Rides and Roommates!

Do you have a room for two but no roommate?  Or are you looking for
someone with space in their room for one more?  Are you driving in and
hoping to find a passenger to share gas expense, or looking for a ride
to the con?  We won't do your match making for you, but if you post
about your need on the Escapade Chat Yahoo list or on one of our social
media sites, the odds are good you'll find a match.
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''All these rich corporations just keep throwing millions of dollars at me. I have no idea why, or how to make them stop.'' -- Hillary Clinton
Emails Sent: 94*

Status: Not Closed Yet.

Where We Are In The Process: Today we went over to the Sewer Authority and dropped off an application and a couple of checks for fees totaling $1950 for the chance to have a functioning toilet maybe and close sometime before the 4th of freakin' July.

Okay so per a very kind lady (Deb) at the Sewer Authority we would be on the township agenda for the meeting on the 17. And we should be advised of the verdict on the 18th, and we can start work immediately after that. And I figure the township will not give us approval to connect to a line that's not there, right? RIGHT? So then our underwriter will give us approval and we will live Chaotically Happily Ever After.

We wandered by War Drobe between the trips to the Sewer Authority and work. She was a bit forlorn, naked of trees, and one of the ginormous barn doors had blown off--probably in that nor'easter we had a little while ago. Otherwise, all seemed well.

*Give or take about a half dozen emails from work, and countless texts to our contractor(s), the insurance guy, and the architect. The first email I sent while curious peering at the house on Zillow was back in May 2015.
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Have proper chair; am off cipro and back on cymbalta; and things should be better but I'm still a messy wreck.

I think I’m kind of in that place where -- you know how if you’re under a lot of stress for a decently long stretch, and you’re kind of bracing against the stress just so it won’t crush you, and then the stress goes away (or at least gets lighter) but you’re still braced and pushing, metaphorically speaking, and so you’re all off kilter and off balance and spending all your energy on bracing against something that isn’t there?

Yeah. That.

I feel like I ought to be back to normal, but I’m not, and of course my right ear had to be a total drama queen (pictures below, but teal deer is one of my piercings is just sort of wandering down off my ear) so I have to go back to the place I got it pierced (which is an actual tattoo/piercing place with properly trained people) for advice, though probably the advice will be either “let it heal, go one-earringed for a while, and then come back in and we can re-pierce it” or “sorry, can’t re-pierce, you’re destined for one-earringness forever”

(The whole earring situation is discouraging-- not just the wandering piercing, but it isn’t what I thought it’d be, isn’t what it would be if I had mobility. I *wanted* to be able to wear shiny dangly earrings as well as posts, but most of my aides are skittish about removing or putting in earrings, so I end up with the same ducking things all the time, plus I can’t take the earrings out while I sleep because they’ll close up, but I can’t wear the danglies overnight, so I have earrings that I never end up wearing because it’s a pita to fiddle with another person’s earrings and also because I wake up with earrings in and changing is a bigger fuss than just putting in, and I’m just really depressed about it all)

(Er, and it was bugging me even before this last couple months, though my current state of brain isn’t helping any)

and I still want to curl up and hibernate for a month, but the world is expecting me to just jump back into things and hibernating is kind of antithetical to doing shit.

and I still haven’t crocheted at all. Because I suck.


Anyway -- pictures of piercing issue below here )
I'm posting a lot, I know, right now, in the attempt to find some counterweights to the world's worth of bad news.  I hope I'm not wearing you all out! 

Here's the not-internet world still ticking over - fanzines live!

I was really happy to see what might be the beginning of widespread fair wages for fast-food workers in the US

I very much like this hard-edged, seen-it-all take on Emilia's speech about marital unfaithfulness, in Othello.  (video, 1:19 minutes -for some reason for me it goes to the bottom of the page - you have to scroll up to find the video) 

It only just struck me this week:  when Cockneys are written as saying "Wotcher!"  as a greeting, it's the rubbed-down, easy-going descendant of "What cheer?"  (Did everyone else know this all along?)

Meanwhile, the French are edging away from the circumflex! which feels so un-French - or so unlike the purity-of-the-language French I was threatened with, at school.  But there it is - circumflexes, wotcher- languages shift, even the inflexible French.

and something pretty to end the week on:  opalised shells.



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