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What is it that allows a fandom to get its hooks into me? Why *this* fandom and not *that* fandom? What grabs me? (for [personal profile] pensnest)

You know, I wish I knew! I mean, I'll be innocently reading/watching something and wham! Something about it will make my heart sing and I'm gone. For example, Star Trek--I've watched all iterations of Trek over the years, but I've never really counted it as one of my fandoms until the 2009 reboot and I suddenly found myself wanting desperately to write it in it. And I really only wrote one story there, and then the second movie jossed it, but I still want to go back and write more in the world I made.

I like Once Upon A Time (it's one of the few TV shows I make time to watch) but I don't really have a driving need to write fic in it. I can't manage to keep up with Arrow, but I am dying to write Felicity and Oliver (if I can ever manage to slot into canon. Possibly I might try for it this summer.)

Popslash was so much fun, but Bandom never quite hit that happy place in my brain. I was writing Supernatural and Hawaii Five-0 within a couple of weeks of seeing my first show. On the other hand, I went and watched Mission Impossible 4 and enjoyed it, but it wasn't until I stumbled across some awesome prompts on [ profile] ghotocol_kink that I suddenly found myself writing thousaends and thousands of words. (And then everything else we blame on Renner.)

I never got into X-Men fandom, despite having seriously loved them as a teenager, possibly because I was less sure of my writing skills at that point and there was a lot of friction between comics- and movie-verse, something that the Marvel fandom as a whole seems to be more easy about (which is good, as I merge canons with reckless glee.)

I think it's maybe a combination of liking the source material a lot (I really don't have time to devote to something I don't enjoy), plus knowing I'm not going to get the stories my head wants to tell from canon (which sort of explains OUaT, as I'm in it for the Emma/Killian and until they fuck that up, I don't feel the need to go there), plus a fun, welcoming fannish community. (And that last part has eased in the past years as I feel more sure of my writing/story-telling--I'm less needy, for lack of a better word.)

All that sounds fairly calculating, when really, it's more like, 'oooooo, SHINY' and off I go. :D

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Ward finishes unlacing her boots and tosses them into the back seat of the SUV. As soon as her feet are free, Skye wiggles out of her dust-caked jeans, peels off her underwear and clambers into his lap.

Words: 566, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Posted by Andrew Bleiman

Look we are growing up so quick

Meet ‘Becky’ and ‘Bandit’, a pair of Bat-Eared Foxes that are now making their home at Cango Wildlife Ranch, Oudtshoorn, South Africa. 

Brought to us at 2 weeks old (300g each)

6 weeks old

All earsPhoto Credits: Cango Wildlife Ranch

In their first few weeks of life, the brother and sister have lived something straight from a script for a feature film, or one of those lovely children’s books. A local farmer brought the duo to the Ranch after finding them on his farm. The farmer was building a dam on his property. The dam collapsed, and shortly after, the pups were seen floating in a stream of water. The farmer did his best to locate their den and find the mother. When neither could be located, he realized the pups needed more specialized care to ensure their survival.

The pups were brought to the Cango Wildlife Ranch and were estimated to be around two-weeks of age. After a proper clean-up, they were placed into an incubator for warmth. Staff began feeding them every 3 hours and stared round-the-clock care.

Every day, for 4 weeks, the pups travelled to and from work with the Ranch’s Zoological Manager, Narinda Pentz, who cared for them 24-hours a day. Luckily, she had special help in the form of her 8-year old Labrador, ‘Zoey’.  Zoey became a wonderful playmate and guardian, and the fox pups soon took full advantage of her loving, placid nature. Becky was initially quite timid, but has become an outgoing explorer, and her brother, Bandit, can ‘out-dig’ her any day of the week!

The foxes are now at home at the Ranch and both are doing extremely well. They are much loved and adored additions to the Cango Wildlife Ranch family!

More incredible photos, below the fold!

We are going home

Volunteer and fox pup

Zoey the labrador and pup

I have an itch

Pretty baby

What ya doing

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Okay, [personal profile] gabbysilang has got me concerned. Eyebrows? Of all the bits of my body that I have wasted my life fruitlessly wishing were smaller, higher, smoother, less painful, more functional, less hairy or stronger, eyebrows are like the one thing it never occurred to me to wish were otherwise than they were. They...uh, do their job, I guess? They sit on my forehead between my eyes and my hairline. I can raise the left one by itself, sort of! Is that not enough? Should I be demanding more of them? Is there a way to get them to pick up wifi?
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is the look der Bb's pediatrician gave her notepad when I related the dose he was ostensibly prescribed. At least not at me!
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I tell a lie. My agent Caitlin Blasdell sold my book to Ace/Roc Books in the US, and they sold it to Pan Macmillan/Tor in the UK. I didn’t do any selling myself, just fingernail-biting and jumping around in excitement. The book’s called SORCERER TO THE CROWN, and I’m to write two more in the same world.

The book

SORCERER TO THE CROWN is set in London in the early 1800s and it’s about Zacharias Wythe, England’s first black Sorcerer Royal. (As in, he’s a black guy. Not as in black magic. Zacharias is very virtuous!) But his life sucks. England is running out of magic, his colleagues are mean and racist, and everyone thinks he killed his predecessor.

When ambitious (and inconveniently magical) orphan Prunella Gentleman demands that he take her away from the school where she’s drudged all her life, Zacharias refuses, of course. But Prunella’s stumbled upon English magic’s greatest discovery in centuries, and things are about to get a whole lot more complicated for the both of them.

This is, of course, postcolonial fluff for book nerds (made-up genre of my heart!). It’s what happened when I mashed up Wodehouse and Heyer and my childhood puzzlement about people in books who were described as “dark” when they were clearly white. It’s got secret dragons and schoolgirl hijinks and confrontations at balls and bossy witch aunties. It’s even got pontianak, because why not.

My feels

What can I say about this?

It will be my first published novel. It’s due to release in autumn 2015.

It feels like I’ve worked harder on this book than I’ve worked on anything else in my liiife, but that’s probably not true. I probably worked harder in Chinese school. (Nothing in my life so far has managed to beat Chinese school. If you wish to make your children traumatised strong, send them to Chinese school!)

Anyway, I am SO READY to do more of this work. I was thinking about something I saw on my dwircle yesterday — “the reward for good work is more work” — and gosh, if I could be so lucky! The best thing would be to be able to work hard on dragon hijinks forever.

To be able to share those dragon hijinks with other people is the next best thing. I hope the book comes out. (I am of course convinced that the Earth is going to be hit by an asteroid just in time to prevent actual publication.) I hope people read it and like it. :O

My new release mailing list

If you would like to receive an email notification when the book is out, you can sign up to my brand spanking new mailing list! I’m planning only to send out emails when I’ve published a new thing that you can buy and/or read. So you’ll get an email when this book is out, and also when other projects I’ve got in the works are published.

I’m also considering possibly sending out mailing list extras in future — the occasional free short story, say, or deleted scenes from the book. But otherwise I will be silent! I won’t spam you or give your address to anyone else, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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1. Ever since I started paying as much attention as I have to spare to structure, a) I'm pretty sure I've grown a lot as a writer and b) half the time I feel like I don't know how to write at all. You'd think these would be contradictory, but I guess it's got something to do with having more options to go to but less idea how to use them properly or how to even tell if they're being used properly.

2. I really want to write Yuletide treats! I need to finish my mired-in-structural-problems-but-the-end-is-in-sight assignment first, though.

3. Actually, the thing you're not writing always looks easier to write than the thing you are writing, yes? So maybe the treats wouldn't be as easy to write as I think. But if I write even one treat, that will be better than I've done in the past two years, so one can hope.
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You know the look you give when someone says "so I racked the slide then dropped the mag so the gun was safe"? That (cont'd)
Black Captain America leads comic books into diversity:

#WeNeedDiverseComics too. Just sayin’.

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$6 for a pack of Penguin biscuits and $3 for a single can of Irn Bru. FUCK YEZ ALL.
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Posted because there's no official way of converting IIS W3C logs to PowerShell objects, and the original script I found wasn't quite doing what I wanted.

# Define the location of log files and a temporary file
$LogFolder = "build1:\Logs\iis\W3SVC1\"
$LogFiles = ls "$logFolder\u_ex*.log" #Ensure we only get the correctly formatted log files if there's a mixture of styles

# Logs will store each line of the log files in an array
$Logs = @()
# Skip the comment lines
$LogFiles | % { Get-Content $_ | where {$_ -notLike "#[D,F,S,V]*" } | % { $Logs += $_ } }
# Then grab the first header line, and adjust its format for later
$LogColumns = ( $LogFiles | select -first 1 | % { Get-Content $_ | where {$_ -Like "#[F]*" } } ) `
-replace "#Fields: ", "" -replace "-","" -replace "\(","" -replace "\)",""

$newLine = "`r`n"

$tempCsv = "$($LogColumns[0])$newline$($Logs -join $newline)"

return $tempCsv | ConvertFrom-Csv -Delimiter " "
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I watched all the Avatar and there isn't any more Avatar and I'm sad now.
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A day late again, but at least I'm doing it this week...

What are you currently reading?

My digital read is Revelation by C. J. Sansom, because it and the next book in the Matthew Shardlake series were both on a good price on Kindle. I'm a big fan of these books, lovely meaty Tudor mysteries featuring a hunchbacked lawyer, so they'll probably keep me occupied for the next couple of weeks.

My physical read is The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith/J K Rowling and I've eaten the first five chapters in two days despite my terrible cold.. I appear to be in a mystery phase. I nearly picked up Wolf Hall, but then I realised that two Tudor mysteries at the same time would just be confusing.

What did you recently finish?

Symbiont by Mira Grant, which was exactly as amazing as I'd hoped it would be. As I always say, zombie lit isn't my thing but Grant writes fascinating near future sci fi with zombies, and that's a totally different thing. Still horrific and terrifying, but also thought provoking.

And Slightly Wicked by Mary Balogh was my last digital read, but I've already babbled about in my post on historical romance so I won't rebabble. It was fantastic, though :-)

What do you think you'll read next?

I still have Waistcoats and Weaponry by Gail Carriger on my to be read shelf, so that will probably be next. Or a reread of The Dark is Rising because it's so delightfully Christmassy. And by the time I've finished the Shardlake books, the new Tessa Dare book should be on my Kindle, so I'll be hitting that hard.

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John asked me to pick my top 10 literal LOLs of all time, and I just couldn't do it, guys. There are too many! So instead, here are my top 20... in two parts. ENJOY.

Sorry, you can't have any.


But they never did. So sad.











And they say technology makes our lives easier:


"What flash drive?"


"Oh, must be this one:"


Thanks to Jessica P., Amanda M., JR, Ross E., Kimberly L., Caylin C., Eugene K., Gauhar, Johanna O. & Elisabeth R., with extra sprinkles on top.


Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.

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So, way back on December 10th, I was supposed to talk about historical romance for [personal profile] netgirl_y2k, but in the rush to finish Yuletide and so forth, it got...postponed. NOT FORGOTTEN. It's just that this is a trickier one for me to write, and my brain crumbled away and died whenever I tried.

I am currently feeling utterly awful due a bad cold, but ideas have had time to percolate so hopefully this will be coherent.

For the December talking meme, [personal profile] netgirl_y2k asked me to talk about what I like about historical romances and give some recs.

Cut for length )
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This is the index of all the little ficlets and not-quite polished fics that I have written on my journals, mostly as responses to memes, and have not posted anywhere else.

Links under the cut. )

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You know, normally I'm not one to complain about winter weather. I like cold and rain and snow, because I am a backwards, strange man.

But it is so dry in Chicago right now that for the first time in my life I'm considering anti-static spray. I have now literally, twice, stood up from my chair at work and generated so much static electricity that the in-ear headphone I wear in my left ear has SHOCKED MY EARDRUM.

You know what is unpleasant? SHOCKING YOUR OWN EARDRUM.

I gotta learn to take my headphone out before moving.
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Okay, so I was thinking - the last giraffe call ( made enough for an art!

And Mel has art options in her tipping thresholds.

Sooo... there's a lot of "more please" stories that came out of this Call. Ideas? I was thinking either the young princeling/his older Mentor; the ace prince & his ace rescuer, or the princess with her Very Very Angry Captive


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