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Yep, Rachel definitely is my favorite now.

After getting Sarah & Co. to spring her from Dyad and trading Crystal in last season, this is the second devious plan Rachel has pulled off with style. Also, as opposed to "did Alison sell them out to save Donnie?" last episode, which wasn't really a question because there's no way the show, who keeps using Alison for comic relief mainly, would go there, Rachel absolutely is capable (willing and able) to screw everyone over in order to get back on top. Would she, if she thought it was the best way for her, make an alliance with Evie? You bet. So there was genuine tension.

However, and this is why I knew Rachel was playing Evie (and Evie should have known, too), there is no way she'd simply hand over one part of her only leverage and the exact location of the other part of her leverage before Evie had given her something. Moreover, Rachel knew that Evie had no reason to fulfill any promises to her once Kendra, video and child were handed over. And Rachel definitely wants to be back on top. The best way to be is to discredit Evie (and her "clones are out, genetic modifcation by worm is in!" strategy) so thoroughly that Evie as head of Neolution is done for. And that's why Rachel in this case came up with a winning strategy that also happened to benefit Sarah & Co. Not because Rachel now has discovered Clone fellow feeling. Which makes the character so believable and great for me.

This being said, I think Rachel has developed feelings for Charlotte, and arguably Ira, and remains screwed up about her parents. Speaking of whom, seems I have misidentified last week's beardy man and he's not Ethan but a stranger. Otoh it's clearer now that what Rachel keeps seeing, now in lengthier bits and pieces (no pun about killed swans intended), is actually a broadcast from the island. Presumably from that part of it which Charlotte drew Cosima's attention towards, where we have a mysterious settlement. (Since it's the island of Dr. Moreau under another name, and to honor the H.G. Wells-ness of it all, I expect the colony of mysterious beardy survivalists to be called Morlock, or something like that, show.) At a guess, the Victorian founder of neolution also founded a second secret the society... or something?

Meanwhile, a tale of Hendrixes: but what became of the bug that Alison got threatened with when Helena shot the thug? I wouldn't let that thing creep on the floor of my house, if I were Alison. Sorry, the comic reliefness of it all has deprived me of genuine fears here. I mean, I could see Helena coming to the rescue a mile away, ever since she asked Sarah on the phone how the Hendrixes were doing.

Adele's reaction to Helena showing up at Felix' was great, and I found both Felix NOT telling her the truth (in order not to draw her into the Clone madness) and Adele's goodbye realistically bittersweet...right until the very last scene revealing Adele (that was her, right?) sitting in front of some computer some where. Show, I really really really hoped you wouldn't go there (i.e. evil Adele). You did well until that point, because Felix and Sarah had already reconciled and declared sibling love without that. Bah. I'm hoping against hope it won't be Evil McEvil but lawfully neutral (ha) or something. Her keeping secrets would be only fair.

ETA: just read another review, and seems I got it wrong altogether - it wasn't Adele in the last scene, it was Delphine. Okay then, Adele exited on a plausible and good note, and Delphine, well, you all know my feelings about her.

Trivia: the opening scene of Rachel and Ira meeting Sarah and Felix again underscored how Rachel - Ira - Susan - Charlotte in this season have become the flipside/dark mirror/even more dysfunctional version of Sarah - Felix - Siobhan - Kira.

Date: 11 Jun 2016 08:34 (UTC)
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It wasn't Adele at the computer in the final scene, thankfully. It was Delphine.

Date: 11 Jun 2016 08:41 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am protective of Adele and glad she went out on a strong note without devastating Felix further. And I liked the emphasis this episode put on showing just how much this clone programme has damaged the lives of everyone involved. But I'm very much not a fan of Delphine or her effect on Cosima's plots, and it annoys me that she's back.

Date: 14 Jun 2016 05:23 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] nenya_kanadka
Yeah--I completely understand bringing Delphine back from a "(don't) kill your gays" standpoint. And she's a huge fan favourite. But she drives me nuts and I just cannot ship manipulative Neolution lady/Cosima who is a clone. I love my f/f, hell I am a queer lady, but no. Ah well, I guess I can't always get what I want. (Which would be a happy lesbian relationship for Cos that wasn't with Delphine.)

Date: 11 Jun 2016 09:33 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] wee_warrior
Evie falling for Rachel's manipulation also shows that she doesn't really know her all that well: if Rachel tells you that something you said offended her, I'd expect the knives to come out and not for her to come crawling to serve under you. But I guess Evie's somewhat peculiar disdain for clones won out over common sense here.
(I keep wondering if they wanted to do this storyline with Michelle Forbes originally, but couldn't get her back for this season, since a lot of the Brightborn-Evie plot seems a little thin and awkwardly put together.)

MacGuffin Bug at the Hendrixes: I expect Allison to do the most vigorous spring cleaning ever and slaughter that thing. Alternatively, the end of the world as we know it started in a Desperate Housewives-inspired suburb. Wouldn't surprise me.

Ira seems on his way to become everyone's favourite Castor clone. Even Sarah seems to be thawing somewhat towards him.

Rachel's visions: broadcast or recording? She did see the dead swan repeatedly, so I'm not sure this was live. Doesn't mean there aren't still people hiding out on the island. Maybe Dr. Ersatz Moreau did create his own merry band of special people, whose descendants still live there.

I could imagine that that's also where Cosima will find Delphine eventually - and I'm with you in being relieved that it wasn't Adele, but less than thrilled that Cophine is rearing its annoying head yet again. One of these ships that just won't go gentle into that good night. Grr.

But now that Ep 9 has given me ex-pregnant goth girl (Trina!), presumably wrapped up Brightborn, cleared up where Helena had been (did she really commit poaching in a National Park?), concluded Felix's bio family arc in a satisfying way, and made good on that Delphine tease, it stands to reason that the finale will elaborate on Kira's psychic powers, right? And, oh, maybe clear up Dizzy's deal.

Date: 10 Aug 2017 12:46 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] grimorie
(I keep wondering if they wanted to do this storyline with Michelle Forbes originally, but couldn't get her back for this season, since a lot of the Brightborn-Evie plot seems a little thin and awkwardly put together.)

I know this is very late, but I've been doing an Orphan Black rewatch and reading through Selena's reviews and found this comment, and it felt like a lightbulb moment because now I can actually see Michelle Forbes' character playing Evie's character! And it fits right in! I did like the eventual mirroring of Evie and Rachel but I can *see* this so well!


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