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Ever since [personal profile] trobadora talked about the idea of a Missy Remix, I've been enthralled by it. And now it really happens:

Missy This Fic - the Gomez!Master remix

Meanwhile, in the real world which is currently both darker and far more absurd than Doctor Who ever gets:

This summary of recent events by Alexandra Petri also isn't half bad.
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I'm currently in Prague again (as enchanting as in April, though as then, I'm not here for sightseeing), so have little time, but did manage to browse throught this year's remixes. Here are some I especially enjoyed:


Letters never sent (The Crumbled Sheets Remix

Xander, trying to tell Jesse's parents what happened in the BTVS pilot. It's a story entirely composed of letter attempts, terse, gutwrenching and all too likely.

Fairy Tales:

Feathers and Nettles (The Sibling Remix)

Based on Anderson's tale of the six swans, a story about the youngest brother and his sister. Bittersweet.

Galaxy Quest:

Like no business I know (The Climbing Uphill Remix)

How Gwen experienced the show. Loved it.


Magic Boxes (The What Remains Remix):

Howard builds magic boxes and out of them come weapons. Tony is his greatest creation and his worst nightmare.

Takes the various versions of Howard movies and Agent Carter have presented and creates a coherent whole. It also includes the encounter between Peggy and Vision I never knew I wanted until I read it!
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Aaaand it's time for the remix reveal. I wrote:

Five Times Jesse Pinkman Met A Companion (The Breaking Who Remix) (11021 words) by Selena
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Breaking Bad, Doctor Who & Related Fandoms, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse Pinkman & Walter White, Third Doctor & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Tenth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith, Lance Bennett & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Martha Jones, Jesse Pinkman & Donna Noble, Jesse Pinkman & Jack Harkness, Jesse Pinkman & Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Jesse Pinkman & Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith & Sarah Jane Smith, Rani Chandra & Sarah Jane Smith
Characters: Jesse Pinkman, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Sarah Jane Smith, Walter White, Gwen Cooper, Rex Matheson, Esther Drummond, Third Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Luke Smith, Rani Chandra, Gita Chandra, Jilly Kitzinger, Skyler White
Additional Tags: Crossover

Jesse Pinkman keeps running into past and future time travellers. Or they keep running into him. Sometimes they even bring the Doctor along.

Which brought together two of my favourite fictional universes in a mad love declaration for both.

And I also wrote a tiny little thing for Remix Madness:

First Woman of Rome (The Claudian Remix) (506 words) by Selena
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rome, Historical RPF, I Claudius, Ancient History RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Livia Drusilla & Atia of the Julii
Characters: Atia of the Julii, Livia Drusilla

There is more than one way to win. Livia doesn't need to attack Atia in order to destroy her.

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Remix went live!

I'm on the road right now, which means among other things I won't be able to watch the latest Orphan Black episode until tonight, and the Once upon a time finale not until tomorrow at the earliest, mosf likely Wednesday, though. Reading on the road is a big easier, but not much when you're not travelling alone. However, I had the chance to read the remix based on one of my DS9 stories, amd it's delightful:

Quark's Day (The Noh-Jay Remix)

Nog and Jake reunite after the second occupation. Both of them are spot-on and darling.

Meanwhile, the remix I've written is imo obvious, but I could be wrong, and if you guess it during the week we're all anonymous, you get a drabble (or something short even if it's not exactly 100 words) on your subject of choice, provided I'm sufficiently familiar with it.
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State of the ficathons: having participated in both the Remix and the Rarewomen ficathons which had their posting limit last weekend and will go live next weekend, I am of course impatiently waiting for the later. And eyeing the "gifts" list at the AO3, trying to guess. Also, Remix Madness is open for business, as is the custom in the week between the posting limit and the reveal, and I couldn't resist and joined.

Meanwhile, I watched the Inside the writers' room video at the Bates Motel series website, and it hit me a second before it was mentioned that with the exception of Carlton Cuse, all the producers and writers seen there who were making the decisions about the show, mapping out the characters and their development, were women. This btw does not mean the show is a wonder of social justice putting no foot wrong with its female characters - there's at least one female character this season whose main point of existence seems to have been so that the most popular male character can have a sex scene - , but it still strikes me as worth mentioning. And related to, the above mentioned criticism not withstanding, the show's qualities: it makes you care about the majority of their cast, root for them without trivializing the enormity of their psychological damage (let alone see it as "cool"). And it's about a mother and her sons. In a tv world and pop culture world where 90% of the characters seem to have daddy issues and "dead parents" usually means "dead father who is important and dead mother who doesn't even get to speak", this is a show who picked one of the few famous mothers in pop culture who in her original incarnation only was a corpse and a (horrible) persona inside the head of her son, and made her three dimensional, human, alive and the center of the tale. Both Cuse and co-producer Kerry Ehrin gave post season 2 finale interviews (hers is here and his is here), and Cuse, asked why, given that Bates Motel put the story in the present, he connected it with Psycho at all instead of making the characters originals, he said:

The idea was to tell a tragedy. But it’s super hard to go out and pitch that as an original concept to a network and say, “Hey, I have a great mother-son tragedy for you,” but if you put it in the framework of the Psycho franchise it becomes something that’s marketable. When you watch Bates Motel you kind of know that, well, Norma Bates ends up sort of stuffed in the fruit cellar and Norman becomes this crazed serial killer, but in our version, you kind of love these characters. If you watched the movie you’d think, Okay, Norman Bates became Norman Bates because he was berated by [his] mother and she drove him into insanity — but what if, in fact, she just loved him? What if she was this wonderful, smothering, slightly crazy, over-the-top mother who just had the misfortune of having a son who had a flawed piece of DNA? And what if somehow because of her behavior she sort of catalyzes something that is inevitably going to happen, and because she loves him so much she kind of enables him to become the character he becomes? So we subvert all those expectations you’d have walking in. (....) Norma Bates is one of the great characters of cinema and yet ultimately we know nothing about her, so to be able to sort of create and invent a character for her was something that was super appealing.

I'll end with two great Norma scenes from this second season which aren't really spoilery. The first is Norma talking to the city council, trying to prevent that bypass which, as Psycho watchers know, will end up isolating the Bates Motel, taking nearly all the customers:

And the other is Norma auditioning for the local community theatre (yes, Bates Motel used that idea before Orphan Black did) with the most appropiate song I can imagine for her:

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The Doctor Who Remix Archive went live, and non-anonymously, too. Here's what I wrote:

Purgatorio (The Paint-It-Black Remix) (8180 words) by Selena
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Torchwood, Doctor Who
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alice Carter & Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness & The Master, Jack Harkness & Martha Jones, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Alonso Frame/Jack Harkness
Characters: Jack Harkness, The Master (Doctor Who), Martha Jones, Alice Carter, Agent Johnson, Steven Carter, Alonso Frame
Additional Tags: Grief/Mourning, Character Study, Children of Earth Compliant

In the wake of the 4-5-6, Jack Harkness starts to dream. Of the Master, and of the gift of resurrection. But are the dead truly coming back, or is there another answer to his loss and guilt? Enlisting the help of Martha Jones, he's determined to find out...

Now, off to read everyone else's stories!
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...this wouldn't be due for writing until November, I do miss remix, and counting my Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures crossovers, which are allowed, I have enough stories to qualify:

Doctor Who and related fandoms remix ficathon

Sign-ups start a week from now. I shall see whether Darth Real Life breathes a little less heavily into my ear by then.
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My main story this year owes its existence to a coincidence, to wit, that when we got the remix assignments, I had just gone through a period of reading up (and watching, in the case of the John Adams miniseries) on the history of the American Revolution and its founding fathers. (And mothers.) Culminating in a book on the Hemingses, a family of mixed race slaves whom we know more about than usual because three generations of them were owned by Thomas Jefferson, main author of the Declaration of Independence and third President of the United States. Now, my assigned remixee, lferion, shared several fandoms with me, including one of my oldest, Highlander, and one of my newest, Sanctuary, and at first I thought I would remix one of those stories, but try as I might, I found myself going back to two of her poems, one of which, Monticello, was about Jefferson and visiting his home and won out over the other (which was Richard III connected and would also have resulted in historical fiction). The poem and all the thoughts and emotions that had accumulated in me while reading said books providedn an irresistable spark of inspiration. Which resulted in a story about James Hemings, his life, and his relationship with Jefferson. Why James? I hope the story will tell you. Writing it meant a lot to me, and that's putting it mildly. If you only read a single story of mine this entire year, let it be this one.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (The Hemings Remix)

I also participated in Remix Madness, which was fun, and resulted in a far more conventional remix of a story that [personal profile] penknife had written, Last Words. Last Words, set during the Star Trek: The Next Generation two parter Unification, deals with Spock's father Sarek, his relationship with Spock and his attempt to say goodbye to his son via Jean-Luc Picard. If you know [personal profile] penknife, you know she writes Vulcans, especially Sarek, like no one's business. Now Unification is a mixed effort of a two-parter, but the Sarek scene (depicted in my icon) and later the Picard and Spock scenes are excellent and moving, and the earlier TNG episode Sarek where Picard mind-melds with Sarek is among my favourite TNG eps, full stop. It occured to me that there were certain parallels in Picard's own relationship with his father to the Spock and Sarek situation, and also that Unification took place after Picard's Borg experience, which left its indelible mark on Jean-Luc. All of which and my affection for the character, whom I had never written safe in cameos and memes, resulted in a Jean-Luc Picard pov on the events of Last Words, which hopefully works in its own right:

Messenger (The Earl Grey Remix)
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Remix Madness 2012, the one week writing time addendum to regular Remix, has also gone online. I got a remix of my Angel story Summertime Blues, which was about Connor's time with Fred and Gunn during the s3 to s4 hiatus. The remix, And your enemies closer (the Ten Things Connor Learned About Fred remix), offers a vivid description of Fred from Connor's pov, which I enjoyed reading.

I haven't gotten around to many of the other Madness stories yet, but I liked a Highlander story, I am become death (the Alexandra Leaving remix) , which is a lovely take on Alexa, whom I've always had a soft spot for.

Meanwhile, as expected, the Remix angst has started to get me in its toothy grip. You know, that eternal cycle of "hooray, a kudos! hooray, a comment!...and another....and after the third, nothing...curse you, hit counter, you're telling me only 24 people have read this story I poured my heart and soul into and which I think is one of my finest ever! Why? Woe is me! Etc." My inner rationalist points out I knew going in that writing something in a non-popular fandom means less people reading it, and if hits were all I wanted I could have remixed a story in several of the very large fandoms my remixee and I share, but I listened to the muse, as one must, so there.

(My remix madness story isn't ragingly popular, either, but then it was something additional and written for character and old fandom affection, so there's less angst.)

Then, just as I have a really good writerly despair fit going, it's rudely interrupted by getting a couple of comments both at FFN and AO3 for several old AtS stories of mine (but not the ones that were just remixed). A writer's lot is a confusing one, but keep it coming. :)
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I'll be on a train in a few hours, as a happy reader in many a fandom. This year, the story of mine that got remixed was one of my newer ones, Here Be Dragons, which is a Merlin tale in which I went a bit meta with the story telling and myth building and messed up legacies. Also, it's my Kilgarrah the Great Dragon character exploration. It was written before s4 was broadcast, and so naturally one of the things I fretted about before Aithusa was broadcast was getting jossed. (And very relieved was I when it didn't happen. I'm fond of my messed up fanon for dragon-human relations.)

The remix story, which is called Waking Up Stories (A Dancemix with Dragons), not only manages to use Aithusa (and other things that happened in s4) but also tackles the storytelling theme with gusto, managing nifty parallels between Morgana (who is the pov character of the remix story) and Uther on the one hand, and Kilgarrah and Aithusa on the other. There are great guest appearances by Hunith and Morgause, and the Morgana and Aithusa interaction is delightful. I have my suspicions about the author (the Morgana centricity and witty dialogue make me think of [personal profile] netgirl_y2k; if it's someone else, then, Anonymous, I mean it as a compliment!). Anyway, reading this was a great way to start the remix 2012 archive expedition.

Now, here are some recs in other fandoms:

X-Men Movieverse:

Terminal Ballistics (The .45 Remix): Erik Lehnsherr wins forever at heartbreakingly dysfunctionally messed up. Oh, Erik.

Star Trek: The Next Generation:

Poker Face (She Can Read You Remix) : there are few Deanna Troi character explorations out there, and even less that focus on what it must be like being an empath (and among fellow Betazoids, telepath) in a society where everyone would automatically assume you to use that ability to your advantage. Very well done.

Pirates of the Carribean:

A broken silence, mended (The Tide Recalls Remix): in which a ghostly James Norrington pays visits to Elizabeth Swann and ends up as the one being haunted. I love the Norrington and Elizabeth interaction in this, and the graceful melancholia, pierced with sharp insights, of the whole piece.

Doctor Who:

Gearbox (The Won't Miss A Piece Remix): so just how does the TARDIS work? Multi-era, featuring various regenerations of the Doctor, and multiple companions, and drawing delightful character portraits of all.

Harry Potter:

A Quiet Interlude (The Standing on a Precipice Remix) : in which Lily Potter and Sirius Black have a chat during the last year of her life. I love it when authors tackle Lily and make her come to life as a complicated, three dimensional being. I also appreciate takes on Sirius that aren't a) about his immortal love for Remus or b) about his immortal loathing/secretly hidden lust (take your choice depending on shipperdom) of Severus Snape, and this story delivers on that count, too. Highly Reccomended.
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The AO3 meme is making the rounds again, and I would do it, except a checking reveals that other than one story, I have the same top ten most read stories as last year on that archive. The one exception: Patterns (Doctor Who) is out, and Five Things Which Never Happened Between Garak And Bashir (DS9) is in. I presume it got linked somewhere. (As it's an older story.) Or it benefited from a general revived interest in all things Trek. Anyway, it and the requivalent Kira & Dukat stories are my favourite examples of how to explore a canon relationship from various angles via AU in my own work, so colour me pleased.

Tomorrow this year's Remix Archive gets opened, and I'm both excited and gearing up to be fannishly angst-ridden. You know, the usual. :) Incidentally, as a reader, if I don't know the original story a remix is inspired by already, it depends on the remix whether or not I read it. If the remix is interesting, I'm curious about the spark, so to speak, but otherwise it tends to be a case of so many stories, so little time. One thing this particular ficathon guarantees is a high percentage of good stories, I've found, some of which completely work on their own, and some who get that extra dimension if you read them as commentary on the orignal and/or the source material. Which may have changed between the time the original story was written and the time the remixer gets to work, and that, too, can influence the second story a lot. I've written two stories this time, one for the regular Remix and one for Remix Madness. Both recognizably me, I think, but since neither has a Beatles song title, one is in a canon I haven't written before and the other in one I love but haven't written often, I'm offering to write a drabble for anyone guessing between tomorrow and reveal day which ones are mine on the subject of their choice.


Now I'm still standing by my reasons why as opposed to 90 percent of the fandom, I was distinctly underwhelmed by Loki in Thor and saw him mostly as a gigantic case of adolescent self pity, but none of those were directed against the actor who plays him, Tom Hiddleston, who now has written an absolutely charming article about superhero movies in general. D'awwwwwww. [profile] harmonyangel, this is the article for you!

(BTW: we're getting the Avengers next Thursday. Sometimes being in Europe does mean being ahead instead of behind.)


And a Being Human fanfic rec: The Life in a Day, or, one take at those fifty years Leo, Hal and Pearl shared.
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Remix Madness: one week, no limitations, basically; you can offer your stories for a potential remix no matter how much or little you've written in a respective fandom and can pick whichever story of someone else you fancy, though nothing is guaranteed. I offered mine and think I have a short vignette idea for someone else, but either way, I'm so looking forward seeing the big Remix be opened next week!

Meanwhile, I've arrived at season 4 in my Merlin rewatching and am in love with this particular season all over again. It feels like the season where all my complaints save one (which is still there: needs more Gwen) were heard while what I already loved (again, except for the lack of Gwen screentime) was enhanced, and I want to draw sparkly hearts around it. Some thoughts about the cut scenes on the dvds (the last episode I watched as A Servant of Two Masters, so no cut scenes later than that one, either): you can see why they had to go with some of them - for example, Morgause telling Morgana about the old days on the Island of the Blessed and Arthur telling Merlin about an Uther-told story re: Dragonfire is nice world building, but not as important as the other scenes from the season opener, and if you have a limited time space available, these are the scenes expendable - but others I'd really have kept. These are spoilery for the season. )

Back to the dvds now...
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Remix Redux 2012 is open for business! I really like the Remix ficathon, not least because of the meta-ness of the premise; engaging with each other's writing, shaking and stirring stories and be inspired by them to create your own stories. Granted, I also had my moments (read: weeks) of panic when thinking I couldn't find an angle for me in my remixees stories, or wondering about the reception (yes, this isn't a "gift" ficathon, but you still wonder, don't you?), but these are part of the adrenaline fun. :)
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I had a terribly busy last four days, three of which were spent at a conference which made me feel like I was watching a truly weird crossover between a great book club and a party conference in ye olde Soviet days, and then there was Mother's Day today. So there are a lot of tv shows and reviews of same to catch up with. (Don't spoil me.) Meanwhle, it's remix reveal time, so here is the story I wrote:

Movements of Fire and Shadow (The Babylon Remix)

Which is a Merlin story about Morgause and Morgana. [personal profile] zahrawithaz, this one is for you. As for the title, the original story was called All my dreams, torn asunder, which among other things is the title of a season 5 Babylon 5 episode, so I couldn't resist calling my remix after the episode that follows. This is the first time I've written Morgause, and as has become my habit in this fandom, it's as much meta as it is a portrait.
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This year's Remix ficathon is online, which makes me very happy indeed. Like every year, there are a lot of great stories, plus on a personal level I'm gratified my remixee liked mine, because it was one of my fanfictions that also serve as meta and those can be risky if one has different character interpretations. I myself received Convent Mouse, which was sparked by one of my earliest efforts in fanfiction altogether (and only the second story I ever wrote in English), a Highlander story called Waiting which was an Alexa Bond point of view during the events of Something Wicked/Deliverance.

I'm very real life busy, but at a quick glance, here are the stories by other people that captured me immediately:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Not Really Here: one of Dawn's fictional memories, from the time she was 11 years old and Drusilla's imaginary friend. Uses the canonical fact mad people can see Dawn for what she is and the inserted memories concept brilliantly, and Dru is superbly written.

Doctor Who:

Ecce Medico Donnaque!: I will never tire of geeking out about Latin-written Doctor Who fanfic. Eheu, mihi placet.

A bad habit: the Master and the Doctor for each other, naturally. A multi-Doctor tale, capturing each regeneration very well through the prism of the Master.

Every day a journey: Barbara and Ian Chesterton through the years, occasionally running into later regenerations of the Doctor and some of his companions and living their lives wonderfully well.

Le Donne Che Piangono (The Weeping Women) : in which a hinted bit of backstory from End of Time - just how did Rassilon silence the opposition and who were those women? - gets explored, as we find out what became of Romana, the Rani and Susan's grandmother.

Falling down to midnight: the Doctor during the Year That Wasn't. Uses the Archangel Network, and what the Doctor did during that year with it, in a way I haven't quite seen in any of the other (many, many) takes on Ten during that year.

Sartorial Differences: how Six lost his multi-coloured coat and re-aquired it. It's the Master's fault (achievement?), naturally. With bonus Evelyn!

Doctor Who/The West Wing

They've all gone to look for America: in which the (Eleventh) Doctor takes the staff members of the Bartlet administration out for an occasional vacation. Let's face it, these people need it now and then! Their destinations are all very aptly chosen.


Tell Me: an exploration of Bizarro!Chiana from the canonical AU we get to see in two season 4 episodes. Great Chiana voice (which includes the way she's different due to being also partly Aeryn); the relationship with Crichton is written so well, and gutwrenching, considering what happens in the episode Prayer.

Star Trel: DS9

F is for Ferengi: in which Jadzia goes to Ferenginar in search of adventure and a story to tell. It has Dax playing tongo, explores the Ferengi (specifically the female ones) and contains a great Ishka. You bet I liked this one!


These are the stories: the ones Jack tells himself after Children of Earth, specifically, but the incidents covered, where Jack imagines other outcomes, are from all Torchwood canon. Still, the life he imagines for Alice, Steven and himself hit me hardest.
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From [personal profile] elisi: How to help Japan. The news get worse and worse...

Being Human:

One of my favourite finale reviews, because of the emphasis on the female characters.

Mitchell-centric meta, also an excellent post.

Remix Ficathon: is back, and you can read all about it and sign up here.

BSG cast union: happens, for some of the actors at least, in Ron Moore's new series 17th Precinct which has started shooting and seems to be basically be a crossover between a police show and Harry Potter, i.e. a detective story set in a world where everyone has magic. Tricia Helfer posted a photo of herself, James Callis and Jamie Bamber in their new roles here. Am amused RDM cast her with black long hair this time but lets the boys basically remain as they were.

Oh, and of course: the Ides of March!
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...coming back after half a day in the train is always exhausting, so I can't squee properly, but I'm so checking out who wrote what before I go to bed. As for myself, I wrote:

Backstage Management (The Machiavellian Remix)

Which is a Torchwood story based on Access Denied by [personal profile] such_heights. I was lucky to be given an author with whom I share several fandoms - Merlin, Doctor Who and Torchwood - and reading through her stories in search of one for the remix was a pleasure. Eventually, I picked the one which basically filled in the one Torchwood 3 recruitment story we didn't see in Fragments, Suzie Costello's, through a series of emails and conversations. Which gave me ample room, since there was nothing to say that said emails and conversations - rendered in dialogue without a point of view - were, shall we say, the unvarnished truth. Especially with Suzie. Though my own main character is Yvonne Hartman (Torchwood only watchers never saw her, but she was the boss of Torchwood I in Army of Ghosts/Doomsday), and being the relentless Children of Earth fan I am, I threw in John Frobisher for good measure and went for a Spooks style double crossing and wheels within wheels. With a Torchwood twist, because it's not Torchwood without some outrageous crack. :) It was fun to write, and I was glad to get some feedback for it as well.
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I won't be able to watch the Lost finale until later today (beautiful weather + staying with the Aged Parents make for very limited screentime), so please don't spoil me. However, last night I was able to sample some more of the new stories the Remix ficathon brought us in many a fandom, and here's a preliminary result:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Orientation (The Ways of Seeing Remix) : Buffy's lost one Watcher already. If Xander wants to step up to the plate, they'll have to come to an agreement. Post-Chosen story that uses Buffy's backstory from the movie and the Becoming flashback to great effect while highlighting her friendship with Xander, and the way the two have grown over the years. Friendship stories are rare, which is a shame, and this one makes me very happy indeed.

Microwave Meals (Quick, Easy and Sometimes Satisfying) - The I Can't Get No Satisfaction Remix : set between seasons 5 and 6, this one is Spike-centric and highlights his relationship with Dawn and the Scoobies' attempt to make do in the summer after The Gift.

Doctor Who

The Brigadier’s Weddings (The ‘Third Time Luckiest’ Remix) : For a man profoundly against public displays of emotion, the Brigadier had certainly had a lot of weddings. The Doctor is invited to Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart's third wedding, but accidentally goes to all of them. It's one of those fics uniting New and Classic Who characters that make me squee in an undignified way, when I'm not smiling or getting a bit misty-eyed in between. We get the Brig at three different stages in his long life, the Tenth Doctor (during the specials era, and hence without an ongoing companion) interacting with him, Liz Shaw, Sarah Jane, and barely avoiding the bachelor party Turlough throws (Turlough would). It's just a joy to read.

The Bees, The Bees (The Five Times Donna Met the Doctor Without Realising It Remix) : in which Donna, post-Runaway Bride and pre-Partners in Crime, runs into five different regenerations of the Doctor, and Ace. There can never be enough Ace. Great fun.

You Will Be Me (The When I'm Gone Ontological Tautology Remaster) : in which the Doctor and the Master, during life after life, never stop playing games. Mind-messing in a good way.

Harry Potter

Bellum omnium contra omnes (the Ancient History remix): Percy remembers idolising his older brothers growing up. He doesn't play favourites anymore. He's not exactly spoiled for choice. I've always had a soft spot for Percy (it must have been horrible growing up with the twins), was very glad he did not end the series as a corpse, and stories that explore him and his reasons for his post-OotP split with the rest of the Weaslys are something I really like to read. This story does it very well, via an encounter with his older brother Bill.

spoken word (the applied linguistics remix) : Dumbledore's backstory (with Grindlewald, with his sister, with his brother) was one of the most fascinating aspects of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This story, like the one it remixes, uses it, but it also uses language, the way linguistics form our thoughts, for characterisation in an utterly compelling way.

Star Wars

What You Are (the Certain Point of View Remix): in which we get a look at Obi-Wan, Padme and Anakin at three different points in their lives. Beautiful character vignette.


Here's A Girl From A Dangerous Town (the Unbroken Heart Remix) : a fantastic portrait of a woman canon only gave us the name and a few hints about, Lucia Moretti. I love what the writer does with Lucia as a Torchwood agent (and after), Lucia and her relationship with Jack, and Lucia and her daughter. She emerges as a layered, complex woman whom I'd have loved to see on screen. Brilliant.

West Wing

The Truth About Her Life (Flickering Firebrand Remix) : Six Qumari women are in need of an intervention. CJ knows that she has compromised, but she has only bent and never broken. Great, great CJ voice, sharp and intense story.

My own remixee approves of my remix, which is always a pleasing relief to know, and I've had some feedback from people who never commented on my stories so far, which provides that special glee anonymous ficathons are there for.:) If you figure out which one is mine, oh flist, I shall write you a drabble. It's not a rare fandom as in Yuletide, and I've written stories in it before, but I don't think there is such an obvious giveaway in it as there was in last year's remix.
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Aaaand it's open. I'm very exited, and of course checked out first which story of mine was remixed, as one does. It was Chosen, my Winn-as-a-girl vignette, and resulted in this:

Will (What her parents taught her Remix)

In which my remixer creates utterly plausible and somewhat disturbing parents for the future Kai of Bajor. Creepily good character stuff.

Before I head off to read all the other fictional goodness, two links that have nothing to do with the Remix ficathon:

The Robin Hood film that could have been, aka the one originally titled Nottingham, from the Sheriff's pov. Now that sounds like a film I'd have gladly paid to watch, something genuinenly original and new in its usage of the old myth. Grrr. Argh. Why, Hollywood, why?

A Noel Clarke interview, very interesting, mostly concerned with his work as a director and scriptwriter; there is a passage about Mickey and Doctor Who as well, further illustrating my theory that most actors see things very differently from the majority of lj writing fandom.

Now, off to the other stories!
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Fannish5: Name 5 characters you like but that you wouldn't hire to work with you.

Only five? Is that a joke? Most fictional people I adore tend to be NOT the kind of people I'd work with, or for. But fine. Here are five of many.

1.) Arvin Sloane (Alias). My beloved Mr. S. is actually super competent, be it at heading a good guy spy organisation, a bad guy spy organization, shady in betweens, or really efficient charity organizations. He's so good that heroes and villains alike keep rehiring him, no matter which among them be betrays in between; they're also majorly impressed at his own hiring skills which you can see because they keep hiring everyone he ever hired as well. However, I want to live, if possible with family & friends. Arvin Sloane would sacrifice my life without even a flicker of hesitation if it serves his purpose, and if anyone else threatens me, then, since my last name isn't Bristow, he wouldn't bother trying to save me, either. No way would I ever go anywhere near the man in real life, and certainly not in a work situation.

2.) The Doctor (any regeneration) (Doctor Who). I'm generally fond of the man and many a regeneration I even love, but good lord, can you imagine what he'd be like to work with, let alone to supervise? Actually, you don't have to imagine, because we saw it on screen for several years, in the Three era, which is one of my favourite DW eras. To watch, not to experience. This is why the Brigadier is my hero, whose example I would never be able to follow. (Between the Doctor doing as he damn well pleases all the time, offending every second guest star UNIT had to deal with, and the Master stalking his ex on an ongoing basis which means lots of invasions and loss of personel, I'd have quit the service in no time flat. Even if UNIT had been a library and the Brig the chief librarian, I dare say the results would have been the same. Sorry, Doctor. No job for you.

3.) Max Eilerson (Crusade). Max is my hands down favourite Crusade character, but like the Brig, Matthew Gideon is another hero of mine for being able to employ him on an ongoing basis, because I for sure would not be able to. Dating him for a while would be a different matter. Archaeological and linguistic genius or not. However, I would entrust Max with babysitting my cat, which is more than I could say for the earlier two gentlemen. He's really trustworthy with cats, Max is. Even gets mean thugs to brush them in repentance for their vileness.

4.) Wesley Wyndham-Pryce (BTVS and Angel: The Series). Undoubtedly, Wesley would be super competent (unless whatever I hire him for is his first job) and very sweet (well, depending in which phase of his life the hiring would be done, but for the most part, he'd be soft-spoken and darling), and one could even trust him to take over supervision and do a better job of it than whoever was originally in charge did. But. Sooner or later, Wesley would develop a masochistic streak and decide that whatever choice is most painful to him (and others) is automatically the right choice. He would not talk with anyone about any problems he has. And I'd hate to think about possible actions if I ever reproduce. And the cat-sitting job is out as well because as opposed to Max, he'd end up killing the cat to save me from having to kill the cat without even considering the beast might just have to go to the vet. So no. Vade retro, Wesley, and remain on my tv screen.

5.) Toby Ziegler (The West Wing). My own creative efforts would shrivel and die because I'd be too busy intimidated by him. No matter how angry he'd make me, he'd also cause me a horrible guilt trip every time I looked into his sad panda eyes, and thus my debating skills would wither. My voice would become rusty from disuse. In conclusion, not hiring Toby Ziegler is a question of self preservation for me. I'm sure Toby would understand.


And in remix news, I've now read most of what my remixee has written (which I'd have enjoyed quite outside of the ficathon), and I can see two or three possibilities... but I'm not sure yet. As for my own stories, dear remixer, if you're reading this - you already have the link to my lj page where all stories, even the drabbles, are sorted by fandom. You can also find most of them at the AOO as well, if you prefer. I hope you'll find something you to have writerly fun with!


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