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Wherein Jimmy finds a new way of community service.

Mind you, while Jimmy using his lawyer-fu combined with his con man experience to scare the jerkish supervisor into granting him what he wants at the end of the episode and is able to get his ads sold with an instrument thrown in from the music store owners, he has to pull the kind of stunt the twins wanted to pull on him at the start of this show, the lamest, most blatant kind of con with the genuine risk of self hurt - and he did hurt his back while doing it. The pathos that lies in this is a bit off set by the frustration Kim must be experiencing because Jimmy refuses to let her pay for expenses for the duration of his one-year-disbarrment. Which is all about pride. (Btw: imo this is one of the non-criminal differences between Jimmy and Saul - as Saul, he'd have taken the offer.) I do suspect her accepting another client despite her Mesa Verde work load will end up in Jimmy helping by "consulting" (The Good Wife told me this is sort of legal because Will Gardner did it all the time when he was barred for a year), i.e doing actual legal work again and that she'll then argue he should let her pay for the expenses because he's in effect co-earning it. Unless, of course, by this time Jimmy and Kim have had a big break up. Because given he had his showdown with Chuck mid season, I don't see where else the big emotional drama in the season finale should come from.

In terms of suspense, the Nacho storyline has pulled ahead of everyone else's, of course. And somehow this works for me with Nacho in a way it didn't when it was solely Mike doing the drug trade business honors, possible because Nacho is a BCS OC and we honestly don't know yet what will become of him (though we do know what will become of Hector Salamanca). Also because Nacho is the most likeable young gangster in this 'verse since Jesse Pinkman hightailed it out of it.

So Dr. Claire is Dr. Clea DuVall from s1, and Chuck is indeed working hard on his condition. And making progress - though he's delusional on another front if he thinks he's got friends left to fill his house to party with once he's able to do so again -, just in time for Howard to show up with the news about the malpractice insurance which the viewer knows was caused by Jimmy's act last episode. Which will presumably bury Chuck's dream of returning to court and practice again, which will leave him with nothing more to strive for. With the most likely result being a complete relapse and/or suicide. Current guess: the later, because as I said, we had the fraternal showdown in court, a reconciliation isn't in the cards, and while it's possible Chuck gets written out with the last glimpse of him being a crazy lonely hermit in an institution, the laws of tv make me suspect something more final is in the offering, not least because Kim is already feeling guilty, and would assume this was because of what happened in court, while Jimmy would know it was actually because of the malpractice stunt, and the effect on both of them would be strong in their storyline.

Opening teaser: a flashback featuring the late lamented Marco and Jimmy breaking into the McGill parents' old store, with Jimmy talking with barely concealed and very Chuck like bitterness about his father and his father's bleeding heart. Marco even seems a bit appalled at the degree of Jimmy's resentment. His "but everybody liked them", and Jimmy's bitter reply that yes, everyone liked his father because his father was such a sucker for a sob story brought the emotional parallels between the brothers home to me. Because it struck me that Jimmy's con man career and self image was fueled to a considerable degree by that resentment, just as Chuck's idea of himself as Lawfully Good Above All, needing to punish the rule breakers, is fueled so much by resentment and jealousy of Jimmly.


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