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I approve of Sarah. And Brody. And Preston. Shockingly, I approve of all Ninja Steel Rangers introduced so far.

Posted by Sean Leahy

Getty Images
Getty Images

No. 1 Star: Jordan Eberle, Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers chased Chad Johnson after six minutes with three goals en route to a 7-3 win over the Calgary Flames. Eberle had a big night, scoring twice and assisting on two others. Laurent Brossoit stood tall in goal making 38 saves to earn his first career NHL win.

No. 2 Star: Radim Vrbata, Arizona Coyotes

Vrbata tied a career best with a goal and three assists and Martin Hanzal and Tobias Rieder each chipped in three points as the Coyotes downed the Tampa Bay Lightning 5-3. Mike Smith stopped 44 saves, the seventh time this season he’s had to make at least 40 saves.

No. 3 Star: Scott Hartnell, Columbus Blue Jackets

Hartnell scored twice during a 3-2 win over the Carolina Hurricanes. His second was the most important goal of the game when it came 10:25 into the third period and broke the 2-2 deadlock for good.

Honorable Mention: Blue Jackets rookie Markus Hannikainen and Coyotes freshman Christian Fischer scored their first NHL goals … Zach Bogosian fired home the overtime winner 1:48 into the extra period moments after Robin Lehner made a great glove save to help the Buffalo Sabres beat the Montreal Canadiens 3-2 … Anders Lee scored twice on the power play and J.F. Berube stopped 34 shots for his first win of the season as the New York Islanders doubled up the Los Angeles Kings 4-2. Lee now has 16 goals in his last 26 games. The Islanders have now won three straight and their first two games under interim head coach Doug Weight … Mike Hoffman’s goal with 1:11 left in regulation forced overtime and then Tom Pyatt’s goal in the fourth round of the shootout gave the Ottawa Senators a 3-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Mike Condon made 31 saves for his fifth win in six starts … David Schlemko was the hero 1:18 into overtime as the San Jose Sharks beat the Colorado Avalanche 3-2.

Two power play goals from Bryan Little and 34 saves from Ondrej Pavelec helped the Winnipeg Jets get by the St. Louis Blues 5-3. Six other Jets had two points as Winnipeg has now won two games to start their four-game homestand. Pavelec, meanwhile, broke his own franchise record with 25 saves in the second period … Keith Kinkaid made 35 saves and Miles Wood scored twice as the New Jersey Devils defeated the Philadelphia Flyers 4-1. New Jersey has won four of their last five. Wood missed out on a Gordie Howe Hat Trick by an assist after a first period fight with Wayne Simmonds … Erik Haula, Ryan Suter and Jason Zucker scored 1:59 apart late in the third period to power the Minnesota Wild past the Anaheim Ducks 5-3 on “Hockey Day in Minnesota”. Haula and Zucker each scored twice and Devan Dubnyk made 26 saves.

Nineteen seconds of overtime was all Jay Beagle needed to help the Washington Capitals beat the Dallas Stars 4-3. Alex Ovechkin scored his 204th career power play goal and Matt Niskanen assisted on three of Washington’s four tallies as the team extended its point streak to 13 games.

Afterward, the good times of the Capitals’ dad trip continued.

This was some nice robbery of Tyler Seguin by Philipp Grubauer:

Did You Know?

Dishonorable Mention: Pheonix Copley’s first NHL start did not good well as he allowed five goals on 29 shots … Ben Bishop was pulled after allowing five goals on 17 shots … The Flyers have now lost 12 of their last 15 games … Hip checks are now minor penalties:


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<b>9 – Pairings – For each of the fandoms from day two, what are your three favorite pairings to write?</b>

Umm, first I don’t really like writing pairings. So we'll do my OTPs instead

Firefly - Zoe/Wash. If we're in crossover land, Jayne/Fi

Burn Notice - Mike/Fi is kind of inherent to the show. But I
 actually love Fi/Jesse

Supernatural - Dean/Metallicar

The Unit - Jonas/Molly is about the only pairing that didn't always make me actively angry.

Terminator: SCC - Sarah/Charley Dixon

Justified - Boyd/Ava

White Collar - Peter Elizabeth

CSI original flavor - none

Torchwood - Jack/Ianto

Farscape - John/Chiana

Leverage - Hardison/Eliot/Parker

Lost - Charlie/Claire. Anyone/Richard Alpert :)

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Are there any seasons with less character development than Lightspeed?

I must have watched a dozen episodes by now, and so far I know that Carter speaks for the team, Kelsey is a daredevil who drinks smoothies straight from the blender, Joel is a misogynist, Chad does tai chi and scuba dives in the morning.

Dana actually has a relationship with her father, a history, and the occasional solo excursion or assignment. As far as I can tell, the show is about her if it's about anyone.

I love that the boys (Chad, we know it's you) have a fish welcome mat.

Does Ryan live in the locker room?
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Me, summarized.
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Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang

4 of 5 stars

I checked this book out from the library after seeing the terrific movie Arrival, based on the story that is the centerpiece of this collection, "Story of Your Life." Before this, the only exposure I'd had to Ted Chiang's work is the marvelous little story "The Great Silence," published in 2015 in E-Flux Journal. (Which y'all should go read immediately, by the way. It'll put dust in your eyes.)

After reading "Story of Your Life," I tip my hat to the screenwriter of Arrival. I'm sure a great many people considered that story unfilmable, and I would have been among them. So much of it, as is the case with many of Chiang's stories, is interior monologue, and it's amazing to me how much of this story's thrust and tone managed to be translated to the screen. Film and prose are very different mediums, of course, and the movie added a couple of subplots that weren't in the story. Still, it is about the best adaptation we could have gotten.

For the most part, the stories in this collection ranged from very good to great. The standouts are "Story of Your Life" and "Hell Is the Absence of God," the latter being a sobering examination of what might happen if Hell, Heaven, and visitations from angels were actual things in our reality. This story has what to me is a dark twist indeed. The only story I wasn't terribly fond of is "Understand," the tale of a man rescued from a permanent vegetative state by the injection of an experimental drug that regenerates his damaged neurons. Unfortunately, in the usual way of there-are-some-things-humans-weren't-meant-to-know, this drug causes him to evolve into a sort of godlike superbeing, at least until he meets up with another of his kind who shuts him down. I'm just not into that sort of consciousness-gestalt-meta awareness narration (unless the author is Peter Watts and space vampires are included). That said, this is still a masterful story: Chiang is very much in control of his weird, twisty narrative, and I can appreciate it even though I didn't like it very much.

These stories are a cut above almost anything else you might read, and Ted Chiang is a writer's writer. You owe it to yourself to check him out.


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Title: With Open Eyes
Fandom: The Hobbit
Rating: G
Length: 860
Content notes: Canon Compliant
Author notes: Thanks go to Morgynleri for encouragement & sanity-checking. She gave me the prompt: Returning home, and Gimli introducing Legolas to Fíli and Kíli as his friend/more-than-friend - can be an everyone lives AU or canon where he's at their tombs.
Written for the effort to get the number of Legolas/Gimli fics on AO3 over the 1k mark.
Companion piece to Old Friends and New

On AO3: With Open Eyes

Summary: Gimli takes Legolas to see Fili and Kili

With Open Eyes )
Some thoughts on With Open Eyes and Old Friends and New )

Posted by Sean Leahy

Kate Morrison / Twitter
Kate Morrison / Twitter

The Dallas Stars jumboton takes no prisoners, from pop stars to the fake girlfriends of football players to opposing cities to new presidential administrations.

[Follow Puck Daddy on social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Tumblr]

Hours after new White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed that President Donald Trump’s had “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe,” which was fact-checked all Saturday afternoon, the Stars’ jumbotron was inspired when attendance numbers for their game against the Washington Capitals were released, as captured by baseball writer Kate Morrison.

While estimates vary of exactly how many people attended Friday’s inauguration, we can be certain American Airlines Center does not fit 1.5 million people. Though, maybe you could squeeze that many into Jerry World.

– – – – – – –

Sean Leahy is the associate editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter!


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* I've come around to wanting a bit to play the Phoenix Wright title most recently released in the US, Spirit of Justice, which partner played several months ago. Charged the 3DS's battery and everything. Now I'm under deadline, and reading syndicated feeds for three minutes at a time is what my brain can handle amidst officework and housework. *shrugs* The battery has discharged itself from inactivity.

* Only two queued book posts remain, also, because I've finished only one book a month for several months---just nibbles and nibbles. I persist with what I'm reading, but it's sooooo sloooooow. FTR: Drowned Amnet, Ninefox Gambit, Died in the Wool.

...There, I've banged out a third book post. There's a draft of a fourth, for Cart and Cwidder, and there are two "random books I forgot to blog earlier" posts; then I may fall off the Wednesday-reading habit. We'll see.

* Current deadline pressure: not as vexing or personally crushing as a non-deadline, randomly bad day at the old job. The "I'm not actually entry-level" habits have emerged in the form of gauged project-management efforts; someone else is supposed to be driving a certain complex project, and since the person hasn't really been, I've been maneuvering somewhat while stopping short of what'd look like trying to manage that person from a distance. Interesting puzzle in its own right.

Hard several ways, this deadline, yet invigorating, not attenuating. Some of it is the relief of finding that I haven't been pretending: I really can learn things, sometimes very quickly, and be of some use in new-to-me contexts. There's still much to learn! That too is a relief; I won't become bored within a year. Hope I may continue being of use.

* I have a bunch of other thoughts but have stopped posting in any 'net context about political issues. Call it being a child of the Cold War.
Bad Guy: This is perfect. I'll blow up the city from underneath!
Carter: Not today!
Bad Guy: No?
Carter: Or any day!

Good save, Carter.

Kelsey: Thanks, Ms. F!
Dr. Fairweather: Be careful! I mean, try to bring it back in one piece.

Even cuter save.
I wonder how long it was silent before I realized Netflix is asking me if I'm still watching Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

Obviously not, Netflix; I am listening to Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Please keep the episodes playing or I will, as usual, not notice. And then how will I know what happens?

...Wait, don't they share rooms? How does Chad get away with banging on Kelsey's door and yelling for her early in the morning without Dana shouting back at him? Unless Dana gets up earlier than Kelsey?
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What happened today was in one word amazing. And it gave me hope for the future, so much hope.

This is what I posted on my Face Book page:

Every march around the world today was non-violent. There was no violence. No gas. No pain. I checked the news -- and it was peaceful. Everywhere. No bombs. No terrorist attacks. No carnage. In every city around the world where there were marches. We felt safe. Not for a minute did I feel unsafe. When a child went missing in NY, we automatically did an echo and response, her name, her jacket, her age, and where to go. We chanted, "we want a leader, not a creepy tweeter" and "rights for all", we supported each other, sang, clapped, and bonded. No terrorist attacks. The police were friendly. And on the crowded subways home? People got up and gave seats to those who needed them, were kind, and helpful. The weather across the US was warmer than usual and nice. The sun came out for a bit. It didn't rain. It was like mother nature was smiling down at us, with her approval and her grace. (Yesterday, in stark contrast it rained all day, was dreary, and cold.) Today, yes, cold, but not freezing, in the 40s and 50s, in NY, bearable and the news reported more or less the same elsewhere. You can stand up for what you believe without guns, without fisticuffs, without violence, in peaceful celebration of life and diversity. Without hate in your heart. And the sun will shine down on you in response.

And here are some links:

Pictures of the Women's March Around the World Today

We marched in all 50 States, and almost all our cities, from sea to shining sea, including Hawaii. Canada marched, Great Britain, France, Germany, they did it around the world. A tally of 4.1 million at last count -- although I think it is more because a lot of people came and did it part way, or had to bail. Many didn't have themselves counted.

Women's March attendance being reported, so Facebook

Los Angeles: 750K
Washington, DC: 500K
New York: 400K
Chicago: 250K
Boston: 175K
Denver: 150K
Seattle: 130K
London: 100K
Portland: 100K
St. Paul: 100K
San Francisco: 100K
Paris: 80K
Madison: 75k
Atlanta: 60K
Oakland: 60K
Toronto: 60K
Philadelphia: 50K
Austin: 50K
San Diego: 30K
Des Moines: 26K
San Jose: 25K
Pittsburgh: 25K
Houston: 22K
Nashville: 20K
Sacramento: 20K
Phoenix: 20K
St. Petersburg: 20K
St. Louis: 20K
Omaha: 18K
Raleigh: 17K
Tucson: 15K
Cleveland: 15K
Montpelier: 15K
Portland, ME: 15K
Ashland, OR: 15K
Santa Ana, CA: 15K
Las Vegas: 15K
Tallahassee: 14K
Oklahoma City: 12K
Cincinatti: 12K
Ann Arbor: 11K
Vancouver, BC: 10K
Reno: 10K
Kansas City: 10K
Miami: 10K
Olympia: 10K
Walnut Creek: 10K
Charlotte: 10K
Lansing: 10K
Melbourne: 10K
Ithaca: 10K
Asheville: 10K
New Orleans: 10K
Hartford: 10K
Augusta: 10K
Helena: 10K
Madrid: 10K
Bellingham: 10K
Seneca Falls, NY: 10K
Santa Cruz: 10K
Park City: 8K
Honolulu: 8K
Ottawa, ON: 8K
Albany, NY: 7K
San Luis Obispo: 7K
Little Rock: 7K
Eugene, OR: 7K
Indianapolis: 7K
West Palm Beach: 7K
Providence: 7K
Colorado Springs: 7K
Lansing: 7K
Memphis: 6K
Asbury Park: 6K
Calgary, AB: 6K
Santa Fe: 6K
VIctoria, BC: 6K
Santa Barbara: 6K
Boise: 5K
Knoxville: 5K
Santa Rosa: 5K
Detroit: 5K
Sydney: 5K
Lexington: 5K
Champaign: 5K
Baltimore: 5K
Dallas: 5K
Fort Worth: 5K
Louisville: 5K
Spokane: 5K
Sarasota: 5K
Bend, OR: 4K
Portsmouth, NH: 4K
Sioux Falls: 4K
Topeka: 3K
Charleston: 3K
Buffalo: 3K
Fargo: 3K
Winnipeg: 3K
Erie, PA: 3K
Wichita: 3K
Columbus: 3K
Dayton: 3K
Albuquerque: 3K
Lincoln: 3K
Roanoke: 3K
Chico, CA: 3K
Amsterdam: 3K
Greenfield, MA: 2K
Fresno: 2K
Achorage: 2K
Pensacola: 2K
Manchester: 2K
Astoria: 2K
Rochester: 2K
Fairbanks: 2K
Montreal: 2K
Edmonton: 2K
Syracuse: 2K
Columbia, SC: 2K
Northampton: 2K
Oslo: 2K
Dublin: 2K
Eureka: 2K
Casper: 1K
Kalamazoo: 1K
Wilmington, NC: 1K
Frederick, MD: 1K
Wooster, OH: 1K
Savannah: 1K
Stockholm: 1K
Halifax, NS: 1K
Cheyenne: 1K
Nanaimo, BC: 1K

These are the Official Ones but they keep changing, the above tallies are more accurate

Powerful Photos of Marches Around the World

Over 670 cities around the world participated, including small towns and compounds, such as the science research base on Antartica.

The Women's March is a Stand Against Complacency or Things are so Bad, that Introverts are here.

The signs were almost all homemade. Many were clever, channeling humor and whimsy (“There will be hell toupee,” “Things are so bad even introverts have to protest”), as well as anger, determination and commitment.


The politics of the next few months and years will depend a great deal on whether the energy displayed on Saturday is sustained through the hard work of political activism. I can imagine skeptics reading this and saying one day of protests will be very easy for Trump and the Republican Party to absorb (even if one can imagine Trump’s fury at not getting even a day’s peace).

But there is reason to believe this was not a one-off. First, there was not a single march in Washington but demonstrations all over the country. As the tea party showed, change comes from local actions coordinated nationally. There is clearly a large national base of opposition, community by community.

Second, the reaction to Trump is unprecedented. No other president faced such a wave of rallies immediately after he took office. No other president so quickly mobilized so many people against him. Trump really is special.

Third, the march here (and such evidence I have seen suggests this was true elsewhere) was strikingly nonsectarian. There were not people pushing very narrow ideological agendas or political subgroups insisting that they and only they had, in old left parlance, “the right line” on the future. Different parts of the anti-Trump coalition were generally happy to reinforce one another’s messages.

Finally, Trump’s election jarred many progressives and moderates from quiescence. If these marches were for women and against Trump, they were also marches against complacency. That may have been their most important message.

And...finally. Ashely Judd Explains Why Many Women Marched Today
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Preserve, Protect, and Defend by David Remnick, who tells it like it is.
Where is the slightest evidence of this magical transformation? Where are all the sober counsellors, the newfound ethics? Where is the competence, the decency, and the humanity? The reality is that the Donald Trump of birtherism, of Mexican “rapists,” of Muslim registries, of “grab them by the pussy,” of bankruptcies and lawsuits and colossal conflicts of interest—this is the same Donald Trump who, with his hand on Lincoln’s Bible, is taking the oath of office, vowing to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

via Onyx Lynx
Joel: So you'll go out with me?
Dr. Fairweather: Absolutely not. Lightspeed regulation 322.1 says there shall be no fraternization between squad members.
Joel: Oh. Well, if it weren't for that silly rule, you and I would have a great time.
Dr. Fairweather: Oh, Joel. We'd paint the town red. Now, how about you take that cycle out and test it for me.
Dana: ...There is no regulation 322.1.
Dr. Fairweather: Yes, well. Perhaps in this case there should be.

Said every woman ever.
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I went to the Women's March in Annapolis, MD today. Annapolis is the state capital situated on the Chesapeake Bay. There were also marches in Maryland today in Baltimore, Frederick, and Ocean City. They only announced the Annapolis March last week, so it was impressive that we had 1,600 people attending our wee march.


People gathered at the City Dock at 11am. At about 11:15 we started marching across Market Square by the docks and then up West St to the State Building where we had a short rally. I couldn't hear or see the speakers. It all ended before 1 pm. Along the way I heard someone along the side complaining about us and then her companion next to her say, "Now you know if things were reversed, you'd be marching . . ." (-:


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