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I need to see when I can get tickets to the viewing in town that'll be happening in October.
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I am reading Where's My Cut: On Unpaid Emotional Labor on metafilter. I read the article at The Toast ("Housework is not work. Sex work is not work. Emotional work is not work. Why? Because they don’t take effort? No, because women are supposed to provide them uncompensated, out of the goodness of our hearts.") that inspired the thread, which is also good, but is a single article... the MeFi thread is over 250k words long, and it's AMAZING. Life-changing stuff in there.

I wish [ profile] ozarque were around to see it. I think she would be overjoyed to read that discussion, to see the terminology women have come up with for the burdens they are expected to bear, to read their sharing of experiences and support of each others' pains.

I'm debating how to best throw the link at my husband... do I say "Read this; your future happiness depends on understanding this conversation?" (Mine does not depend on him reading it. But my willingness to do both the wage-earning and social management just dropped from "low" to "abysmal.") Do I say, "Read this; I'd like to talk with you about emotional labor... set aside time for that; you know my schedule?" Do I say, "found this awesome article about feminism and relationships and I'd like you to read it?" Do I throw in warnings--"please, don't bother regaling me with examples of the Awful Dudes You Are Not Like; I know you are not them; note how many of them I married?"

The conversation includes: inside because I cannot stop finding the awesome )

Posted by Damon Lavrinc on lanesplitter, shared by Katharine Trendacosta to io9

What’s better than Hunter S. Thompson talking about the Hells Angels and Outlaw motorcycle life with Studs Terkel? Having it animated.


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It's been a while since I last updated the countdown, so, let's try to get back to that, huh? =)

#99 - Renegade

Season: 4


[Frequently used Tropes are listed in the first post.] - this is how Steve gets into Phoenix - Steve's shows up in another episode as a different character and Cmdr Hilliard is Kluge from "High Control"


OMG the incidental music... it's not really the typical 'MacGyver' music.

I'm amused that the credits have 'Special Appearance by Stephen Furst'. I know him from St. Elsewhere and The Dream Team, but I'd have to hit his imdb page to find anything else.

Dramatic tension! cat burglar guy climbs all the way up to the roof then suddenly feels ill or something and is making noise! oh noes!

How the hell long does it take to sign in when you come into Phoenix? Cat burglar guy climbed all the way up the building before Pete got inside and Mac was STILL standing at the entrance. He wasn't waiting for Pete, b/c he asked him 'what are you doing here?' and Pete didn't know why Mac was there either. And it wasn't as though Mac was talking to the 2 security guard guys when Pete came in, so why was he still there?

Uh ohs! Mac says he got a message to meet Koz, but Koz is all 'I didn't call you...' However, none of these highly trained Phoenix employees finds this suspicious at all. I can see Mac going 'ah well', but Pete? Wasn't he an agent for a gov't acronym at one point? He should be a little less trusting of the 'wow, no one actually called us to be here at the same time'.

So, Koz spent all the money in his budget doing research and doesn't have any left for the development side of his project... not sure where that goes yet.

Some other guy manages to steal a vial of anthrax that doesn't get obliterated by the microbiology scanner-zapper thing, but totally sets off the 'oh noes!' alarm. This guy happens to be the 'cat burglar' from the beginning, btw.

He's also obviously a moron, b/c he transports this deadly virus in a freaking lab test tube, rather than bringing along a secure transport container.

I'd ask if it's really this easy to get through the hatch in the top of the elevator car, b/c they're usually locked, but since the guy came IN that way, he probably didn't lock it.

Okay Mac - this is the 2nd time in the series that you've had to override the elevator to make it go up... why is this one different from last time? Are you telling me they retrofit ALL of the elevators in the Phoenix lab? (The other ep is "Kill Zone", which is higher up the list.)

So - cat burglar guy is named Steve - and he apparently saved Mac's life at some point in the past. That apparently doesn't mean much to Steve, since he leaves Mac hanging from a rope on the side of the building.

Also - why do they not have the CDC on the phone or some large-scale gov't organization to find this guy and take care of this anthrax mess?

This military dood (Cmdr Hilliard) Mac and Pete go to talk to is Kluge from "High Control" (coming up later in the countdown). He also doesn't seem to think that there's anything wrong w/ Steve after his injury - took shrapnel to the head or something - and thinks he just has PTSD. Which, maybe, but there's definitely more than just PTSD going on and that Cmdr is either a dumbass for not realizing it or an asshole for covering it up.

Moving on - there is this pretty cool thing Mac does with a lamp to blind a motion sensor to get to a bomb that's supposed to go off in like 10 seconds... fortunately for Mac, it's a dud? or was never meant to go off? or he manages to disarm it at the very. last. second.

I love that Mac makes Pete pay for the random guy's dirtbike that Mac needed to 'borrow'... b/c that's just who Mac is. He doesn't steal things, he pays for them.

Mac snags back the anthrax and almost gets away, but someone shoots the tire on his bike, so he has to turn around and fight... with a canoe paddle. And some help from Steve, whom he then convinces to get help for whatever's going on in his head. Steve's wife is convinced it's a lesion from the shrapnel injury.

This one really is pretty standard 'MacGyver' fare, but it's not the most exciting episode. I can't say that there's really anything wrong with it, but it isn't overly memorable. Actually, when I told a co-worker that I could describe any episode based solely on the episode title, this is the first damned one he picked and had I not just watched it, I wouldn't have been able to rattle off the plot off the top of my head. This one and "Murderer's Sky" are the two that I can never remember the major plot points for.
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    Today's prompt is "no use crying about it now".
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    1) A nice hot shower in the morning.

    2) Listening to my Disney playlist while cycling to work, enjoying a cool breeze and sunshine.

    3) Going out for dinner this evening, to celebrate the graduation of one of boyfriend's best friends. Perhaps I can convince boyfriend to come pick me up from work and wander around town. 
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    Author: SWL
    Story: Jealous of Roses, Arc 6- Sparrows And Nightingales (Well, and a lot of Arc 0)
    Index: Click Here.
    Colors: Iceberg #14- Hibernation
    Supplies and Materials: Portrait. Damnit. And you might want this.
    Word Count: 6,150ish
    Summary: For [personal profile] delirio. Siebenkas muses on what's changed in his life these past fourteen years he's worked as a hitman.
    Rating: X
    Warnings: Implied violence. All of the insects survive this time.
    The following are always welcome: comments, constructive criticism, collaboration inquiries, cake.

    Cicada )

    For the latest Stargate SG-1 Alphabet Soup, with the theme being 'offworld', I picked the letter C, having a fragment of an idea. Which promptly fizzled out...

    And then I lost track of time (how unusual, I hear you murmur).

    But anyway, here it is, a little set of vignettes about diplomacy in space with the actual prompts I came up with down the end...

    Even In Space, It's The Thought That Counts

    You would think - and Daniel has not only thought but mentioned it at length, and more than once - that in their secret billion dollar budget, the SGC would find the wherewithal needed to hire one or two professionals.

    But you would be wrong, and for some years now years he, and Stan Kovacek (a military attorney, wasn't that close enough?) and the two or three anthropologists who could be trusted offworld were it. For the entire damn planet. After all, what does a Highly Classified Secret Military Operation normally need with an official diplomatic corps anyway? As Jack O'Neill says way too often and with way too self-satisfied a smirk, they can get by with charm, coffee, cake, above all chocolate... oh, and C-4.

    Or not. Read more... )

    Posted by James Whitbrook on Toybox, shared by Katharine Trendacosta to io9

    A sequel nearly 2 decades in the making—yes, classic adventure game Kings Quest is back this week, as an episodic adventure series (because honestly that’s basically how all adventure games exist now)! Are you going to check it out? Playing anything else this week? Tell us in the latest edition of Tuesday Game Room!


    Posted by spam-spam

    • TODO Group And Open Source Codes of Conduct | Model View Culture: “We’ve come up with some pretty great resources and tools, put them into practice, tested and iterated, and built community consensus. Yet TODO swoops in to erase and replace all of this work: without our consent or input, a group of massive companies with practically unlimited funds are branding and pushing a code of conduct that suits their needs, not ours.”
    • That time the Internet sent a SWAT team to my mom’s house | Boing Boing: “As the reporter recounted all of this to me, I was living my research in real time. I was well-versed in the mechanics of a prank like this, but that didn’t abate the anxiety attacks I was having.”
    • Managers beware of gender faultlines | EurekAlert! Science News: “In addition to gender divisions, the authors looked at a more benign kind of faultline: Those created by cliques centered on job types (that is, when people with similar job duties share not only that trait but other demographic qualities such as gender, age and time served.) When the diversity environment was positive, that kind of group identity actually led to stronger feelings of loyalty toward the firm. But the positive effect of job-function cliques disappeared when the diversity climate was unsatisfactory.”

    We link to a variety of sources, some of which are personal blogs.  If you visit other sites linked herein, we ask that you respect the commenting policy and individual culture of those sites.

    You can suggest links for future linkspams in comments here, or by using the “geekfeminism” tag on Pinboard, or Diigo; or the “#geekfeminism” tag on Twitter. Please note that we tend to stick to publishing recent links (from the last month or so).

    Thanks to everyone who suggested links.

    Posted by Husain Sumra

    Last month the United States Federal Communications Commission announced that it would fine AT&T $100 million for misleading customers about its unlimited data plans and not adequately warning customers about throttling their data speeds. AT&T has since responded, arguing that data throttling doesn't harm customers, the company is being prejudged and that its First Amendment rights are being violated in a response first found by The Hill (via Ars Technica).

    ATT Logo
    The Commission’s findings that consumers and competition were harmed are devoid of factual support and wholly implausible. Its “moderate” forfeiture penalty of $100 million is plucked out of thin air, and the injunctive sanctions it proposes are beyond the Commission’s authority. Both, moreover, reflect an unseemly effort to coerce settlement. And the NAL and the related press campaign confirm that the agency has already prejudged AT&T’s liability, abandoning any pretext that the Commission remains an impartial arbiter of the case.
    AT&T, who wants the FCC to drop the fine, claims that it has made all the required disclosures to customers, pointing out that its Unlimited Data Plan customers were more likely to renew their contracts than non-Unlimited Data Plan customers. Additionally, the telecommunications company argued the FCC would be outside of its authority in both imposing the fine and making other requests because the statute of limitations on the case has passed.

    Lastly, AT&T argued that the FCC has no authority to order the company to inform its customers that it violated the Transparency Rule in not telling them about speed changes when throttling data because the statement would both be untrue and a violation of AT&T's First Amendment rights.

    AT&T ceased selling Unlimited Data Plans years ago but continues to have customers grandfathered to its Unlimited Data Plans. Previously, the company throttled its Unlimited Data Plan customers once they exceeded 5 GB of LTE data, but in May the company changed its policy to only throttle customers when connected to a cell tower experiencing network congestion.

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     91 x Chihayafuru (eps 13-19)

    @ my DW
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     91 x Chihayafuru (eps 13-19)

    @ my DW


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