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([personal profile] dark_kana posting in [community profile] 3_good_things_a_day Feb. 24th, 2017 08:43 am)
1) yum breakfast with me to work

2) lots to do this afternoon, but I think I'm managing to get everything planned

3) friends coming over for dinner this evening
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([personal profile] bluegansey Feb. 23rd, 2017 11:27 pm)

 I've been feeling kind of melancholy all day, and even though I kind of got some things done -- moved my clothes from my old dresser to my new ones, took down a random newspaper article which has been on my wall for at least six or seven years, made jello, and took a huge chunk out of the process of transferring my ao3 bookmarks -- I still kinda feel. Tired. And lonely. And lost. I sorta realized that while I'm on Saturna I don't really feel like myself, because the two things that I feel define me -- fandom and writing -- are completely inaccessible while I'm there, and it's not a good feeling. It mostly feels empty and alone. And my mom was all "just get a new hobby" but??? I don't know what the hell else I'm supposed to do? I've defined myself as a writer for over a decade, and I'm only sixteen. It's a major part of my identity. I can't just "get a new hobby". And fandom literally saved my life and it's at least 50% of the reason that I keep going. I don't know what to do about it.

Other than that... I went out for wings with my parents because they were going to go out for coffee but I also wanted to get out of the house and they took me out for dinner instead. I'm trying to convince my dad to buy me Cards Against Humanity. And then my dad and I were talking about racism and I ended up explaining asexuality to him, so that was fun. And... not much else I think?

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([personal profile] julian Feb. 24th, 2017 02:03 am)
Also, in order to go to the trans* support rally, I missed a Non-Violent Intervention session, aka, how to intervene and defuse incidents of hate. (At the Roslindale Library.)

I figured it was a worthwhile trade-off.

Of course, as the rally-that-turned-into-a-march stopped in Downtown Crossing, which for non-Bostonites is a tourist destination in the daytime and still somewhat full of people by 7 p.m., some guy passing through asked me, "Are you a tranny?" and I said, confused, "No?" in tones that I hope indicated I was just baffled at his assumption, not offended. And then, since he was heading away at speed, I yelled after him, "But so what if I was?" which is not the best response ever, but better than none.

But still, indicative that I could still use some defusing tips. I'll find another session eventually....
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([personal profile] starphotographs posting in [community profile] rainbowfic Feb. 23rd, 2017 11:01 pm)
Name: starphotographs
Story: Solarpunk Hellscape
Supplies and Styles: Portrait
Characters: Fowler
Colors: Rain Cloud 5 (I keep working, but it never gets done)
Word Count: 5,100ish
Rating: R
Warnings: Choose not to warn.
Summary: Fowler II is a born and bred proxy of God. This is some of what that means.
Note: I know I’ve been MIA like foreverrrr. XD But that’s partly because I’ve been switched over to “input” mode while I laid down the groundwork for an entirely new ‘verse! It’s still kind of rough and not quite “there” yet, but I think it’s ready to debut, at least. (This also means I will be needing a new story tag, when it’s convenient. :D)

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([personal profile] digitalwave Feb. 24th, 2017 01:29 am)
Lee has to go back to the docs, again, tomorrow. That makes two doc visits and one immediate care visit so far this week.

We're still trying our best to make sure his bronchitis doesn't morph into full fledged pneumonia. He's on antibiotics and is doing nebulizer treatments of albuteral three times a day. His poor chest, back and stomach are all so sore from all the coughing he's been doing but that gunk has got to come up.

The reason for tomorrow's doc visit is that the whole left side of his face is swollen from what, I think, is an enlarged lymph node. The knot under his left jaw is about the size of a small tennis ball now. The right is swollen, too, but no where near as noticeably as the left. Honest to god I even asked him if he'd ever had the mumps the swelling is so bad. He's had a low grade headache all day from pressure on his Eustachian tubes. Hopefully we'll know more tomorrow when Dr. Donahue exams him.

Poor sweetie, I hate seeing him so miserable.
I had no idea there were Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in attendance at the rally to support trans youth tonight. I think that's fabulous.

At first I didn't see anyone I knew in the crowd. I had mistakenly gotten off the Orange Line at State Street rather than Downtown Crossing, so I was approaching Post Office Square from an unfamiliar and partly conjectural angle and knew I was in the right place mostly because I was suddenly surrounded by signs like "I Stand with Trans Students," "Trans Rights Are Human Rights," "Let My People Go to the Bathroom," and "Donny Knows Dick." There were people wrapped in trans flags and waving them; there were people of every gender presentation, including non-binary and totally indeterminate; the age range spanned queer elders who had evidently been doing this shit for years to parents of school-aged trans children (and trans parents of school-aged children) to toddlers with scribbly, glittery signs. The trees of Post Office Square were lit up purple and there were blue and pink lights in the windows of a building on Pearl Street. I took a blue-and-pink-and-white-striped poster reading "Protect Trans Youth" from a man with a sheaf of them and carried it for the rest of the night. I had a nice exchange with the young trans man next to me and his cis boyfriend who had just bought him some H.G. Wells, as a good boyfriend should; during the portion of the rally when we were encouraged to introduce ourselves to strangers and meet our community, a pink-haired activist from Athens, Georgia and I bonded over our sudden mutual flashback to college orientation. I complimented one protester on his pride flag kippah and another on her trans flag bowtie. (I got compliments on my bisexual unicorn T-shirt.) The executive director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the couple of hundred people who had shown up on practically no notice to tell the trans youth of Boston and elsewhere that they are not alone; he pointed out the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education on the other side of Congress Street and spoke passionately about intersectionality—making the cogent point that this administration has not just now begun to hurt trans people; trans people who are Black, Muslim, Latinx, and immigrants have already been hurt—and then threw the megaphone open to trans students and teachers, of whom I think my favorite was the tenth-grade trans boy who talked about equality: "We're all human! We're all skeletons!" And then the formal part of the rally broke up into networking and people with signs going off to line both sidewalks of Congress Street, at which point a woman I had met last month at Jewish Voice for Peace came up and greeted me and [personal profile] skygiants, [personal profile] genarti, [personal profile] sandrylene, and [ profile] teenybuffalo all wandered by at once. I could not participate very loudly in the communal call-and-response, but it was important for me to say the words: When trans youth are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back. When trans rights are being denied, resistance is justified. We're here, we're trans, no walls and no bans. People honked in support as they drove by, smiled out the window, gave thumbs-up, Doppler-cheered. I was told later that one man shouted "Trump! Trump! Trump!" as he drove past, but since I didn't even hear him over the activist chanting, I don't think he won.

I did not expect the rally to turn into a march. I'm not sure the rally was expecting it. But first there were protesters with signs on either side of the street, then there were protesters with signs in the street, then there were protesters with signs walking down the street with the trans flag out front, and by the time we turned the corner on Franklin Street we were definitely a march. The call-and-response widened to include Whose streets? Our streets! Whose city? Our city! and We all got to pee, so let's get free, which I had not heard before. There was a brief logjam at Downtown Crossing which occasioned the only violence I saw all night—a bunch of kids on the sidewalk who didn't care about trans rights but were happy to shout "Fuck Trump!" got into some kind of altercation with one of the older protesters; he got slapped or otherwise physically infringed on, but I saw people taking care of him after the kids ran off—but on the whole bystanders were either visibly supportive or took out their phones in a neutral to approving fashion. We marched up Winter Street; one of the loudest voices in the chants near me belonged to a woman with a white cane. A number of protesters including the Sandry contingent peeled off at Park Street, but I guessed the core of the march was heading for the Massachusetts State House and followed them, which is why there may yet surface some footage of me standing outside the locked front gates of our state house and talking about Bill H.97, although since I couldn't remember the number I just said it was co-sponsored by Christine Barber and designed to protect minors from so-called conversion therapies and had been sitting in committee for over a year and could our state representatives just agree that torturing children is bad and pass the damn thing already? Other people spoke before me, more angrily, more lovingly, and more eloquently: a non-binary trans femme MIT professor who had to leave to grade papers, but first reminded the audience that trans people have always existed, that gender has never been binary (it's so true); a working-class male-presenting trans person with a kerchief over their face because they did not feel safe revealing their identity, talking about class and safety and the need for networks in Boston to help homeless trans people like they had been last summer; the H.G. Wells-buying boyfriend I had met first, doing a much less awkward job than he thought expressing love and support for his boyfriend who had been kicked out of his parents' house for coming out as trans when he was sixteen. People talked about statistics, suicides, bashings, murders. People said things to each other like "I love you; you're beautiful." People chanted hey, hey, ho, ho, white supremacy has got to go. For a while there was a police car spinning its lights over the crowd, but it left without arresting anyone. (I hadn't been confident it would.) There were local news crews at Post Office Square and the State House, which I managed to miss completely. There are some nice photographs here. Around eight o'clock everything broke up quietly and I took the Red Line to Davis and met [ profile] derspatchel for a very late dinner when he got out of work. My knee is hurting again and I think I spoke more than I have in a week, but it was worth it.

Oh, and I met a trans woman in the bathroom at Walgreen's on my way over to the rally. The worst thing that happened was we were both in a Walgreen's bathroom.

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So Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes had patriotically joined the war effort, done his initial basic training, shot the shit out of targets with his Snipers rifle, got deployed to Europe to fight them nasty Nazis, jumped out of a plane with a faulty chute, bounced down a mountain side with no brakes and ended up with a post life addiction to blood, a Purple Star and finally disowned from his own family because according to the Church he didn’t have a soul any more.

Of course the fact that he got regularly laid by Captain America the Virgin was icing on his damn cake.

Words: 6431, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Vampire Stories

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([personal profile] julian Feb. 24th, 2017 12:41 am)
So no matter what happens with my job (it's still in flux; this is annoying), I'm (probably, quite likely) going back to school anyway.

I'd gotten about 3/5ths of the way through Lesley, and then (I say vaguely) several annoying things happened with classes, and also, I let lack of structure surrounding the internships mess up my momentum. Then I avoided for awhile, and then I avoided my parents about it, and then I avoided the avoiding for like, years, and then I felt bad about avoiding, and then! I said to myself, when my job was more in flux than it is now, "Hey, I could just... restart from the Associate's degree credits," and am now mostly through applying to Cambridge College, which is basically one step up from a community college, BUT, it has Human Services/Counseling/Psych stuff, and a good diverse bunch of adult students, and I can do 3-4 classes at once, keep momentum and structure up, kick arse, and contemplate grad school. Maybe. First let us see if Cambridge works, and go from there.

Presuming I get through taxes and FAFSA stuff by the end of March, I should be starting in June. (Presuming they let me in, knock wood.)

I went over to Lesley and got an unofficial transcript, today, just to make sure my fuckuppery was as thorough as I thought it was, and yes, my GPA had gotten down to 2.9 and there are Incompletes dotting the landscape, so I feel more content about this, and the not-transferring the credits. (And I also have been doing Thoughts about how not to repeat mistakes, which mostly boils down to, "I will not let myself shirk structures built by classes and momentum.")

Then I went and yelled a lot about protecting trans kids and other trans folks, over at the rally in Boston. Massachusetts folks, Sovay said at the rally and also says on her LJ, to call your State Reps about House Bill 97, which would ban aversive therapies for teenagers, aka conversion therapy.

Edit: Oh, hey, she wrote up the rally, too!. Quite thoroughly.
Hi guys! I'm going to watch the episode after I get this posted for you, I wanted to get it up early so you wouldn't have to wait so late to see it. It's been a long week, Lee's still sick. We have to go back to the docs, again, tomorrow. Wish us luck, we sure could use it.

The files are almost finished uploading, both MP4 and the AVI formats. As soon as they're done, just follow the links below and then click to download whichever format you'd like best. :)

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If you have any problems with the file, or if you need to update your audio/video codecs to play the file, you can find them here:

Hope that everyone is doing okay. *hugs you hard*
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([personal profile] ysabetwordsmith Feb. 23rd, 2017 08:20 pm)
This poem is spillover from the November 8, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] sweet_sparrow. It also fills the "recreation" square in my 10-4-16 card for the Games and Sports Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the Cassandra thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

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([personal profile] yhlee Feb. 23rd, 2017 11:25 pm)
I felt like practicing rendering figures, and Blacklist was handy, so...

Ink: Robert Oster Astorquiza Rot.
Pen: Aurora Optima 75th Anniversary.
Character: Agent Elizabeth Keen (from a scene in 2.1).

Ink: Robert Oster School Blue.
Pen: Aurora Optima blue chrome.
Character: Samar Navabi (from a scene in 2.2). I am already in love with her.

(Don't worry; your irregular unscheduled catten will return soon.)
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([personal profile] kate Feb. 23rd, 2017 09:06 pm)
Guys who was behind me in line at security tonight!!!

You'll never guess.




And she was fucking awesome.
Banner for Edge of Sorrow, Heart of Truth by feliciacraft

Disclaimer: Joss's characters; not mine (except the OC).
In this chapter: (Season 6 AU) The first day after Buffy's resurrection continues. Everyone has a mission of their own (and possibly a theory or a lead). Buffy confronts the Scoobies. (If you've never read this story, this is actually a good point to come in. Enough context is given in this chapter to get you all caught up.) :) Or, if you want: Previously on AO3
Beta: The wondrous All4Spike!
Feedback: Yes, please! (I'm a big girl; I can take it.) Specifically, who's your favorite character in this one? (Anya? The Buffybot? Lol...)

Dawn points, and another day
Prepares for heat and silence.
I am here
or there, or elsewhere. In my beginning.

-- T. S. Eliot, East Coker
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Because, oh, a world where John met Mycroft first, a world where John's loyalty might not be to Sherlock and the disastrous results of that. Sometimes, the dystopias make you so glad of how canon actually turned out.

you'll never be alone in the bone orchard (9114 words) by Sarah T
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes

John Watson meets Mycroft Holmes one day early. The world tilts slightly on its axis.

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([personal profile] kalloway Feb. 23rd, 2017 09:19 pm)
Internet is holding in there. \o/ Computer might be at the shop a few days, however.

I feel like there's something else I should mention, but nothing is coming to mind. I'll be back when I can. ^^;;


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