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Yours truly spent three days in Switzerland over the weekend, then hastened back to Germany. It wasn't a leisure trip, but I did see plenty of the region I was in, which was the Tessin, a part of Switzerland where the Italian language dominates, around the Lago Maggiore. Which is breathtakingly beautiful. Hence, pictures.

Paraglider über Lago Maggiore photo 2017_0528Tessin0150_zpsrxbu2joo.jpg

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selenak: (Bamberg - Kathyh) all who celebrate, and greetings with pictures of beautiful wells for everyone. I'm still with the APs until the holidays are over, and then I'm off to Munich again. Yesterday we followed family tradition and drove through Franconian Switzerland to admire the Easter Wells. Generally this has been a cloudy week in my part of the world, but on Good Friday, the sun shone in Franconia. And behold:

Bieberach photo SAM_2843_zpszujgqdn7.jpg

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Last report from the land under the white cloud, as the Maori used to call it. We're leaving for Germany tomorrow, which means another 24 hours in the air, which means you'll hear from me at the weekend at the earliest. Meanwhile, one last installment of my New Zealandian adventures, featuring the Coromandel Peninsula, the Bay of Islands and Auckland.

Von Haiha nach Whittianga photo SAM_2672_zpsx7og6j6t.jpg

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In a hole in a ground, there lived a hobbit.

Bag End photo SAM_2534_zpsvs8vigbb.jpg

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...however, if one is a German used to a lot of hiking in the Alps, one does the Torangiro Alpine Crossing. As you do.

Crater and Mount Tongariro photo SAM_2308_zps55njmeyd.jpg

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Now truly, that was a bit like visiting the beginning of the world. Next: Hobbiton!
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In which we travel from the South lIsland to the North Island and visit the capital.

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The last few days were somewhat more cloudy than our first few in New Zealand, but with treats like this one at Te Anau Lake, who cares?

Regenbogen über Te Anau photo IMG_0883_zps1vczszxb.jpg

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Travelling means not much time online, so I use what I have to share the beauty around me.

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New Zealand: a wondrous experience so far.

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Because we need to look at something beautiful in between the Orange Insult To Everything: a pic spam of something I witnessed the other weekend, the balloon festival known as "Montgolfiade" at the Tegernsee.

Überm Horizont photo 2017_0129Montgolfiade0145_zps9f1klivh.jpg

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selenak: (Bamberg - Kathyh) all who celebrate, and hopefully a good holiday/holidays to everyone else. As in every year, the APs and yours truly walked through Bamberg admiring the various nativity scenes.

Gesamt Karmeliten photo SAM_1096_zpsjyu7x9ox.jpg
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Berlin und Land photo 20161220_170917_zpsq1clmxub.jpg

Some months back, we (meaning my parents & self) were invited to celebrate an 80th birthday in Berlin on December 20th. When we gladly accepted, we thought, might as well arrive a day earlier to stroll through Christmas season Berlin. Which is what we did.

You can guess where this story is going.

(Unless you managed to miss the news entirely. If so, good for you.) Now we, personally, were incredibly lucky. My parents were at the Christmas fair at Breitscheidplatz but an hour before the attack happened; we were telephoning at the time, because we had split up - I was visiting the Jewish Museum to catch a new exhibition there, had to switch off my phone, and wanted to tell them as much in case they'd be trying to reach me in the next two hours. Earlier, we'd visited another of the countless Berlin Christmas fairs, the one at the Gendarmenmarkt, and I had thought about going to the one near the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche as well but changed my mind and chose the Jewish Museum instead. My parents & self were all back in our hotel rooms, happily exhausted after an afternoon in Christmassy Berlin, and checking with emails, when the first news about the attack showed up on twitter. If I hadn't gone to tell my parents I was back as well, I'd assumed they might still be there, but again, I was lucky: I already knew they were safe, and they knew I was. Everyone else, though. Oh, everyone else.

Yesterday, we spent the morning walking around numb and clutching at each other, alternatingly grieved for the victims and increasingly infuriated at the vultures from abroad (the usual suspects) and from within the country (Horst Seehofer, making me throw up for about the 1000th time this year) who were yet again using demagogery and hate. Then the birthday happened, which started with everyone standing up in honor of the victims; the speeches all tackled the subject as well. In the evening, we watched the mourning service at the Gedächtniskirche again from our hotel rooms (it was far too crowded to get into the church itself); it was the opposite of the demagogic soundbites, with the Protestant and Catholic bishops as well as a Rabbi and two Imans all speaking of grief and of the importance to not let our values be taken away as well. One of the Advent songs sung was by Jochen Klepper, a German theologian and writer who'd refused to divorce his Jewish wife and, when she was to be deported, committed suicide with her. The song, which inspired some of the speeches, was about both night, and the hope that there will be light again, the proverbial star as hope in the darkest night. Which summed up sounds clichéd, but believe me, in that service, it felt anything but.

Today, we returned to Bamberg. Below the cut I offer some more of the pictures I made both before and after the attack, of Berlin, the city with already much darkness in its history, but also light.

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With the news getting steadfastly ghastlier and more grotesque by the minute, I figured I'd share some of my weekend sights. To wit, I visited the highest German mountain, the Zugspitze. Due to some RL business in nearby Garmisch, which is where the winter Olympic Games took place in the 70s. I lucked out with the weather, too, which is why you get some mountain scenery:

 photo SAM_1028_zpsadpzcoi5.jpg

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Like (almost) every year, I spent the last week (and half of this one) with my APs in Southern Tyrolia, aka paradise on earth.

I mean:

Unser Tal photo 20160925_130949_zpsd9vosj0q.jpg

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Flying back to Munich this afternoon, I leave you with some visual impressions of my time in London, with a brief excursion to Winchester, and to Greenwich.

Museum vom Observatory aus photo image_zps906hv2ec.jpeg

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Okay, so it wasn't very reddish in my part of the world, but it was a beautiful sight to behold as it rose over the Tegernsee. Which is why you get a pic spam. (Also it distracts me from Brexit fears. On twitter, there was for a while the hashtag #hugaBrit; I did, [personal profile] londonkds, when he was visiting. I also dragged him around the Tegernsee, poor guy, but then, that's the kind of sinister thing we Germans subject our visitors from Albion to. Since I can't you drag around the lake as well, oh list/circle, have some pictures, as I am off to the city of Leipzig in Saxonia tomorrow.

 photo 20160620_213909_zpsv86pwutt.jpg
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These last two weeks, Bavaria got occasionally lucky with sunshine. Living in Munich means the Alps are next door, so I hiked a lot. Which scenery like this, wouldn't you?

 photo 20160526_150343_zpsdmwgifc1.jpg

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It's your annual pic spam of eggs and wells again, due to yours truly and the APs having made their trip through Franconian Switzerland. We actually discovered a well we hadn't seen before, which was all about beer and shall be hidden beneath the cut. And we revisited some old favourites. The weather, alas, was cloudy and grey, but the colours of the wells shone all the brighter. Happy Easter, everyone! As much as it can be, in these miserable times.

BrückevonDrosendorf photo SAM_7957_zpsue2mquhy.jpg

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A few glimpses at Hamburg, where I was yesterday. Usually when I'm in Hamburg it's cloudy and/or the wind is determined to destroy my umbrella, but yesterday, behold:

Hamburger Hafen photo image_zpsei4je4ga.jpeg

(The harbor, obviously, with two of the domes they built in order to stage musicals in the background.)

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Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it, and good tidings to everyone else. Like every year, I present the result of our annual nativity scenes walk to share with all of you, starting with a favourite detail, the basket ball player from Bethlehem (courtesy of our Bamberg basket ball team being one of the town’s pride and joys):

 photo SAM_7297_zpsuizqn6i3.jpg

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