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([personal profile] snarp May. 29th, 2015 07:43 pm)
I just solved Lord English, btw.

Hang on, I'm making an imageset.
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([personal profile] snarp May. 29th, 2015 07:32 pm)
I have a deep terror of becoming Andrew Hussie, so I have Reviews of Young Adult Novels planned out pretty tidily! There exists a plot outline which has remained pretty much unchanged since before my brain fucked off and I had to stop doing the Active Writing part.

Which kind of surprises me, because I've been expecting Hussie to do something that I'll decide I want to incorporate thematically, but I've felt pretty okay with my choices so far! I have been content.

Up until Thursday's update, that is. This obviously necessitates some changes.

I guess I’m getting to the stage where people look at my writing career and think, “That person must know what she’s doing”, because I am starting to get messages from people who are keen to talk to me about publishing.

I am reluctant to disillusion them. I do not like to explain that I know bupkis about publishing. To me it is a mysterious opaque world, the landscape of which is only occasionally illuminated by emails from my agent and editors, and tipsy conversations with other writers.

However, it seems a little ungracious to send people away with “Google Absolute Write, good luck”. So since this blog could do with some actual regular content, I thought I would do a series of blog posts — not on how to do it (“it” being “get a book deal”), but how I did it. It’s not only going to be about selling my novel, though: since it is a journey, I’ll talk about what’s happened since I first prevailed upon someone to give me money for my fiction.

I plan to do posts on:

  • Selling short stories
  • How I published a short story collection
  • Signing with a literary agent
  • How I figured out how to write a novel
  • Going on submission
  • Selling the novel

But also:

  • Self-publishing
  • Conventions and festivals
  • Social media and networking
  • Other stuff!

My focus will not be advice. There is sufficient writing/publishing advice on the Internet to equal even the cat photos and pornography. It’ll be what I did and why it worked for me (or why it didn’t). But the big thing to remember about writing is that there are a lot of different ways to do it; there are lots of different paths to publication; and you only have to do what works for you, which might be different from what works for other people.

Which leads quite nicely into the meat of this post! Here are

Ten things I believe about writing

A sort of mission statement

(This is not advice. It is stuff I tell myself. It might SOUND like advice, but all the “you”s in this post are really me.)

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([personal profile] naye May. 29th, 2015 11:26 pm)

Yep. We went and saw it again. Friday date night!

...I have literally never gone to see a movie twice in theaters, but this? It's a cinema experience. Plus it's better than 99% of all movies I've ever paid to see, so totally worth it.

Was even more exhilarated this time, as I knew I could watch without my tender sensibilities getting trampled - and as I knew the characters better, I had more moments when I got really emotional. (Read: cried.)

But yes. So good. I am so glad Tumblr is all over the Fury Road love, because I'll take all I can get. ♥ (My tumblr is for-the-flail, if anyone wants reblogs of plenty of shiny and chrome and also Mass Effect.)
Groucho is willing to invest a long time staring into the closet to get Ibid curious enough to go in. It takes about half an hour for Ibib's curiosity about what's so interesting to overcome what I assume is his memory that this always ends with him trapped in the closet. Lots of walking away, then returning to see if Groucho is still staring into the closet.
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([personal profile] miss_s_b May. 29th, 2015 11:34 pm)
While I am happy to host debate in the comments to my blog, I do have a comments policy and I would be obliged if you'd all stick to it. None of it is particularly onerous, and certainly not as onerous as dealing with an anon commenter who persistently refuses to adhere to said comments policy, and who is verging on nastiness towards one of my regulars.

I will no longer be approving any anon comments with no handle attached. And even with a handle, don't be an arse.

Thank you.
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⌈ Secret Post #3068 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.

[William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy]

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([personal profile] meganbmoore May. 29th, 2015 05:17 pm)
1. Stitchers is a new ABC Family SciFi/Procedural show in which Kirsten, a college student with temporal dysphasia (the inability to process or recognize the passage of time, making events that happened seconds ago indistinguishable in her mind from events that happened 10 years ago) is hired by a Mysterious Government Agency to have her consciousness implanted into the minds of the recently deceased and solve crimes (in this case, to find out where a bomber hid bombs). I'm not thrilled that we seem to be getting another "cold and emotionally isolated woman must learn about FEEEEELINGS because women should" show (complete with daddy issues)and I wasn't overly impressed with the main actress (or how hard they're pushing her love interest) but Sally Richardson-Whitfield and Allison Scagliotti make up for a lot, and I enjoyed the pilot enough to keep watching.

2. Wayward PInes is a new horror series by M. Night Shyamalan about an FBI agent who becomes trapped in a strange town while looking for two missing agents. Like a lot of M. Night's stuff (as in, everything of his that I've watched) it's a lot of things that I find interesting and usually love done in a way that I find mostly boring, with what should be big, shocking reveals and events leaving me cold. But it's summer and there isn't a lot on and Hulu keeps telling me that a new episode is out.
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([personal profile] oursin May. 29th, 2015 10:09 pm)

Partner was doing some decorating while I was away which didn't (as planned) actually get completed before my return, for reasons.

There are therefore piles of displaced STUFF here there and everywhere (but not in its usual place) and a general sense of disorientation.

Also, I knew I was going to have to examine a late-submitted Masters dissertation I have been supervising (for some value of supervising where I had precisely one face to face meeting with the candidate and it all went silent for months even when I prodded) next week but had not factored in last-minute panicked emails from the candidate asking for comments on draft sections. Which would be a bit last-minute and not something I could be giving my best critical attention to even were I not still jet-lagged. I gather there are reasons why they are being allowed to submit after the usual deadline, and I know that I myself am more of whatever is the equivalent of 'income 20/-, expenditure 19/6' when dealing with deadlines, and this probably makes me much weirder in statistical terms.

This is possibly a subset or allotrope of our work plaint re archive research queries that sometimes people approach people who could help them in ways that are not the most effective way of getting that help or just don't ask), and this is actually quite irksome when you know that you could be a lot more helpful IF ONLY.


Folks, I am getting quite possessed by [personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan. Lying awake last night with jetlag insomnia I was trying to work out what Mr P-'s horrendous play was going to be about (and now I know). (And it really does have an absolutely whopping part for Miss A-.)

Posted by Jessica

First of all, a reminder that Heather and I will be visiting Chicago on June 6th for the Printer’s Row Lit Fest, and we’d LOVE to meet you, sign copies of The Royal We, talk about pizza, and the blog or whatever else you like. All the details are here, and please let us know Read More ...

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([personal profile] yourlibrarian May. 29th, 2015 04:05 pm)
One reason I no longer see a book's commercial publication status as some mark of quality can be put to an experience in the 90s. I was so incensed by the sloppy, rip-off nature of this book that I wrote to Pocket Books to demand my money back. (No, I never received a reply). I thought the letter had gotten deleted along with a lot of other old stuff from my early computer.

However, I discovered a copy while going through a bunch of office supplies for Freecycle. I've long ago forgiven a lot of egregious stuff in fanfic if it's otherwise a good story, but from a published book? Sorry, not willing to cut much slack.

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([personal profile] mme_hardy May. 29th, 2015 01:56 pm)
So, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been  indicted for making illegal payments and covering them up.   What was he covering up?  Hastert paid an unnamed man $3.5 million to keep the man silent about Hastert's abusing him when he was a minor and Hastert taught high school.   The abuse happened, at the latest, in 1981.  It's way, way too late for the victim -- I think we can assume the story's true or Hastert wouldn't have coughed up that much money -- to have gotten a day in court.  This would have been the only way to make Hastert pay for his crime.  You do the best you can under law.

All that said, Hastert isn't being prosecuted for the abuse.  Hastert is being prosecuted, essentially, for having been blackmailed.    According to the New York Times, the indictment was for making "cash withdrawals designed to hide those payments and for lying to federal authorities about the purpose of the withdrawals."   If you're being blackmailed, you have to cover up the payments, because otherwise the whole thing goes public.

Hastert is almost certainly an abuser, and this looks like a case of "prosecute him for tax fraud, because we can't get him for his major crimes."  But this still disturbs me.  Hastert didn't steal the money, and there's no evidence that he didn't pay taxes on it.  He just did his best to keep the transfer out of the news.

The article is (trigger warning!) full of people saying "He's such a great guy, I can't understand how this happened."  You would think by now that the nation would have realized that abusers usually come across as nice guys to other adults, and that character isn't a single unitary thing.   "He talked a great show" is not synonymous with "He couldn't have done anything wrong to a child."


Posted by Jessica

Prince Harry Plays Polo Prince Harry Plays Polo Prince Harry Plays Polo 
Lots of drama this week, in the form of great British pomp and circumstance, enormous hats (Maxima), and the return of White Polo Pants season. But first of all, a reminder that Heather and I will be visiting Chicago on June 6th for the Printer’s Row Lit Fest, and we’d LOVE to meet you, sign Read More ...

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([personal profile] tiamatschild May. 29th, 2015 03:14 pm)
I was not expecting to be followed by a Confederate apologist on tumblr today.
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([personal profile] coffeeandink May. 29th, 2015 05:30 pm)
FYI, for the sad and obvious reason, Amazon UK has a bunch of Tanith Lee's ebooks for £1.99 today.
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([personal profile] sergebroom May. 29th, 2015 12:44 pm)
This morning, one of the higher-ups that infest... I mean... that *manage* our team got around to telling me they're deploying a major change to our system in September. I diplomatically pointed out that, a few days right after that, we are obligated to participate in a department-wide exercise testing the backup environments of all teams. A few minutes ago, I attended a meeting where I brought this up again, still diplomatically, but with some slight snark in it, and pointed out that it might be imprudent to switch to our backup environment before we've fully exercised the modified system in its real-world environment. You may be asking yourself why my higher-ups would schedule a deployment so close to a backup exercise the date of which I had warned them about in early May. The answer? I was tempted to ask if they ever read my emails, even the ones marked 'important'. I wisely refrained. The upshot? I now have to ask for an exception so that we can delay our backup exercise and run it standalone. You can bet that I'll make it clear to the exception-granter that I work for a bunch of putzes.
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([personal profile] snarp May. 29th, 2015 03:53 pm)
I am a conscientious objector to the, stuff


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