8 August 2012

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Day 26 ~ A scene you can watch over and over again.

Many, but you know, for relaxing purposes, this one will do nicely:

Many shows do sex scenes. Not many can come up with charming post coital/the morning after scenes like this one, which is Rodrigo and Giulia after their threesome with Vittoria (and a slight hangover from the party), and tells us something about both of them, their relationship, and manages to be both funny , for my money, sexy in a way lots of explicit on screen gymnastics aren’t.

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A very busy last few days, but now I finally can post some links I collected over the last week, of delicious meta:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Warren Mears and the way he parallels various main characters, mainly but not exclusively Willow, Spike and Buffy. Warren meta is rare, and perhaps because of this almost invariably very good when it goes get written.

Buffy the movie versus Joss Whedon’s original script and the Origin comic. Fascinating. I’ve seen the film – years after the show - and read Origin which is based on Joss’ script, but the implication of various differences the poster points out escaped me until this post. Also, twenty years ago. Wow. And it never sunk in before that Joss was only twenty five years old when writing said script that started it all.

Speaking of the Buffyverse, for some reason Andraste’s and my old story Trio: The Musical, aka the one about what the trio were up to during Once More, With Feeling, complete with songs and the truth about how Sweet came to Sunnydale, keeps getting spam mail. It is really bizarre. Does anyone wise to the ways of spam and web why this could be?


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