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Day 1 - Which Star Trek series is your favorite?

I can't choose between Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Emotionally, I mean. Rationally, I know overall DS9 is the better show, but I love them both equally, and so I refuse to choose. Neither was my entry into Stark Trek, that was TOS, but I became a convention-attending, fanzine-buying, debates-having fan when TNG and DS9 were broadcast. I, um, may have once travelled to England, in the days before you could order that stuff online, for the main purpose of aquiring TNG videos of episodes that wouldn't be broadcast in Germany for another year. As for DS9, it's no coincidence most of my Star Trek stories are DS9 stories. Such a rich ensemble of characters, both regular and recurring.

Day 2 - Who is your favorite character?
Day 3 - Who is your least favorite character?
Day 4 - What was the first episode/movie you watched?
Day 5 - What was the first Star Trek series you watched?
Day 6 - Your favorite canon pairing? (Canon being the series and the movies, including the reboot.)
Day 7 - Your favorite non-canon pairing?
Day 8 - Your favorite actor/actress? (Not the same as character.)
Day 9 - What's your favorite episode?
Day 10 - What's your favorite species? (Humans are a species as well.)
Day 11 - What's your least favorite species? (See question 9 about species.)
Day 12 - What's your favorite funny moment?
Day 13 - What's your favorite dramatic moment?
Day 14 - What's your favorite Star Trek quote?
Day 15 - How did you get into Star Trek?
Day 16 - Are you involved with Star Trek fandom?
Day 17 - Have you read any of the books? If so, which ones?
Day 18 - If you could be any species in the Star Trek universe, what would you be?
Day 19 - How did the Star Trek reboot affect you?
Day 20 - Of the minor characters (one shots, not the recurring ones) who’s your favorite?
Day 21 - Which Star Trek food would you want to try at least once?
Day 22 - Which Star Trek world would you want to visit at least once?
Day 23 - Is there anything you'd want to change about Star Trek? Why?
Day 24 - Is there anything about Star Trek that has disappointed you?
Day 25 - How has Star Trek changed you?
Day 26 - Lots of Star Trek Parodies out there. Which do you dig?
Day 27 - What would you cross over with Star Trek?
Day 28 - Your favourite friendship in Star Trek?
Day 29 - If you could tell Gene Roddenberry one thing, Star Trek related or not, what would it be?

Date: 5 Jun 2015 20:00 (UTC)
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Totally stealing this meme!


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